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                                  Unit 1
there will be =there is / are going to be
less:  不可数名词     fewer 可数名词复数
less pollution             fewer  people
argue with  争吵
everything will be free .一切将免费
in the future 将来
      In 用于将来时态
      in 加时间时,只表示将来的时间
I will be here in a minute.一分钟之后我就来
      After  用于过去时态
He came back after 2 days.
7.An astronaut 宇航员
8. fall in love with (fell, fallen) 爱上
9. wear 穿着 a suit \
 put on 穿上 a pair of jeans
he is wearing a suit today.
It is cold outside, please put on a sweater.
10.Be like = look like 看起来像
   What's your sister like?你姐姐怎么样?
   What does your sister look like?你姐姐长什么样子?
11. make/ let sb do sth 让某人做某事
      make sb adj
   It is enough to make her happy.
12. over and over 反复
13. help sb do sth
   Help sb with sth
14. go through   仔细检查  
15.seem 用法
  She seems quite happy today. 今天她似乎很高兴
  It seems that +  句子
  It seems that you are lying.  你似乎在撒谎
  Sb  seems to do sth
  He seems to be thinking about something. 他似乎正在考虑某事
16. fly   v.
   Flight  n.
17. see / watch / hear /find  sb do/ doing sth
   I often see Tom play soccer at school.
   I  saw Tom  watching TV when I went to visit him last night.
18. keep a pet 养宠物
19. come true.实现
20. look smart显得精神/看起来聪明
21. be able to
22. he is 8 years old.
   He is an 8-year-old boy.
Unit 2
talk with /to \和。。。。讲话
talk about谈论
out of style过时
In style时髦的
call sb up 打电话
enough +名词
形容词 + enough
write to sb     wrote 写信
a key to the door 门的钥匙
a ticket to a ball game球赛的门票
the answer to the question问题的答案
improve my English提高英语
ask sb for help 向人 求助
play too loud
buy (bought) sth for sb  买东西 给某人
say sorry to sb
find 找到
find out 经过努力发现,弄清楚
talk about it on the phone
need to do
 人pay (paid )money for sth
 4   个“花费”
人 spend …doing
it takes sb  time  to do sth
物  cost sb  money
either. 也 。用于否定句末
too 也  肯定句末
also 也   be 后,动词前
borrow sth from sb
lend sth to sb
how long can I __keep___(借) the book?
A week.
the same as  和。。。。一样
what is your advice for sb?
invite sb to do  邀请。。。做某事
everyone else   其他人
luck 名词    运气
lucky 形容词   幸运的
luckily副词    幸运地
get on well with   和。。。。相处的好
return sth to sb   归还
have fight with   打架
could you please give me some advice?
not … until   直到。。。。才
I did’t go to bed until I finished my homework last night.
there are lots of things you could do.
as + 形容词、副词+as
complain about    抱怨
all kinds of pets / different kinds of pets
compare ….with   比较
except  除。。。之外
forget to do sth  忘记
leave  left   + 介词    忘记
I left my homework at home last night
1. 过去进行时   be + doing
2.. 下列时间状语出现时,用过去进行时。
   At  7 o’clock last night
   Those days   at this time yesterdat
3.  when, while  区别 见P19语法点
4.In the front of  …..(里面的)前面
5.In front of   ……(外面的)前面
6. 3个到达 Get  to   Reach    Arrive at
   1)   *arrive*是不及物动词,表示“到达、抵达某地(尤指行程的终
点),后常接介词at 或in,一般in接大地方,at接小地方,若是地点副词,
则不需用介词。例如: Do you know what time the plane *arrive* in London?
    2) *reach*是及物动词,直接接宾语,无须介词They reached Beijing on February 17.
heat of / hear about  听说
take off      起飞  脱下
amazing / amazed   惊奇
getting out of the bathroom
cook dinner
an unusual experience  一次不寻常的经历
be kidding   开玩笑
surprising  +物 
surprised  + 人
be scared    害怕
shout at sb    对。。。。大声叫
climb the tree    爬树
what happened to sb?   某人发生什么事情
be in silence     沉默
be silent       沉默
when the bell rang(响),I was cooking
don’t play the CD loud,(响)
all over the world / around the world
unit 4
be mad at   生气
be angry with   生气
get annoyed   生气
work hard     努力工作
hard-working   勤奋的
not ….anyone    不再
have a surprise party  
first of all   首先
an exciting weekend   一个激动的周末
leave a message to sb   留信息给某人
take a message for sb    为某人捎信
be supposed to     被期望
宾语从句中,疑问词 + 主语 + 谓语
I don’t know what his name is .
I am better at English than math.
an end-of-year exam 期末考试
get nervous   紧张
have a hard time with  
take …to   拿去 (从近到远) took
bring ….to  带来(从远到进) brought
copy the homework   抄作业
get over ‘    原谅
open up my eyes   开阔眼界
on Friday night   在周五晚上
last night   昨晚
be in good health   身体健康
be healthy
pass on 
care for  在乎
this semester / term   这学期
disappointed / disappointing  失望的
disappointing news 
I am disappointed
Unit 5
the teacher won’t let you in / out .
remember to do 记得去做某事
be famous for   出名
go to college  上大学
get an education   接受教育
take it away   收走
what will happen if they have a party today.
seem like a dream job  似乎是一个梦想工作
travel around the world
all over the world \
all the time    一直
follow you around ]  四处跟着你
get injured   受伤
be dangerous   危险
be in danger   处于危险中
in fact \  事实上
be against   反对
watch out    当心
help with each other 互相帮助
be late for   迟到
advice  不可数名词
suggestion  可数名词
wait for   等候
feel lonely  感到孤独
walk alone   独自行走
hurry up, or (否则)you will be late
if you don’t hurry up, you will be late.
laugh at sb     嘲笑
study for the test    准备考试
dress himself 
in my free time 
how long + 对 for + 时间 提问
how soon  对 in + 时间  提问
become a professional athlete
unit 6
raise money for charity 为慈善机构筹款
the whole 5 hours ]  整整5小时
half an hour    半小时
2 and a half hours    2个半小时
thanks for doing    感谢做某事
run out of   用光
on my twelfth birthday
by the way
what’s your hobby?
finish doing   完成做某事
organize the a talent show  组织才艺表演
be interested in doing  对。。。感兴趣
the capital of china   中国首都
be surprised at   对。。。。惊讶
more than = over   超过
be far from\  远
the more …. The more
the more I learn Chinese history, the more I enjoy living in china.
enjoy doing  喜欢做某事
miss 想念  错过
send sth to sb   寄东西给某人
in Russian style   具有俄罗斯风格
the Olympic Games  
by the way  顺便
a pair of jeans  一条牛仔裤
the first one to start    第一开始的人
listen 直接跟标点
listen to + 宾语
hear 听见。
Listen, someone is singing. 听,有人在唱歌
Listen to me carefully.    仔细听我讲
Please speak loudly. I can’t hear you .
请大声说, 我听不见你的话
noise  噪音 nosy 吵闹的
stand close to a person  站得离某人很近
talk loudly 大声讲话
be careful   仔细的
listen to me carefully  仔细听我讲
unit 7
turn on / off 开、关
He turned on the light after he went inside.
turn up / down 开大点   关小点
turn down the light. It is too strong (强)for my eyes.
光线调小点, 对我眼睛很刺眼。
move the bike  移动自行车
right away = in a minute   立刻
wear 穿着  put on 穿上  be in 穿着
Tom is wearing a red sweater today.
It is cold today, put on a sweater when you go out.
The girl in red (穿着红色衣服的女孩) is my sister.
would u mind doing sth?   你介意做某事吗
not at all. / certainly not.(当然不) / sorry, I’ll do it right away.
could u please do sth?   请你做,,,,好吗?
Sure./ no problem. / ok
return sth to sb   归还
finish doing   finish the tasks  完成任务
a terrible haircut  可怕的发型
wait in line    排队
follow me around
get mad
go back to that store  返回到商场 
get annoyed   生气
wait for    等候
order the food.  命令 点菜
stand very close to me ]
talk loudly
an English-speaking country  说英语的国家
in public   公众场合
be careful  
care – careful – carefully
help – helpful – helpfully
use – useful – usefully
put out cigarette  灭掉香烟
unit 8
not special enough   不够特别
not creative enough   不够有创意
why don’t u do sth ?  为什么不做某事
why not do sth?
on his twelfth birthday
give  sth to sb  给。。。。某人
make a special meal  做特别的饭菜
easy to take care of   容易照顾
an 8-year-of boy   一个8岁男孩
he is 8 years old
the most unusual pets最不寻常的宠物
luck   lucky  luckily
2 个感叹词
What + 名词 
How + 形容词 、 副词
What a lucky guy!
How lucky the boy is !
How happy I am!
a boy named / called Tom  一个叫汤姆的男孩
too …..to    太。。。不能
enough   to
he is too young to go to school
he is not old enough to go to school.
noise  名词 noisy  形容词
too much = much + 不可数名词
too many = many + 可数名词
much too = too + 形容词 / 副词
leaf – leaves  树叶
rather than  + do   而不是
instead     代替 
improve English in different ways
have fun doing 
hear of  = hear about
take an interest in = be interested in
fall asleep    fell   fallen
win the prize   won   won
different kinds of gifts = all kinds of gifts
4 个花费
人  spend ….. doing /  on
It takes sb time to do sth ]
物 cost  sb   money
人  pay …..for
I spent 10 yuan buying that book.
The book cost me 10 yuan
I paid 10 yuan for the book.
It takes me half an hour to go to school every day.
动词不能做主语 ,必须变成动名词。
Watchig TV too much is bad for eyes .
It is bad to watch tv too much .
32. make progress    made  made
   I made progress by singing English songs
33. feel lonely
Walk alone
make friends with    和。。。交朋友
except    除。。。之外
besides  包括。。。。在内
the whole class went swimming except  Tom.
We all agreed except him.我们都同意, 只有他不同意
We all agreed besides him.我们都同意, 他也同意
unit 9
space museum   太空博物馆
amusement park   娱乐公园
go skating    去滑冰
many other famous cities
one of the most popular students is Helen.
of course 当然
end up   结束
start doing  start to do   开始做某事
travel to another part of China
flight attendant   空姐
the most important requirement 最重要的必要条件
tour guide   导演
such as / for example
think about doing sth   考虑做某事
listening skills    停了技巧
practice your English   练习英语
borrow ….from   从。。。借
lend ……to   借。。。。给别人
keep…+ 一段时间
I borrowed a book from him.
He lent his book to me last night.
How long can I keep the book?  A week.
hand in  hand out
what do you do ?
what is your job ?
what are you ?
put up the poster 张贴海报
I like Chinese tea with nothing in it .
I like Chinese tea without anything in it.
24. black is his favorite color.
   He likes black best.  红茶是我最爱
特殊疑问词+ 动词不定式。 如 when where how what which
后可以跟上动词不定式。形成特殊疑问词 + to do
1). The old lady didn’t know _______ when the house got fire.
   a. how to do           b. how to do it
   c. what to do           d. what to do it
2). There are many kinds of MP5 in that shop. We can’t decide ____.
   a. what to buy          b. to buy what
   c. which to buy         d. to buy which
Unit 10
forget to do sth   忘记做某事
do u think it is going to rain tomorrow ?
I hope so. / I hope not
3.  tell me about yourself
4.  what do u think of the school? 
   How do u like the school?
fly rockets to the moon 
what’s up?  有事情吗?
东西 贵贱。  价格 高低
The pen is expensive / cheap.
The price of the pen is high./ low
stop doing  停止做事情
stop to do  停下来去做另一事情
free  空闲的  免费的
strong 强壮--- weak  虚弱
even   甚至   still   仍然
already  已经  never 从不
at least  至少
neither  2者都不
neither of us don’t like that pen.
Would u like to go shopping or play soccer?
Neither, I want to stay at home to do homework.
15.Don’t worry.  担心 动词
I am worried  担心的。 形容词
16. 分数的表示  分子是基数词, 分母是序数词而且要加复数
2/3    two third    three quarters   3/4
17.China is a country with 5000 years history.
18. in order to   为了
19.Had better (not)do sth   最好做某事
20.As usual
21. because / because of
22. in the past
23. change a lot 改变很多
24..run after  追赶
  1). 有这些词出现的,后面用肯定形式
      Never  few. Almost  little . nothing 
     Tom has never been to china , has he ?
  2). 祈使句 的反义疑问句  多数是用  will you?
     但let’s ……..,  shall we?
      Please come here , will you/
      Don’t smoke here , will you?
      Let’s go shopping , shall we/




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