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International Literacy Day 国际扫盲日

2011-09-20  cntic

International Literacy Day 国际扫盲日
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International Literacy Day 国际扫盲日

For most people, reading and writing are nothing special. They are just things you learn to do as you grow up. However, many people in the world do not have these abilities. In fact, one in five adults is illiterate1. By definition, a person who is literate2 can read and write an article about their everyday life. Think about how many times you read or write in one day. Now, imagine how different your life would be if you could not do either. Would you still have your job? Would friends treat you differently?

Everyone deserves a basic education. That is why International Literacy3 Day is held on September 8 every year. UNESCO developed the idea in 1965 and celebrated the first official International Literacy Day a year later. Today, some 800 million adults still cannot read or write. Two-thirds of them are women, and nearly 80 million children are out of school.

In 2010, the theme was "The Power of Women's Literacy." It showed that when more women are literate, the world improves in many ways. Home life is better because mothers can get better jobs. Also, their children have a much greater chance of being literate. UNESCO knows that by helping and encouraging adults to learn to read and write, they also help children. Better yet, by helping children become literate, we build a brighter future for the whole world.




  1. abilityn. 能力;才能
    Ben has the ability to touch his nose with his tongue.
  2. imaginevt. 想像
    It is difficult for me to imagine being an only child because I grew up with four brothers.
  3. deservevt. 应得
    No one deserves the MVP award more than Hank because the team couldn't have won without him.
  4. someadv. 大约
    Some 5,000 people took part in the protest against experiments on animals.
  5. themen. 主题
    The theme of our costume party is legendary heroes.
  1. by definition从定义上来说,根据定义
    Leila is by definition a feminist since she believes in equal rights for women.
  2. encourage + 人 + to + 原形动词鼓励某人……
    My parents have always encouraged me to follow my heart and do the things that interest me.
  3. better yet/still(比前面所提到的事物)更好的是
    We could all go to that burger place, or better still, you guys could come over for dinner.
1. illiteratea. 不识字的,文盲的
2. literatea. 识字的,有读写能力的
3. literacyn. 识字,有读写能力
illiteracyn. 不识字,文盲

In fact, one in five adults is illiterate.
A in/out of (every) B每 B 个中有 A 个(表比例)
Four out of (every) five high school students in Taiwan are nearsighted.

Two-thirds of them are women...
用英文表示分数时,分子须用基数(one, two...)表示,而分母则用序数(second, third...)。当分子大於"1"时,分母的字尾须加上"s"。分子与分母间通常有连字号"-"连接,但"a/one half"(二分之一)与"a/one quarter"(四分之一)间则没有。例∶
1/5 → one-fifth
3/10 → three-tenths
Vincent beat the other runners by one-tenth of a second to win the race.




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