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变废为宝:地铁卡也能做椅子(图)   2011年03月31日 16:22   沪江英语



  In New York City, blue and yellow MetroCards are as ubiquitous as pigeons and taxi cabs. For most people, the little pieces of plastic serve a single purpose: getting from here to there. But for artists like Stephen Shaheen, MetroCards are a creative material with an endless amount of possibilities. For a recent exhibit at Sloan Fine Art Gallery, Shaheen created Metrobench, a sturdy, usable bench made from 5,000 recycled MetroCards. Every year, the MTA prints more than 170 million MetroCards, but, for Shaheen, amassing just a couple thousand was no small feat。

  在纽约,黄绿色的地铁卡和鸽子、出租车一样无处不在。对于大多数人来说,这小小的塑料卡片只有一个用处,就是方便他们出行。但对于像 Stephen Shaheen这样的艺术家来说,地铁卡可是神奇的材料,蕴含着无限可能性。最近在Sloan Fine Art Gallery艺术画廊,就有一张Stephen Shaheen用5000张回收地铁卡做成的结实、可用的椅子。每年,大纽约交通运输管理局(Metropolitan Transit Authority )会印制1.7亿多张地铁交通卡,但对Stephen来说,积累几千张就够了。

  Shaheen’s impetus for creating the bench was the call for submissions to “Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again,” an art show of MetroCard-based art. Most artists submit works that use the cards as a miniature canvas for paintings, but Shaheen wanted to create a sculpture, in particular, a seating element. Soon after he came up with the bench idea, he realized that he would need several thousand MetroCards. After a few failed attempts at getting old cards from the MTA, Shaheen took to Craigslist. Within a week, he had amassed all the cards he needed。

  Shaheen 设计这张椅子是为了参加一个名为“单程票2:请再刷一次”的地铁卡艺术设计展。这场设计展中,大多数的艺术家都会提交用地铁卡制成的微型画,但 Shaheen希望能设计一个雕塑作品,尤其是一张椅子。有了这个点子后不久,他就意识到他会需要几千张的地铁卡。Shaheen曾试图去和大纽约交通运 输管理局沟通,但是没有成功,于是他转向了Craigslist分类广告网站。不到一周,他就搜集到了需要的地铁卡。

  Much like mass transit itself, the bench represents thousands of different journeys converging into a single moment. And while the MetroCard is a source of movement for people, Shaheen’s creation is a place of rest. Metrobench has a base made out of steel, but Shaheen designed it in such a way that it appears to be created solely from MetroCards. The tight layering of the cards creates a brilliant striped pattern, and, as Shaheen notes, the different shades of yellow resemble wood grain。

  这张地铁卡的椅子将数万段不同的旅程结合在一起,这一点很像地铁交通本身。但是地铁卡本身代表着人们的移动,而Shaheen的这个设计却代表 着休息。这张椅子其实是钢架结构的,但在Shaheen的设计下,看起来好像仅仅是数万张地铁卡搭造起来的。卡片之间的层次很紧凑,于是看起来有了漂亮的 条纹结构,另外,就像Shaheen说的,卡片上黄颜色的阴影看起来类似木质的纹理呢。

  When creating the sculpture, Shaheen described his process on his blog. “It is essential, in my opinion, to create a design that integrates the colors, and in fact each unit, in a way that makes the whole something more than an appliqué of Metrocards on steel,” Shaheen wrote. “The new pattern has to have its own identity and has to contribute to a sense of new content in the assemblage。


  Mission accomplished。





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