miyasa 2011-03-11


  1 因为爱你 所以爱你

  because i love you,so i love you

  2 因为你爱我 所以我爱你

  because you love me,so i love you

  3 因为世界上没有人比我更爱你

  because no one in the world love you more than me

  4 因为无时无刻想著你

  because i miss you every moment

  5 因为你的温柔体贴

  because of your gentleness and considerate

  6 因为你的坦白率真

  because of your frankness

  7 因为你那可爱的笑容

  because of your lovely smile

  8 因为你那迷人的眼睛

  because of your charming eyes

  9 因为你的一举一动都让我著迷

  because your every action make me fascinated

  10 因为你所散发出来的高贵气质

  because of your noble disposition

  11 因为抱著你的感觉是这麽温暖

  because of the warmth when i hold you in my arms

  12 因为一个人寂寞的时候只有你陪著我

  because only you accompany me when i am lonely

  13 因为爱你让我充满自信

  because loving you makes me confident

  14 因为你的任性

  because of your wilfulness

  15 因为照顾你是我的责任

  because it is my responsibility to look after you

  16 因为有些是不必说出来你就能明白

  because of something you can understand without my explaination

  17 因为只有你最了解我的个性

  because only you know of my personality best

  18 因为只有你能包容我的一切

  because only you can tolerate everything of mine

  19 因为没有你我就不知该如何活下去

  because i dont know how to continue my life without you

  20 因为有你我的生活充满快乐

  because of you , my life is full of happines

  21 因为有你情人节才有花可送

  because of having you ,i can send flowers on Valentine

  22 因为所有的花都不及你漂亮

  because no flower is more beautiful than you

  23 因为我眼中只有你一个

  because i only have you in my heart

  24 因为即使海枯石烂我只爱你一个

  the seas may run dry and the rocks crumble,you are the only person i love

  25 因为喜欢过马路时牵著你的感觉

  because i love the feeling of holding your hands,when we cross the road

  26 因为感谢上天赐予我一个独一无二的你

  because thank the god to bestow unique person-you

  27 因为有你我就满足了

  because i am satified with you

  28 因为只有你陪我渡过不如意的时候

  because only you accompany me to pass unhappy days

  29 因为时间一分一秒过去爱你的感觉却与日剧增

  because although time passes by minute and second, the sentiments of loving you grow with each passing days

  30 因为我们俩最谈的来

  because we two get along well with each other

  31 因为你让我有保护你的念头

  because you make me have the thought of protecting you

  32 因为初见你的感觉是前所未有的

  because the feeling of seeing you for the first time never existed before

  33 因为你是我的梦中情人

  because you are the lover in my dream

  34 因为一见锺情在我的内心燃烧著

  because the feeling of falling in love at the first sight burns in my heart

  35 因为我是你倾吐心事的对象

  because you are the only person who listens to my mind

  36 因为你让我非常放心

  because you set my mind at ease

  37 因为有你让我对明天充满期待

  because i am full of expection for tomorrow with you

  38 因为我已不再对任何人动心

  because you make me never open my heart to others

  39 因为爱你是最温柔的不自由

  i love you because to me you are a gentle but 'no ;freedom'

  40 因为我俩一起看天看海看日落日出

  because we enjoy the sky, the sea and the sunrise, the sunset together

  41 因为沙滩印著我俩的足迹

  because there are our footprints in the sand beach

  42 因为只有你肯陪我看恐怖片

  because only you like to accompany me to wathch horrible movies

  43 因为你曾为感人剧情而哭的淅沥哗啦的

  because you were ever moved to tears by the play

  44 因为我们侧夜长谈分享彼此

  because we talk all night and enjoy each other

  45 因为我们是天生一对

  because we were born of a couple

  46 因为爱过你就好

  because it is fine of experiencing love you

  47 因为只愿等你一个人

  because I only want to wait for you

  48 因为有你我看到美好的未来

  because you make me see the beautiful future

  49 因为有你我看到了其他人羡慕的眼光

  because of having you ,i see the envious sights of others

  50 因为你让我体验了爱情的伟大

  because i experience the great love with you

  51 因为你的善良

  because of your kind heart

  52 因为有我就有你

  because where there is me ,there is you

  53 因为你让我感到身为一个男人的骄傲

  because of you ,i am proud of being a man

  54 因为任何事与爱你抵触者无效

  because nothing will happen,if it is contradict with loving you

  55 因为除了我再也找不到另一个与你相配的男人

  because except me you cant find another perfect match

  56 因为我们俩曾互许终身

  because we ever promised to be life-long compaions

  57 因为我们要做七世情人

  because we plan to be lovers of generations

  58 因为我要带你环游世界

  because i will show you around the world

  59 因为我要让每个地方都留下我俩的回忆

  because i want every places to have our two person'smemory

  60 因为我要继续写爱你的理由

  because i will continue to write the reasons of loving you

  61 因为我不能放弃爱你的念头

  because i cant give up the ideas of loving you

  62 因为我恨没有早一些认识你

  because i regrett not knowing you earlier

  63 因为你让我追的好辛苦

  because it is hard to chase you

  64 因为我要打败其他条件比我好的人

  because i want to defeat all the others of better conditions than me

  65 因为你选择了我

  because you choose me

  66 因为我发誓要好好照顾你

  because i promised to take good care of you

  67 因为我了解你对我的心

  because you know of my heart

  68 因为你喜欢放风筝

  because you love flying kites

  69 因为你的打扮很有个性

  because your make-up has a stong character

  70 因为我有占有你的私心

  because i have the selfish idea of owning you

  71 因为你喜欢打排球

  because you like playing volleyball

  72 因为你喜欢唱歌

  because you like sing songs

  73 因为你的生日快到了

  because your birthday is coming

  74 因为你喜欢看书

  because you like reading books

  75 因为你的开朗

  because of your sanguine disposition

  76 因为我们分隔两地却两心相系

  because we miss each others even if we live in differet places

  77 因为身边有你的欢笑

  because of your cheerful smile around me

  78 因为你喜欢贝壳

  because you love seashells

  79 因为一颗心只能爱你一个

  because one heart can only love you one

  80 因为没有人痴的像我

  because no one is infatuated like me

  81 因为你的心将我淹没了

  because i am addicted in your love

  82 因为有你我就不孤单

  because of you ,i am not lonely any more

  83 因为上辈子我们在一起

  because last generation we were lovers

  84 因为爱你是我甜蜜的负担

  because loving you is my sweet burden

  85 因为你我拒绝了其他的仰慕者

  because we two reject other

  86 因为我的朋友都叫我要好好的把握

  because my friends ask me to hold it well

  87 因为不爱你实在太过分了

  because not loving you is excessive

  88 因为不爱你实在太对不起自己了

  because i feel sorry for myself,if i dont love you

  89 因为不爱你我的朋友会打我

  because my friends will beat me ,if i dont love you

  90 因为我的目标只有一个...爱你

  because i only have one aim-love you

  91 因为说了那麽多爱你的理由我不得不爱你

  because i have said so many reasons of loving you,i have to love you

  92 因为我渴望101次求婚的结局

  because i am eager to the result of the 101 proposal

  93 因为我期待每一个明天的到来

  because i expect the comeing of every tomorrow

  94 因为我喜欢等你电话的感觉

  because i love the feeling of waiting for your telephones

  95 因为我有千千万万的理由爱你

  because i have thousands of reasons for loving you

  96 因为我只选择最爱你的一百个理由

  because i only choose these one hundred reasons to show my best love to you

  97 因为我特地在情人节这一天对你表白

  because i chose specially to assert my love to you

  98 因为我已经写的很累了

  because i feel very tired when i write here

  99 因为我要向世界大声说

  because i want to annouce to the world loudly

  100 因为我爱你!!!

  because i love u!!!

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