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  falling thick and fast =falling rapidly and densely…下得浓密而急骤。


  the frame of which was made of…它的框子是用…做的。which指代前面的her palace windowbe made of表示尚未发生质的变化,而be made from则发生了质的变化,e.g. Wine is made from grapes.葡萄酒是用葡萄加工而成的。

  lookingout at…往外看着…


  I wish I could have a child…但愿我能有个孩子…could是虚拟语气,表达一种愿望。

  I am sorry I cannot have a Child. have a child =become the mother of a child .

  she had a little daughter =she became the mother of a little daughter.

  who=and she…,who指代前面的another woman,这里who引导的定语从句补充说明前面的another woman

  (wasso proud of her beauty that she could not bear any one to be prettier than…(是)如此为她自己的美貌得意,以致于不能容忍别人比她更漂亮。sothat…是如此地…以致于…。anyoneto be prettier than…的形式主语。

  the fairest of us all我们当中最美丽的人。

  it would reply它总是回答。这里的would表示过去反复发生的动作。比较:The children would play for hours on the beach.孩子们在沙滩上一玩总是好几个小时。

  lady Queen尊贵的王后。


  spoke the truth说实话。

  grew prettier and prettier长得越来越漂亮。

  as beautiful as day非常美丽。day =noonday

  the Queen herself王后自己。

  This answer so frightenedthat sheyellow and green…这个回答吓得王后大吃一惊,她嫉妒得满脸铁青。(yellowgreen指王后受惊后的脸色。注意,green eye中的green表示妒忌的,这个词语可译成”妒忌的眼光”。)

  From that hour从那时起。hour =moment

  her heart turned against…开始恨上了…。against是个介词,表示"反对”。比较:

  He fought against the devil.他与恶魔搏斗。

  for a token作为凭证

  to kill her要杀死她(白雪公主)


  give me my life!饶了我吧!

  the wild forest荒芜的森林

  then那么poor child可怜的孩子

  he thought that would soon eat her up.他想,…会很快把她吃掉的。由于此句中的主要动词thought是过去式,其从句里的will也就相应改成了would

  he felt as if a stone bad been taken…他感到好像一块石头终于落了地…。 as if引导虚拟语气。比较:He looked as if he knew the truth.他看上去好像知道事实真相。

  her death would not be by his hand.她要是死了,那也不是他杀死的。

  Just at that moment就在这时。

  to show…给…看。


  was left motherless and alone孤单单地没母亲照顾。

  was bewildered迷惑不解。比较:was surprised 吃了一惊。

  which way to go朝哪条路走。

  did her no harm没有伤害她。

  her feetno farther她两条腿实在跑不动了。

  went in =went into the house.

  to rest 休息

  In the middle stood…中间放着…。倒装表达法,真正的主语在stood后面。

  each plate having=and each plate had…用现在分词引导陪衬性状语。

  .By the wall were seven little beds.靠墙放着七张床。也是倒装表达法。

  each covered with a clean white quilt =and each bed was covered

  being both hungry and thirsty=as Little Snow -White was both…,白雪公主又饿又渴。

  out of =from从。

  .she did not wish to…她不想…

  the whole share of anyone把某人的全部。

  she was so tired that she lay down她感到非常疲倦,就躺下了。

  it did not suit这不合适。

  tried another躺到另一张床试了试。

  a fourthbed)第四张(床)。

  saying her prayers…,做祷告。saying是现在分词引导陪衬性状语。

  it was light in the whole house.整个房间非常明亮。

  somebody had been in,有人进来过。比较:Is your father in?你父亲在家吗?

  in the order in which they had left it.他们离开时的状态。everything was not…不是每一样东西都…。 everynot…是部分否定。

  …has been sitting曾坐过

  The secondasked)第二个(问)

  eating off…从…里吃

  nibbling at…,咬。

  at my meat吃我的肉。比较:He is at his desk.他在书桌旁写字(办公)。

  Lying = lie+ing 比较:dying

  At these words一听这话。

  the others那几位。比较:others别人。

  looking at their beds=when the others looked at their beds.分词结构,相当于“当…时”。

  cried out,其主语是the others

  Running = and ran,分词结构表伴随状态。

  running up to his bed =when he ranup to朝…

  saw a beautiful girl sleeping 见一位美丽的姑娘在睡觉。

  to throw a light upon…把光线照在…

  were so much delighted that非常高兴,因此…

  did not awaken herbut let her sleep on,…没有弄醒她,而是让她继续睡。比较:

  He is not a teacherbut a student.他不是教师,而是学生

  one hour at a time with each与每个人睡一个小时。each =each comrade

  the seven little men =the seven dwarfs

  was quite frightened大吃一惊。比较:I was surprised.我感到惊讶。

  friendly名词+ly→形容词。e.g. manly像男子汉的;kingly国王的,像国王的。

  asked her what is your name was =asked her"What is your name"

  how her stepmother had ordered her to be killed,她的继母是怎么让人要杀死她的。ordered her to be killed =ordered s. To kill her. herbe killed的逻辑主语。

  how she had wandered about…她是怎样漫无目的地走。had wandered是过去完成式,因为这一动作发生在told之前,而told是一般过去式。

  …had found their house找到了他们的房子。这里 had found也是过去完成式。

  will you keep our house for us…?你愿意帮我们管家吗?

  If so如果是这样(你要是愿意)。

  And so于是。

  found their supper ready for them发现他们的晚饭已经做好了。ready是宾语补足语。

  During the day在白天。

  was left alone,被一个人留在家里。

  Be careful of your stepmother.当心你的继母。

  let no one into the cottage不让任何人进入房子。

  supposing Snow -White was dead,满以为白雪公主已经死了。这是现在分词引导的从句,supposing的逻辑主语是 The Queenbe dead(死了)表示状态,to die(死)表示动作。

  believed that she was…自以为她(王后)是…。believed是过去式,因此that引导的从句中的was也要用过去式,这样前后时态就一致了。

  mirror on the wall墙上的镜子。

  Who is the fairest of us all我们中谁是最漂亮的。

  In the forestdarkly green,在苍翠的森林里。

  seven hills between有七座小山间隔。

  thought and thought想了又想,翻来覆去地想。

  could not bear to think想到…心里就受不了。

  a thought came to her她忽然想到。

  clothed herself as…把自己打扮成…。

  so that could know her 以便…能认出她。

  in this disguise用这种伪装;用这种打扮。

  Fine goods for sale!有好东西卖!

  Good daygood woman,您好,老妇人!good woman中的good表示尊敬。

  what have you to sell?您卖什么东西呀?

  let in this good woman =let this good woman into the hut.14.You cant thinkmy dearhow it becomes you!孩子,你想象不出这对你多合适!

  let me lace it up for you我给你系上吧。

  Suspecting nothing毫无戒心。

  let her lace her让她给自己系上。(白雪公主让老妇人给自己系上。)

  …so quickly and so tightly that all her breath went,系得又快又紧,白雪公主被弄得断了气。

  like one dead像死了一样。


  saidto herself自言自语地说。

  hastening away急急忙忙地走了。

  Not long after her departure她走后不久。

  towards evening傍晚。towards=just before

  (were muchfrightened at seeing their dear little girl lying…见到他们亲爱的白雪公主躺在地上,大吃一惊。

  neither moving nor breathing既不动,也没呼吸。

  as if she were dead她好像死了一样。

  raised her up把她抱起。

  when they saw how tightly the lace was drawn他们见到花边紧紧地系在她脖子上时。

  began to breathe开始呼吸;恢复呼吸。

  what had taken place发生的事情。

  pedlar woman叫卖的妇人。比较:woman doctor女医生。

  no other than…正是。(=just the same as

  went to her mirror走到她的镜子前面。

  as before和以前一样。


  fairer than=more beautiful than

  she was so frightened that the blood flew to her head她吓得浑身的血直往头上涌。

  thought she to herself =she thought to herself她暗暗地想。

  I must think of something…我一定要想个法子。

  by using her magic skill用她的妖术。

  to look like a quite different woman看上去像一个完全不同的女人。

  knocking at the door,叩门;敲门。

  " Nice things to sell today"“今天有好东西卖!”句首省去了"I have"

  Go away,走开。

  "I must not let anybody in"“我不能让任何人进来。”

  "only look…,"“你只需看…。”

  taking out her poisoned comb and holding it up,拿出她那把带毒的梳子,高高举起。

  It pleased the little girl so much that…这使小姑娘如此的高兴以致于

  As soon as she had bought it她刚买下这把梳子。

  Nowlet me comb your hair…现在,让我给你梳头发吧。

  ran through the hair…梳过头发。

  began to work开始发生作用。

  fell down senseless 倒在地上,失去知觉。 senseless 表示结果。比较: He was struck dead.他被打死了。

  they saw Snow -White lying as if [she were dead].他们看见白雪公主躺在地上,好像[死了一样]

  it bad been done这是由…干的。 it前面的 that被省略了。

  came to herself恢复知觉。

  all that had happened.发生的一切。 told的直接宾语。

  They warned her not to open the door他们告诫她不要开门。“warn +宾语(not to"=“告诫(警告)某人(不)要做某事”。

  the very same answer as…同…完全一样的回答。 比较: This is the very book that I want.这正是我要的那本书。 very 在这里作形容词用,表示”就是那个”。

  "Snow-White shall die = I will kill Snow -White.”第二或第三人称+shall +动词”=“说话人的意志”。

  "though it should cost me my life" “即使要我的命”。这里,though =even if(即使)。 if though引起的条件状语从句中一般要用should。“cost +宾语+名词”→“(主语)使某人付出(牺牲)某一样东西”。

  I dare not let anybody in.我不敢让任何人进来。 dare not =do not dare to

  told me not tolet anybody in)告诉我不要(让任何人进来)。 to前的not可省略。  “tell +宾语+to" =告诉某人去干什么。 ask want advise等动词都可用于此句型。

  That is hard on me.这使我为难了。

  take back拿回去,带回去。

  there is one which I will give you.有一个我要送给你。 one =an apple

  what Are you afraid of it?怎么?难道你怕它?


  you eat the red side 你吃红的一面。命令句中出现两个不同的主语时,两个主语都得标出。 e. g. You standup A You sit down B!甲,你站起来!乙,你坐下!

  white side 白的那面。

  the apple was so made up that the red side alone was poisoned这个苹果是特制的, 只有红的那面是有毒的。 sothat后面的从句表示结果。

  she saw the woman eating a piece of it她看见那女人吃了一口。the woman eatingsaw的复合宾语。see sb. doing sth.看见某人做某事。

  She could no longer wait but,她再也等不及了,就…。比较: He id not a student but a teacher.他不是学生,而是教师。

  stretching out…伸出。分词结构表示伴随状态。

  fell down dead倒下死了。dead表示结果。

  Lady Queen王后(阁下)。

  as much as an envious heart can ever rest 嫉妒的心实在难以平静。此句意为:

  An envious heart can never rest.

  they were afraid that…他们担心…。 be afraid that作“担心”讲,表示猜测。比较:

  I am afraid it will rain.我担心天要下雨。

  searched if they could find anything poisonous搜寻能否找到有毒的东西。   


  all was in vain 一切都徒劳。 all后面跟单数形式动词。

  sat around it 围坐。比较:The sun moves round the earth.太阳围绕着地球转。

  wept and wept哭了又哭;哭个不停。

  three whole days整整三天。

  they said to one another,他们相互说。比较: each other

  they ordered a case to be made of…他们让人订做一个大箱子。

  so that they could see因此他们可以看见。

  saying that she was a Kings daughter.说明她是一位国王的女儿。

  expressed sorrow for the loss of…对…的死去表示悲伤。

  first an owl then a raven=first an owl expressed sorrow then a raven expressed sorrow. owl是猫头鹰, raven是乌鸦,都是不祥之鸟,来增加哀悼的气氛。

  her hair was as black as ebony她的头发就像乌木一样黑。 hair看成是整体,用单数形式的动词。

  It happened however that…凑巧的事情是…;恰巧…。 It代指that引起的从句。

  for the night过夜

  he soon saw the glass case.他很快就看到了大玻璃箱子。see看到;无意中见到。

  the beautiful girl lying in it躺在里面的美丽的姑娘。lying in it修饰girl 6.read[T-D]

  When he had examined it他把大箱子仔细地看了一遍之后。 had examined是过去完成式,是过去已完成了的动作。the golden letters标明她是一位国王的女儿。

  Let me have this case =Give me this case. and I will pay what you ask for it请给我这个箱子,你们要什么,我就给什么。此句等于 If you give me this case I will pay

  Replied = reply +ed在动词原形中,词尾是辅音加y y 一般改成i,再加ed,从而构成过去式。比较: playplayed

  We will not sell it for all the gold in he world.给我们全世界的金子,我们也不卖。 for表“交换”。比较: I bought it for ten yuan.我用十元钱把这个买下了。

  on the shoulders of 在…的肩上。

  Full of joy =Being full of joy 满怀喜悦。

  you shall be my bride.你做我的新娘子吧。

  everything was got ready for a splendid wedding一切准备就绪,一个隆重的婚礼即将举行。

  when she was dressed in…当她穿上了…to go准备赴宴。

  Hearing this =When she heard this听到这话。

  got so angry that she did not know what to do with herself.气得不知做什么才好;是如此愤怒以致于不知干什么才好。(=气得不得了。)

  could not help going out to…忍不住走出去…

  With anger and astonishment又气又惊。

  stood站立不动。比较: Everybody stood as I entered.

  as if rooted to…好像在…上生了根;一动也不动。





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