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人教版八年级英语下册1-5单元复习学案 转

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一、教师寄语:Practice makes perfect(熟能生巧)



2、能力目标:(1)Can make predictions.(2)Talk about problems and give advice.

(3) Can talk about past events.(4)Report what someone said.

(5)Talk about consequences




1、污染________  2、宇航员________ 3、单独地________ 4、穿衣________

5、面试________  6、公司________   7、科学家________ 8、然而________

9、工厂________ 10、简单的________11、人类________12、可能的________

13、争论________ 14、票________  15、使意外________16、家教________


21、比较________  22、控诉________  23、厨房________24、经历________ 

25、奇怪的________26、跟随________27、发生________  28、事故________ 

   29、谋杀________30、操场________  31、破坏________  32、英雄________

33、小吃________  34、消息________35、假定________36、紧张的________ 

37、信封________38、幸运的________39、乡村_______ 40、志愿者________ 

41、决定________42、危险________ 43、机会________   44、解释________

45、提高________ 46、快的________ 47、律师________


11a  Read the clues and complete the crossword.

2Listening practice.

Listen to the tape and finish 2a&2b

3Oral practice.

Someone you know doesn’t have many friends. Write five suggestions for the problem. Then role play it.

4Oral practice.

Write five things that you like to do every day. Your partner tells you what will happen .Take turns.

(1) eat hamburgers. A: I like to eat hamburgers every day.

(2) ______________  B: If you eat ham burgers every day, you’ll get fit.

(3) ________________A: What do you like to do?

(4) ________________B: I like to….

(5) ________________

5Oral practice . Fill in the chart and talk about it

Who/what do you think is the….

Student’s name

Student’s name

Best fast food!



Cleverest student?



Most boring subject?



Worst movie?



Funniest teacher?



6Writing practice.


aMr. Li said,” I saw three aliens get out of the UFO”

bWang Jun said, ”I was studying when I saw the UFO outside the windows”

cMa Yan said, ”I saw two aliens playing football in the school hall.”

dLiu Ming said ,” I was eating lunch when the aliens walked into the dining room.”

(2)Aliens Landed at our school!




1、          It’s difficult to make a p________ a bout the future.

2、          Please ask Jim not to speak too l________, because the baby is sleeping.

3、          This morning I saw a s________ animal on my way to school.

4、          Please work hardor you’ll f________ the exams.

5、          My parents will help me to o________ my birthday party.

6、          He was a_________ because he didn’t pass the exam.

7、          We e________ ourselves very much at the evening party.

8、          China’s first a______ Yang Liwei traveled in space for 21 hours in 2003.

9When the alien was buying a s_______, the girl called the police

10He’s s________ to be here at this time of day.


1.My mother said she _________(go)home very soon.

2.It_________ (rain) hard when he came to see me.

3.The population(人口)of Australia is_________(few)than that of China.

4.She_________ (copy) all the information as soon as possible.

5.What _________ you_________(do)when I called you?


1.I think students_________ study at home on computers in the future.

 A.are   B.will   C.shall   D.were

2. John said,” It is my bedroom. ”John said (that) _________.

A.it was his bedroom   B.it was my bedroom

C.it is my bedroom     D.it is his bedroom

3.He tried, but he_________ not do it.

A.would   B.should   C.can   D.could

4.Loud noises _________ make people ill and hurt their ears.

A.must   B.need   C.can   D.should

5.--Would you like to go to the cinema?

--Thanks. But I’m afraid I _________ able to.

A.won’t be   B.can’t be   C.may not be   D.am not

6.The students play games ______ Thursday afternoon.

A.on   B.at   C.in   D.of

7.I_________ in the chair. My pet sat on the sofa.

A.sat   B.had sat   C.is sitting   D.was sitting

8.We_________ a test two hours ago.

A.has had   B.have   C.had   D.were having

9.She said,There are twenty boys in my class.

She said (that) _________.

A.there were twenty boys in my class

B.there were twenty boys in her class

C.there are twenty boys in her class

D.there are twenty boys in my class

10.Shall we go to the park if the rain_________?

A.will stop   B.is going to stop   C.stops   D.stop




--Zhang Ying_________you _________ make a poster?

--Sure, that’s_________ _________.


I_________ _________when someone talk to me while I’m reading.


Could you _________ not _________ _________?

I’ll ask you if I need some help.

4.这只狮子来自澳大利亚。The lion _____ _______  _____

5.请不要扔掉这些旧衣服。Please don’t ______ ________ these old clothes.





一、1.prediction 2.loud 3.strange 4.fail 5.organize 6.annoyed 7.enjoyed 8.astronaut 9.souvenior 10.sure

二、1.would go 2.was raining 3.fewer 4.copied 5.were doing

三、1---5BADCD 6---10 AACBC

四、1.will/would please  no problem 2. am annoyed  3. please follow me

4.is from Australia 5. throw away





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