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真实生活英语之:Cost of Living生活费用

2010-10-27  miss董

Unit 30 Cost of Living
生 活 费 用
Part One: Expressions
1. We need to figure out how much money we’re spending.
2. I think we could be saving more.
3. That means we don’t have any receipts for $225.
4. Where do you think we can save more money?
5. We could eat in more. 
6. That sounds fair.
7. I want to move out.
8. What kind of job did you find?
9. Get a job.
10. If I’m going to live on my own, I have to be independent.

Part Two: Dialogues
1.Costs 花费
A: We need to figure out how much money we’re spending and what we’re spending it on.
B: Why?
A: Well, I think we could be saving more.
B: Really, well, o.k. Get the receipts out.
A: Let’s see. We spent $700 dollars for our home loan payment, $400 on groceries, $75 on utilities, $250 on gasoline, $100 on books, and $300 on entertainment last month.
B: That’s $1825.
A: We put $500 into the savings account, and $750 into our stock account.
B: $3075. Our paychecks our $3300, combined. That means we don’t have any receipts for $225.
A: Right
A: 我们要算算我们花了多少钱而且都花在什么地方了。
B: 为什么?
A: 哦,我想我们该多存一些钱了。
B: 真的,哦,好的。把收据拿出来。
A: 让我看看。上个月有房屋贷款700元,食品杂货400元,家具75元,汽油费250元,书100元和300元的娱乐消费。
B: 总共是1825元。
A: 我们存了500元到储蓄账户。还存了750元到资本账户。
B: 那就是3075元。我们的薪水加起来是3300元,那意味着有一项225元的支出没有收据。
A:  对。

2. Setting a Budget & Financial Plan 建一个预算和财政计划
A: O.K. So, where do you think we can save more money?
B: Well, we could eat in more. That $300 for entertainment is mostly going to restaurants.
A: Yeah, that’s a good idea, and you like to cook. What about the books?
B: No, I need my books.
A: Come on, if we save more money we can retire earlier, and you’ll actually have time to read all those books you buy.
B: Well, what about the $50 you spent on a shirt? You could’ve gotten something for less.
A: O.K. Let’s compromise, if you agree to only spend $75 on books, I’ll agree to only spend $40 for my next shirt.
B: All right. That sounds fair.
A: 好,那么,你觉得我们可以在哪些方面省钱?
B: 哦,我们可以多在家里吃饭。300元娱乐费大都花在餐馆了。
A: 是的,这个主意不错,况且你也喜欢做饭。那么书呢?
B: 那个不行,我得买书。
A: 算了吧,如果我们多存些钱就可以早一点退休,那样你才有时间看完你买的所有书。
B: 那么,你50元买一件衬衣呢?你可以买件更便宜的。
A: 好了,我们妥协吧。如果你同意买书只用75元的话,我同意下一件衬衣只用40元。
B: 好的,这样才公平。

3.Living an Independent Life独立生活
A: Mom, I want to move out.
B: Hey, sounds great to me, kid. What kind of job did you find?
A: Job?
B: Yes, job. If you’re going to live on your own, you have to pay for rent and everything else.
A: I thought I could just get you and Dad to pay for an apartment. I found a cheap one.
B: When you move out, your father and I aren’t paying your rent, young man.  Get a job.
B: You’re right. If I’m going to live on my own, I have to be independent.
A: Well, the newspaper is over there. Look in the want ads, but I don’t know what you’re going to find without a college degree.
A: 妈妈,我想搬出去住。
B: 嘿,听起来到很不错,孩子,你找到了什么工作?
A: 什么工作?
B: 是呀,工作。如果你想一个人住,你必须自己付房租,还有所有的一切。
A: 我想让你和爸爸来付房租,我就找间便宜点的。
B: 你搬走的话,年轻人,你爸爸和我是不会给你付房租的,找一个工作吧。
A: 没错。如果要一个人住的话,我要学会独立。
B: 哦,那边有报纸。看看招聘专栏,但是我不知道没有大学文凭你可以找到什么工作。

Part Three: Substitution Drills
1. A: We need (to figure out/ calculate/ find out) how much money we’re spending.
   B: Why?

2. A: I think we could be (saving more/ spending less/ putting more money away).
  B: All right. Get the receipts.

3. A: That means (we don’t have any/ there aren’t any/ we need) any receipts for $225.
  B: Right.

4. A: (Where do you think we can / How can we / What can we do to) save more money?
  B: We could eat in more.

5. A: We could (eat in more/ go out for dinner less/ stop going out shopping so much). 
  B: That’s a good idea.

6. A: That sounds (fair/ reasonable/ like a good idea).
  B: Great.

7. A: I want to (move out/ get my own place/ find a new place to live).
  B: Sounds great to me.

8. A: What kind of (job/ work/ employment) did you find?
  B: Job?

9. A: Get a job. / Find some work. / Earn your keep.
  B: But I don’t want to.

10. A: If I’m going to live on my own, I have to be independent.
   B: Well, (look in the newspaper/get a job/find some work).

Part Four: Monologue
America seems like a very rich country too much of the world.  In some ways this is true. However, the cost of living in America is very high. Even someone who is very careful with their money will probably end up spending at least $1500 a month just to pay their bills and eat. When you consider the fact that Americans have to save money to buy a house, a car, and pay for their kid’s college education, you realize that it costs a lot to live in America.  Americans still see their country as a land of opportunity, and many believe that if they work hard and make the right decisions, they can end up rich.
对于世界上很多国家来说,美国看似非常富裕。从某些方面来说是这样的。然而,美国的生活消费非常高。即使对于花钱非常谨慎的人来说,每个月可能也要花费近1500元,而这可能就够支付账单以及购买食物。当你考虑到美国人必须为买房、买车,支付小孩的大学教育费用等等这些现实问题的话,你也会意识到美国生活费用之高。 美国人仍然认为在自己的国家机会良多,很多人相信只要努力工作,而且选择正确,他们最终会富起来的。

Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases
--budget  预算;预算费;生活费
--financial plan财务计划
--retire 退休;退役
--saving  储金,存款,储蓄额
--independent 有独立心的;自立的
--degree 学位;学衔
--cost of living生活费用
--compromise 妥协,和解




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