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2010-12-12  rasp
15.news  16. newspaper  17. learn a lot from---  18. Thank you for your hard work. 
         Unit6 Topic1
1. on the second floor      2. next to   3. Why not come upstairs?  4. have a look


5. on the shelf      6. play with the pet dog   7. What’s on your desk?
8. put---away   9. There’s a car in front of the house. 10. in the center of the yard
11.on the left of---   12.next to the bathroom
   Unit6 Topic2
1.What’s your home like?2. a house with two floors 3. in the country 4. a house with furniture
5. under 300¥per month   6.rent a small apartment   7. on the street corner
8. parking lot   9.hear you playing the piano   10. at the end of---
11.a quiet community   12. the restaurant close to my home  13.not far from here  
14.in our area  15. call ---for help   16.My kitchen fan doesn’t work.\There is something wrong with my kitchen fan  17.get someone to check it  18.right now
19.move from the cities to the countryside  20.noisy  21. noise
22. The traffic is heavy.  23. The cost of living is high.  24. a house with a yard
25. There are no houses on the right. 26. I can’t hear you. 27. The line is bad.
                              Unit6 Topic3
4. Go up this street to the end  2.get to\reach\arrive at the bookstore  3.go along the street 4.  turn left   5.go across the bridge\cross the bridge  6. It’s about one hundred meters along 
7. Which is the way to the post office?\How can I get to the post office?\How can I reach the post office?  8. on the corner of  9. across from  10. between---and---
11.walk on  12. You can’t miss it.  13. It’s about 15 kilometers away from here.
14.take Bus No.1    15. change to Bus No.2   16.How far is it from here? 
17. sidewalk   18.public phone   19. traffic lights   20. crosswalk
21.No right turn   22. No parking  23. go straight  24. make roads safe
25. get hurt  26.lose one’s lives  27. obey the traffic rules  28.in most parts of China
29. It’s ---to do ---   30. Don’t fly kites on the street. 31. a ticket for drink-driving
32.Wait for your turn.   33. keep quiet in class  34. be late for---35.go down this street
36. apartment buildings
                             Unit7 Topic1
1. be born       2.in June,1986   3. all the rest    4. nineteen seventy-six


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