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2009-01-11  vforvivid

Top 100 Blogs For Small-Business Cost Cutting Inspiration

In this economy, everyone’s looking for ways to cut down, and small businesses are no exception. One of the best ways to save money in business is to examine your annual expenses and consider how you can decrease those costs. Thankfully, there are some pretty amazing resources to help you figure out new ways to do just that. Check out what we consider to be the top 100 blogs for resources and inspiration to cutting your small business costs in 2009:

General Business Finance

Learn more about business finance from these blogs.

  1. Startups.co.uk Money Blog: The writings in this blog will help you avoid cashflow headaches, deal with taxes and more.
  2. Rosemary’s Business Finance Blog: Read Rosemary Peavler’s About.com business finance blog for great advice on cost cutting, effective finance and more.
  3. Shoestring Smarts: Shoestring Smarts will help you learn how to build and operate a successful business on a limited budget.
  4. Mostly Economics: Mostly Economics is full of helpful Indian economic and business research that can help you cut your costs.
  5. Pakdi: Pakdi’s blog discusses layoffs, money, business, and more in Malaysia.
  6. Young Professional Finance Blog: Get great ideas for finance from this blog that highlights young professionals.
  7. Freakonomics: Read this blog to learn interesting concepts in business economics.
  8. Lion and Gun: In The Lion and Gun, you’ll find news, philosophy and more related to politics, business and finance.
  9. Wallstrip: This blog highlights company stocks at their height, and examines the reasons why that company is doing so well.
  10. Art of Money: Learn more about business finance through this blog about online business.
  11. SpendMatters: In this blog, you’ll find practical advice for spend management.
  12. AL6400: Alan Yu’s blog is all about making and saving money in your business.
  13. Maver Management: Maver Management Group offers advice and information for cost cutting, profit, and more.
  14. Money Talks: In this blog aggregator, you’ll find some of the best posts for business finance and cost cutting.
  15. Business in General: Read this blog to get insight and advice into business finance, growth, and more.


Effective accounting can help you find money, so get a few tips and ideas from these business accounting blogs.

  1. Basic Accounting: Use the advice in this blog to learn how to use accounting to make your business finance situation better.
  2. Accounting Observer: Jack Ciesielski’s blog is all about accounting, investment, and finance.
  3. re: The Auditors: This blog focuses on business finance problems.
  4. Samarak: Samarak offers useful advice, tips and news for small business accounting.
  5. Sox First: Read this blog for insight into Sarbanes-Oxley, management, compliance, and more.


Stay informed about the world that affects your business, and you’ll be able to make better decisions about what to cut and what to keep.

  1. Dealbreaker: Dealbreaker highlights business news and financial gossip, pointing out mistakes from other companies that you can learn from.
  2. Curious Capitalist: The blog offers commentary on markets, the economy, and business.
  3. Traders Trade: Stay updated on the latest in business and financial news through this blog.

Business Inspiration

Get inspired to cut costs and improve your business with the inspiration found in these blogs.

  1. Small Business Trends: Get inspiration for building a financially stable business from this blog.
  2. Business Pundit: Drea Knufken’s blog discusses smart business.
  3. The Entrepreneurial Mind: Dr. Jeff Cornwall’s blog will help you learn more about financial management and more.
  4. Freelance Switch: This blog for freelancers can help you learn how to cut costs and build a better freelance business.
  5. Small Biz Survival: In this small business resource, you’ll learn about focusing on income producing activities, smart marketing strategies, and more.
  6. Freelance Folder: Freelance Folder offers wisdom for working efficiently and cutting costs as a freelancer.
  7. Small Business Blog: Through this blog, you can learn how to make financial efficiency of marketing, managing and growing your business.

Business Resources

Use these blogs to find low cost or free business resources that you can take advantage of.

  1. Small Business Mole: Make use of this blog to find money-saving business resources.
  2. Small Business CEO: Small Business CEO is all about resources and knowledge for small business CEOs.
  3. Fresh Inc.: In Fresh Inc.’s blog, you’ll find lots of useful business resources that can help you save money.
  4. Entrepreneur.com: This blog can help you learn smart strategies for a slow economy, find money saving business resources, and more.
  5. YoungEntrepreneur: YoungEntrepreneur highlights creative and often low cost ideas for startups, and provides regular advice for business cost savings.
  6. Invoice Factoring Blog: Read this blog to get great ideas in invoice factoring and more.
  7. Mind Petals: In this group, you’ll find creative entrepreneurial activities that can help save your business money.
  8. Business Idea of the Day: Get new business ideas every day from this blog.
  9. Neville’s Financial Blog: Neville’s Financial Blog highlights low cost, successful business ideas.
  10. Dorm Room Biz: On the Dorm Room Biz blog, you’ll find out tips for bootstrapping and creating a successful business on a dorm room budget.
  11. How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki offers wisdom on bootstrapping, venture capital and other creative funding ideas.
  12. Biz Plan Hacks: Use these business plan hacks to run your business smarter.
  13. Open Innovators: Open Innovators offers a variety of great ideas for business finance, including crowdfunding.


These blogs offer cost cutting and business building advice specifically for startups and growing businesses.

  1. Up and Running: This blog from Entrepreneur will help you learn how to start your business and establish healthy finances for it.
  2. FastUpFront: The FastUpFront business blog offers advice for staying out of debt, avoiding bank loan mistakes and more.
  3. College-Startup: College-Startup offers great advice for reinvesting your profits, making business work on a dime and more.
  4. StartupNation: Read this group blog to get great advice on starting your business on the right financial foot.
  5. Noobpreneur: Here you’ll find plenty of cost cutting ideas and business inspiration.
  6. Inspired Business Growth: Wendy Piersall’s blog focuses on entrepreneurial finance in the growth stage.
  7. The Vest Pocket Consultant: Through Rosalind Resnick’s blog, you can learn how to effectively grow your small business without breaking the bank.


Get inspiration for running a frugal operation with the help of these blogs.

  1. Young and Frugal: Employ these frugal ideas for millenials in the way you conduct business.
  2. Principled Profit: Read Principled Profit to get guidance on being frugal and ethical.
  3. Frugal Hacks: Frugal Hacks will help you be more frugal in business, and use smart ideas to save more money.
  4. Being Frugal: This blog will give you great guidance for being frugal, even when starting your own business.
  5. Frugal Freelancer: This freelancer blogs about saving money and being frugal.
  6. Festival of Frugality: This carnival blog will help you learn how to pinch pennies in business and beyond.

Business & Personal

These blogs offer a mix of personal finance, business, and entrepreneurship.

  1. I Will Teach You to Be Rich: Ramit Sethi’s blog is full of pearls of wisdom for low cost, productive business.
  2. Get Rich Slowly: Get Rich Slowly offers great personal finance advice that can be applied to business, as well as entrepreneur resources.
  3. Mint: The Mint blog will help you learn how to reduce your personal and business expenses.
  4. Consumerism Commentary: Flexo offers advice for frugality and smart money management.
  5. FiveCentNickel: Five Cent Nickel has inspiration for cost cutting in personal and business finance.
  6. WalletPop: WalletPop offers great advice for managing your personal and business finances.
  7. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity: This personal finance blog can help inspire you to be more frugal with your business finances.
  8. Personal Business & Finance Blog: This blog promises to provide you with answers to all of your finance problems in business and beyond.
  9. Simplenomics: The Simplenomics blog will inspire you so simplify your entire business, including your business finances.

Cost & Supply Management

Cut down on costs in your raw materials and more with the help of these blogs.

  1. Better Projects: Read this blog to learn about project cost management and more.
  2. Expense Management: Expense Management will help you learn how to reduce your business costs.
  3. Online Outloud: Read this non-conformist business blog for advice on cost management and beyond.
  4. Expense Solution Blog: Read this blog to find solutions to expense management and more.
  5. 360 Vendor Management: This blog advocated vendor management so that you can get the most out of your vendor money.
  6. Buyer Analytics: Use the advice in this blog to learn how you can make procurement more affordable.
  7. Purchasing Transformation: This blog will help you meet challenges in supply chain and purchasing to save money.
  8. The China Sourcing Blog: Learn more about using China sources to cut costs through this blog.
  9. Supply Excellence: This blog will help you find strategies for cost saving in supply management.
  10. TEMptation: With this telecom expense management blog, you’ll learn about a variety of ideas for expense management in telecoms and beyond.
  11. E-Sourcing Forum: Read this blog to find out how you can attain success in supply and spend management.
  12. Vendor Management: In this vendor management blog, you’ll find great information about improving relationships with your vendors to save money.
  13. Effortless HR: Read Effortless HR to learn about payroll expense management and more.
  14. Consumerist: This blog will help you consider your role as a business consumer, and learn how to get more value out of your purchases and interactions with suppliers.
  15. Credit Card Processing and Merchant Account Services: This blog will help you better understand how to use credit card processing and merchant accounts, and can help you figure out how to save money on these expenses.
  16. The Business Finance Blog: Here you’ll find out about business loans, alternative financing and more for small businesses.
  17. Maximum Business Credit: This blog offers great information for financing your business in an affordable way.
  18. VC Freak: In this blog, you’ll learn all about venture capiral news, startup funding, lending, and more.
  19. MSBCHQ: MSBCHQ offers great advice about business credit and credit services.
  20. Venture Chronicles: Through Jeff Nolan’s blog, you’ll get great insight into venture capital, finance, and more.
  21. Commercial Finance Zone: Get help with commercial finance by following the advice on this blog.
  22. The 21st Century Supply Chain: Get interesting ideas and perspectives on supply chain management through this blog.
  23. Procurement Blog: This blog will help you make sense of procurement and better understand how to save money in the process.

Marketing & Customer Service

Learn how to make better use of your marketing dollars with help from these bloggers.

  1. Startups.co.uk Marketing Blog: This blog offers a variety of useful topics on marketing that can help you save money and reach your audience more effectively.
  2. Solo Business Marketing: This blog has great ideas and inspiration for effetctive and low cost marketing.
  3. Basic Marketing: Read this blog to learn the basics of effective marketing, so you can better use your marketing budget.
  4. Heart of Business: Heart of Business will help you design your business to make your customer happy.
  5. Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog: In this blog, you’ll find excellent ideas and resources for creative advertising.
  6. What About the Mailbox with No SPAM in It?: This blog explains how to make your marketing efforts more effective for your money.
  7. Schipul Blog: Get smart and creative marketing thoughts from the Schipul Blog.
  8. Marketing Genius: Maple Creative’s blog offers marketing tips and more to help you succeed with less money.
  9. Duct Tape Marketing: Read this blog to learn about effective marketing ideas that are also affordable.
  10. Murketing: The Murketing blog is all about murky marketing, and can provide you with cost-saving insights.
  11. Church of the Customer: In Ben and Jackie’s blog, you’ll find pearls of wisdom for ensuring your customers are happy with your business.
  12. Seth Godin’s Blog: Following Seth Godin’s ideas can help your marketing dollars go farther.




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