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1.In our school, very few students go to school by car.


2.Jane sometimes goes to school on foot. She usually takes a bus to school.


3.Please wait for (等待) a little while. I have to put on my running shoes.


4.—How often does Jane go to the park?                         —Once a week.


5.—Can you tell me something about your school life in America?    —Sure.


6.You must read the books to the library on time.


7.He is good at swimming. He likes to swim in the swimming pool.


8.I can’t see anybody else in the classroom but(除了) Lily.


9.He often borrows some books from the school library.


10.The Great Wall is wonderful. I hope(希望) I can go to climb it one day.


11.—What day is it today?


—Monday. It’s the second day of the week.


12.History is boring, but it is useful. We can learn about the past.


13.It is interesting to fly kites in spring.


14.Xiao Hong is the best student in her class. She always works hard.


15.—I wish you good luck in America.




16.—How often does Jim go to the library?


—He goes to the library once a week.


17.We usually have a short rest after lunch.   


18.Li Hua lives near the school. She usually walks to school.


19.—How long can I keep the book?


—Three weeks.


20.—Where is John now?


—He is reading in the library.


21.Mr. Green lives just next to me. He is my neighbor.


22.Be quiet , boys and girls! Class begins.


23.At the end of the road, there is a bookstore.


24.We live close to the train stop , so we can’t sleep very well.


25.There is a bank on the street c orner.


26.They often eat lunch in a r      near their area.


27.They want to buy something, so they are looking around in a street.


28.Jim’s bedroom is on the first floor .


29.At school we must obey the school rules


30.There are twelve months in a year.


31.When the traffic lights are red, you must stop.


32.Go along this road until you get to the end of the road.


33.Don’t t    with your classmate in class.


34.Do you often liten to m     in your free time?


35.School is o     at five o’clock in the afternoon.


36.Someone is waiting for you at the school g     


37.The firse say of a week is S       .


38.Do you often so outdoor a         .like basketball and soccer?


39.Which s      do you like,history,geography or math?


40.He can b       books from the school library.


41.Look!Many boys are p       soccer on the playground.


42.M        is the second day in a week.


43.Bill does’t like math.He thinks it’s b     


44.The little boy is d       a picture.


45.Our first class b           at 7:45 in the morning.


46.We can l       a lot from Lei Feng.


47.Thanks for your h      work.


48.John’s father is playing games on the c   


49.The old woman doesn’t have much m     .She is a little poor.


50.You can k     the two books for two weeks.


51I want to read a book in the school l     


52.My mother goes shopping t     a week.




1.—What does Ellen usually do after school?     —She usually _____ (watch) TV.


2.—How do _____ (America) students usually go to school?


—Well, they usually walk or take a yellow school bus to school.


3.Betty writes to his father _____ (two) a week.


4.He usually goes ______ (swim) in his free time.


5.Yu Jing sometimes _____ (ride) a bike to school.


6.Lucy is _____ (draw) pictures.


7.—How long can I keep them?  —Two weeks. You must _____ (return) them on time.


8.—Do you often go _____ (boat) in the park?   —Yes, very often.


9.Thank you for _____ (borrow) this book to me.


10.—What do you think of English, Kangkang?  —I think it’s very easy and _____ (interest).


11.It’s too late. But Mr. Wang is still _____ (check) the students’ homework.


12.China has many big _____ (city).


13.It’s _____ (real) hot today.


14.Don’t read in the sun. It may _____ (hurt) your eyes.


15.Xiao Wang drives too fast, so he gets a ticket for _____ (speed).


16.He is in _____ (dangerous). Let’s save him.


17.The station is about 15_____ (kilometer) away from here.


18.It’s good to help children _____ (cross) the road.


19.Let him         (have) an apple.


20.Lily often helps her mother       (do) some housework.


21.Does Ann often        (watch)TV in the evening?


22.Nice        (talk)to you this time.


23.He may         (talk) to school.


24.Do you want        (listen)to music?


25.Help        (oneself) to some juice,kids.


26.Excuse me,Hu Bin,Is this pen    (you)?


27.Your school life is boring.What   (she)?


28.Susan is good at       (sing)


29.Lily       (wish) to be a teacher.


30.Why not        (ask)the teacher for help?


31My sister likes          (dance) in the gym.


32.Thank you for your       (help) to your parents.


33.Please give my best        (wish)to your parents.


34.What time       (be) the class over.


35.We have six        (class) every day.


36.Li Lei usually       (go) to class over?


37.How about         (come) here by subwab?


38.The early bird         (catch)the worm.




shelf, keep, picture, use, clean



1.Many students _____ Ren’ai Project English workbooks now. They’re helpful for them to study English well.


2.Here is a _____ of our town. It looks beautiful.


3.There are many books on these _____ .


4.—How long can I _____ the book?    —Two weeks.


5.—Where is Mom?                  —She _____ the house.




chair, two, put, watch, be



6.—Where’s your study?   —It’s on the _____ floor, next to my bedroom.


7.There are two _____ in the house. We always sit on them and read books.


8.Children like _____ TV a lot. But it is not good for their eyes.


9.There _____ a knife, a pen and two pencils in the box.


10.Our math teacher often _____ his keys in the drawer.




check, three, ticket, hurt, put away



11.They have two _____ for the film(电影).


12.My leg _____ , so I can’t go now.


13.I’ll get someone _____ your bike right now.


14.Turn left at the _____ street. You’ll find it at the end of the street.


15._____ the books, please.




1.It is not _____ (容易的) for us to learn English well.


2.Xiao Hong always studies hard. We should _____ (学习) from her.


3.My classmates are _____ (友好的) to me.


4.—What _____ (别的) things do you want?  —I want to use some rulers.


5.—What do you think of English?         —It’s _____(难的) and boring, and I don’t like it at all.


6.—Excuse me, where’s the restaurant?    — _____ ______ (一直往前走), you’ll find it on your left.


7.There are many _____ _____ (公共电话) in the street.


8.Mr. Jones lives _____ _____ (靠近,挨着) Mr. Ring.


9.There is _____ _____ _____ (有毛病) my bike. Can you check it?


10.We must _____ _____ (保持安静) in the library.


11We must go to school                   (从星期一到星期五)


12             (快点)!We have no more time.


13.Mardy is                           (领她的朋友参观)our school.


14.My book                  (……不同)yours.


15.What do you               (认为)math?    It’s too diffcult.


16.Kate is sieeping             (此刻)


17He reads in the library        (每周三)


18                   (几节课)do you have on Thursdays?


19.I                                (想了解)your school life.


20.Mr.Li                         (经常骑自行车)to work.


21.My chassmates      all           me.(……友好)


22.We must                (穿上)our coats when we go out.


23.Mr.Lin often goes to work            (步行)


24Tina’s mother often                   (坐地铁)to work.


25.We can                   (休息一会儿)after this class.aaa


26.Zhang Ning always                   (听音乐)in his free time.


27.What is Bob              (寻找) His watch.


28.Maria finds her schol bag at the               (失物招领处)


29Liu Mei always gets to shool         (准时)


30Jackie doesn’t like                  (做家庭作业)


1.Jim sits        Mary        (……中间)Rose.




1.为什么不上楼看一看呢?           Why not _____ _____ and have a look?


2.我的房子前面有一棵大树。        There is a big tree _____ _____ _____ my house.


3.这是你的书,请把它们收起来吧!  Here are your books, _____ _____ _____ , please.


4.妈妈正在厨房里做饭。            My mother is cooking _____ _____ _____.


5.我很高兴收到你的来信。          I’m very glad to _____ a letter _____ you.




1.There is an old _____ over the river. Every day many people go across it.


2.You need to _____ from the No.1 bus to the No.2 bus.


3.If you drive too fast, you may have an _____.


4.You must obey the r_____ when you cross the street.


5.Be _____. Don’t drive too fast. It’s dangerous.


6.My friends give me many _____ on my birthday.


7.—What _____ is the moon?   —It’s a circle.


8._____ the eighth is Women’s Day.


9.July is the _____ month of the year.


10.The last month of the year is


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