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Lijiang Lijiang impression Travels Raiders

2010-04-07  常来看看它
Lijiang impression

back from Lijiang, a friend of Lijiang is about to ask “” Lijiang impression, “you look good? Worthwhile to see?” I said: “The good-looking, definitely worth a visit!” To consider a friend for a long time, or should I say “I like the natural scenery, you will not go!”

In fact, the idea of a friend in to see me ” Lijiang impression that “there are, and a strong influence on me. Later on, probably because of the settlers in Lijiang colleagues repeatedly recommended, and may be mediated Zhang Yimou’s Olympic Games opening ceremony, I was spectacular, can take a look at the “impression of Lijiang” to find the opening ceremony of the elements, so we still had the mentality of uncertainty, The very willing to spend 380 yuan and bought a 2 votes. The earlier we can to find a better place, if not to remind the driver of the car, we will take the most conventional front, but drivers in our approach to be reminded again and again before sitting on the middle, even the most VIP’s in your face are in the final.

get to see when the stone is yellow, and the background of the cold heart of the half, then the ugly stage, what will things look good ah. But with the arrival of the countdown, the screen appeared a beautiful image of Lijiang, followed by a variety of ethnic minorities out of Monty, the full platform of the station, which is only found in the plane looked yellow background, it is three-dimensional tea Horse Road, every layer of all of a small winding road, a small inconspicuous hole, the actor who inadvertently from a hole in one to emerge from the first stage of a few people, all of a sudden change Into dozens, hundreds, mighty, there are people who, after riding the bypass, coupled with a very beautiful, soft music, is simply too beautiful.

some Xunqing at the foot of the snow-capped mountains, about the Naxi girl is a result of the feudal ethics, was forced to leave their love, married different places, the girls do not want to choose a foot of snow-capped mountains in the Xunqing. The story of this match with some sad and dreary music, beautiful, nice and ease, all of a sudden the audience will be attracted to these circumstances deeply moved to tears. At the moment, LG and I are firmly holding the other hand, I feel very happy because I can and I love people who spend a lifetime, come back for more than a decade, our love, or a combination of very refined The simple, no money and the status of the temptation to just some deep, to give up the feelings, as well as the other party and would like to share the life-impulse. While so many years also had a rough thing, Chao Guo, Naoguo, but in that moment, we are still close to each other, living a happy life, is sufficient! And because of this, so even want to leave all this and more going to cherish this hard-won happiness. In that situation that the King of infection, all eyes and everything around me moved, I reverie, let me aftertaste … …

performance in the final, a Naxi Monty shouted “No matter Snow, or fine, regardless of wind or rain, we are here waiting for you, you come back… “To be honest, in the snow-capped mountains on the way to go, and I also discussed this LG is also worthwhile to place the first Second, we have some hesitation, but in that moment, we are firm and answer the same sense of “We will come back” after a few days of good weather, in particular, the special days of blue, white clouds in particular, let me on the Lijiang Sentimentally attached to the increasingly deep, is now wondering what I could go first time in Lijiang, and then on a snow-capped mountains. . . . . .

Finally, the warriors who under the guidance of our wish to write their wishes on paper, when I can not tell with, the Dow moved and excited about the unknown, wrote, “Long is willing to women: Lives happily ever after; Ling is willing to work with: spend a lifetime, Bulibuqi; parents she would like to have: good health “, and then holding the hand-ling step by step to make a wish incense and make a wish to go in the paper for that moment, I would very much hope that this Cijing eternal love can be, the desire to achieve. Because all of the well-being is not easy to do!

I would like to “impression of Lijiang,” The reason why so many viewers can shock, in addition to the visual and auditory experience, but also stirred up some of your sympathy, some of it moved. . . . . .



从丽江,丽江的朋友是要问“ , ”丽江印象, “你看看好吗?值得吗? ”我说: “好前瞻性,绝对值得一游! ”考虑朋友很长一段时间,或者我应该说“我喜欢自然风光,您将不会走! ”

事实上,想法的朋友看到我在“丽江印象, ”有,和强大的对我的影响。后来,可能是因为定居者在丽江的同事一再建议,并可能导张艺谋的奥运会开幕式上,我是壮观的,可以看看“印象丽江”找到了开幕式的内容,因此,我们仍然有心态的不确定性,非常愿意花三百八十元买了2票。早先我们可以找到一个更好的地方,如果不提醒司机,我们将采取最传统的前端,但司机在我们的办法是提醒前一次又一次地坐在中间,即使是最显要的中你的脸是在最后。


一些Xunqing在脚下的雪山,对纳西族女孩是由于封建伦理道德,是被迫离开自己的爱情,婚姻不同的地方,女孩不想选择费城的机场覆盖的山峦在Xunqing 。的故事,这场比赛有些悲凉的音乐,美丽,漂亮和易用性,突然观众将被吸引到这些情况下,深受感动落泪。目前, LG和我都坚定地持有另一方面,我感到非常高兴,因为我能和我爱的人谁度过一生,回来超过十年,我们的爱情,或结合非常完善了简单,没有金钱和地位的诱惑,只是一些深层次的,放弃的感情,以及其他党和想与大家分享的生命冲动。虽然这么多年也有粗糙的事情,晁锅, Naoguo ,但在那一刻,我们仍然彼此接近,过着幸福的生活,已经足够!而且因为这一点,因此,即使要离开这一切,更会珍惜这来之不易的幸福。在这种情况下,国王的感染,所有的目光和周围的一切我感动,我遐想,让我回味… …

表现在最后一个纳西族蒙蒂高喊“无论雪,或罚款,不管风或雨,我们在这里等着你,你回来… ”老实说,在雪山山区的道路要走,我也讨论了这个LG电子还值得把第一第二,我们有些犹豫,但在这种时刻,我们是坚定和回答同样的感觉: “我们会回来”后,几个天的好天气,特别是,特别天蓝色,白色的云彩特别,让我对丽江感情上的日益重视深,现在是想知道我可以第一次在丽江,然后在雪山山区。 。 。 。 。 。

最后,勇士谁的指导下,我们希望他们的愿望写在纸上,当我不能告诉的,道琼斯指数感动和兴奋的未知,写道, “龙愿意妇女:生活幸福快乐之后;玲愿与:花了一生, Bulibuqi ;父母,她想:良好的健康“ ,然后举行的手玲逐步许愿香,并作出想去的文件的那一刻,我非常希望这Cijing永恒的爱可的愿望实现。因为所有的幸福是不容易的事情!

我想“印象丽江” ,为什么这么多的观众可以休克,除了视觉和听觉的经验,但也引起了一些您的同情,有些感动。 。 。 。 。 。

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