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Unit 1 Topic 1
during the summer holidays   在暑假期间
between…and…       在两者之间
cheer sb. on        为某人加油
prefer doing sth.    更喜欢做某事
quite a bit/a lot      很多
plan to do sth.       计划做某事
go skating/skiing/bicycling/climbing/hiking
arrive in/at=get to=reach    到达
play against…与……对抗/较量
for long     很久
leave for…    动身去…
the day after tomorrow       后天
places of interest   名胜
play baseball    打棒球
at least       至少
be good at=do well in  善于做某事
take part in    参加
all over the world   全世界
be good for     对……有益
a good way    一种好方法
keep fit/healthy保持健康
relax oneself   放松某人自己
What a pity/ shame! 多可惜
Topic 2
do me a favor=give me a hand=help me
 have a soccer game进行一场足球赛
fall ill /be ill    病倒了
Would you mind (my)doing sth? 
Would you mind (not)doing sth?    
right away = at once  立刻;马上
miss a good chance    错过一个好机会
get/miss a goal     得到/失去一分
shame on sb.   为某人感到羞耻
do one’s best   尽某人的力
say sorry to sb.  对某人说抱歉
be sure to do sth.  确定做某事
be angry with sb.  生某人的气
with one’s help = with the help of sb.
serve food   上菜
turn up/down…  调高/低(音量)
keep sb. doing sth.    让某人一直做某事
in a minute     一分钟后;马上
on the phone   在电话中
be important to sb     对某人来说很重要
take a seat    就坐
never mind  不要紧
love/enjoy doing sth.   喜爱/欢做某事
have a very exciting life
as well也
follow/obey the rules遵守规则
feel tired/be tired/look tired  感到疲劳
a 15-year- old boy 一个15岁的男孩
look fit and active显得健康和精力旺盛
instead of(doing)sth.替代……
have fun doing sth.=enjoy doing sth.  
ask sb. to do sth.叫某人做某事
make a plan for sb.为某人订一份计划
build up   增进;增强
go right  正常运转
do the homework做作业
make friends with…与……交朋友
fill out=fill in   填出/好
quite a lot 相当多
be with     与…在一起
be afraid  恐怕
be free  有空
see you then    再见
for the first time    第一次
win the first gold medal赢得第一枚金牌
get 28 gold medals获得28枚金牌
the winner of…..   ….的获胜者
every four years    每四年;每隔三年
a symbol of …     一种……的象征
stand for  代表
do morning exercises做早操
at least 至少
be fond of (doing)sth. 喜欢(做)某事
Unit 2 Topic 1
have a (bad/terrible) cold  患(重)感冒
see a dentist/doctor    看牙医/医生
have a cough/fever   患咳嗽/发高烧
have the flu      得了流感
have sore eyes   眼睛发炎
take/have a (good) rest   (好好)休息
had better (not) do sth.    最好(不)做
take sb.to sw     带某人去…      
take/ have some medicine /pills   某人的帮助下
have a sore throat         喉咙发炎
day and night     日日夜夜
lie down        躺下
hot tea with honey    加蜜的热茶
brush one’s teeth      刷牙
have an accident   出了事故/意外
send sb.to….    送某人去……
nothing serious  没什么严重的
check over      做…检查
be sick=be ill     生病
plenty of…     充足;大量
worry about sth.     担心
get well      恢复健康
Topic 2
look tired   看起来很累
stay up     熬夜
feel better/well    感觉更好 / 好
feel sleepy     犯困
keep long fingernails  留长指甲
wash hands before meals   饭前洗手
play sports right after meals   饭后就运动
take a fresh breath   呼吸新鲜空气
ask sb to do sth.   叫某人做某事
give up doing sth  放弃做某事
in the sun  在阳光下
do morning exercises   做早操
be necessary for…
throw litter about  乱扔垃圾
keep you active  使你保持精力旺盛
during the day=in the daytime  在白天
get up early/late  早起/迟起
get enough sleep得到足够的睡眠
exercise on an empty stomach= exercise without eating anything   空腹锻炼
need sth   需要某事
need to do sth = need do sth  需要做某事
get into   进入
become sick   生病
fight germs  抗击病菌
keep the air clean and fresh  保持空气清新
eat bad food  吃变质食物
sweep the floors打扫地板
as we know   众所周知
have the right kinds of food
choose the wrong food
in different ways  用不同的方法
make us sick  使我们生病
be necessary for sb.to do sth.   
Topic 3
in the kitchen    在厨房
talk with       与……交谈
hurry up       赶紧/快
go ahead=go on    继续
sprea easily      易传播
do exercise   做运动
go to crowded places去拥挤的地方
agree with sb.      同意某人
do one’s best to do sth   尽力做某事
fight SARS     抗击非典
do some cleaning 打扫
all the time=always总是/一直
keep away from animals 远离动物
just a moment  稍后
I’m afraid  恐怕
be afraid of    害怕
be busy doing sth.忙着做某事
examine the patients  检查病人
ring sb up/ phone sb/ call sb
call back       回电话
get through       打通,通过
leave a message 留口信
give sb the message  给某人带口信
take a message    捎口信
tell sb sth.      告诉某人某事
tell/ask sb.to do sth  叫某人做某事
take an active part in       积极参加
care for patients     照顾病人
take care of…= look after / care for             照顾……
save the patients    挽救病人
It’s one’s duty to do sth.
What do you think of…你认为…怎么样?
Long time no see   好久不见
teach oneself=learn by oneself  自学help sb.(to) do sth      帮助做某事
enjoy oneself=have a good time=have fun       过得愉快
tell sb.a story/stories给某人讲故事
say to sb.    对某人说
play sports   做运动
take some Chinese medicine 吃些中药
Review of Units 1---2
break the window   打破窗户(玻璃)
get lost          丢失;迷路
on one’s way (to)  在….的路上
take the wrong bus  搭错车
one of the most popular sports    
a group of people   一群人
form an international organization 
put sth in low places  把某物放在低处
eat sth by mistake    误吃
by mistake  错误地
put…away   把…收起来
ask for three days’ leave  请三天的假
Unit 3 Topic 1
love doing sth.      喜欢做某事   
enjoy doing sth.     喜欢做某事               
like doing sth.      喜欢做某事   
prefer doing sth.     喜欢做某事
be fond of doing sth. 喜欢做某事   
have fun doing sth.  喜欢做某
be interested in doing sth. 对……感兴趣
pleased / nice /glad to do sth. 很高兴做某事
learn a lot about   学很多关于    
learn sth.from… 从….学到
used to do sth.  过去常做某事    
used to listen to music  过去常听音乐
listen to sb. /sth.听某人说,听…    
report sth. to sb.向某人汇报 
pop/rock music流行乐 /摇滚乐  
read novels 看小说
all the time 一直               
know little about …知道一点有关
Let’s be friends 让我们成为朋友  
in one’s spare /free time   在某人业余时间
go fishing  去钓鱼             
go to the movie theater a lot常去看电影    
It’s great fun. 很有趣            
play sports=do sports 做运动
go out 出去                   
go out to do sth.出去做……
go out for…为……出去         
go out for a walk出去散步
do some outdoor activities
outdoor activities 户外运动
Sounds good /great  听起来很好      
need a change 须改变一下
in front of
in the front of
teach sb. to do sth. 教某人做某事     teach oneself 自学
such as+一系列并列的人或物+(and so on) “例如,像”
for example,+一个句子“例如”
keep pets 养宠物
daily work 日常工作/生活   
get well   恢复健康
take a bath =have a bath 洗澡 
take sb. out for a walk  带某人出去散步
Topic 2
at the concert在音乐会上
give the concert 举行音乐会
go on =continue 继续
go on doing sth.=continue doing sth.
lend sb. sth.=lend sth.to sb.把某物借给某人
borrow  sth. from sb. 向某人借某物
hip hop嬉蹦乐
play the violin拉小提琴
play the drum打鼓
play the piano /guitar弹钢琴/弹吉他
musical instruments 音乐器械
an artist 艺术家
folk dance  民间的舞蹈
classical music 古典音乐
folk music  民间音乐
pop music   流行音乐
rock music  摇滚音乐
country music 乡村音乐,
jazz  爵士乐
folk song 民歌
lend sb. sth.=lend sth.to sb.
borrow sth. from +地点/人
从地点/某人 处借某物
sb.spend…(in) doing sth.
sb.spend…on sth.
sth. costs sb. some money .
sb. pays some money for sth
It takes (sb.) some time to do sth.
be famous for  以……而著名
one of the +形容词最高级+名词复数   最…… 之一
look for 寻找        
set up=form=build 建立, 创立
form a band=set up a band 组建乐队
close friends亲密的朋友
Topic 3
Hold the line, please.  请稍后
hold on / just a moment请稍后
call sb.=ring sb. up 打电话
answer the phone  回/接电话
take a shower=take / have a bath  洗澡
do some washing/cleaning/reading/shopping 洗/做卫生/读书/购物
this time yesterday 昨天的这个时候
give a report 做报告
so wonderful/ handsome/ terrible
just so-so 还可以
agree with sb  同意某人       
nothing serious没什么严重的事
be angry with sb. 对某人生气
make faces 做鬼脸
make sb.do sth. 让/迫使某人做某事
give sb.the lesson 给某人上课
knock at    敲
in the early/ late 1800s 在19世纪初 / 晚期
stop doing sth. 停止做某事
stop to do sth. 停下来去做某事       
the beginning of 的开始   
have a two-day weekend
too … to  太…..以至于不能……
do the dishes=wash the dishes  洗餐具
Unit 4 Topic 1
think about=think of  考虑,思考
think of  想起,想到,认为 与
think about不同
in the countryside 在乡村
enjoy nature 享受自然
give sb. joy 给某人快乐
be important to sb. 对某人很重要
share sth. with sb.   与……分享
feed on  以……为食(指动物)
live on以……为食(指人类)
That’s nature.  那就是自然
cover…with…  用…覆盖
the earth’s surface 在地球的表面
(Thousands and) thousands of 成千上万
in rainforests 在雨林
make the air fresher and cleaner
be necessary for 对……..很有必要
plenty of  大量
need water to drink, to cook and to clean
In fact 事实上
make up 组成,化装,和解
most parts of the earth地球的大部分
be important to 对…….很重要
living things生物
save every drop of water节约每一滴水
do something useful to protect rainforests
Topic 2
be sure (that)+句子 …确信  
be not sure if/ whether..不敢确信是否……
take the place of 代替       
instead of  代替
in danger处在危险状态     
lose one’s job 失业
be good for 对……有好处   
be bad for对……没有好处
get information  获得信息   
seem to do...似乎,好象     
call for寻求,需要,号召,提倡
wake sb. up 把……叫醒     
see sb. doing sth. 看见某人正做…….
某人在时间/ 金钱上花费…….
be sure of+名词... 确信     
these days 这些天
be listed 被列出           
in alphabetical order按字母顺序排列
in order 按顺序排列       
look up查找
look up a word in the dictionary
pay attention to注意
begin with以…开始       
use...for doing sth. 用……做某事give it a try  试 一试
download useful information
write to sb.=write a letter to sb. 写信给某人
turn on = switch on 打开
had better do... 最好做…… 
plug …in 接通
ask for help=call for help 请求帮助
Topic 3
more than=over  超过, ……多
pull down 拆毁
make the traffic heaviver 使交通更拥挤
wear out  磨损, 用坏
be worn out  被损坏
do one’s best to protect… 尽力去保护
one of the greatest wonders of the world
order sb to do sth. 命令某人做某事
It takes sb. time to do sth.
be made up of  由……组成
join sth. together 把……连接在一起
a (the) symbol of…. …….的象征
at the same time 同时
have a better future有一个美好的未来





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