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现代火器-科罗博夫TKB - 022突击步枪[实验]

2009-12-04  hulao
科罗博夫TKB - 022突击步枪[实验](苏联/俄罗斯)
7.62mm Korobov TKB-022 experimental assault rifle, first model in the TKB-022 line, circa 1962 7.62科罗博夫TKB,在TKB第一款022实验突击步枪,022线,约1962年

7.62mm Korobov TKB-022PM experimental assault rifle, left side, circa 1965 7.62科罗博夫TKB - 022PM实验突击步枪,左侧,大约1965

7.62mm Korobov TKB-022PM experimental assault rifle, right side, circa 1965 7.62科罗博夫TKB - 022PM实验突击步枪,右侧,大约1965

Caliber : 7.62x39 mm M43 (also experimental 5.6x39mm) 口径 :7.62x39毫米M43(也实验5.6x39mm)
Action: Gas operated, vertically sliding bolt 行动:气动式,垂直滑动螺栓
Overall length : 525 mm / 20.7" 总长度 :525毫米/ 20.7“
Barrel length : 415 mm / 16.3" 枪管长度 :415毫米/ 16.3“
Weigth : 2.8 - 2.4 kg (depending on version) / 6.2 - 5.3 lbs 重量 :2.8 - 2.4公斤(取决于型号)/ 6.2 -五点三磅
Rate of fire : 560 rounds pr minute 射速 :560发公关分钟
Magazine capacity : 30 rounds 弹匣容量 :30发子弹

The line of TKB-022 experimental assault rifles is one of most intrigying developments in small arms, made in Soviet Union.行的TKB - 022实验突击步枪是最intrigying小型武器的发展,苏联作出之一。 In many respects these weapons, designed during early sixties by Soviet gun designer GA Korobov were many years ahead of its time. Those guns were simply too advanced for conservative-thinking Soviet Army officers who preferred simple, familiar, proven and reliable Kalashnikov assault rifles over anything else.在这些武器,在苏联枪设计师遗传科罗博夫60年代初设计的许多方面都超前了很多年。这些枪只是过于保守,思想苏联红军军官谁喜欢简单,熟悉,成熟,可靠的卡拉什尼科夫冲锋枪通过先进别的。 Regardless of thst, the TKB-022 is well worth mentioning, if just for the sake of curiosity.无论thst的TKB - 022值得一提的是,如果只是为了在好奇心。
TKB stands for Tulskoe Kosntructorskoe Buro - Tula Design Bureau, an arms-designing organisation associated with Tula arms factory (TOZ), which later evolved into the KBP - large and famous arms design and manufacturing state-owned company. TKB代表Tulskoe Kosntructorskoe布罗哈 -图拉设计局,武器,设计与图拉兵工厂(特兹),后来演变成为kbp的-有名望的大型武器的设计和制造国有企业相关的组织。 Korobov was one of the more advanced designers at KBP, and he always tried to step ahead of its time.科罗博夫在kbp的是更高级的设计师之一,他总是试图加强它的时间提前。 In this case, he tried to create a compact weapon, suitable for motorized troops riding in cramped armored personnel carriers (BMP, BTR) or helicopters.在这种情况下,他试图建立一个小型武器,在拥挤的机动装甲运兵车(BMP和全钢载重子午线)或乘坐直升机部队合适。 Despite very compact size, this weapon retained full-length barrel (and thus effective range and lethality) of much longer standard assault rifles such as Kalashnikov AKM.虽然非常小巧,这种武器保留全长桶(从而有效范围和杀伤力的长得多,如卡拉什尼科夫冲锋枪的AKM标准)。 In fact, TKB-022 has best barrel length to overall length ratio among most military rifles ever built.事实上,TKB - 022已在有史以来最好最军用步枪整体长度比枪管长度。 During mid- to late sixties Korovov produced several variations of the TKB-022, from TKB-022PM to TKB-022PM5.在中到Korovov生产的多种变体的TKB - 022,从TKB - 022PM的TKB - 022PM5 60年代末。 The last one, the TKB-022PM5, which was produced in 1968, was chambered for then-experimental 5.6x39 ammunition (which latter evolved into 5.45x39).最后一个,是TKB - 022PM5,并于1968年制作的,当时是墓室的实验5.6x39弹药进入5.45x39(其中后者的前身)。 All weapons were tested by Soviet army, but turned down on unpublished reasons (most probably becuse the gun was simple too advanced for contemporary military thinking, but also possibly because no-one at the time could tell for sure if plastic housing would hold its integrity in extreme weather conditions or during many years of storage or use).所有武器进行测试,苏联军队,但实际上未发表的原因辞职(最有可能becuse枪很简单,太现代军事思想先进,但也可能因为没有在一次可以肯定的判断塑料外壳将举行它的完整性在极端天气条件下或在储存或使用多年后)。

The TKB-022 assault rifle is gas-operated weapon with annular gas piston located around the barrel.在TKB - 022突击步枪是气与周围的环形气体活塞位于枪管武器。 To achieve minimum length, it is assembled into bull-pup configuration and uses vertically sliding bereech block (bolt), rather than traditional and most common bolt that cycles back and forth.为了实现最小长度,它是组装成牛市幼犬的配置和使用的垂直滑动bereech块(螺栓),而不是传统的和最常见的螺栓来回循环。 Since the movement of the bolt (breechblock) in this design cannot be used to extract, eject and load cartridges, Korobov developed a special U-shaped rammer / extractor, that strips the frech cartridge from magazine, pushes it into the chamber, then, after the discharge, pulls the fired cartridge case back from the chamber.自螺栓(闩在这个设计)运动不能用于提取,弹出和装载子弹,科罗博夫开发了一种特殊的U形夯/提取,这条从杂志弗雷希墨盒,推入室,那么,出院后,拉发射弹壳回来厅。 Upon feeding the next fresh cartridge, the fired case is pushed forward and slightly up, into the ejection chute above the barrel.当喂养下新墨盒,被解职的案件推进,略有上升,到上面的桶弹射降落伞。 Spent cases finally fell off the gun above the muzzle.用完的情况下终于上面掉下来的枪的枪口。 Gun was capable of full- and semi-automatic fire, with combined safety / fire mode selector switch located above the trigger on the left side of the gun.枪是能够全面和半自动火灾,与综合安全/消防模式选择开关上方的枪的左侧触发位置。 The gun housing was made from reddish-brown plastic, with metall structure hidden inside.枪房屋是从红棕色塑料,隐藏在金属结构。

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