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Love Question 22

10 reasons in hand?
Psychologists believe that men and women to determine the suitability of the two "hand", should consider the following 10 factors:
First, are each other's good friends with each other, without any conditions, together with the other party likes.
Second, to communicate easily with each other, each other can be very open to anything, frankly, without fear of being suspected or belittling the other side.
Third, the two have a common spiritual principles and values, and these concepts have a clear understanding and pursuit.
Fourth, both sides believe that marriage is a lifelong thing, but the two sides (with special emphasis on "the parties") are willing to commit themselves firmly in the long-term marriage.
Fifth, the event of conflict or dispute can work together to solve the time, rather than later so as to attack.
Sixth, can get along with each other funny, laugh often, in many aspects of life will be to treat each other with humor.
Seventh, is well aware of each other and accept each other, when to know each other about the strengths and weaknesses of their own still convinced that he accepted.
Eighth, the best position to know from you is your trust received the support of each other sure.
Ninth, sometimes romantic feelings, but the vast majority of the time, you are very satisfied with each other and are free.
Tenth, there is a very rational and mature exchanges, and both sides felt that in many different levels, is to match you.

Similar or complementary?
The most common form of love between the sexes is to catch and chase. Good interpersonal each other to convey a powerful force that can make up for the lack of objective conditions. Are similar rather than complementary to each other into the people together. The main similarity of the match, including three degrees: the values and personality, interests and experience, and interpersonal style. Among them, the style of interpersonal relations is the most important predictor. And interpersonal communication style and their own people the difference between the people there will be frustration, and less likely to have further development.

Love is the追到手it?
Not. Really do not need to recover the feelings of. Understanding of two people in the distance slowly两颗心shortened gradually in close to each other unconscious. From friends to lovers, the true feelings will not be long before the. Do you like him from the moment, perhaps he is also the moment in love with you. With the rhythm of love can often play the most the most beautiful music in harmony.
What true love?
The need for an easy two people happy together, there is no pressure.

Love a person you pay is the reservation?
Not. Everyone is an independent, we first of all, of their own, we have ideas, we have the personality, rather than give each other our all. We can have reservations about, for example, say you do not want privacy, there is a secret talent is mature, is not it? Sometimes it does not say it better.

Appearance and personality which is more important?
Young men tend to like beautiful women, after 25 years of age, would choose their own character and the woman the right to live together and their own people. (It appears that you're old ?:)...)

Slow love?
Like a person, too, and instead of bad. First, because Vietnam is not like Vietnam; Second, it is very difficult to be a treasure, go faster. Steady and some will be more long-term love.

Hard to love easy to get along?
Live in the most important thing is that tolerance and compromise, trust and understanding in the foundation. There is no tolerance and compromise, any two people can not get along.

Love life can be several times?
Chun-chun's love may be only one, but may not be only one true love. Time will heal all wounds.

Why can love people?
In fact, we can fall in love with many people. We are not like a person, but like a certain type of person. And we first met, so we are happy together; of the latter, and only have to apologize at the same time, wish him well as soon as possible to find his own happiness.

Used to love a person is a person?
No one is that we have can not be non-life, and love a person, a lot of time to actually get used to this person

Realistic and romantic which is more important?
Reality. Not based on reality, is a romantic castle in the air. Love the campus of the University graduates often end up with, mostly because of unrealistic, not a city. Mutual appreciation of each other only admire those who have their own respective strengths, the collision will spark the most beautiful, but also will bear the sweet fruit of love.

After breaking up we can be friends with you?
Best not to. Shear constant entangled. Have passed on have passed, and we do not live in the past, but now. Love does not mean that life is just part of life.
Not feel that he looks not as good as the other party's intention to give up the pursuit, only looks at the impression that the decision really depends on whether the combination of the two sides of the main character. I have seen a handsome guy with ugly, ugly guy with the too much.

Why should we talk about for years?
Love can be a long time as long as possible. That are at least two advantages: first, full, as long as possible to enjoy the pleasure of love, two, two live longer, the more able to truly test whether or not each other, the more able to see whether the two characters come together.

How to identify whether the other side love you?
Would like to know a person love you, and you see him on there with the vitality, the unhappy, there is love, no love is not
Love is not moving, you is not his ideal partner, even if the moment you accept the future that run into one of his favorite, as you will leave. Easy to some emotional ups and downs, this is very difficult to maintain a long relationship.

What is romantic?
The flowers? Walking in the rain? Standing in front of the building going? If two men love each other heart-to-heart, and do nothing, will be relatively quiet and romantic feeling that. Otherwise, even if the two can get married to come to the moon, but also less than a romantic feeling.

门当户对do not have to?
It does not matter whether门当户对, the most important hing, when the interest should be right, otherwise there is no common language, even together, will still feel lonely.

Self-love can not afford to lose?
Long-lasting love from his heart-felt love to each other, on an equal basis. No love just crazy regardless of whether they have loved, or just enjoy being loved and loving person who really do not know will not be a good outcome.

Do not love how to do?
Love is a risk investment, it is inevitable ticket, wanted to take the normal things. Loved, enough. Since I can not put together, there is not reason together. Others can not bear you on irresponsible games, retaliation or degeneration, of his own show, the total of their own end. Moreover, he does not love you, you do not mind he has.

Learn to fall in love with the pain?
If you fall in love, do not easily pass up the opportunity. Rash, may make you regret it for some time; cowardice, but may make you regret a lifetime. Did not experience the love of life is not complete and did not experience the pain of love is not profound. So that the rich love of life, suffering so that sublimation of love.

Love to have the number of choices?
Habits and now you may love, it's clear they did not like, but with a long time, the habit is not willing to do the new choices. Will face numerous life choices. When given the opportunity to choose you, you must be careful; once you have made a choice not regret it forever; get affordable, fit, which were broken off, the forgotten, they forget it; the treasure, we should cherish it.

People who love where love?
We always said: "I love to find a love who will love." But when the other side to ask you, what would be considered a time when love is love, but you can not answer him, because you do not know.

Yes, we always thought, we would love to find a person who loves their own. But later, when we suddenly look back, we will find that they have how naive. If have never started, how do you know he or she will love it love that person? In fact, love the feeling of love is to have experienced many things together until found. Perhaps everyone would like to find their own 100% of partners in mind, but you have not thought about that in your side will be someone who has already paid a long time for you, but you do not find it then?
So, still a closer look at the people around you, he may have been waiting for you a long time. When you love a person when absolutely love to just eight. All the expectations and hopes are only七八分, and the remaining two or three hours to love their own. If you continue to love even more, is likely to give heavy pressure on the other side, so that each breath, completely lost the love of fun.

Keep in mind that alcohol should not drink more than six points, eat no more than seven full, love a person should not exceed eight. If you are confused for love, perhaps the following words can give you some inspiration: love a person, to understand the solution to open; to apologize to thank; to admit to error; to have understanding and considerate; is to accept rather than put up with; is tolerance rather than condoned; is to support rather than dominate; is questioned rather than sympathy; is talk rather than a complaint; is memorable but not forgotten; the exchange rather than explain everything; silently pray for each other rather than to the ask for each other. Can be romantic, but do not waste, not just in hand, let go lightly.

Whether or not the believe the fate?
Romantic lover who described the reunion with: tens of millions of people in the wilderness knows no boundaries of time, there is no earlier and no later than one step, it so happens that a catch up. Well with two people, you may wish to think about it this way. If not, you need to understand whether a person together, but is a simple probability problem. Thousands of pass, you will and to whom you have the opportunity to fate, if not A, B will be. Imagine the kind of别傻such as wood and stone in the former UNITA-like fate, and life can there be so many legendary. Do not awake a dream, do not you forget that although the source of artistic life, and still higher than the life you

These are set each said, in detail you will certainly have their own opinion, welcome and psytopic users to share.


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