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八年级英语上Unit 6 知识点总结

2010-07-25  gaodonmei

unit 6  I’m more outgoing than my sister.



● 谈论个性特征

● 学会使用形容词的比较级比较人的个性特征

● 学会比较身边的事物并选择最佳方案


● Is that Sam?   No, that’s Tom,

He has shorter hair than Sam.   He’s calmer than Sam.


●  比较级-er, -ier, more的使用      ●  both的用法


  more, than,/ more athletic, more popular,/ twin, both, be good at

  taller, shorter, thinner, longer, heavier ,calmer, wilder, quieter, funnier,smarter


1. long hair 长头发  2. How are you? 你身体好吗?3. How old 多大年纪

4. how tall 多高 5. how long ago多久前(的事)6.more outgoing 比较外向

7. want/plan to do sth. 意欲,企图        8. here are photos of me 这是我的照片

9. as you can see 正如你所看到的                  10. in some ways在某些地方

11. we look the same我们看起来一样, They look different他们看起来不同

12. the same to …………是一样的                13. quite the same 完全一样

14. all the same 还是, 同样应……15. look like 看起来像….一样,而look the same看起来很像

16. go to lots of parties经常参加聚会=often go to the party 17. a little taller 高一点                      

18. take sth. from sth. 从某处拿/取出某物 19. put sth. in sth. 将某物放入某物中            

20. make a list of 列出清单 21. has cool clothes 有漂亮的衣服               

22. is popular in school 在学校受欢迎 23. is good at sports 擅长体育                  

24. make me laugh 使我发笑25. that’s not very important for me 那对我来说并不重要

( be important for sb.)

26. put up举起,抬起,挂起,张贴,建造;put on穿上,戴上,上演(戏剧);

put down=write down=copy down 写下来; put out 伸出,扑灭; 

put away 收起来,收好;put off推迟;     

put one’s heart into…全神贯注于……,全身心投入……

27. opposite views 相反的观点              28. a weekendteacher 周末教师

29. Abacus Study Center 珠算研究中心         30. elementary school students 小学生

31. be good with children 善于与孩子相处    32. have good grades 成绩出色

33. enjoy telling jokes 喜欢讲笑话            34. can’t stop talking 不能停止讲话

35. help others 帮助别人,help each other互相帮助36. in one’s free time在业余时间

37. one of +复数名词(代词)……其中之一

38. use sth. to do sth.=do sth.. with sth. 使用

39. be/feel sorry for sb. 为某事感到同情或难受;

be / feel sorry for sth. 因某事感到抱歉或后悔;

be sorry +to see/hear 听到或看到某种情况很不安或难过;say sorry to sb.向某人道歉

40. begin with ……开始             41. next to ……旁边,紧靠……

42. be famous for 而著名,因……而广为人知;  be famous as 作为……而知名

43. all together 总计,总共       44. make sb. do sth. /使某人做某事,

相似的用法有几个感官动词see, let, hear, watch, feel


1What are you doing for vacation? I’m babysitting my sister.假期你要做什么?我要照顾我的妹妹。



2Who are you going with? I’m going with my parents.你要和谁一起去?我要和父母一起去。






3When is he going camping? He is going on the 12th of February, 2005.

4I’m going to Tibet for a week. 我要去西藏一周。




5What are you doing there? I’m going hiking in the mountains. 你在那里要做什么? 我要在山区里远足。

6Show me your photos when we get back to school. 我们返回学校时,你把照片拿给我看。



7Where are you going for vacation? I’m going to Hawaii for vacation. 你要去哪度假?我要去夏威夷度假。


8. I’m going to Hawaii for vacation in December, and I’m staying for three weeks.我要12月去夏威夷度假,在那里呆3个星期。



9What is it like there? 那里什么样子?



10. Can I ask you some questions about your vacation plans?




11. He thought about going to Greece or Spain, but decided on Canada.


翻译: 这次,我想有所改变。                                            

12. He is leaving the first week in June and staying until September. 他将在6月的第一个星期动身,一直呆到9月。


13. Please don’t forget to close the door when you leave.你离开时,请别忘记关门。

14. She couldn’t wait to get home to see he parents.


翻译: 她星期二动身去香港。                                             



 一、how long / how far

 how long多长,用来询问时间, 指时间上的长短。How far多远,用来询问距离,指路上的远近。

1          is it from your home to school?

2          does it take them to clean the classroom?

二、get / arrive / reach

1I often         to school by bike.

2She will         in Beijing in a week.

3They         Shanghai the day before yesterday.

三、have / must

 两者都有必须的意思, 它们的基本区别是:have to 表示客观上的义务;而must则表示主观上的意愿或需要。

1We         eat more vegetables.

2I want to play games, but I          look after my sister.

四、too much / much too

       too much 是用too来修饰much,加深much的程度,意思是太多,作定语时,后接不可数名词。much too是用much来增强too的语气,意思是...”,后面常接形容词。

1The boy is         fat, he eats            food.

2Mother has          housework to do, so she is        busy every day.




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