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来源10 Weirdest Places Of Kiev

This is another Kiev you don’t get used to see, its weird, frightening but still attractive side. Here are 10 most mysterious and dangerous places which any thrill-seeker would like to visit.



1. An abandoned bobsleigh track.


You can find it on the bank of the Dnieper, several kilometers far from the Kiev Hydroelectric Power Station. The track was built in the Soviet time. But very soon it was burnt and never restored again.



Now it’s just a beautiful place on the bank of the Kiev Reservoir and all the metal constructions add even more charm to this place.


2. A burn center in Troeschina.


One of the biggest unfinished buildings in Kiev.


It was supposed to be a great complex of buildings but, as often happens, it wasn’t finished because of the lack of money. Now several buildings serve as storehouses and the whole territory is secured, though one of the buildings is at some distance from the other ones and thus is available for any adventurers. What is also quite curious about this place is that there is a church on the territory which wasn’t finished either.


3. A cemetery of the military hardware.


It’s located on the territory of the Kiev Military Hardware Repair Plant which began its work in the war years. Now it still produces and repairs military hardware and its cemetery is a strategic site secured by armed soldiers with dogs. All the hardware that isn’t in use anymore costs a lot of money but for some reason stands in the open air and gradually becomes rusty.


All these tanks and other military vehicles really impress.


4. A recreation center in Vinogradar


Another unfinished building. Its construction began in 1989 but later was frozen. The building was going to be really beautiful and unusual as some new interesing technics were used here. Now this abandoned place is often visited by local tramps, fat rats, parkour lovers and peaceful photographers. In spite of the awful overall condition and repulsive smell, the building looks quite beautiful.


5. A tunnel under the Dnieper.


On the both banks of the Dnieper one can find these weird constructions – former ultrasecret buildings.


Their building began before World War II but in 1949 was quickly wound up because it had been admitted to be unviable. Nowadays it’s located on the private territory. And this tunnel is going to be used for fish breeding.


6. A cemetery of cranes.


To get to this cemetery isn’t quite easy. One has to walk along the narrow rails on the both sides of which – a quite deep precipice. But it’s really worth it! It’s a very interesting place resembling one of those post-apocalyptic landscapes of “Stalker”, especially in cloudy or foggy weather. The territory is hardly secured and the majestic rusty cranes are really worth to be seen.


7. A wall of the Green Theatre.


This is a place all the Kiev rock climbers are acquainted with, that’s why it’s rather crowded on weekends. The Green Theatre is surrounded by numerous myths and legends. They say this place is cursed and secured by kind of a ghost and everyone who enters the theatre should say hello to it.


8. A fort on Bald Mountain.


Its history started at the beginning of the 19th century when it belonged to Pechorsky Monastery. But in the 60s of the same century these lands were bought by the city government and the fort became a warehouse for some explosives. The residents of Kiev didn’t even know they lived on a “powder keg”. For more than hundred years the fort had been belonging to the military men. Now it’s abandoned.


Some say, executions took place here in former times. And inscriptions on the walls are not just “Olya was here” but maybe the last thing that the executed left after themselves.


9. An abandoned laboratory.


This building is both legendary and dangerous. As legend says, it was a place where secret experiments were carried out on humans with the aim of creating a superman or producing some biological weapons. It was abandoned 15 years ago and, in reality, some viral infections were studied here. Nobody knows what happened here and why this laboratory was quickly closed 15 years ago.


The smell of medications, vacuum-sealed ampoules and tubes with blood on the floor, corridors cluttered with metal cages, burnt rooms and an empty operating room – if all this doesn’t scare you then will definately make you think about if it’s safe enough to walk along such a place.


10. The “Radikal” plant.


This place is called Chernobyl-2 not for nothing. More than 500 tons of mercury and several containers with acid were taken out from this place. Just imagine, all this could gush out of the containers at any moment and poison everything around. This plant went broke in the middle of the 90s and now it’s partially collapsed and desolate. The main Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection doesn’t recommend to come closer than 1 km to this building.


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