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【说明:n.名词 pron.代词 adj.形容词 adv.副词 v.动词 vi.不 vt. 及物动词prep.介词 conj.连词 interj.感叹词】

A unable ability n. disable vt.使残废 disabled adj.残废的

2.about be about to do sth.即将做......

3.above---below over---under 

4.accept ~ A as B 把A当作B接受/接纳 cf. receive

5.accident accidental adj.偶然的;偶发的 by ~/chance偶然地

6.ache n./ vi. toothache backache headache

7.across---through across the world=all over the world

8.act v./n. action n. active adj. actively adv. activity n.活动

act as...扮演;充当 be active in...=take an active part in...积极参加 act...out表演出

9.actual adj. actually adv.事实上

10.add v. addition n. additional adj.附加的;额外的

add to sth.增强 add A to B把A加到B上去 add...up把......加起来

add up to sth.合计为;意思是 in addition=what’s more=besides而且

11.admire vt. admiration n. admirer n. ~ sb. for sth因......钦佩某人 in admiration钦佩地

12.admit vt.承认;录取 admission n. admitted admitting

admit doing sth. be admitted into a college被......录取

13.advance v. advanced adj.先进的;高级的 in ~ = ahead of time提前

14.advice u.n. advise vt. give sb. advice on sth. advise sb. to do sth./ advise doing sth.

cf. advise与persuade

15.affair n.事物 family/foreign/love ~s

16.afford vt. can ~ (to do) sth.

17.afraid adj. I’m ~ so/not.恐怕是这样/不是这样。

18.Africa n. African n./adj. Asia---Asian America---American Europe---European

Australia---Australian Austria---Austrian奥地利人(的) Canada---Canadian

19.again ~ and ~=over and over=time and again反复地 once ~=once more=~又一次

20.three years ago (一般过去时) three years before(过去完成时)

21.agree vt. agreement n.协议 agreeable adj.可爱的

~ to sth.同意某事 ~ on sth(经讨论)达成共识 ~ with sb.同意某人

come to/arrive at/reach an agreement达成协议

22.agriculture n. agricultural adj. industry---industrial

23.aim n./v. ~ at...瞄准;意思是

24.alive adj.(表语形容词) eat sth ~ bury sb. ~ catch sb. ~

Cf. living活着的 live现场直播的 lively活泼的 

25.air n. in the ~在空中 on the ~在播出 by ~乘飞机

26.allow vt. allowance n.补助金;补贴

~ sb. to do sth. ~ doing sth. ~ for...考虑到;酌量 Smoking is not ~ed here.

27.almost adv.几乎(可接否定词) nearly adv.(不接否定词) I have seen almost no such book before.

28.alone adj./adv.独自的;单独的 lonely adj.寂寞的;孤独的 

29.along adv./ prep. all ~=all the time一直

30.although conj.虽然;尽管 though conj. 虽然;尽管 though adv.尽管如此(句末)

31.anger n. angry adj. hunger n. hungry adj.

32.announce vt. announcement n. make an announcement

33.another pron. one after ~= one by one another three chairs= three more/ other chairs

34.always adv. for ~/ good/ ever永远 He is ~ talking in class.(反感) He is ~ asking clever questions.(赞扬)

35.answer n./v. the ~ to the question in ~ to响应;回答

~ the door/phone/letter ~ for=be responsible for为......负责

36.anxious adj.急切的;焦虑的 anxiety n.

be ~ to do sth.迫切要去做...... be ~ about..=worry about/ be worried about...担心

He is too ~ to leave the lonely island.(too...to与anxious连用不表示否定)

37.any常用在否定句、疑问句、条件句中 Come to me if you have any question.

no=not any全否 He has no brothers.= He has not any brothers.

38.apologize/apologise v.道歉 apology n.

~ to sb. for doing sth.=make an apology to sb. for doing sth.因某事向某人道歉

39.argue v.辩论;说服 argument n. ~ with sb. about sth. cf. debate quarrel

40.arm n. arms n.武器;怀抱 take sb. by the ~拉住某人的胳膊 ~ in ~ 

carry sth in one’s ~s抱着...... ~s sale军火销售 be armed to the teeth武装到牙齿 n.军队;群 an ~ of ants一大群蚂蚁

42.arrive vi.到达 arrival n. ~ at a conclusion得出结论 ~ at an agreement达成协议 ~at/ in sp.

cf. reach vt. come vi. n. artist n. artistic adj.艺术的 artificial adj.人工的;人造的 fine ~s美术

44.article n.文章;件 an ~ of clothing/ furniture prep.作为 work ~... serve ~... act ~... be famous ~... use A ~ B

accept/regard/ treat/consider/ think of/ look at/take A ~ B把A当作B

~ it is事实上 mistake A ~ B误以为A是B

as conj.按照;像 Dance ~ I showed you. 

as conj.随着;一边......一边 As time goes by, he has come to love Ningbo as his second hometown.

He usually does his homework ~ he listens to music.

as conj.虽然;尽管(倒装语序) Clever ~ you are, you have to work harder to fulfill your dream.

Fast ~ you run, you can’t catch me up.=Run ~ you may, you can’t catch me up.

=Fast runner ~ you are, you can’t catch me up.

as conj.像一样He is ~ busy ~ a bee. He did the job ~ well ~ Bob did.

Fan Wei is ~ funny an actor ~ Zhao Benshan. Peter is not ~/ so tall as Bill.

as conj.由于 As you go to the bookshop, please get me a Harry Porter VI.

as pron.(引导定语从句) I will buy such a pen ~ you are using. I study in the same school ~ Mary.

Here is so big a stone as no one can lift. cf. Here is so big a stone that no one can lift it.

46.ashamed adj.羞愧的 be ~ of...对感到羞愧

47.ask v. ~ sb. for sth.向某人要...... ~ A after B向A问候B ~ for trouble自寻烦恼

~ sb. to do sth. ~ to do sth. ~ to be done ~ about...询问;打听

48.asleep adj. fall ~ =go to sleep入睡(动作) be ~= sleep睡着(状态) be fast ~睡得香甜

49.assist vt.帮助 assistance n. assistant n.助手 an assistant professor副教授

50.attack v./n. be under ~遭到攻击 an air ~空袭

51.attempt n./v.努力;尝试 ~ to do sth.= make an ~ to do sth. in an ~ to do sth.努力/尝试去做......

52.attend v.出席;照顾 attendant n.服务员 ~ to sb./ sth. 照料;从事;处理

53.attention n. attentive adj.注意力集中的 pay ~ to sth.注意...... draw sb’s ~ (to sth.)吸引某人的注意力(到......)

54.attract vt.吸引 attractive adj.有吸引力的;迷人的 attraction n.吸引(人的人或物)

be attractive to sb.吸引某人 be attracted to sth. 被......吸引

55.average n./adj.平均(的) on (the) ~ 平均(来说) above/below the ~ 在一般平均以上/下

56.awake adj.醒着的 v.醒来(awoke/awoke; awaked/awaked)


1.bad adj. (worse/worst) from ~ to worse每况愈下 go ~ 变质 Not ~.还好

2.badly adv. be ~ ill得了 need sth. ~ 急需 be ~ off生活较差

3.baggage u.n.行李 (=luggage)

4.balloon n.气球

5.bargain v. 讨价还价 n. 讨价还价;便宜货 a real ~便宜货

6.base n. 基地;基础 vt.以......为基础 ~ A on B A以B为基础/依据 be ~d on以......为基础

7.bath n.洗浴 bathe v. be bathed in the sunshine沐浴在阳光之中

8.bear vt.忍受;承受(bore/born-borne) He can’t ~ being looked down upon.

He was born in Shanghai. They have borne three children.

9.beat v.打;击败(beat/beaten) n. beautiful adj. beautifully adv. beautify vt.美化

11.become/became/become link.v.系动词

12.because of=on account of=owing to prep. 由于 She cried because of what I had said about her work.

13.bed n. go to ~ (college/church/court/hospital)(零冠词)强调动作

be in ~ (college/church/court/hospital) 强调状态 make the ~

14.beg v.乞讨;哀求 begging begged beggar n.乞丐 ~ sb. for sth. go ~ging去乞讨

15.begin/began/begun v. beginning beginner初学者 Well begun, half done.良好的开端成功的一半。

to ~ with首先=first of all in the beginning at the beginning of

16.believe vt. belief n.信仰;信念

17.bend/bent/bent v. 弄弯 ~ over sth. 伏在......上面 be bent over......一心想/做

18.besides prep./adv. 除了(以外) B~ English, we study five other subjects.

I don’t like football; ~, the weather is too hot.(=what’s more; in addition ) do/try one’s ~ =do what one can=do everything (that) one can=spare no efforts=go all out尽力

all the best(wishes)祝好

20.better be ~ off富裕 be worse off贫困 had ~ =might as well最好

He’d ~ come earlier, hadn’t he? Better late then never.

21.beyond prep.在......以外 The beauty of the West Lake is ~ description. Sorry. This is ~ my power.

22.bill n.帐单 foot the ~ 埋单

23.biology n.生物学 biological adj.生物学的 biologist n. 生物学家

24.birth n. birthday birthplace at birth天生 give ~ to 生育

25.bite/bit/bit:bitten v.咬 Never bite off more than you can chew.要量力而行。

26.blame vt.责备 be to ~ (for doing sth.)因......而应受责备 ~ sb. for doing sth. 因......而责备

Don’t ~ the child for the broken glass. It was my fault.

I wonder who is to ~ for the broken glass.=I wonder who to ~ for the broken glass.

27.blood n.血 bloody adj.血腥的 bleed v.流血 a bleeding nose a bloody war

28.blow/blew/blown v.吹 ~ up爆炸 ~ sth. up把......炸毁 ~ ...away把吹走

29.boil v. boiling water在沸腾的水 boiled water沸水 boiling hot超热

30.bone n. bony adj.瘦骨嶙峋的=skinny

31.brain n.大脑 brains智力 If only I had your ~s!

32.bottom n.底部 from the ~ of one’s heart 发自内心;衷心地 from top to ~从顶到底 B~ up!干杯!

33.brave adj. bravely adv. bravery n.

34.break/broke/broken v. ~ down出故障;破除 ~ up破坏;解散;开垦 ~ into sp.闯入;侵占

~ the law/rule违反 ~ one’s promise食言 ~ away (of)脱离

~ forth/out爆发 ~ off折断;突然中断 ~ open撬开 ~ with与......断交

c.n.休息 take/have a ~

35.breath n. breathe v. bath---bathe breathless adj.上气不接下气的

hold one’s ~ 屏住呼吸 lose one’s ~上气不接下气(动作) be out of ~上气不接下气(状态)

catch a ~喘口气 breathe one’s last死

36.bring/brought/brought vt. ~ sb. up抚养 ~ sth. up呕吐;提出 bring sth. forward提出

37.Britain n. British adj. the Great Britain大不列颠

38.broad adj.宽阔的 abroad adv.在国外 aboard adv.在船(飞机、火车等)上 broaden vt.拓宽

39.broadcast/broadcast/broadcast vt.广播 ~ sth. live现场直播 Cf. cast/cast/cast forecast/forecast/forecast 

40. build/built/built vt.建造;建设 building n. ~ ...up建造 ~ A into B把A建成B 

41.burn/burnt/burnt v. ~ sth. up烧光 ~ sth. to the ground=~ sth down夷为平地 It’s ~ing hot.

42.burst vt.爆发;爆炸 ~ sth. up =blow sth. up炸掉 ~ into tears/laughter/cheers

~ out crying/laughing/cheering ~ into...闯入 ~ forth= ~ out= break forth= break out爆发 

43.bury vt.埋葬 burial n.葬礼 ~ sb. alive活埋

44.busy adj. business n. Business is business.公事公办 Business before pleasure.先干正事后娱乐

be ~ (in) doing sth.= be busy with sth. go to sp. on business到......出差 get (down) to business 开始干正事

45.but conj. But me no ~s.不要辩解。 but for要不是因为 the last line but two倒数第二行

46.butcher n.屠夫 go to the ~’s去肉店

47.butter n.黄油 Bread and ~ is always my breakfast. vt. I won’t ~ your story.我才不信呢。 prep.乘坐 ~ bus/train/plane/ship/air/sea/water/land on/in a train in a plane

C v./n. ~ for请求;要求;需要;呼吁 ~ at sp.参观 ~ on sb.访问 ~...off取消

~ out大声叫喊 ~ forth...唤起;鼓起(勇气等) call (on) sb. to do sth.号召 v.宿营 n.帐篷 go camping去宿营 n.资本;首都 capitalism n.资本主义 capitalist n.资本主义者 adj. 资本主义的 v. ~ for...喜爱;关心;照管 ~ about...关心;顾虑

care n. take ~ of...照料;照看 take ~当心;保重 under the ~ of在......的照料下

with ~ =carefully小心地;慎重地

5.carpet n.地毯

6.carrot n.胡萝卜

7.caryy vt. ~ sth. in one’s arms抱着 ~ sth. on one’s back背着

~ sth. in one’s hands捧着 ~ sth. in one’s hand拿着

~ sth. out实施;执行 ~ ...away带走;冲昏...的头脑

~ sth. on继续下去 ~ through坚持到底

8.cart n. 马车 Never put the cart before the horse.不要本末倒置 n.情况;案例;病历;箱子 in ~ 万一(可单独使用也可接句子) in ~ of万一(接名词、代词、动名词等) 

Take an umbrella in ~. Take an umbrella in ~ of rain. Take an umbrella in ~ it rain/in ~ it should(万一) rain.

As is often the ~, Tom came late again.

10.castle n.城堡 a ~ in the air空中楼阁

11.catch/caught/caught vt.抓住 ~ sb. = ~ up with sb.追上 catch sight of突然看到 ~ hold of突然抓住

~ (a ) cold得感冒 ~ sb.’s attention/ eye吸引的注意力 ~ sb. doing sth.

be caught in a rain遭遇风雨等 be caught in/between the trees卡在树中

12.ceiling n.天花板

13.celebrate v. 庆祝 celebration n. ~ one’s birthday/Christmas/Easter/New Year’s Day (=mark/observe/keep) n.中心;中部 central adj.

15.century n.世纪 the twelfth ~

16.certain adj. ~ly adv. certainty n. 确定性 It is ~ that he will make it.=He is ~/sure to make it.

be ~/sure about...对确信

17.chain n.链条;锁链 a ~ shop连锁店 a ~ smoker连续吸烟者

18.chair n.椅子 chairman主席;书记;懂事长 chairwoman chairperson The ~ is comfortable to sit in.

19.chalk u.n. 粉笔 a piece of ~

20.chance n.机会 by ~ 偶然 take one’s ~碰运气;冒险 Chances are that he will win.=Possibly he will win.

21.change v./n.变化 ~/turn A into B 把A变成B ~ trains/planes/clothes换车、飞机、衣服

~ for the better/worse边得更好/坏 ~ with...随着......而变化 ~ oneself=get ~d换衣服

Great ~s have taken place in China since the reform and opening up in 1979.

22.charge v.收费;控告;冲锋 ~ sm. sb. for sth. He ~d me $10 for the book.

~ sb. with (doing) sth. He was ~d of sealing books from the newsstand.

n.主管;收费;控告;冲锋 in ~ of 主管 in the ~ of由......主管 free of ~免费的 adj.便宜的 a ~ buy便宜货

24.check n.检查;控制;支票(cheque) a money ~汇票

v. 检查;控制 ~ one’s tears控制住眼泪 ~ in入住宾馆/进入商场等 ~ out ~...up核对;检查

25.chief adj.主要的;首要的 CEO=chief executive officer

in ~ 主要地;尤其 an editor-in-~总编 a commander-in-~总司令

26.chimney n.烟囱

27.choice n.选择 have no ~ but to do sth.=have to do sth只好;不得不 adj.精选的 a ~ friend 好朋友

28.choose/chose/chosen v.选择 ~ to do sth. cannot ~ but do sth.=have no choice but to do sth. 只好;不得不 n.教堂 go to ~做礼拜(动作) be in ~z在做礼拜(状态) a ~ goer信教者

30.cigar n.雪茄 cigarette n.香烟 注:-ette是表示“小”的后缀,如case, cassette。

31.cinema n.电影院 go to the ~/theatre/hotel n.圆圈 in ~s The bees dance in ~s.

33.citizen n.市民;国民 citizenship n.国籍 senior ~s老年人

34.clap v. n.拍(手)

35.class n.课;班级;阶级;等级 world-class adj.世界级的 first-class adj.一级的 Class A最高级的

in /after/before ~ have ~es听课 

36.clean adj.干净的; a ~ sweep完胜;全胜 vt.弄干净 clean...up扫除;收拾干净

cleaning n.扫除;擦 give sp. a thorough/spring cleaning大扫除

37.clear adj.清晰的;明亮的;(头脑)清醒的 be ~ about...对明了 make it ~ that...弄清楚;使人明白

vt.使干净;清除~...off清除;消散 ~...up整顿 ~ up放晴

38.clever adj.聪明的 be ~/quick/good/expert/skilful at...擅长 n.医务所

40.clock n.钟表 around the ~=24 hours a day全天地

41.close adj.近的;亲密的 closely adv. 密切地;亲密地 be ~ to sth.靠近 be ~ at hand迫近

v.关闭 ~...down关闭;封闭 Zhang Fei liked sleeping with his eyes closed.

42.cloth u.n.布料 a piece of ~一块布料 c.n.有特殊用途的布,如桌布、擦脚布等

clothes n.衣服 a suit of clothes一套衣服

clothing u.n..衣服的总称 a piece/an article of clothing一件衣服

sugar-clothed pills糖衣药片 n.云 cloudy adj.多云的 Soon the ~s lifted.云很快散去了。 n.俱乐部 join the ~

45.coast n.海岸 an island off the ~ a town on the ~ coastline海岸线 n.咖啡 make ~/tea/bed煮咖啡/沏茶/铺床 black/white ~

47.coin n.硬币 head正面 tail反面 Every coin has two sides.

48.cold n./adj.冷(的) leave sb. in the ~疏远某人 throw ~ water on...泼冷水;不赞成

catch a ~ 得感冒(动作) have a ~感冒(状态)

49.collar n.衣领 white-~ blue-~ pink-~ golden-~ gray-~ n.大学 go to ~上大学(动作) be in ~在上大学(状态)

51.colour/color n.颜色 colourful/colorful adj.色彩斑斓的

52.comb n.梳子 tomb n.坟墓 bomb n.炸弹

53.come/came/come vi. 来

~ about发生 ~ across...偶遇 ~ along一道来;进步 ~ at...袭击

~ back回来;恢复 ~ back to life苏醒 ~ down降落;跌落;病倒

~ for...来取(物);来接(人) ~ into being产生;出现 ~ into existence成立;出现

~ into force开始生效、实行 ~ into office上任 ~ into power上台;掌握政权

~ into use开始得以使用 ~ off脱落 ~ out出来;长出;出版;显现

~ to苏醒 ~ to a conclusion告一段落;得出结论

~ to s stop停下来 ~ to light现露出来 ~ to oneself苏醒过来

~ to terms with sb.与某人妥协 ~ to the point说到要点 ~ true实现

~ up走近;上升;流行 ~ up to sth.到达;符合(标准);不辜负(期望)

~ up with...提出 ~ what may不管发生什么 ~ from...来自

54.comfort vt./n.安慰 comfortable adj. comfortably adv.

55.common adj.共同的;常见的 in ~共有的 a ~ room卫生间

56.commune n.公社 communism n.共产主义 communist n./adj. 共产主义者/的

socialism n.社会主义 capitalism n.资本主义 feudalism n.封建主义

57.companion c.n.伴侣;伙伴;伙伴 keep sb. ~给某人做伴 in ~ with sb.和某人在一起 keep ~ with sb.与某人交往 v.比较 comparison n. 比较 comparative adj.比较的

~ A with B把A与B比较 ~ A to B把A比作B in comparison with...与......比较

Compared with Shanghai, Beijing is important politically.

60.complete adj.完全的 vt.完成 completion n. 完成

61.composition n.作文;作曲 compose vt.写作;作曲 Your ~ is well written except for some spelling mistakes. n.电脑 PC=personal ~

63.comrade n.同志 a ~-in-arm战友

64.concert n.音乐会

65.condition n.条件 conditional adj.有条件的 unconditional adj. 无条件的

on ~ that(接句子)如果 on ~ of (接名词和动名词等) on no ~决不

living/working/studying ~s生活/工作/学习条件(环境) in ~状况良好 out of ~状况不好 

66.conductor n.导体;乘务员 

67.congratualte vt.祝贺 congratulation n. ~ sb. on (doing) sth.因......而祝贺某人 ~ oneself on sth.庆幸

68.connect vt.连接 connection n. ~ A with B把A和B连接起来 be ~ed with...与有关;与连着

69.consider vt.认为;考虑 consideration n.考虑 considerate adj.体贴人的;体谅人的 

~ A as B认为A为B ~ doing sth.打算 take sth. into consideration考虑到

Charles Babbage is generally ~ed to have invented the computer.=It is ~ed that Charles Babbage invented the computer. It is considerate of you to have brought so much food.

70.contain vt.包含;含有 container n.容器

71.content n./adj.满足(的) I’m ~ with my salary. He’s ~ to stay in the present job.

vt.使感到满足 As there is no cream, we have to ~ ourselves with black coffee.

n. (复数)目录;内容

72.continent n.大陆;大洲 continental adj. 大陆的 continental climate大陆性气候

73.continue v.继续 continuous adj.连续不断的 continual adj. 频频的;时断时续的 

~ to do sth.= ~ doing sth. The story is to be ~d.(未完待续)

74.control n./v.控制 controlled controlling

be in ~ of控制 be in/under the ~ of被控制 beyond ~无法控制

keep/get...under ~控制住 lose ~ of失去对......的控制

75.convenient adj.方便的 convenience n. 方便 It is ~ for me to get the milk from the grocery shop.

76.conversation n.交谈 conversational adj.口头的 conversational English=spoken English

77.cook n.厨师 v.烹调;烹饪 cookie n.甜饼 do some cooking

78.copy n.拷贝;(相同书、报、杂志等的)份,本,册 vt. 抄写;抄袭 a ~ cat只会模仿的人

79.corn u.n.玉米;谷物 c.n. 谷粒

80.corner c.n.角落 in the ~ of on the ~ of at the ~ of around the ~即将到来

81.correct adj.正确的 vt. 改正;纠正;矫正 ~ the papers批改试卷

82.cost/cost/cost vt. 花费; 使丧失 How much/What does the book ~? The carelessness ~ us $1,000.

n.成本;花消;代价 at the ~ of以为代价 at all ~s不惜任何代价

count for: 有价值 under the counter: 非法地 take up courage: 鼓起勇气 cover one’s tracks: 掩盖证据

from cover to cover: 自始至终 cross off: 划掉 cross up: 欺骗 in one’s cup: 醉酒

be curious about: 对…好奇 customs: 海关 damage: “损坏”(不可数) damages: “赔偿费”(可数)

be in the dark: 被蒙在鼓里 up to date: 及时的 day in day out: 日复一日 dead end: 死胡同

deadly: 致命的 deadline: 最终期限 put to death: 处死 declare war: 宣战

in deep water: 在困境中 made a defense: 做防御 by degrees:逐渐地 without delay: 毫不拖延

take a delight in: 以…为乐 in demand: 有需求 a department store: 百货商店 have design on: 对…别有用心

beyond one’s depth: 超出…的理解力 devote oneself to: 致力于 die away: 平息

diamond cut diamond: 强中更有强中手 make a difference: 有影响 eat dirt: 忍辱

get into difficulties: 陷入困境 dirty one’s hands: 干不正当的事 a long distance call: 长途电话

in the distance: 在远处 dog eat dog: 互相残杀 give to the dogs: 无用而扔掉 lead a dog’s life:过苦难生活

work like a dog: 拼命干 from door to door: 挨门挨户 show a person the door: 下逐客令

shut the door to: 拒之不见 beyond doubt: 毫无疑问 without doubt: 毫无疑问 come down on a person: 责备

come down to business: 认真谈论正事 down to the ground: 完全地 down under: 在世界另一边

hit a man when he’s down: 打落水狗 let a person down: 见死不救 put sth. down: 铲除;停止

send a person down: 开除某人 shout a person down: 拒绝听某人讲话 draw a bread on: 攻击 

draw a conclusion: 得出结论 draw aside: 拉到一边 draw back: 不信守诺言

draw off: 撤退 dress down: 责备 dress up: 打扮 drink deep: 大量饮酒

drink hard: 痛饮 drink in: 倾听;欣赏 drink to: 为…干杯 drink up: 喝干

drive a person into a corner: 逼入绝境 drive out: 赶出去 drop across: 偶遇

drop in: 顺便拜访 dry goods: 干货 dried milk: 奶粉 dry up: 干涸

dryer: 烘干机 a duck’s egg: 零分 like a duck to water: 自热地;如鱼得水

due: adj.到期的 When is the rent due? 合适的 Respect is due to older people.

应到的;预期的 When is the steamer due? (这船预定何时到?)

由于;起因 His absence was due to the storm.

Incorrect: He fell due to his mistake.

Correct: His fall was due to his mistake.

Incorrect: Due to the storm, he was late.

Correct: Because of the storm, he was late.

(due to一般不用于句首)

dull: 枯燥的;阴郁的;不锐利的;愚蠢的

Incorrect: During I was sick, I couldn’t eat well.

Correct: While I was sick, I couldn’t eat well.


dust: 灰尘 be in the dust: 受屈辱 make a dust: 引起骚动

off duty: 下班 on duty: 值班

Incorrect: I’m eager to success.

Correct: I’m eager for success. (=I’m eager to succeed.)

be all ears: 倾听 turn a deaf ear to: 对…根本不听

have an ear for: 有对…的鉴赏能力

in one’s early thirties: 30岁出头

keep early hours: 早睡早起 

the early bird catches the worm: 捷足先登

earn one’s living: 谋生 on earth: 究竟

come back to earth: 重返现实 

easier said than done: 说得容易做得难

eat one’s words: 食言 eat out: 在外吃饭

eat up: 吃光 edge: 边;缘;刀刃;

come into effect: 有效;生效 of no effect: 没有作用

make an effort: 努力 spare no effort: 不遗余力

put all one’s eggs in one basket: 孤注一掷

teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs: 班门弄斧

or else: 否则;要不然 out of employ: 失业

employee: 雇工;职员 employer: 雇工

enclose: 随信寄来 come to an end: 结束

make ends meet:收支相抵 put an end to: 结束

end in: 以…告终 end up with: 结束

enter for: 报名参加 entrance fee: 入场费

equal to: 等于;能胜任 equip with: 用…装备起来

trial and error: 反复试验 in that event: 如果那样

in the event of: 万一 quite an event: 重要大事

Incorrect: Everyone of the books is broken.

Correct: Every one of the books is broken.

(everyone 不可与of结构连用。Everyone 只能代表人,而every one 可代表人,也可代表物。)

Incorrect: Everyone should do exercises every day.

Correct: Everyone should do exercise every day.

(作为“运动”讲, exercise 是不可数名词;而当“练习体操”或“练习”来讲则是可数名词。例如:We do a lot of exercises in the class.)

on exhibition: 展出

1. exist v. 存在 existence n. 存在 come into existence / being 形成

2. expect v. 料想,希望 expectation n. expect sb sth expect sb to do sth expect that …

beyond one’s expectation(s) 出乎意料 live / come up to one’s expectation(s) 不辜负,符合…的期待

3. expensive adj. 昂贵的 expense n 

at the expense / cost of 以…为代价 spare no expense 不惜一切代价 living / school expenses 生活费/ 学费

4. experience n. / v. 经历(可数);经验(不可数) experienced adj. 有经验的

5. experiment n . / v. 实验 experimental adj. 实验的 carry out / conduct / do an experiment 做实验

6. explain v. 解释 explanation n. 

7. explore v 探险,调查 

8. exploit v. 开采,剥削

9. express v. 表达,快递,快车 expressive adj. 意味深长的 expression n. 表情

10. extra adv. / adj./ n. 额外的 extraordinary 非同寻常的

11. extremely adv. 极其地,非常 extreme adj. / n. 极其,极端


1. face n./ v. facial adj. face to face面对面 make a face / make faces 扮鬼脸

face the danger / difficulty 面对危险/应付困难 be faced with the difficulty 面临困难 in (the) face of 面临;不顾

2. fact n. as a matter of fact / in fact / actually 事实上

3. fail vt./ vi. failure n. 失败;失败的人或事 fail to do sth 没做成 succeed in doing sth 做成,成功

4. fairly adv. 相当地 (多与褒义词连用,e.g. a fairly easy question)

5. faith n. 信念 keep/ have / lose faith in … faithful adj. 忠实的

6. fall v. / n fall asleep 入睡 fall ill 生病 fall in love (with …) 爱上 fall silent 沉寂下来

Pride goes before a fall. 骄兵必败

7. false adj. 假的 true adj. 真的

8. familiar adj. 熟悉的 be familiar with… 对…熟悉 be familiar to sb 为某人所熟悉

9. famous adj. (= well-known ) be famous / well-known for 因…而出名 

be famous / well-known as 作为…而出名 be famous/ well-known to sb 为某人所熟知

比较: for his Theory of Relativity.

Einstein was famous as a great scientist

to people all over the world.

10. far adj. (farther , further; farthest, furthest )

futher study深造 Do you have anything further to say?你还有什么要说的吗?

far (away) from sp 远离… far from 远离;远远不,完全不,决非

so far 到目前为止(与现在完成时连用) by far 显然地;很

so / as far as 远到;就…而言 (as far as I known = as far as I am concerned)

far / much / rather too + adj. 实在太,过于 far + adj. 比较级 … 得多 adj. / adv. fast: 迅速地;指运动的物体和运行的速度 quickly: 快;强调立刻行动,毫不迟疑

12. favo(u)r n. 帮助;偏爱 favo(u)rite adj. /n. in favor of 喜欢,赞成 do sb a favor 帮忙

13. fear n./ v. 害怕 fearful adj. 可怕的 be in fear of 害怕 for fear (of sth / that +句子) 生怕,以免

14. feather n. 羽毛 Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚,人以群分

15. feed vt./ vi. (fed, fed) 喂养,饲养 feed on (牛,马等)吃… feed … on / with… 喂(动物)饲料

16. feel v. (felt, felt) 感觉 feel like sth / doing sth 喜欢;觉得好像

17. fever n. 发烧 (run / have a fever)

18. fierce adj. 凶猛的;猛烈的; 强烈的; 激烈的 a fierce tiger / storm / effort / competition

19. fight n./ vt./ vi. (fought, fought) 战斗 fight for / against / with

20. figure n. / v. 数字;身材;图形;人物; 算出;认为 figure out 算出,想出

21. fill v. 充满 fill in (the blank / the form …) 填(空/表格…) be filled (up) with 充满,填满

22. final adj./ n. 最后的;决赛(~s) finally adv. (= eventually = at last= in the end ) 最后

23. finger n. 手指 toe 脚趾 the thumb ---拇指 the index ( first ) finger / the forefinger ---食指 

the middle finger--- 中指 the third / ring finger 无名指 the little finger 小指

24. firm adj./ adv. / n. 牢固的;公司 firmly adv. 

25. first first of all 首先,第一 at first 起先,开始 in the first place 首先

the first time 可直接引导时间状语从句(同immediately, instantly, directly, the moment, the instant, as soon as…)

It (This) is the first time (that)…

26. fit. v. / adj. / sb / sth 适合(强调大小尺寸合身)

区别:suit sb (趣味方面适合;形状、颜色等其他方面协调一致)

fit in (with) 与… 相适应,与… 相协调 be fit / suitable for / to... 合适 keep fit 保持健康

27. fix v. 固定;专注于;修理(~up) fix one’s attention / one’s eyes on / upon … 把注意力/目光集中于…

28. flash n. / v. 闪光;闪烁 in a flash 一瞬间 flesh n. 肉,肉体 flesh and blood 血肉 fresh adj. 新鲜的

29. follow v. 跟随;遵守 (~ the rule / one’s advise / the fashion / one’s example)as follows 如下

30. fond adj. 喜欢的 be fond of = be into … 喜欢

31. fool n. / v. 傻瓜;愚弄 foolish adj. 愚蠢的make a fool of sb 愚弄某人 

All Fools’ Day/ April Fools’ Day 愚人节

32. forbid v. (forbade, forbidden ) 禁止 (反义 allow / permit)

forbid / allow / permit / advise sb sth 

forbid / allow / permit / advise sb to do sth

fordid / allow / permit / advise (sb’s) doing sth

forbid / advise that sb (should) do sth

33. force n. / v. 暴力;强迫 by force 以武力 come into force / effect 开始有效(实施)

carry / put into force / practice 把…实施 force sb to do sth = force sb into doing sth 强迫某人做某事

34. forget v. (forgot, forgotten) forget to do sth 忘记去做某事 forget doing sth 忘记曾经做过某事

35. foreign adj 国外的 foreigner n. 外国人

36. forgive v. ( forgave, forgiven) 原谅,宽恕 forgiveness n. forgive sb sth forgive sb for doing sth 

37. fork n. 叉 a knife and fork 一副刀叉(谓语动词用单数)

38. form n 形式 in the form of 以… 的形式

39. fortnight n. 两个星期

40. fortunate adj. 幸运的(lucky) unfortunate adv. 不幸的 (unlucky)

fortunately adv. 幸运地(luckily) unfortunately adv.不幸(unluckily)

fortune n. 幸运,命运;财富 misfortune 不幸

41. forward adv./v./ adv 向前方 (反:backward) look forward to doing sth 期待,盼望

42. found v. 建立 foundation n 

43. fountain n. 喷泉

44. free v. / adj. / adv. 使自由;自由的;免费的;有空的 freedom n. freely adv. 

set free 释放 be free to do sth 随意做某事(be free of sth) for free 免费地 (free of charge)

free sb from / of (from 有免除之意,of 有救济之意)

45. freeze v. (froze, frozen) 使结冻 freezing adj. 极冷的 freeze / starve / beat to death 冻死/饿死/打死

46. Frenchman (pl. Frenchmen) Englishman (pl.Englishmen) Chinese (pl. Chinese) Japanese (pl. Japanese)

German (pl. Germans) American (pl. Americans)

47. frequent adj. 频繁的 frequently adv.

48. friend n 朋友 (反:enemy) friendship n. 友谊 friendly adj. 友好的 make friends with sb 与…交朋友

A friend in deed is a friend in need. 患难见知己

49. frighten n 使害怕 frightened adj. 惊吓的,害怕的 be frightened / afraid to do sth

be frightened / afraid of doing sth

50. from from now on 从今往后 from then on 从那时起

51. front n. / adj. 前面,前部,前线; 前面的,前部的 in front of 在某一物以外的前面

in the front of 在某物本身内部范围内的靠前部分

52. fuel n. 燃料 add fuel to the fire (flame) 火上加油

53. full adj. 满的,充分的 fully adv. 完全地,全部地 be full of 充满 to the full 完全的

make full use of = make the most / best of 充分利用

54. fun n. (不可数) 玩笑,乐趣,有趣的事或人 funny adj 滑稽的

What fun it is to have a bath in the sunshine in such hot weather! make fun of 开玩笑,嘲笑 for (in) fun 开玩笑地

55. furniture n.(不可数) 家具 a(n) piece / set / article of furniture

56. future n./ adj. 未来 in future 从今以后 in the future 将来


1. gain v. / n. Pain past is pleasure. 苦尽甘来 No pains, no gains. / No pains without gains. 不劳无获

2. garage n. 车库

3. gather v. (反:scatter ) gather oneself 振作起来

4. gay adj./ n. 快乐的;男同性恋

5. general adj. / n. 大体的,一般的 generally adv. in general 就一般而言 as a general rule 一般而言;通常

generally (speaking) 一般说来

6. generation n 代 generation gap 代沟 pass down from generation to generation 代代相传

7. gentle adj. 温柔的,亲切的 gently adv. gentleman (pl. gentlemen ) 绅士

8. geography n. 地理

9. get v. get along (on) with 进展,相处 get away 逃脱,离开

get back 回来,恢复,取回 get down 下来;记下;使情绪低落

get in 进来;收(庄稼) (get down to doing sth 开始认真干某事)

get off 从火车、汽车、船、飞机、马上下来(从出租车或小车下来用get out of);脱下 get it 明白

get on 登上车、船、飞机等; 进展 get over 越过,克服

get rid of 处理,去掉 get through 穿过,完成,拨通

get together 聚集 get up 起床, 站起来,化装

10. gift n 礼物,天赋,轻而易举之事 have a gift for 有…的天赋

11. give v. give back 归还,回来(=return) give away 赠送,泄露,出卖

give in 投降,屈服 give up 放弃 give off 发出(蒸汽,光等)

give over 沉湎于(give oneself over);交出,让给give out 分发;分配;发表;用完;筋疲力尽;发出,放出

give way to 让位于…;让步于… give birth to 生

12. glad adj. 高兴的 be glad at/ about sth be glad of sth / to do sth / that… 

13. glance n. / v. 瞥见 at a galane 一眼,乍见之下 take a glance at 看…一眼

14. glass n. 玻璃(不可数);玻璃杯(可数);眼镜(可数)

15. globe n.地球,地球仪 global adj. 地球的;全球的

16. glove n. 手套

17. go n ./ v. on the go 忙碌 have a go/ try试一下 go about sth / doing sth 开始… go after 追求

go against 违背,对... 不利 go all out to do sth 全力… go away 离开 go back 回去

go by 过去,逝去 go for 出去(散步等);设法得到);喜欢

go on 继续;举行; 进展 go on (well ) with sb 与某人相处(好)

go out 出去,熄灭,落伍 go over 复习,仔细查看 go through 通过,经历,仔细看 go with … 与… 配

18. goal n. 目标

19. goat n. 山羊 

20. god n. 神,上帝(God) goddess 女神 pray to God 向上帝祈祷 believe in God 信上帝

God bless you! 上帝保佑你! My God! 天哪! God knows that… 天知道…

21. gold n. / adj. 金子;金的, 金制的 golden adj. 金黄色的

22. good adj. / n. goodness n. 良好,长处 be good at 擅长 be good for 对…有好处 as good as 几乎

a good deal of 很多(修饰不可数) a good many 很多(修饰可数)

do good / harm to sb对…有好处/ 坏处 (=do sb good / harm)good and +adj. = nice and + adj. / adv. 非常

It’s no good / no use doing sth 做…没好处/ 做…没用

23. goods n. 货品(无单数形式,做主语配用复数谓语动词)

24. goose (pl. geese) 鹅

25. government n 政府 govern n. 统治,管理 governor n. 洲长,总督

26. gradually adv. 慢慢地 gradual adj. 慢慢的

27. graduate v./ n 毕业;毕业生 graduation n. 毕业 graduate from 从… 毕业

28. grain n 谷物(不可数)

29. grammar n. 语法


1. great adj. greatly adv.

2. Greek n. 希腊 adj.希腊的,希腊人的

3. green green—eyed adj. 嫉妒的 greenbelt be green at one’s job 无经验的

4. greet vt. greet the New Year n..『c』greeting a New Year ~

5. grey/gray adj. 灰色的,灰白色

6. ground ground floor(英)底楼 down to the ~ 彻底的

7. group 

8. grow ( grew,grown ) vi.生长,发育 link v.渐渐变成 ~ old /dark ~ up 长大 ~ out of 源自于…

9.guard n.士兵 v.保卫,守卫 n.. guarder 守卫者,看守员

11. guest n.

12. guide n.导游,指南,入门 a traveler’s ~ a ~ to Italy

v.引导,指导,领导 ~ sb to a place ~ sb in /out/up guided missile 导弹



1. habit n. be in the/a ~ of doing sth. have the/a ~ of doing sth. 有…… 的习惯

form/fall into /get into the /a ~ of 养成…… 的习惯

get sb into the ~ of 让某人养成……的习惯 get out of a ~ 戒除 ★ Habit is second nature 习惯成自然 n. make one’s hair stand on end 令人毛骨悚然 haircut n. 理发

3.half n. half an hour = a half hour one and a half hours = one hour and a half

Cut it in half 对半分 half –hearted adj.半心半意的

4.hall the Great hall of the People 人民大会堂

5.ham n.火腿 a ham 一只火腿 a slice of ham 一片火腿

6.hammer n.锤 a hammer and sickle 锤子和镰刀

7.hand n.& v. n. hand in hand a green hand 生手 the hour hand 时针

at first hand / at second hand 直接 / 间接 at hand 即将到来,就在手边 The examinations are at hand.

by hand 用手工 on (the) one hand… on the other 一方面,另一方面 shake hands with sb. = shake sb. by the hand

n.handshake 握手 Hands off 不许摸,不许干涉 hands up 举起手来

v.hand in 上交 hand out 分发 hand / pass down /on 传下去

8. handkerchief pl.handkerchiefs or handkerchieves hand + kerchief(方头巾) = handkerchief 手帕 

9. handsome adj. a handsome man 

10. hang v. hang -- hung -- hung 悬挂 hang one’s head in shame 含羞低头

pictures hanging on the wall 挂在墙上的画 不可用 hung 

hang--- hanged—hanged 绞死 He was hanged for murder.

11. happen vi. 偶然发生 sth. happen to sb. Sb. happen to do sth./ to be doing sth. /to have done sth.

It happens that… 恰巧,碰巧

12.(un)happy adj. (un)happily adv. (un)happiness n. live / lead a happy life 

13.hard adj.& adv. work hard adv. a hard student adj.

hard—working adj. 努力工作的 * hardly adv. 几乎不 hardship n.苦难 go through hardship

14.hardly hardly / scarcely …… when…… no sooner…… than …… 

15.harvest 收获 n. a good / bad harvest v. harvest / get in crops 

16.hat put on / take off one’s hat

17.hate hate / like to do sth. hate / like doing sth.

18.have (had, had) I have got a cough . = have cf have to & must

have on 1)(无进行时态,表状态)穿着,戴着 e.g He had nothing on except a hat.

2)有事在手头 I don’t have anything on tonight.

19.head use one’s head head teacher 班主任 headmaster 校长

★ Two heads are better than one .两人智慧胜一人

20.headache have got a headache /toothache /backache n. healthy adj. unhealthy 指人(不)健康的 He is healthy.

healthful adj.有益于健康的食物 a healthful food be in good /bad /poor health

22.hear (heard, heard) 听见 强调结果 listen to 强调过程

hear sb. do sth. hear sb. doing sth. hear from sb.收到…来信 hear of 听说

23.heart n. heart and soul 全心全意的 break one’s heart 心碎

learn /get /know sth. by heart 熟记,背出 put one’s heart into sth.全神贯注做sth = be absorbed in doing sth. 

lose one’s heart to sb.爱上 … lose heart 灰心,气馁 with all one’s heart / with one’s heart and soul全心全意的

adj. hearted cold/warm –hearted 冷酷的/热心的

heart disease 心脏病heart failure 心脏衰竭 heart transplant 心脏移植

24.heat n./v.热 adj. heated 加热的,热烈的,激烈的 a heated discussion

25.heaven n.天堂,天国 go to heaven 死去

26.heavy adj. 重的;大量的 n.heaviness adv. heavily a heavy rain 大雨

27.height n. / hait/ v. heithten 增高 adj. high high jump 跳高 

adv.highly think /speak highly of highly skilled 高度熟练的28.hello say hello to sb. n.& v. cannot help but do sth.不得不 e.g Icannot help but admire his courage.

help oneself to sth.随便吃 help sb. out help sb with sth

help sb. (to )do sth. help (to) do sth. with the help of

cf assist assist sb. with sth. assist sb. to do sth. assist sb. in doing sth. here and there 

31.hero (heroes) heroine (女英雄) heroic adj.

32.hide (hid,hid/hidden) hide sth.from sb. sth.瞒着sb. 捉迷藏 hide and seek hiding—place 藏身之处

33.hill 小山 adj. hilly mountain 大山 hillside 山坡,山腰 hill billy (俚语) / yokel 乡下人

34.he-- him --his --himself she --her --her--herself by oneself 独立的

35.hire雇佣 fire 开除

36.history n. with a history of adj. historic 有历史意义的 a congress of historic significance

historical adj.历史的,历史上的 historical events

37.hit(hit,hit)v./n. 击中 hit sb. on the head 偶然碰到,找到 hit on/upon a good idea

n. 轰动一时的人或物 make a hit

38.hold (held, held) hold on (to) 抓着不放,坚持;不挂电话 hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸

hold one’s head high hold up the traffic 延误交通 hold the view that… 持有…的观点

hold back one’s tears = keep back one’s tears 阻止,抑制 hold sb. from doing sth.阻止;隐瞒

e.g You are holding it back from me .你在瞒着我

39.hole n.洞 be in a hole 处于困难,为难 ( 英) vacation (美) be on holiday /vacation make holiday /vacation take a holiday / vacation

41.home adj. home life 家庭生活 home and foreign affairs 内政外交

adv. go home on one’s way home see sb. home 送回家

n. at home make oneself at home 别拘束 one’s last /long home 坟墓

adj. homeless无家可归的 homelike 像家的 home born 土生土长的 homesick 想家的

n. hometown 家乡 homeland 祖国 homework do one’s homework

42.honest adj.(dishonest) 正直的,诚实的 adv. honestly /dishonestly n. honesty /dishonesty

honest wool真羊毛 to be honest 坦白说

43.hono(u)r n.荣誉,尊敬 adj. honourable adv. dishonourable 

do honour to 对…表示敬意,带来荣誉 in honour of 表示敬意,为了纪念

I have the honour to inform you that… an honoured guest 贵宾

44. hope n./ v. There is not much hope that…

hope (to) do sth. hope for hope that…

wish sb. sth. wish sb. to do sth. wish for wish that…

in (the) hope of

adj. hopeful be /feel hopeful about the future adv.hopefully 

hopeless a hopeless case 绝症 adv. hopelessly talk horse 说大话,吹牛 horse sense 起码常识 be on one’s high horse = hold one’s head high

a horse of another color 风牛马不相及的人 

eat like a horse 很能吃 ride /mount the high horse 趾高气昂 Put the cart before the horse .本末倒置 be in hospital 住院 a hot temper 急躁的脾气 hot dog blow hot and cold 摇摆不定 hot spring 温泉

48.hotel motel = motor + hotel 汽车旅馆

49.hour by the hour 按终点 the rush hours 拥挤时间 adj./adv. hourly 每小时的

50. house housewife housework<u.> housekeeper

the House of Commons 英国下议院 the House of lords 上院

n.<u.> housing 住房供给 bad housing far 多远 how long how many /much how old how often how/what about doing… 

52.however adv. 无论如何 However cold it is, she always goes swimming.

但是 I’d like to go with you, however, my hands are full. 

53.huge adj. hugely adv. n. hugeness

54.human a human being 

55.hundred three hundred hundreds of

56.hunger n. 饥饿 die of hunger hunger strike 绝食

adj. hungry go hungry be hungry for news渴望的 adv. hungrily

57.hurry in a hurry 匆忙 Hurry up, or we’ll be late. 快点

58.hurt (hurt,hurt) adj. hurtful adv. hurtfully n. hurtfulness 

vt.伤害He hurt his leg when he fell. vi.疼痛 My leg hurt.

59.husband hook a husband 钓一个金龟婿 wife

I ice cream ice water water ice冰棍 ,刨冰 break the ice 打破僵局 adj.icy 冰冷的,冰似的

2.idea have a good idea 有了好主意 have no idea 不知道 ideal adj. 理想的,完美的

3.ill adj.生病的 (常作表语) fall ill/sick (定语) 不好的,不祥的 ill luck 坏运气,厄运 

a sick man病人 an ill man 坏人 speak / think ill of sb. be ill off = be badly off 贫穷 

n. illness / sickness疾病

4.imagine (sb./sb.’s) doing sth.

5.immediate adj. 立即的 an immediate reply 直接的 the immediate cause 直接原因

adv.immediately 马上 conj. 一…就… I came immediately I heard the news.

6.importance n. adj. important be of great / no importance = be very /not important

be of great value = be very valuable

7.impossible adj. adv. impossibly n.impossibility It is impossible for sb. to do sth.(不用人作主语)

8.improve v. 改善 n. improvement vt. He has improved his health. vi. He has improved a lot. 

10.inch 英寸 by inches 差点儿 foot 英尺

11.include 包括,包含 There are ten people ,including me/ me included.

12.income n.收入 a small income

13.increase v. n.增加 vi.increase by 增加了 increase to 增加到 vt. increase one’s knowledge

14.indeed adv. 真正的,当然 A friend in need is a friend indeed.

15.India n.印度 Indian adj. 印度的 ;印度人,印度语

16.industry 工业 adj. industrial agriculture 农业 adj. agricultural

17.infer 推断,推论 n. inference make/ draw an inference 做出推论

18.information n. 不可数 a piece of information information desk 服务台 墨水

20.inside / outside

21.insist doing sth. sb. insist(s) that (陈述语气(坚持认为)) should + v. (坚持要求)

22.instead 代替 adv. She never studies. Instead, she plays tennis all day. 

instead of 介短 He will go to Italy instead of France. n. 学院,学会

24.instruction n.命令(复) carry out the instructions 说明书 The instructions/directions are on the bottle.

v. instruct instruct sb. to do sth. adj. instructive 有教育意义的

25.interest a place of interest 名胜 have /show (no) interest in sth. be interested in sth.

adj. interesting 有趣的 interested 感到有趣的 adj.国际的 international law 国际法 the international date line 国际日期变更线

27.interrupt vt.打扰,打断 n. interruption interrupt a conversion 打断谈话

28.into look into 调查 run into 偶遇;撞车

29.introduce 介绍,引进 introduce sb. to sb. n. introduction An introduction to English Grammar 英语语法入门

30.invent 发明 discover 发现 n. invention

31.invite v. invite sb. to do sth. invitation n.邀请

32. iron n. 铁 Strike while the iron is hot . 趁热打铁

33.island 岛 its itself 


1. jacket n.上衣,夹克衫

2. jam 果酱;交通阻塞,困境 strawberry jam 草莓酱 traffic jam 交通阻塞 get into a jam 陷入困境 

3.January 一月

4.Japan n. Japanese n.日本,日语 adj. 日本的,日本人的,日语的

5.jar 罐子

6.job (可数) out of a job 失业 = out of work

7.join 参加组织成为一员 join the Party 参加 join (sb.) in sth. /doing sth. ; join up 参与,入伍

take part in; participate in

8.joke play a joke on sb. 取笑 make a joke 讲笑话

9.journey n. to one’s joy / to the joy of 使人高兴的是 adj.joyful

11.judge judge by 根据… 判断 n.judgement Don’t judge a man by his looks. 不要以貌取人

12. juice 果汁 a glass of orange juice

13. July 七月 

14. jump jump over the fence跳过篱笆 jump across the river跳过河 

15. June 六月

16. just adj. 公正的,公平的 fight for a just caus为正义事业而战

adv.正好,恰好 That’s just what I want. 刚刚,The bell has just rung .常用完成时态

The bell rang just now 常用于过去时 just then 就在那时


1. keep (kept, kept) keep on doing sth. 继续做… Prices kept on increasing.

keep doing sth. 一直做… keep an eye on 留神,当心

keep away from 远离 keep up a good state of mind保持好状态

keep sb. from doing 阻止 keep up with 跟上,不落后

2.key the key to the door the key to the answer

3. kick 踢 kick back 踢回 ,回报

4.kill kill one’s time 消磨时间 kill off 消灭,杀光 ★ Kill two birds with one stone. 一箭双雕 

5.kilo (缩) kilogram 千克 kilometer公里

6.kind all kinds of 各种各样的 a kind of 某种,几分,稍稍 

I had a kind of suspicion that he was cheating. 

of a kind 同一类 ★ Things of a kind come together.物以类聚

adj. 善良的 it’s kind of / for sb. to do sth.

7.kindergarter 幼儿园 

8.king 国王

9.kiss kiss…goodbye 吻别 厨房 

11.kite 风筝

12.knee 膝盖 bent the knee 屈膝 

13.knife pl.knifves

14.knock at/on the door 敲门 knock down 撞到 knock into 撞,偶遇 knock off撞到 knock out of 敲出

15.know (knew, known) be known to /for /as

16.knowledge (不可数) 但 a knowledge of English 


1. lab 实验室

2. labour the labour market 劳动市场 labour at 从事

3. lack vt. lack the courage vi. lack in experience be lacking in sth. He is lacking in courage.

n.(不可数) The plants died for lack of water.

4.ladder 楼梯 5.lady 6.lake 7.lamp 9.language the English language

10.large 11.last at last最后,终于 to the last 直到最后

breathe one’s last 死掉 the last but one 倒数第二

12.late adj. be late for adv. get up late stay up late

adj.靠后一些的,晚点的 in one’s late fifties in late spring

13.lately adv. 最近的(同recently)

14.later (late 的比较极) later on 在过些时候;后来 see you later sooner or later

* latest (late 的最高级)adv. come the earliest and leave thelatest adj.最近的,最新的 the latest fashion /news

15.laugh v. laugh at 嘲笑 n. laughter (不可数) burst into laughter ★ He laughs best ,who laughs last. lawyer

17. lay -- laid --laid --laying 放置 ,下蛋 lay the table lay eggs

lie --lay —lain --lying 平躺,位于 

lie -- lied--lied--lying 撒谎 lie to sb. 

lay aside 积蓄 lay down one’s arms 放下武器 lay out 布置

18.lazy adj. adv. lazily

19.lead (led, led) lead/live a happy life lead to prep.导致 lead sb. to do sth. 导致,造成

e.g What led you to change your idea?

1.leaf c.n.叶子(leaves复数) turn over a new ~改过自新

2.league n. 同盟,联盟; 社团 a ~ member团员 the UK L~英超联赛

3.least adj./adv./pron.最少 at ~至少 the ~ 一点也不;根本不

4.learn v.学习(learned/learned; learnt/learnt) ~ (how) to do sth.

learner n. beginner初学者 a ~ed(有学识的) man A little learning is a dangerous thing.一知半解是危险的。

5.leave v.(left/left)离开;留下;使处在......状态 He left Ningbo for Beijing. He left his wallet at home.

He often left us thinking deeply about our future. He often left his homework unfinished.

She left me unhappy. The naughty boy sometimes left his father in trouble.

Don’t leave the lights on when you go out of the room.

~...about乱放 ~ sb. alone听任;不干涉 ~ sth. behind拉下;忘记携带

ask for ~请假 ~...off停止 ~...out省去;遗漏

~...over留下;剩下 ~ room for为留下余地 ~ word留下口信 take French ~不辞而别

6.lecture c.n. 讲座 give a ~做讲座 have/take a ~听讲座

7.left n./adj.左边(的);剩下的 on the ~(静态)在左边 to the ~(动态)向左边

the ~= the rest= the remaining(可数和不可数名词都可以修饰)所有其余的

8.lend vt.(lent/lent)借给 ~ sb. sth.= ~ sth. to sb. ~ sb. a hand

9.length n.长度 at ~ = in detail详细地

10.lesson c.n. 课;教训 do one’s ~s学习 draw a ~ from吸取教训 give sb. a ~给上课 teach sb. a ~教训

11.let vt.(let/let) 让 ~ sb. do sth. ~...in放进 ~...out放出去;泄漏 ~ alone不干涉;更不必说

~ sb. down使失望 ~ go放开;松手 ~...off放掉(气等)

12.letter c.n. 信;字母 a red-~ day节日 in capital ~s用大写字母写

13.level n.水平;杠杆 adj.水平的 on a ~ with sb.和同一水平 on the ~公平地;老实说

14.liberate vt.解放 liberation n. the PLA(the People’s Liberation Army)解放军

15.librarian n.图书管理员 library n.图书馆


lie vi. 撒谎 n.谎话 lied lied lying

lie vi. 位于;躺 lay lain lying

lay vt. 放;产(卵) laid laid laying

South of Zhejiang Province lies Fujian. He laid the eggs on the desk one by one.

He has never lied to anyone ever before.

~ in在于 His success lay in his diligence and wisdom. c.n.生命 lose one’s ~ for为献出生命 a matter of ~ and death生死攸关的事情

all one’s ~= through one’s ~=throughout one’s ~毕生;终生=for ~

bring sb. to ~使苏醒;使复活 come to ~苏醒;复活 

u.n.生活 live/lead a dog’s ~过着牛马不如的生活

18.lift vt.举起 vi.(云)散去 n.举起;搭便车 give sb.a ~让某人搭便车 ask sb. for a ~向某人请求搭便车

19.light vt.点燃 (lighted/lighted; lit/lit) a lighted cigar The lamp was lit at once. ~ up点着;照亮;变快活

n.光 bring sth. to ~使真相大白;暴露;公开 come to ~出现;显露

20.lightning c.n.闪电 thunder and ~ at ~ speed风驰电掣地 vt.喜欢I like you as mice do rice. would/should ~/love to do sth. 想要;欲

prep.像 I’ll talk to you ~ your father. cf. I”ll talk to you as your father.(作为)

and such like等等 feel ~ doing sth.想要;欲 look ~看起来像

It’s ~ Tom to say such things about a lawyer.(...使某人的本性)

22.limit c.n.极限 Life is limited, but there is no ~ to serving the people. set a ~ to sth.限制 without ~ 无限地

vt.限定 The composition is limited to 80 to 120 words.

23.line c.n.线;线段;行 draw a ~ between划定界限;区分 drop sb. a ~写一封短信 stand in (a) ~站成一排

v.i. 站成一排 ~ up排队

24.lion n.雄狮 lioness 雌狮 take the ~’s share拿大份

25.list c.n./vt.列出名单 be on the top ~= head/lead the ~名列榜首

26.listen vi.听




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