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2010-12-12  rasp
5. two thousand and eight  6.What’s the date today?  7. next Wednesday
8. plan to do   9. celebrate     10. have a birthday party for ---  


11.on Apr. 22nd,1996       12. a model plane 
13. What’s the shape of your present?\ What shape is your present? 
14. What is it like? 15. just now 16. a moment ago 17.How long is it?
18. How wide is it?  19. What do we use it for?   20. use it to keep pencils
21.It must be a pencil-box.  22. cook a special dinner 23.buy sth. for sb.\buy sb. sth.
24. light blue    25. That would be a surprise.
26. make a birthday card       27. do some cleaning
                              Unit7 Topic2
1. what else    2. play the guitar   3. perform ballet  4. have a good time 
5. No way!   6. count   7. take ---to---   8.It’s time for outdoor activities. 
9. be good at\do well in    10.at the age of five.  11. She couldn’t see anything any more.
12. Life was very hard for her.  13. with one’s help  14. You are so smart.       
15. Can you dance to disco or perform ballet?
                            Unit7 Topic3
1. recite a poem2. perform some magic tricks 3. It’s your turn. 4. fall down
5. hurt oneself  6. at once  7. This way,please.  8. tell a lie to sb.\lie to sb.  
9. tell the truth   10. The party ends very late.  11. each of us  12. by hand
13. make a silent wish    14. blow the candles out  15. in one breath        
1. What’s the weather like?\How is the weather?  
2. a good season for flying kites   3. a good time to climb hills  
4. make snowmen in winter      5. The ground is all white.    
6. all day   7. take a walk    8. What’s the temperature?   9. go on a trip to Shanghai            
10. go for holidays   11. take an umbrella    12. remember to wear warm clothes
13.shine brightly   14. later on   15. The weather in England is different from that in Australia.
16. come back to life       17.It rains heavily.        18. a harvest season


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