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Translators' On-Line Resources译者的网上资源

Miscellaneous Translators' Resources '杂项翻译资源

Karin Adamczyk's Home Page 卡琳Adamczyk的主页
http://pages.infinit.net/karining http://pages.infinit.net/karining
Karin Adamczyk discontinued the listing of bad payers/slow payers/non-payers at her Web site, but she has established a payment practices mailing list, where translators can still find out if a certain customer is a habitual slow payer or non-payer.卡琳Adamczyk终止上市的坏付款人/慢纳税人/非纳税人在自己的网站,但她已经建立了付款的做法邮件列表,其中的翻译仍然可以查出了一定的客户是一个习惯性慢付款人或者非付款人。

CyberBabel CyberBabel
http://victorian.fortunecity.com/postmodern/242/cyberbabel.html http://victorian.fortunecity.com/postmodern/242/cyberbabel.html
An original site by Hazem Azmy, Egypt, with lots of interesting links classified by type.一个由哈齐姆Azmy,埃及,原址按类型划分与很多有趣的链接。

Roger Chriss's Language Realm 罗杰克里斯的语言境界
http://www.languagerealm.com/ http://www.languagerealm.com/
An ecletic site with news about translation, glossaries, articles, translation as a business, technology, and links.与新闻有关的翻译,词汇,文章,翻译的业务,技术,和链接ecletic网站。 An interesting and well-designed site.一个有趣的和精心设计的网站。

João Roque Dias's Web Site 若昂迪亚斯的罗克网站
http://jrdias.com http://jrdias.com
One of the best Web sites I've seen.最好的网站之一我见过。 Clear, attractive design combined with technical wizardry and rich content.清晰,有吸引力的设计精妙的技巧和丰富的内容相结合。 An example of how a translator's web site is supposed to provide useful information to clients and colleagues in an interesting and easy-to-navigate form.关于如何翻译的网站应该提供一个有趣和易于导航的形式有用的信息提供给客户和同事的例子。

Frank Dietz's Home Page 弗兰克迪茨的主页
http://www.jump.net/~fdietz http://www.jump.net/?fdietz
A great selection of English and German monolingual and bilingual on-line glossaries in various subject areas.的英语和德语单语和双语在线在各个学科领域的词汇伟大的选择。

Eva Easton's Site 伊娃Easton的网站
http://eleaston.com/ http://eleaston.com/
An extensive site aimed mostly at language teachers, but also useful to translators.网站的目的是广泛的语文教师居多,但也有用翻译。 English grammar, dictionaries and glossaries in many languages, travel, and humor.英语语法,字典,在许多语言,旅游,和幽默词汇。 A delight for anybody interested in languages.一个快乐的人感兴趣的语言。

Foreignword.com Foreignword.com
http://www.foreignword.com http://www.foreignword.com
An excellent resource for translators.一个优秀的翻译资源。 DictSearch (over 90 on-line dictionaries), TranslateNow (on-line machine translation), LinkSearch, NetSearch (hundreds of search engines from a single screen), Technology (mainly machine translation), Translators (enter your CV), and Forum. DictSearch(超过90在线字典),TranslateNow(网上机器翻译),LinkSearch,NetSearch(数百个搜索引擎从一个单一的画面),技术(主要是机器翻译),翻译(输入您的CV)和论坛。

Jobs for German Linguists 德国语言学家乔布斯
listserv@twh.msn.sub.org listserv@twh.msn.sub.org
To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE u-jobs to the above address.要订阅,发送工作邮件订阅ü到上述地址。

Michael Gierhake's Language and Translation Links 迈克尔Gierhake的语言和翻译链接
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/3137/index.html http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/3137/index.html
A translator's treasure trove of glossaries, dictionaries, search engines, and more.译者的词汇,字典,搜索引擎,以及更多的宝库。

Glenn's Guide to Translation Agencies 格伦的指南翻译公司
http://www.glennsguide.com/ http://www.glennsguide.com/
This home to Glenn's Guide to Translation Agencies also contains useful advice to beginning translators, links to dictionaries and databases, reference resources, information on specific countries, and much more!指南Glenn的翻译机构也有很多有用的意见,开始翻译,词典和数据库的链接,参考资源,各国的具体信息,以及更多! Glenn's list has now been purchased by e-Translate.格伦的名单现已购买电子翻译。

Globalization.com Globalization.com
A useful site for anybody involved in translation, localization, or globalization.阿的翻译,本地化,全球化参与人或有用的网站。 Links to dictionaries, software tools, standards, educational resources, translators' databases, and much more.链接到字典,软件工具,标准,教育资源,译者的数据库,等等。

GoTranslators GoTranslators
http://www.gotranslators.com http://www.gotranslators.com
Database of the different translation services by languages and specialist areas.数据库中的由不同语言和专业领域的翻译服务。 Free registration for translators and translation bureaus for a six-month trial period.免费注册为译员和一个为期六个月的试验时期的翻译局。 Translators may upload their resumes, which appear in a standardized format.译者可以上传自己的简历,在一个标准化的格式显示。

The Human Languages Page 人类的语言页
http://www.june29.com/HLP/ http://www.june29.com/HLP/
One of the most comprehensive Web sites featuring translation- and language-related links, classified into linguistic, commerical, educational, etc. resources.具有最全面的网站之一的翻译和语言相关的链接,进入语言,商业,教育等资源分类。


Inter-Tradu 跨Tradu
http://www.inter-tradu.com http://www.inter-tradu.com
This site by Magdalena Giannotti is a nice collection of resources, mainly for translators working into or from Spanish.这个网站是由马格达莱纳Giannotti好的收集的资源,主要用于进入或以西班牙语翻译工作。


Lingo 24 林戈24
http://www.lingo24.com/careerguide.html http://www.lingo24.com/careerguide.html
Translation Industry Career Guide.翻译行业的职业生涯指南。 Articles about the profession, micro-glossary, project management, case studies.文章行业,微词汇,项目管理,案例研究。 Also useful links to World Factbook, currency converter, and more.到世界概况,货币转换器和有用的链接也较多。

Marcia Klingensmith's Home Page 玛西娅克林根史密斯的主页
http://www.pitt.edu/~mrkst19/translation.html http://www.pitt.edu/?mrkst19/translation.html
Translation companies, translators' organizations, and other resources.翻译公司,翻译'组织和其他资源。

The Language Hub 语文中心
http://www.cetrodftt.com/translate.htm http://www.cetrodftt.com/translate.htm
Bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and glossaries in 136 languages.双语和多语种的语言词典和词汇表136。

Magistrad Magistrad
http://www.magistrad.com/ http://www.magistrad.com/
A school for practicing translators offering a series of mostly one-day courses on topics ranging from legal translation to marketing to aeronautics.一个执业译员大多提供为期一天的课程,从法律翻译的营销主题系列航空学校。

Neotext Neotext
http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Workshop/1478 http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Workshop/1478
An ecletic site featuring Aquarius's Translators' Database, lots of links related to languages, translation and much more.网站设有一个ecletic水瓶座的翻译资料库,有关语言,翻译等等很多链接。

Page d'agrégation d'anglais 佩奇德agrégation德英国管
http://www.outremer.com/~sharad/index.html http://www.outremer.com/?沙拉德/ index.html的
A delightful bilingual potpourri of links, poems, trivia, articles, etc. about language and translation from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.一个令人愉快的双语花香环节,诗歌,琐事,文章,关于语言和来自法国的瓜德罗普岛加勒比岛国翻译等。

Radovan Pletka's Job List 拉多万Pletka的就业名单
RPletka@aol.com RPletka@aol.com
Weekly list of job offers in the language industry.每周工作清单提供在语言行业。 Send your request to the above address.发送您的请求向上述地址。 Subscriptions cost $30/year; free subscriptions are available, but lists under free subscriptions are mailed out with a 2-week delay.订阅费用为30/year;免费订阅可用,但在免费订阅名单寄给了2个星期的延迟了。 For more information see http://www.jobsfortranslators.com .欲了解更多信息,请http://www.jobsfortranslators.com

Harald Rebling's Home Page 哈拉尔Rebling的主页
http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/H_Rebling http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/H_Rebling
A site with lots of interesting links to on-line dictionaries, free machine translation, translators wanted, and other resources.一个有趣的链接与很多网站的在线字典,免费机器翻译,翻译要的,和其他资源。

SearchLanguage.com SearchLanguage.com
http://SearchLanguage.com http://SearchLanguage.com
A variety of language resources from travel to translation, including dictionaries, language schools, art and culture, classified by language.一个从旅游资源的语言翻译,包括字典,语言学校,艺术和文化的多样性,按语言分类。 A site worth visiting.值得参观的网站。

Ann Sherwin's Home Page 安Sherwin的主页
http://www.asherwin.com http://www.asherwin.com
A site designed with simple resources but excellent taste, that's a pleasure to read.用简单的资源,但口感极佳设计了一个网站,这是一个快乐阅读。 Resources for translators (with emphasis on German), genealogists, and editors, info on German Fraktur script.资源转换器(与德国强调),系谱专家,和编辑,对德国Fraktur脚本信息。 Miscellaneous links.杂项的链接。

Silicon Valley Localization Forum 硅谷的本土化论坛
http://www.TGPConsulting.com http://www.TGPConsulting.com
Localization- and software-related information and links.本地化和软件相关的信息和链接。

Tonos Digital tonos的数字
http://www.um.es/tonosdigital/hemero/numeros.htm http://www.um.es/tonosdigital/hemero/numeros.htm
Electronic journal for linguistics, published under the aegis of Universidad de Murcia since March 2001.电子会刊语言学,下德穆尔西亚大学自2001年3月出版的主持。 All issues are available from the above site.所有的问题都可以从上述网站。 An attractive and content-rich site worth browsing.一个有吸引力的和内容丰富的网站值得浏览。 In Spanish.在西班牙语。

Trados Links for Translators 针对翻译Trados的链接
http://www.trados.com/english/links/intlink9.htm http://www.trados.com/english/links/intlink9.htm
Interesting translators' links with monthly updates.每月更新与趣味的译者联系。

Traduconet Traduconet
http://es.geocities.com/traduconet/ http://es.geocities.com/traduconet/
A promising site for translators featuring news from different countries and in different languages, interactive translation, and articles.一个包括来自不同国家和不同的语言,交互翻译,翻译和文章,新闻网站有前途。 At the time of this writing (January 2003) the site had some sections under construction or simply non-operative, such as the Translators' Forum and three out of seven language versions.在写这篇文章时(2003年1月)网站有部分路段在建或根本不执行,如翻译论坛和三个语言版本的七个了。

Translate 翻译
http://www.translate.com.br/ http://www.translate.com.br/
A very attractive site by Eduardo e Tamara Barile from São Paulo, Brazil.一个由爱德华é塔玛拉Barile非常有吸引力的网站从圣保罗,巴西。 Lots of useful links classified by category.很多有用的链接按类别划分。 Free yourname@translate.com.br e-mail account. yourname@translate.com.br免费电子邮件帐户。 Mostly in Portuguese.主要是在葡萄牙。

Translate to Success 翻译成功
www.translate-to-success.com www.translate到success.com
An interesting and useful site by Timothy Warnock, featuring a wealth of information from statistical data on the translation market to dictionary resources and global marketing strategies.由Timothy瓦诺克一个有趣和有用的网站,设有信息从对翻译市场的统计数据字典的资源和财富,全球营销战略。 Free e-mail newsletter offered.免费电子邮件通讯提供。

TranslationDirectory.com TranslationDirectory.com
http://TranslationDirectory.com http://TranslationDirectory.com
Database of translation agencies (sold for prices ranging from US$50 to US$190 depending on the size), non-paying agencies, and different advertising opportunities for translators and translation companies.数据库的翻译机构(从50美元到190美元的价格出售大小而定),非支付机构,翻译员和翻译公司不同的广告机会。

The Translation Factory 工厂的翻译
http://www.ahost4u.com/zak/pageprin.htm http://www.ahost4u.com/zak/pageprin.htm
According to Mark Prosser's description: “A web site in English and French (Spanish and Arabic 'mirror sites' are also in the pipeline), which aims to provide information on translation jobs, terminology resources and various translation issues; translators wishing to offer their services can also advertise in the jobs section free of charge.” Includes a forum section for terminology queries and general discussion.据马克普罗瑟的描述:“在英语和法语(西班牙语和阿拉伯语'镜像站点'是在管道也),其目的是提供翻译工作,术语资源和各种翻译问题的信息网站;译者希望提供其服务也可以在工作中宣传部分免费的。“包括术语查询和一般性讨论论坛部分。

Translation Notes by Julio Juncal 由Julio翻译注释Juncal
http://transnotes.blogspot.com/ http://transnotes.blogspot.com/
A translators' blog (we b log ) by Internet pioneer Julio Juncal.一个译者的博客(我们b日志 )由互联网先驱胡Juncal。 News, opinions, and terminology questions, mainly related to the Spanish language.新闻,观点和术语的问题,主要涉及到西班牙语。

The Translator's Home Companion 译者的家好作伴
http://www.rahul.net/lai/companion.html http://www.rahul.net/lai/companion.html
The granddaddy of translators' Web resources.译者的Web资源的鼻祖。 Lots of useful links, Database of NCTA translators and translation companies, dictionary reviews, etc., etc. A must.有用的链接众多,北廊协定翻译和翻译公司,数据库字典评论,等等,等等是必须的。

Translators' Site du jour 译者的网站大谈特谈
http://home.ncia.com/~slarsson/sitejour.html http://home.ncia.com/?slarsson / sitejour.html
Susan Larsson's home page features, in addition to a (theoretically) daily Web site of interest to translators, several search engines with explanations on their use and information about workshops held by the author.苏珊拉尔森的主页上,除了一个(理论上)网站每日感兴趣的翻译,与它们的使用和有关讲习班笔者掌握的信息解释几个搜索引擎。 Planned is a page of medical translation links, another one of Swedish links and more.计划是医疗翻译环节,瑞典的另一个环节,更一页。

Translatortips.com Translatortips.com
http://www.translatortips.com http://www.translatortips.com
Free e-zine with useful tips to translators, free mailing list, and info on Alex Eames's book "How to Earn $80,000+ per Year as a Freelance Translator."免费电子杂志有用的技巧,翻译,免费邮件列表,信息亚历埃姆斯的书“如何赚取80,000美元,每年是兼职翻译+”。

Xlation.com Xlation.com
http://www.xlation.com http://www.xlation.com
An excellent resource site featuring news, a list of books for translators, links to on-line glossaries and word lists, idioms in Spanish, German, and Swedish (some with literal "translations"), links to translation aid software sites (DéjàVu, Trados, Systransoft, IBM Translation Manager, Transit, and Termstar), essays on translation, mailing lists, etc.一个优秀的资源网站设有新闻,翻译的书籍清单,网上词汇和单词列表,西班牙语,德语和瑞典语成语联系(一些文字“翻译”),链接到翻译辅助软件的网站(dejavu的, Trados的,Systransoft,IBM公司翻译管理,交通,和Termstar),在翻译,邮件列表等文章

The above links were originally published in Cathy Flick's Web Surfing for Fun and Profit column: 以上链接最初发表在凯蒂Flick的网站冲浪乐趣和利润

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/5018 http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/5018
Mercedes Fancellu provides this list of “over 1000 links to on-line resources for translators". Click on “After Babel".梅赛德斯Fancellu提供此清单“1000多链接网上资源翻译。”点击“后巴别塔”。

http://www.aweto.com/china/ http://www.aweto.com/china/
“A huge site containing links to hundreds of China-related sites.”—Brian Holton “一场巨大的网站中包含的中国相关的网站数以百计的链接。”-布莱恩霍尔顿

http://www.erols.com/eepeter/chtools.html http://www.erols.com/eepeter/chtools.html
“Some useful Chinese language & computing material.”—Brian Holton “一些有用的中文信息技术和计算机的材料。”-布莱恩霍尔顿

http://wwli.com/translation/links/links.html#Chinese http://wwli.com/translation/links/links.html#中
Not just Chinese.不只是中国。 “Translators: links to translators & translation agencies.”—Brian Holton “翻译:。笔译员和翻译机构的联系”,布莱恩霍尔顿

http://www.arts.kuleuven.ac.be/CETRA/links.htm http://www.arts.kuleuven.ac.be/CETRA/links.htm
The Leuven Research Centre for Translation, Communication and Cultures.对翻译,通信和文化鲁汶研究中心。 “Very good links”—Brian Holton “非常良好的联系”,布莱恩霍尔顿




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