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中西文化 - 差异
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Having explored some of the main concepts in Chinese thinking the table below summarises the key differences between eastern and western cultural values:经探讨了在中国思想表概述东部和西部之间的文化价值观念的主要区别的主要概念有:

Cultural Values 文化价值观 West (US / Europe) 西(美国/欧洲) East (China / East Asia) 东(中国/东亚)
Logic逻辑 Linear (direct associations)线性(直接协会) Spiral (roundabout and subtle)螺旋(回旋和微妙)
Communication通信 Explicit or direct, verbal, likely to “speak their mind”明确或直接,口头,可能“讲自己的心” Implied or inferred, non-verbal, subtle暗示或推断,非语言,微妙
Identity身份 Individualistic, independent, values freedom个人主义,独立,自由的价值观 Group orientated, values harmony and stability集团为本,和谐与稳定的价值观
Agreement / Disagreement协议/分歧 Argumentative, verbal议论,言语 Difficult to say no, non-verbal很难说不会,非言语
Thinking思考 Rule or law orientated, detailed, analytical, logical规则或法律至上,详细,分析,逻辑 Context or situation specific, holistic, intuitive, big picture上下文或具体情况,全面,直观,大图
Punctuality正点 Start and end on time开始和结束时间 Appointment times flexible约会时间灵活
Respect尊重 Success, achievement, wealth成功,成就,财富 Seniority, wisdom, ability资历,智慧,能力
Business Relationships业务关系 Superficial, contractual, economics come first肤浅,合同,经济先行 Personal, long lasting, relationship comes first个人,持久,关系至上
Decision Making决策 Distributed authority, fast, proactive, planned分布式的权威,快速,主动,有计划 Manager has final say, slow, considered, impulsive经理有最终的发言权,缓慢,认为,冲动
Openness开放性 Open to alternate ideas思想开放的替代 Receptive but superficial表面接受,但
Conflict Resolution解决冲突 Legalistic, confrontational墨守法规,对抗性 Mediation through 3rd parties通过第三方调解
Time Horizon时间跨度 Short term (think per quarter)短期内(认为每季度) Long term (think years ahead)长期(认为未来数年)
Risk / Spending风险/支出 Risk-takers, spend for today冒险者,今天花 Risk-avoiders, save for future风险avoiders,保存以供将来
Dining餐饮 Knives & forks刀与叉 Chopsticks!筷子!

Remember that the above are general impressions to keep in mind but there will always be exceptions to the rule.请记住,以上是一般印象记住,但是,总有对规则的例外。 Younger Chinese will often be more open and flexible than older Chinese who may be stuck in their ways – a different approach will be needed for both, with more attention required for the latter.年轻的中国将更加开放往往比老中谁可能在其灵活的方式坚持 - 不同的方式将是有必要的,与后者需要更多的关注。


Meetings are on the whole fairly similar to what you would expect in the west but remember that Chinese rarely get straight to the point and they will often speak formally or indirectly.会议总体上是相当类似于你期望在西方但请记住,中国很少得到开门见山,他们通常会正式发言或间接地。 It is only when you have gained their trust (through guanxi) that they will use more informal language and reveal their true intentions.只有当你已获得他们的信任,他们将使用更多的非正式语言和揭露他们的真正意图。 Often only the most senior attendees will talk and all questions should be directed to those people.通常只有最高级与会者将讨论所有问题应直接向这些人。

Do not be afraid to ask someone to clarify or repeat themselves and that silence is not a sign of weakness in China.不要害怕要求别人澄清或重复自己,沉默是不是在中国示弱。 Suppress the urge to interpret things at face value as often the unsaid message is more important than what is being said verbally.禁止解释的欲望按面值为经常说出口的信息是最重要的事情究竟是口头说。

Turning Differences into Success变为成功的差异

Whilst differences can sometimes create uncomfortable situations for those not used to them they can also be used to the advantage of both sides.虽然差别有时能够创造不被用于他们,他们也可以用于双方优势的不舒服的情况。

The Chinese are more often than not friendly towards foreigners and frequently go out of their way to try and be helpful (sometimes even when you don't need it!).中华民族是往往是对外国人友好经常出去他们的方式,尝试是有益的(有时甚至当你并不需要它!)了。 Those who have worked in China before generally find the Chinese to be hard working and eager to learn from the experience of others.那些谁在中国工作过的普遍认为是在中国辛勤工作,并愿意学习和借鉴别人的经验。 For young people, having completed their education at great expense to their family, there is often a lot riding on their shoulders and the drive to succeed is high.对青年人来说,已完成了伟大的教育费用对家庭,经常有很多骑着自己的肩膀和取得成功的欲望高。

When beginning any sort of business in China, it's often wise to partner with a company which already has a presence there.当所有的企业开始在中国排序,它通常明智的伙伴与公司已有的存在。 While government departments and state owned enterprises are often stuck under mountains of bureaucracy, private companies are able to take far more agile approaches to meet your needs.虽然政府部门和国有企业往往在山区陷入官僚主义,私人公司能够采取更为灵活的办法,以满足您的需求。 Foreign or jointly owned enterprises will have a wealth of knowledge and experience which will give you a head start.外国或共同拥有的企业会得到的知识和经验,这将给你一个良好的开端财富。 Partnering with them will also open doors to arranged introductions to other qualified parties, while shielding you from unscrupulous ones who might try to take advantage of your relative naivety.与他们合作也将打开大门,安排介绍给其他合格当事方,而免受无良的你谁可能会设法利用你的天真的相对优势。 You will also find that larger companies have established training programs designed to familiarize their own employees with western business practices and culture.你也会发现,大公司建立了设计,熟悉西方商业惯例和文化的自己的员工培训计划。


The key to success in China is building relationships.对在中国取得成功的关键是建立关系。 This fundamental element of Chinese culture helps build companies for long-term success rather than short-term gain.这是中华文化的基本要素有助于建立长期而不是短期收益长期成功的公司。 While decision making can be slow compared to the west, it is thoughtful and considered.虽然决策过程可能是缓慢相比,西部,这是深思熟虑和考虑。 Because so much of an individual's success is intertwined with the success of their personal network, they will risk less for individual gain and focus more on making the right decision for the company.因为这样的一个人的成功在很大程度上是与他们的个人网络的成功联系在一起,他们将风险,个人才能获得越来越集中于使该公司更正确的决定。 It is the relationship that they will protect.这是关系,他们会保护。 In this respect it's particularly important not to cut corners and to spend time building on them in order to make the most of your investments.在这方面要特别注意不要偷工减料,并为他们花费的时间建设,以使您的投资。




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