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1.     大名鼎鼎的CodeGuru   号称代码领头羊    
  http://www.codeguru.com/   -   外文    
  2.     Developer.com:   An   EarthWeb   site    
  http://www.developer.com/   -   外文    
  3.     programming   resources   in   various   categories    
  http://www.programmingsite.co.uk/   -   外文    
  4.     C#   Corner    
  C-Sharp   C#.NET   CSharp   VB.NET   ASP.NET   Visual   Studio   .NET   Jobs   Consulting.非常专业的C#编程网站,强烈推荐    
  http://c-sharpcorner.com/   -   外文    
  5.     The   Code   Project   -   Free   Source   Code   and   Tutorials    
  http://www.codeproject.com/   -   外文    
  6.     计算机开发文档英雄贴    
  大量的编程开发   文档.    
  http://www.chinadir.net/   -   中文    
  7.     DevCentral    
  Check   out   the   best   100%   free   tutorials   and   articles   on   the   web   for   the   software   development   community.   It   doesn‘t   matter   if   you   are   a   student   or   a   professional   software   engineer,   DevCentral   has   content   to   match   everything   from   learning   C   to   Java   Class   Loaders.   DevCentral   provides   all   these   self   paced   tutorials,   technology   articles,   and   downloads   for   everyone   to   enjoy   for   free.    
  http://devcentral.iticentral.com/default.php   -   外文    
  8.     中文c#技术站    
  http://www.chinacs.net/   -   中文    
  9.     C#   C   Sharp   and   Tutorials   on   C#   Friends.com    
  http://www.csharpfriends.com/   -   外文    
  10.     RFC-Editor   Webpage    
  http://www.rfc-editor.org/   -   外文    
  11.     Developer   Fusion    
  We‘ve   got   hundreds   of   pages   of   VB,   ASP,   .NET   and   C++   tutorials   and   source   code.   We   hope   you   enjoy   your   visit!    
  http://www.developerfusion.co.uk/   -   外文    
  12.     Visual   Basic   and   C#   Users   Web   Site    
  http://www.vbusers.com/home.asp   -   外文    
  13.     C#   C   Sharp   Help   :   For   C#   Developers    
  http://www.csharphelp.com/   -   外文    
  14.     C#   Corner:   C-Sharp   C#.NET   CSharp   VB.NET   ASP.NET   Visual   Studio   .NET   Jobs   Consulting    
  Very   nice   resource   site   for   C#   and   .NET   developers.   Prenty   of   source   code   samples,   tutorials,   articles,   news,   and   downloads.    
  http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/   -   外文    
  15.     DevASP.NET   for   ASP.NET,   VB.NET,   XML   and   C#   (C-Sharp)   Developers    
  http://www.devasp.net/   -   外文    
  16.     中国DotNet俱乐部    
  .Net社区—包括   C#,VB,ASP,Delphi,VC,MS   SQL   Server,C++,JAVA,JSP    
  http://www.chinaaspx.com/   -   中文    
  17.     小雨第二课堂:C#   ASP.NET学习网站    
  http://www.xyhhxx.com/   -   中文    
  18.     the   one   stop   programmers   resource    
  Welcome   to   programmershelp,   on   this   site   you   will   find   various   resources   for   programming   languages   such   as   c,   c++,   visual   basic,   java,   php,   perl,   asp   and   javascript   to   name   but   a   few.   Source   code,   forums,   tutorials,   scripts   articles,   downloads,   book   links   we   have   it.    
  http://www.programmershelp.co.uk/   -   外文    
  19.     【孟子E章】之.NET开发者园地    
  http://dotnet.aspx.cc/   -   中文    
  20.     C#学习站   Lzhm.net    
  http://www.lzhm.net/   -   中文    
  21.     Visual   Basic   and   C#   Users   Web   Site    
  http://www.vbusers.com/   -   外文    
  22.     C#   /   C   Sharp   examples   (example   source   code)   Orgainzed   in   Topic   into   Categories    
  http://www.java2s.com/Code/CSharp/CatalogCSharp.htm   -   外文    

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