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Black Moon Lilith in House

2011-08-27  那抹青
Black Moon in the 1st House

Strong influence of the values of the Black Moon in the native's personality.
Intense passions; but they may be hidden in the depths of the unconscious mind (Pandora's box) .
Extremely violent emotions at times.
Rebellious nature, which can engage in fights against patriarchal authority. In a female chart, in particular, this can mean great difficulties and conflicts with the father.

Profound connection with occult mysteries. Natural understanding of the hidden laws of nature.
Having Black Moon in the first house is an invitation for the native to study the myth of Lilith and ponder on its implications.

Black Moon in the 2nd House

Black Moon, symbol of anti-establishment and profound emotional intensity in the house of finances.
Black Moon creates extremely strong fascinations which are not devoid of a certain degree of
ambivalence. In the house of finances, this can mean a deeply conflictive relationship to money: on the one hand, hating it as a symbol of enslaving establishment; on the other hand, secretly desiring it with fiery intensity.

Sometimes the native denies himself/herself money, by unconsciously making life choices which lead to situations of material scarcity.

Even if the native is quite successful materially, Black Moon in the second house can indicate deep fears related to money and taxes (fear of losing everything, in particular). If they are not identified and worked through, these fears could lead to misjudgments and wrong decisions at critical times of their life.

Black Moon in the 3rd House

Black Moon, symbol of the deepest inner passions in the house of brothers and sisters and
This position can manifest in several different ways. One of them is the death of a brother or sister during one's early years. If such death has taken place (even if only in the form of a miscarriage by the mother), it is likely to have left an extremely profound imprint in the native's psyche. It can be an ambivalent fascination-fear of death, or a deeply ingrained belief that one has no right to live. In any case it calls for a thorough work of self exploration; the long term consequences of the event are likely to be much deeper than you may think at first.

Black Moon in the third house can also indicate that the native finds in writing (notes, a journal, or even stories or books) an outlet for the deep passions and emotions of his/her unconscious mind. Engaging in communication with others can be a way of touching and addressing profound issues inside oneself.

Black Moon in the 4th House

Black Moon, which relates to the deepest emotions and passions, in the house of the deepest depth of the personality.

In the house of the home, Black Moon can indicate a bottomless wound related to the family
environment in early years, such as death of the mother, separation from one's family, major trauma during infanthood (or even earlier, in the womb).

Whether you had a family or not, it is likely to have left a heavy weight on your shoulders!
Because of the ambivalence between fascination and abhorrence so intrinsically linked to the symbolism of the Black Moon, this position can also manifest as a burning need to cut one's family roots and disconnect from one's parents. If you find that you often change the place where you live, then you should ask yourself whether this has something to do with your Black Moon in the 4th house: never feeling really at home anywhere because of an unconscious wound, rather than with climate or real estate reasons.

On the higher mode, Black Moon in the 4th can indicate a natural affinity and understanding of spiritual and occults laws, a profound intuition which can know the mysteries of the creation. This goes with an extraordinarily sharp perception of other people's emotions and fundamental motivations.

Black Moon in the 5th House

Black Moon in the house of affairs, creativity, and children.
In a female chart, this position can indicate a great ambivalence as far as having children is concerned: on the one hand, extremely intense desire (but Black Moon desires are like violent and hidden passions); on the other hand repulsion and deep fears (as in fear of delivery, for instance, or fear of hating one's child). If the these unconscious or semi-unconscious issues are not resolved, they can lead to difficulties in conception.

Similar symbolism applies to creativity in general. The need for perfection can be extremely intense, making the native work hard and for long hours to realise his/her objectives. It can also become paralysing at times, as in not doing anything by fear of doing something that would not be good enough.

If a harmonious relationship to one's unconscious mind can be established, then this position can lead to an outpouring of creativity, and also to great originality (as in the non-conformist nature of the rebellious Lilith.)

Black Moon in the 6th House

Lilith in the workplace.
In the house of daily routines and attitudes to work, Black Moon, symbol of rebellion and
anti-establishment, can of course lead to unconventional activities in which one is not subjected to anyone and freed from enslaving routines. It can also lead to systematically challenging the authority of one's boss(es), and therefore to difficulties in securing a stable professional position.
But the values of the Black Moon are deep and often unconscious, and so the rebellious tendencies may not even be perceived by the native. The result may simply be slumber: going from day to day without questioning one's role on the planet, or why one carries on with a particular job.

The 6th house also relates to health. For the purpose of healing, it may be extremely important to know that a person's Black Moon is located in the 6th. Disease can then take a highly symbolic significance, meaning that observed symptoms are not to be understood and treated for what they are by themselves, but for the profound emotional forces which reflect into them from the deepest of the psyche. More than ever, it is the whole person that must be treated, and not his/her symptoms.

Black Moon in the 7th House

Super-charged relationships and quest for perfection.
The Black Moon relates to the deepest and most hidden parts of the psyche; the 7th house relates to close relationships. This can make the native project extremely high emotional charges onto partners and close friends. Personal attractions (and repulsions) can be exceptionally intense. Relationships can thus bring profound healing and/or an exacerbation of the deepest psychological wounds. This position is an invitation for the native to take a close look at whether they do project violent emotions onto the people with whom they are closely associated.

Black Moon-Lilith carries a profound longing for the absolute. Transposed to relationships this means you are likely to have high expectations of your partners, and thus be mortally disappointed when you realise they are not perfect like God. Withdrawing from relationships in such times of crisis can be a grave mistake, as these crises are often self-engineered to reveal profound aspects of yourself and allow resolution of your deeper conflicts, and healing.

Black Moon in the 7th is also a factor to attract people of great independence and originality to you, people with the qualities of Lilith: full-on passions and emotions, rebellious nature, dislike of patriarchal establishment and a need for absolute perfection.

With this position, returns of the Black Moon to the native Black Moon can bring upheavals in relationships. The more prepared the native is, the more these upheavals are likely to take the shape of healthy new beginnings, rather than painful crises.

Black Moon in the 8th House

The chart's most metaphysical point in the house of sexuality, death, and occult magnetism.
Black Moon in the 8th house can make sexuality awesome, sacred, magic: a ritual that puts you in touch with the deepest parts of your psyche. This position goes well with a need for extremes, and even a quest of the absolute in one's sexual experiences.
But if the native is disconnected from the depth of his psyche, the result can be the opposite: an empty sexuality which does not create much satisfaction, or even a disinterest in sex. One step further and it can be a complete denial; Lilith is the one who says 'No!'. This denial is in reality a denial of one's inner conflicts. Through inner work, a complete turnaround can take place.

With Black Moon in the 8th house, the death of relatives or acquaintances is likely to have a profound psychological impact on the native. It can trigger deep crises, but also realisations, and therefore changes.

In the house of occult magnetism, Black Moon can signify a natural affinity with secret laws of nature and a great intuition of the hidden things of life.

Black Moon in the 9th House

Black Moon-Lilith, the power to reject all limitations, in the house of transcending limits.
This position can give a great sense of the absolute, and an unabated idealism. It can thus lead to a rejection of conventional studies as being futile and failing to address the reality of life. On the higher mode, this can lead to a spiritual quest of a high level, fed by relentless aspiration and fascination with the goal, and devoid of any form of compromising. On a not so high mode, it can translate into a rejection of intellectuality, to which deep instinctual knowingness is preferred. In any case, there is likely to be a profound integration of instinct and knowledge; the native knows 'the inside of things', using his/her sharp intuition and capacity to penetrate the intimate nature of things and people.

The returns of Black Moon on its native position can lead the native to a profound rethinking of his/her values, belief system, and position in the world. These are key times in life during which the native can feel the push to engage in a completely different path and start a new life.

Black Moon in the 10th House

Great potential for originality and independence of mind, and the need to find a professional occupation where these may flourish.

Black Moon Lilith, by nature, does not like rigid establishment or anything that resembles patriarchal authority. In the house of career, this may lead to avoiding conventional forms of profession, and seeking for unusual activity. The native can become marginal. Even if he/she is not, there are likely to be times with a huge pull to be self employed, and also times of open conflict with one's boss. (Anyone with the Black Moon in this position will be well inspired to practise deep breathing for a few minutes before engaging in any kind of potentially-heated discussion with their boss.)

There is a deep potential for originality, which will blossom in creative occupations (where this originality can become an advantage, not a handicap). Black Moon in the 10th enhances the challenge of finding the right activity in life, the one in which you can blossom and fully express your individual nature.

Look for the transits of Black Moon on Black Moon as times when major changes of direction and professional occupation may occur. Because the Black Moon is related to the deepest emotional strata of the psyche, it is essential to keep one's emotional clarity during these periods, so as to make right choices and decisions.

Black Moon in the 11th House

Quest of perfection in friendship and need to match idealism with reality.
Black Moon-Lilith's absolutism can lead the native to be extremely selective (and also demanding) when it comes to friendship. There is also a risk of projecting onto one's friends huge emotional demands, and of unconsciously using relationships with them to work one's deep emotional conflicts. At times, this can lead to feeling betrayed by one's friends, especially when they find it difficult to cope with the pressure that placed on them.
The need for absolute and perfection is also likely to bring the desire to make great contributions to the collectivity; doing something unique that would benefit humanity. This can lead to great realisations, but it also calls for the necessity to cultivate realism. Sometimes, by wanting to give only the best, one ends up giving nothing at all.

Black Moon in the 12th House

An invitation to transcend all limitations and dive into cosmic existence.
An invitation to dive into the unconscious and explore the depth of one's nature. Without such in-depth exploration, massive unresolved conflicts may completely block the native's expression in the world, and attract dramatic life circumstances. Black Moon in the 12th is like a wound, but a wound in the highest meaning of the term: a gateway into one's absolute depth. With it comes a challenge: find your essence and be yourself completely, or suffer the slings and arrows of (often self-inflicted) outrageous fortune: karma, samskaras... you name it! Black Moon-Lilith, like a powerful guardian angel, will not allow you to
sleep blissfully through a life in which you could reach awakening.

On the higher mode, this is an extremely powerful position. There is great wisdom and intuitive knowingness of hidden things associated with the Black Moon; and the 12th is the house of final maturity, where all aspects of life are recapitulated and realised in a higher spiritual unity.




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