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Here is a collection of key phrases to help you remember how to work every day to improve your life and realize your dreams. Print out this little collection and display it prominently to remind you to read them (on your fridge, bulletin board, etc.). Distribute it to your family, your friends, and your colleagues and share in the success with people you love.


Review the completely false idea that you cannot quickly improve your life.


"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got.” (Paul Watzlawick)

“如果你每天都在重复过去做过事情,那么你将只会获得已经拥有的东西。” (保罗·瓦兹拉威克)

It's not all about having a vision of what you want from life. You must be prepared to do whatever is necessary to achieve it. Otherwise it remains only a wish.


Think about your goals every day. Keeping your goals in mind will help you achieve them.


Write lists of your goals and keep them updated as you go along.


Your past does not determine your future. Only your present has the power to carry you.


Ask yourself often: "What is the most constructive use of my time and effort now?"


Make your passion your employment, or expand on what you are the most passionate about in your work. You'll be much more motivated, you will get more results and you will never seem like it’s “work”!


From the moment you decide to seize your goals, you deem yourself to succeed. If you do nothing, you are condemned to fail.


10.  What would you do if you could not fail? Just answering this question shows you the extent of what could you do just if you overcome the fear of failure.


11.  The most successful people are those who fail the most, because they are those who try the most!


12.  Failure is the fuel of success, because it shows you where to go and how to make something of your life (instead of spending your free time watching television, for example).


13.  You really fail when you stop trying to achieve a goal. You can change your ways to do this because as long as you persevere, you keep moving towards success.


14.  Replace the word failure with "learning" or "opportunity".


15.  The fact that you give yourself goals feeds you want to achieve! The more you realize your goals, the more you find that you can achieve other great things. Your dreams are just goals with timelines.


16.  Self-realization is a source of confidence, motivation and well-being in everyday life. In fact, self-realization is the only drug that is good for health!


17.  Often, we do not realize things because we devote major importance to activities that play a minor role in our lives.


18.  What we are today depends on the choices we made yesterday. What we will be tomorrow depends on the choices we make today.


19.  There are two types of torment related to our personal fulfillment: The torment associated with discipline and the torment arising from our regrets for having lived an unsatisfactory life. The trick is in knowing which of these torments you’d rather choose.


20.  You can come from a poor family, you may lack confidence and self esteem, but this should not stop you from succeeding. From the moment you give the right to dream and believe in yourself, you stop limiting yourself and give yourself the power to do what you want.


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