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英文剧本 Flipped 怦然心动 (中英文)

2011-09-20  Kelvin Doc

Flipped 怦然心动 dialogue Chinese&English

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我只希望朱莉?贝克能离我远点All I ever wanted was for Juli Baker to leave me alone.
故事始于一年级暑假 年的夏天It all began in the summer of , before the start of second grade.
我们到家啦Here we are.
我挺喜欢的What do you guys think?
I like this place.
很赞呢 我的房间是什么颜色?
It's cool.
Uh, what color is my room?
别急嘛Just you wait.
咱们进去瞧瞧 嘿 布莱斯Let's see what's inside.
Hey, come on, buddy Bryce.
过来给我搭把手搬东西Why don't, uh, you and I go help unload the van让姑娘们去整理厨房吧and the womenfolk here can get in the kitchen and start setting up.
好的 老爸Okay, Dad.
于我而言 这意味着我从此步入了For me, it was the beginning of what would be长达五年的不安与逃避生涯more than half a decade of strategic avoidance and social discomfort.
嗨 我是朱莉?贝克 喂喂喂 你干嘛呢?
Hi, I'm Juli Baker.
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
Don't you want some help?
不必了 那里面都是贵重物品No.
There's some valuable things in there.
那我就搬这个吧 不用了How about this one?
No, no, no.
赶紧回家吧 你妈妈没准在找你呢Run home.
Your mother's probably wondering where you are.
没关系 我妈妈知道我在哪 她同意我过来Oh, no, my mom knows where I am.
She said it's fine.
显然这姑娘也太不识趣了It didn't take long to realize this girl could not take a hint.
咱们仨在这儿有点挤吧 不要紧啊It's crowded in here with three people.
I don't mind.
毫无自知之明 我们一起推吧?
Of any kind.
You wanna push this one together?
布莱斯 你妈妈还等着你去帮忙吧?
Bryce, isn't it time for you to go help your mother?
是啊是啊Oh, yeah.
我真是拿她没辙I mean, nothing would stop her.
我终于忍无可忍 这时候诡异的事情却发生了I was about to tell her to get lost when the weirdest thing happened.
我真是难以置信I couldn't believe it.
我居然会牵着陌生女孩的手There I was holding hands with this strange girl.
你好呀How did I get into this mess?
Well, hello.
看来你已经认识我儿子了I see you've met my son我不得不使出岁男生仅有的气概Finally, I did the only manly thing available when you're years old.
然而 还有一大串的麻烦等着我However, my troubles were far from over.
就在我走进叶尔森老师的教室时The minute I walked into Miss Yelson's classroom布莱斯?
You're here.
很显然it was clear:即使在学校 也无法逃脱她的魔掌School would not be a sanctuary.
嘿 布莱斯 你女朋友呢?
Hey, Bryce, where's your girlfriend?
枉我一世英名啊I was branded for life.
嘿 布莱斯 你咋不向她求婚呢?
Hey, Bryce, why don't you ask her to marry you?
布莱斯和朱莉爬上树梢Bryce and Juli sitting in a tree卿卿我我甜如蜜K-l-S-S-l-N-G搬来镇上的第一年简直就是场灾难My first year in town was a disaster.
瞧那小两口呀Look at them.
接下来的三年也不尽如人意And the next three weren't much better.
就这么捱到了六年级 我总算不再坐以待毙But finally, in the sixth grade, I took action.
想到了一个大狠招I hatched the plan.
雪利 等一下Sherry, wait up.
嗨 布莱斯Hi, Bryce.
我向雪利?斯道尔斯展开攻势I asked out Sherry Stalls.
I was wondering if you wanted to go这个招数的绝妙之处在于To full appreciate the brilliance of this plan雪利?斯道尔斯是朱莉的眼中钉you have to understand that Juli hated Sherry Stalls但我始终想不通其中的缘由though I never understood why.
雪利长发飘飘 为人和善Sherry was nice, friendly and she had a lot of hair.
我妈之前一直不让我打耳洞 后来我拼命求她At first, my mother wouldn't let me get my ears pierced, but I begged我原本一心指望 只要和雪利吃吃饭The idea was that Sherry would eat with me散散步 就能让朱莉知难而退maybe we'd walk around together, and hopefully Juli would lose interest.
她还是不允许我岁前打耳洞But I still can't get the hoops till I'm .
太可惜了Oh, that's a shame.
米娜妮也想打耳洞So Melanie wanted to get her ears pierced,但她老妈也不是省油的灯but of course her mother said no.
她就在家大发雷霆 So she threw a fit 把约翰尼?马蒂斯的精选辑给砸了and smashed her Johnny Mathis Greatest Hits album结果就被禁足了and she got grounded,连我的睡衣派对都来不了so now she can't come to my pajama sleepover party.
事情进展相当顺利Things were unfolding quite nicely.
What are you doing for your science project?
直到我所谓的挚友加利特?埃恩德That is, until my supposed best friend, Garrett Einbinder开始打起了雪利的主意took an interest in Sherry himself.
我想展示各种护发素I was thinking of showing how split ends react 如何修复头发分叉with different hair conditioners.
太棒了That's fascinating.
俗话说得好 重色必轻友 加利特这个叛徒Loyalty gave way to desire and Garrett, the turncoat向雪利全盘托出我的计划told Sherry what I was up to.
她自然很是生气She didn't take it well.
至于朱莉Word got back to Juli, 她自然又开始对我故技重施and pretty soon she started up with the goo-goo eyes again.
而且还变本加厉Only this time it was worse.
居然开始嗅我She started sniffing me.
你没听错 她居然用鼻子嗅我That's right, sniffing me.
What was that all about?
我只能期望来年能摆脱魔掌My only consolation was that next year would be different.
但愿升入初中后Junior high, bigger school.
不用再和她同班 Maybe we'd be in different classes 彻底结束我的噩梦and it would finally, finally be over.
见到布莱斯?罗斯基的第一眼 我便怦然心动了The first day I met Bryce Loski, I flipped.
他的双眸让我如痴如醉It was those eyes, something in those dazzling eyes.
You wanna push this one together?
那时候他们刚搬到我家隔壁His family had just moved into the neighborhood我过去帮他们搬东西and I'd gone over to help them.
我在车里刚呆了分钟 I'd been in the van all of two minutes 他老爸就让她去帮他妈妈when his dad sent him off to help his mom.
我知道他并不想离开I could see he didn't wanna go.
于是我追上前去 So I chased after him to see 问他能不能先玩一会再进屋if we could play a little before he got trapped inside.
接着他便用力握着我的手The next thing I know, he's holding my hand与我深情凝视and looking right into my eyes.
那一刹那 我的心停止了跳动My heart stopped.
Was this it?
Would this be my first kiss?
没想到他妈妈却出来了 你好呀But then his mother came out.
Well, hello.
他感到无比羞愧 脸都红了And he was so embarrassed, his cheeks turned completely red.
那晚我躺在床上 不停幻想初吻的场景I went to bed that night thinking of the kiss that might have been.
我知道他对我动心了 I mean, it was clear he had feelings for me, 只是怯于表达爱意but he was just too shy to show them.
妈妈说过男孩子都会这样My mother said boys were like that.
我决定帮他克服心中的恐惧 So I decided to help him out.
You're here.
我会竭尽所能帮他彻底释放自我I would give him plenty of opportunity to get over his shyness.
六年级那年 我学着有所收敛By the sixth grade, I'd learned to control myself.
没想到半路却杀出个雪利?斯道尔斯Then Sherry Stalls entered the picture.
雪利?斯道尔斯就是一人尽可夫的长舌妇Sherry Stalls was nothing but a whiny, gossipy, backstabbing flirt.
头发长见识短All hair and no substance.
And there she was和布莱斯十指紧扣 那可是我家布莱斯holding hands with Bryce.
My Bryce.
我的初吻白马王子The one who was walking around with my first kiss.
我决定对她视而不见 依照布莱斯的品性My solution was to ignore her.
I knew a boy of Bryce's caliber总有一天能意识到雪利有多浅薄无知would eventually see through a shallow conniver like Sherry Stalls.
如我所料 他俩一周后便分手了It took all of a week.
They broke up at recess.
她也不看看自己几斤几两She didn't take it well.
自从布莱斯摆脱了朱莉的魔掌 Now that Bryce was out of Sherry's evil clutches, 对我也变得更为友善he started being nicer to me.
嗨 朱莉 嗨 布莱斯Hi, Juli.
Hi, Bryce.
他如此腼腆可人He was so shy and so cute他的发丝间弥漫着西瓜的香氛and his hair, it smelled like watermelon.
我简直如痴如醉I couldn't get enough of it.
整整一年我都沉浸在这迷人的芬芳里I spent the whole year secretly sniffing watermelon期盼着何时能迎来我的初吻and wondering if I was ever going to get my kiss.
升入初一后 生活开始有所改观Seventh grade brought changes, all right.
但最大的变化并非学校But the biggest one didn't happen at school.
而是出现在家中It happened at home.
外公搬来与我们同住My grandfather came to live with us.
妈妈说他是过于思念外婆 才会如此迷惘Mom said he stared like that because he missed Grandma.
但他怎么可能对我推心置腹呢That was not something Grandpa would ever talk about with me.
其实他在我面前总是沉默寡言As a matter of fact, he never talked about much of anything with me.
直到朱莉的名字登上了当地报纸That is, until Juli appeared in the local newspaper.
布莱斯 能和你聊聊吗?
Oh, Bryce.
May I speak with you?
坐吧 孩子Have a seat, son.
跟我说说你的朋友朱莉?贝克吧Tell me about your friend Juli Baker.
She's not exactly my friend.
Why's that?
Why do you wanna know?
朱莉?贝克登上梅菲尔德时报Now, Juli Baker did not wind up in The Mayfield Times可不是因为她天赋异禀for being an eighth-grade Einstein.
而是因为她赖在无花果树上No, she got front-page coverage because she refused 死活不肯下来to climb out of a sycamore tree.
朱莉?贝克和那棵白痴无花果树Juli Baker and that stupid sycamore tree.
她认为那棵树She always thought it was God's gift 是上帝对我们的恩赐to our little corner of the universe.
嘿 布莱斯 过来和我们一起爬树不?
Hey, Bryce.
Wanna come climb the tree with me and my brothers?
不了 谢谢No, thanks.
布莱斯 快上来嘛 很好玩的Bryce.
Come up here.
It's fun.
可以看到全世界呢 我没空You can see everything.
I can't.
My dad needs me to help him fix修东西a thing.
拉倒吧That's all I needed.
我才不要和朱莉?贝克一起爬树呢Climb up a tree with Juli Baker.
我可不想重温二年级的噩梦I'd be dragged right back into the second grade.
布莱斯和朱莉爬上树梢Bryce and Juli sitting in a tree.
我宁可下半辈子吃青豆度日Why don't you just make me eat lima beans for the rest of my life.
还有三个街区就来了It's three blocks away.
只剩两个喽Two blocks.
还有最后一个One block away.
还真把自己当回事 最受不了她这种人了Like that's valuable information.
I hate it when she does that.
真希望校车哪天能罢工I like to think there's at least a chance the bus won't show.
这棵树在晨曦中显得尤为美丽 你说对么?
I think the tree looks particularly beautiful in this light.
Don't you?
如果你所谓的美丽是指奇丑无比 If by "beautiful" you mean "unbelievably ugly," 那我绝对赞成then, yes, I would agree.
你眼神不太好吧 我真同情你You're just visually challenged.
I feel sorry for you.
"Visually challenged"?
"Visually challenged"?
她家不也是街坊邻里的笑柄么 This from the girl who lived in a house 居然敢这么说我?
that was the joke of the neighborhood?
灌木爬满了窗台 门前杂草丛生They had bushes growing over windows and weeds all over the place.
我老爸为此很是不爽It bugged my dad bigtime.
哟 快瞧瞧Oh, there he is.
砌墙工当自己是大画家呢 The bricklayer who thinks he's a painter.
嫌那破车不够寒碜 That truck's not ugly enough in real life?
He's gotta make a painting of it?
人家的风景画可是集市上的抢手货No, he does landscapes.
Sells them at the county fair.
大家都夸赞他呢People say they're beautiful.
Let me tell you something.
他要是能把院子拾掇拾掇The world would have more beauty in it这个世界一定会更加美好if he'd do a little landscaping on that piece of crap he calls a yard.
我真同情他老婆 嫁了这么个幻想家I feel bad for his wife.
She married a dreamer.
梦想与现实间的冲突 总得有一个人来承受Because of that, one of the two of them will always be unhappy.
没错 可为啥要殃及无辜呢?
Yeah, fine.
But why do we have to be unhappy?
和朱莉?贝克成天赖在树上相比As annoying as the yard was to my dad她家那院子其实也不见得有多惹人生厌it was nothing compared to how annoying Juli Baker was in that tree.
还有三个街区哦Three blocks away.
每天早上我们都不得不忍受Every morning we had to listen to the sound她极为啰嗦的交通播报of her blow-by-blow traffic report.
还有两个了Two blocks.
到喽There you go.
Why do they call it The Three Stooges?
明明有五个人啊 什么?
I mean, there's five of them.
你看啊 莫伊 拉里 克里 谢普和卷毛乔伊Well, yeah, there's Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp and Curly Joe.
可每场戏却只有三个人 是啊Yeah, but they only have three at a time.
我讨厌卷毛乔伊 他哪算得上臭皮匠呢You know, I hate Curly Joe.
I mean, he shouldn't even be a Stooge.
姑娘 我可要报警了Listen, girl, I'm this close to calling the police.
你侵犯私人土地 妨碍施工You are trespassing and obstructing progress on a contracted job.
你最好自己下来What's going on?
Either you come down要不我们就砍树了 你们赶紧上来吧or we're gonna cut you down.
You guys, come up here with me.
咱们人一多他们就不敢砍了They won't cut it down if we're all up here.
车来了 朱莉真是疯了Bus, bus, bus.
Juli was frantic.
他们想把树给砍了They wanted to cut down her tree.
真不明白那无比畸形的树I couldn't understand why that mutant tangle of gnarly branches在她心里怎么就那么重要 布莱斯 求你了meant so much to her.
Bryce, please.
我很同情她 别管她I felt bad for her.
Leave her.
但我可不至于为此旷课But I wasn't about to cut school over it.
走吧 哥们儿Come on, bro.
你为什么不把她当朋友呢 布莱斯?
Why isn't she your friend, Bryce?
等你真正了解朱莉就明白了You'd have to know Juli.
我倒真想认识她Well, I'd like to.
这姑娘挺有骨气的That girl has an iron backbone.
Why don't you invite her over sometime?
An iron backbone?
她那是一根筋She's just stubborn而且还很自以为是and she's pushy beyond belief.
Is that so?
她从二年级起就老是缠着我And she's been stalking me since the second grade.
这种女孩可是可遇不可求的Well, a girl like that doesn't live next door to everyone.
谁遇上谁倒霉Lucky them.
看看这个Read this.
放下心中的成见Without prejudice.
我才没兴趣去了解朱莉?贝克Like I needed to know anything more about Juli Baker.
第二天早上朱莉没去等校车Juli wasn't at the bus stop the next morning.
第三天也不见她出现Or the morning after that.
不知道她怎么来学校的She was at school, but you'd never know it.
他那妆也太浓了 他不显老啊Little Joe?
He's got so much makeup on He doesn't age.
我告诉自己应该感到庆幸I told myself I should be glad about it.
I mean, isn't that what I'd always wanted?
但我仍替她感到难过But still, I felt bad for her.
我想跟她说声对不起 但是一想 还是算了I was gonna tell her I was sorry, but then I thought, hey, no我可真不希望that's the last thing I needed:让朱莉?贝克以为我在想她Juli Baker thinking I missed her.
我知道你为什么喜欢这里I see why you like to come out here.
Would you mind explaining it to your mother?
我喜欢看着爸爸作画I loved to watch my father paint.
更喜欢在他画画时和他聊天Or really, I loved to hear him talk while he painted.
这样能让我更了解他I learned a lot about my dad that way.
他和我无话不谈He told me all sorts of things比如他怎样得到第一份工作 like how he got his first job delivering hay他多么渴望能完成学业and how he'd wished he'd finished college.
有一天 他出人意料地问我Then one day he surprised me.
What's going on with you and, uh, Bryce Loski?
没什么呀What do you mean?
那好吧Oh, okay.
是我想多了My mistake.
Why would you even think that?
其实也没什么No reason.
只是你成天Just that you都把他挂在嘴边talk about him all the time.
I do?
我也不知道I don't know.
也许我被他的双眼所吸引吧I guess it's something about his eyes.
还有他迷人的微笑Or maybe his smile.
But what about him?
You have to look at the whole landscape.
What does that mean?
一幅画绝非简单拼凑就能完成A painting is more than the sum of its parts.
一头牛只是一头牛A cow by itself is just a cow.
草地也只长满了青草和花朵A meadow by itself is just grass, flowers.
阳光照进大树的枝桠 亦不过缕缕薄光And the sun peeking through the trees is just a beam of light.
但你若能将它们衔接拼凑But you put them all together却能收获意想不到的成果and it can be magic.
我对他的话一知半解 直到一天下午I didn't really understand what he was saying until one afternoon我爬上无花果树的枝头when I was up in the sycamore tree.
试图去捡风筝I was rescuing a kite.
它挂得很高 我从没爬过这么高It was a long way up, higher than I'd ever been.
但我发现爬得越高 眼前的景象便愈发迷人And the higher I got, the more amazed I was by the view.
沁人心脾的微风迎面扑来I began to notice how wonderful the breeze smelled.
夹杂着阳光和野草的芬芳Like sunshine and wild grass.
我忍不住大口呼吸I couldn't stop breathing it in让肺里溢满甜美醉人的气息filling my lungs with the sweetest smell I'd ever known.
嘿 我的风筝被你找到了Hey, you found my kite.
布莱斯 你真该上来看看Bryce, you should come up here.
太美了It's so beautiful.
不行 我扭伤了.
I can't.
I sprained my, um我出疹子了I have a rash.
从那一刻起 我彻底爱上了这里From that moment on, that became my spot.
我可以坐上好几个钟头 静静欣赏这世界I could sit there for hours, just looking out at the world.
落日时而泛着微醺的紫红Some days the sunsets would be purple and pink.
时而迸发出橙色的余晖And some days they were a blazing orange瞬间布满天边的晚霞setting fire to the clouds on the horizon.
在如此瑰丽的景象中It was during one of those sunsets that my father's idea我终于慢慢有所领悟of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts爸爸所说的整体胜于全部moved from my head to my heart.
有时我会起个大早 只为去看日出Some days I would get there extra early to watch the sunrise.
一天清晨 我在心里兀自揣度One morning I was making mental notes应该如何向爸爸描绘of how the streaks of light were cutting through the clouds缕缕曙光穿透云层的景象so I could tell my dad下面却传来阵阵嘈杂when I heard a noise below.
不好意思Excuse me.
抱歉 你们不能停在这里 这是校车站台Excuse me.
I'm sorry, but you can't park there.
That's a bus stop.
Hey, what are you doing up there?
赶紧下来 我们要砍树了You can't be up there, we're gonna take this thing down.
没错 快下来吧The tree?
Now come on down.
树的主人啊But who told you, you could cut it down?
The owner.
他想在这里建房 这棵树挡道了He's gonna build a house, and this tree's in the way.
姑娘 赶紧下来吧 我们得开工了So come on, girl, we got work to do.
你们不能砍这棵树 不能砍You can't cut it down.
You just can't.
姑娘 你再不下来我就报警了Listen, girl.
I'm this close to calling the police.
你侵犯私人土地 妨碍施工You are trespassing and obstructing progress on a contracted job.
你再不下来 我们就直接砍了Now either you come down, or we're gonna cut you down.
来吧 要砍就砍吧Go ahead.
Cut me down.
我不下去 坚决不下去I'm not coming down.
I'm never coming down.
布莱斯 你们快上来帮我啊Bryce.
You guys, come up here with me.
上面人一多 他们就不敢砍了They won't cut it down if we're all up here.
布莱斯 别让他们砍树啊Bryce, please don't let them do this.
求你们了Come on, you guys.
布莱斯 求你了 你不用爬很高的Bryce, please.
You don't have to come up this high.
Just a little ways.
布莱斯 求求你了Bryce, please.
从那之后 一切都变得模糊起来What happened after that was a blur.
似乎整个镇上的人都围了过来It seemed like the whole town was there.
但我一直坚持不肯下去But still I wouldn't move.
爸爸后来赶了过来Then my father showed up.
他说服消防员 架了楼梯爬上来He talked a fireman into letting him come up to where I was.
宝贝儿 我们下去吧Sweetie, it's time to come down.
爸爸 别让他们砍树Daddy, please don't let them do this.
宝贝儿 爸爸 你看啊Sweetie Daddy, look.
在这里可以俯瞰整个世界You can see everything.
You can see the whole world from here.
万里河山也不及我女儿的安危重要 下去吧No view is worth my daughter's safety.
Now, come on.
我不走I can't.
朱莉安娜 别耍小性子了Julianna, it's time to come down now.
求你了 爸爸Please, Daddy.
听话 下去吧It's time.
就这么结束了And that was it.
我整整两周都以泪洗面I must've cried for two weeks straight.
我仍然坚持上学 异常用功Oh, sure, I went to school and did the best I could却感觉生活失去了重心but nothing seemed to matter.
Do you know the answer?
Uh, the Peloponnesian War?
这也许是某个问题的答案I'm sure that's the answer to something但我问的是菱形的面积but I was looking for the area of a rhomboid.
其实 菱形三角形之类的Somehow, rhomboids and isosceles right triangles在我看来并不重要didn't seem so important.
我开始骑车上学 只为避开那个伤心地I rode my bike so I wouldn't have to pass by the stump那里曾经矗立着世上最美的无花果树that used to be the earth's most magnificent sycamore tree.
但不管我怎么努力 我对它始终心有念想But no matter what I did, I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Are you okay?
不就是一棵树么It was just a tree.
那不仅只是一棵树No, it wasn't just a tree.
希望你能将树梢的美好时光永存心底I never want you to forget how you felt when you were up there.
谢谢你 爸爸Thanks, Dad.
我每天醒来就会看着这幅画It was the first thing I saw every morning它亦每天伴着我入眠and the last thing I saw before I went to sleep.
直到有一天看着它 我不再泪眼朦胧And once I could look at it without crying我领悟到了更深层的寓意I saw more than the tree and what being up there meant to me.
我的世界观开始有了细微的变化I saw the day that my view of things around me started changing.
我不禁问自己 我对布莱斯的感情是否一如往日?
And I wondered, did I still feel the same things about Bryce?
我向来对鸡蛋不感冒I've never been a huge fan of eggs.
既不喜欢 也说不上讨厌I mean, I could always just take them or leave them.
但那天在斯凯勒?布朗家的车库里That is, until one day in Skyler Brown's garage让我对鸡蛋的厌恶根深蒂固when my feelings about eggs were solidified.
嘿 伙计们 艾德娜的早餐有着落喽Hey, hey, hey.
Edna's found her breakfast.
黏糊糊软趴趴的动物喜欢的食物I mean, if a slimy reptile found them appetizing我想想都觉得恶心there was certainly no place for them in my diet.
天啊 太给力了Oh, man, that's so cool.
她连嚼都不用嚼 省时又省心She doesn't even have to chew.
I mean, think of all the time you'd save.
都怨我姐姐丽奈特I could've gone my whole life not knowing that snakes eat eggs raw非要来找斯凯勒?布朗商量联赛的事if it hadn't been for Lynetta.
要不我这辈子都不想看蛇活吞鸡蛋She had a major-league thing for Skyler Brown.
真够恶心的I think it's gross.
他和朱莉的哥哥马特和马克 组了个乐队He and Juli's brothers, Matt and Mark, had formed a band.
丽奈特要看着他们排练And Lynetta would watch them practice.
太赞了吧That is so neat.
你觉得呢 布莱斯?
How about that, huh, Bryce?
是啊 够给力的Yeah.
布莱斯 你觉得它要怎么消化?
So, Brycie, how do you think he's gonna digest that?
就知道你会这么说Stomach acid?
You'd like to think that.
等等 别出声 好戏开始了Wait, everybody quiet.
Here he goes.
这才叫吃鸡蛋啊Eggs over easy.
太恶心了 看得我想吐Gross.
Gross, gross, gross.
等等哈 最精彩的还没出现呢Wait, wait.
You haven't seen the best part.
我试着佯装淡定 却毫不管用I tried to be casual about it, but it didn't take.
我开始做噩梦I started having bad dreams.
梦见自己被困在巨型鸡蛋里I'd be trapped inside a huge egg怪物张嘴将我吞入囊中and this monster would open his jaws and start to devour me.
所幸每次都能及时醒来I'd wake up just in time.
没想到噩梦成真了Then the real nightmare began.
嗨 布莱斯 我给你们带了些鸡蛋Hi, Bryce.
I brought these over for you and your family.
我家养的鸡开始下蛋了 什么?
My chickens are laying eggs.
还记得艾比 邦妮 克莱德 You remember Abby and Bonnie and Clyde 德克斯特 尤妮丝和弗洛伦斯吗?
and Dexter and Eunice and Florence?
就是科学展览会上孵的小鸡 当然记得啊The ones I hatched for the science fair.
How could I forget?
朱莉?贝克总是那么经典It was classic Juli Baker.
轻而易举成了全场的焦点She totally dominated the fair.
她的课题是观察无聊的鸡蛋孵化过程And get this, her project was all about watching boring eggs hatch.
我的可是现场模拟火山爆发I mean, here I had a live-action erupting volcano可大家显然对朱莉孵出的鸡仔and all anyone cared about was Juli's boring chicks更感兴趣breaking out of their boring shells.
最后一只出来了Oh, I think the last one's hatching.
出来了 出来了啊It's hatching.
Oh, it's hatching.
孩子们 快过来Kids, come over here.
好吧 我输给她了But hey, she won.
I lost.
我彻底被无视了I've never been one to dwell.
孵出来了Here it comes.
但我可不会吃她送来的鸡蛋But that didn't mean I had to eat her lousy eggs.
朱莉这姑娘真乖巧 还给我们送鸡蛋I think it was very sweet of Juli to bring us those eggs.
我才不吃呢 我明早还是喝燕麦粥I don't care.
I'm still having cereal tomorrow.
我们怎么能确定这蛋不是孵了一半呢Yeah, how do we know there's no chicks in one of those eggs?
我小时候常吃刚下的蛋 很是可口I used to eat farm-fresh eggs when I was a kid.
They were delicious.
刚下的蛋当然美味了Yeah, well, that's all well and good可万一敲开鸡蛋 掉出一具尸体咋整?
but what if we crack one open and a dead chick falls out?
Do they have a rooster?
如果没有就不是受精蛋If they don't have a rooster the eggs can't be fertile.
如果养了公鸡我们也会知道 And if they had a rooster, we'd know.
街坊邻居都能听到The whole neighborhood would know.
万一人家把公鸡变声了呢Maybe they got it de-yodeled.
就是把声带给割了You know.
What the hell are you talking about?
就像给狗禁声那样Like they de-bark dogs.
布莱斯 你直接问问朱莉不就行了?
Bryce, why don't you just ask Juli?
还是不要吧 什么?
I don't think that What?
谁说我不敢跟她说话You afraid to talk to her?
I'm not afraid to talk to her.
我看是你不敢吧I know you are, but what am I?
好了 你去找她问问清楚吧 布莱斯Okay.
Just talk to her and find out.
How do you tell if one's a rooster?
公鸡体型较大 羽毛更长Well, a rooster's bigger.
Longer feathers.
头上长有红色的鸡冠They've got that red stuff growing out of their head.
脖子上也长有红毛 那应该挺好鉴别的吧And around their neck too.
That shouldn't be too hard to spot.
你想想啊 鸡通常都长有鸡冠Although, come to think of it, chickens have the rubbery red stuff too.
只不过不太明显罢了Just not as much.
加利特是公鸡专家Garrett's expertise in roosters他能让我避免直接和朱莉?贝克对峙was the cornerstone of our plan to avoid contact with Juli Baker.
我们偷偷溜去她家后院The balance of which involved spying over her back fence.
快点 快点 嘘Come on, come on.
就在这Over here.
我看不清那些鸡啊I can't see the stupid chickens.
得把它们从笼子里弄出来We gotta get them out of the coop.
Is that a rooster?
不是 看起来不像No, it looks like a chicken.
How can you tell?
只可意会不可言传It just does.
什么叫做专家See what I mean?
嘘 干嘛?
Shh, shh! What?
开饭啦 宝贝们Here, guys.
出来吧 吃饭喽Go on, there you go.
来来来 吃饭哦 没错 都是鸡Here, guys.
Go on.
Yeah, they're all chickens.
There's no rooster?
What did I just say?
How can you tell?
它们走路没有昂首阔步 来来来 多吃点Well, none of them are strutting.
Here, come on.
快吃呀Roosters strut?
Come on, guys.
吃吧吃吧What did I just say?
再说了 也没看见有红鸡冠的Plus, hardly any of them have any rubbery red stuff.
绝对都是鸡What are you doing?
They're definitely all chickens.
他们家养的都是鸡They're all chickens.
真替你骄傲啊 布莱斯I'm proud of you, Bryce.
你克服了恐惧心理 什么?
You overcame your fear.
你跟她说话了呀 哦 是啊You talked to her.
Oh, heh.
这有啥大不了的It's no big deal.
That's what she told you?
They're all chickens?
你俩都够油菜的 不是鸡难道还是鸭啊She's a genius.
You're both genius Of course they're all chickens.
公鸡不也是鸡么 可关键在于A rooster's a chicken.
The question is:那些鸡都是母的吗?
Is one of them a rooster or are they all hens?
Who said anything about hens?
我突然就开窍了Then it hit me.
加利特压根对鸡一窍不通Garrett didn't know jack shit about chickens.
那当然了Do roosters strut?
Yes, they do.
What does that have to do with anything?
那它们全是母鸡They're all hens.
只要鸡蛋没问题就行了Well, the main thing is the eggs are okay.
不用再纠结了It's all settled.
我可不这么想Not for me.
我打死都不可能去碰There was no way I was ever gonna eat anything和朱莉?贝克有关的任何东西that had anything to do with Juli Baker.
我不想吃鸡蛋I'm not eating them.
Well, why not?
你又不是没见过她家那院子Have you seen their yard?
It's简直是寸草不生 除了污泥就是鸡粪There's not even any grass.
It's all mud and chicken turds.
真恶心 有沙门氏菌?
Do you suppose they could have salmonella?
应该不太可能 为什么要拿健康冒险?
It's not very likely.
Why take the risk?
What do we do with the eggs?
还回去吧Give them back.
没错Give them back?
To Juli?
反正你都跟她说过话了 也没见你掉肉啊You talked to her before, right?
It didn't kill you.
Well, what do I say?
告诉她我们家不吃鸡蛋Tell her we don't eat eggs.
对鸡蛋过敏之类的Uh, we're allergic to them or something.
你不会动脑筋想想啊Come on, use your brains.
撒谎总归不太好It didn't feel right to lie.
再说了 三岁小孩都知道Besides, even a seventh grader would know 全家人不可能同时对鸡蛋过敏that entire families aren't allergic to eggs.
我也不想让她伤心But I didn't wanna hurt her feelings either.
所以我只能这么做了So that left me with only one option.
而且也能让我避免And thus another near-death experience和朱莉?贝克当面发生冲突in my ongoing saga with Juli Baker had been successfully avoided.
直到一个星期后Until one week later.
嗨 布莱斯 我又给你带了些鸡蛋Hi, Bryce.
Brought you some more eggs.
谢谢 之前送的那些你家人还喜欢吗?
Did your family like the first batch?
这还用说吗Do you even have to ask?
那就好 学校见Great.
See you at school.
我本来想着能永绝后患What I hoped would be a one-time event没想到却让自己was just the beginning of a life 变得谎话连篇consumed with lies, intrigue and deception.
每天早晨我都得提防朱莉Every morning I'd be on the lookout for Juli必须抢在她敲门之前so if she happened to come, 把门打开I could whip the door open before she knocked.
然后再偷偷把鸡蛋给扔了Then I'd dump the eggs before anyone noticed.
And why?
Why couldn't I just face her?
为什么我就不能跟她说Why couldn't I just say:谢谢 我不稀罕你的鸡蛋 拿去喂蛇好了"No, thanks.
Don't want them.
Don't need them.
Give them to the snake"?
我究竟是不忍伤害她Was I really afraid of hurting her feelings还是打心底里怕她?
or was I just afraid of her?
现在 你得确认.
Now, you wanna make sure you get it布鲁贝克老师最初提出孵化课题时When Mrs.
Brubeck first suggested hatching eggs as my science project我其实并不太感兴趣I was less than excited.
直到我第一次亲眼目睹生命的迹象That is, until I saw my first sign of life.
Is that it?
是的 那就是胚胎 哇That's the embryo.
看起来像豌豆 没错It looks like a bean.
It does.
看看其他几个吧Let's try the other ones.
那一刻我切身感受到Suddenly it felt real.
每颗蛋都是鲜活的生命All the eggs were alive.
里面都孕育着豌豆宝宝There were, like, little bean babies inside every one.
科技展览会上 六只小鸡成功孵化On the day of the fair, all six chicks hatched.
What are the odds?
今年的冠军是朱莉?贝克This year's top prize goes to Juli Baker她的课题是for her wonderful project:小鸡的诞生过程"A Chicken is Born.
"我得了第一名I won first place.
我当然很高兴 但我更在意小鸡们的去留And that was cool, but all I really cared about were my chicks.
开饭啦 宝贝们There you go.
There you go, guys.
妈妈并不太喜欢在家养鸡My mom wasn't crazy about us raising chickens.
我拼命求她 还向她保证But I begged and pleaded.
一定会打理好一切 而且我做到了I told her I would take care of everything.
And I did.
Where's Clyde?
克莱德 你怎么了?
Hey, Clyde.
What's the matter?
Are you okay?
Aren't you hungry?
来 过来 怎么了呀 宝贝?
Come on.
Come here.
What's wrong, baby?
让我抱抱Come here.
嘿 你升级成妈妈克莱德啦Hey, you're not Clyde.
You're Clydette.
妈妈Mom!母鸡下的蛋供过于求As it turned out, my hens laid more eggs than we could eat.
一开始我们还想加大需求量At first we tried to keep up但连吃了个月的煮蛋 炒蛋 煎蛋后but after a month of boiling, frying and deviling就像电影"变形怪体"那样 我们彻底不行了like that movie The Blob, we were being overtaken by eggs.
直到邻居斯特比太太到访 事情才有所转机Then opportunity in the form of our neighbor, Mrs.
Steuby, knocked.
你好呀 亲爱的Hello, dear.
如果你家有多余的鸡蛋 我想找你买一些If you ever have any extra, I'd be happy to buy them from you.
而且海姆斯太太也想买And I happen to know that Mrs.
Helms would be interested as well.
太好了 新鲜鸡蛋多营养呀Great.
Nothing like fresh eggs.
谢谢你 斯特比太太 不客气 亲爱的 再见Thanks, Mrs.
You bet, dear.
在斯特比和海姆斯太太的帮助下 Between Mrs.
Steuby and Mrs.
Helms, 我的难题总算得以解决my egg overflow problem was solved.
我意识到应该给罗斯基太太也送些鸡蛋Then I realized that Mrs.
Loski deserved eggs too.
但我不想收她的钱But I didn't think it would be right to charge her.
她心地非常善良 She had been such a good neighbor, 每次我们缺了什么 她总是慷慨相助lending us supplies when we ran out上次车坏了 她还让妈妈搭便车giving my mother a ride when our car wouldn't start我理所应该报答她it was the least I could do.
再说了 如果能凑巧遇上布莱斯 Besides, if I happened to run into Bryce, 就再好不过了that wouldn't be the end of the world.
嗨 布莱斯Hi, Bryce.
当我第三次给罗斯基家送鸡蛋时By the third time I brought eggs over to the Loskis我注意到布莱斯每次都在等我I realized Bryce was waiting for me.
等着开门对我说 Waiting to pull open the door and say, "谢谢你 朱莉 学校见""Thanks, Juli.
See you at school.
"而我也何其有幸And in return, I got a few moments alone享受着与他深情凝视的小瞬间with the world's most dazzling eyes.
谢谢你 朱莉 学校见Thanks, Juli.
See you at school.
这桩买卖还真不赖It was a bargain.
可好景却不长Until the day it wasn't.
无花果树被砍的两周后It was two weeks after the sycamore tree was cut down我的心情刚开始有所平复and I was just starting to feel normal again.
嘿 朱莉 真够准时的啊Hey, Juli.
Right on schedule.
是啊 风雨无阻呢Yeah, well, neither rain nor sleet.
You know, the mailman thing?
哦 没错Oh.
So, um, will you start riding the bus again?
我也说不好 自从上次.
I don't know.
I haven't been up there since其实也没那么糟 都清理干净了It doesn't look so bad anymore.
It's all cleared away.
那个 我得出发去学校了Well, um, I better get ready for school.
咱们学校见吧Guess I'll see you there.
再见See you.
也许布莱斯说的没错Maybe Bryce was right.
我是时候考虑重新坐校车了Maybe it was time I started riding the bus again.
他都向我发出邀请了After all, didn't he just tell me he wanted me to?
Could it be that Bryce Loski actually misses me?
朱莉 你还没走呀?
What are you still doing here?
我在想事情I was just thinking.
今天是垃圾回收日 垃圾车就在前面It's pickup day.
The cans are in front.
我知道 要我帮忙吗?
I know.
You need some help?
不用了 我还是过会儿再去吧No.
Maybe I'll do it later.
Are those my eggs?
是的 我不小心掉地上了Yeah.
Yeah, I dropped them.
并没有摔坏啊They're not broken.
Why are you throwing them away?
Don't you want them?
不是我 我爸爸觉得我们不该冒险It wasn't me.
My dad didn't think it was worth the risk.
What risk?
He's afraid of being poisoned?
朱莉 你瞧瞧你家后院 乱得不像话Well, Juli, I mean, look at your back yard.
It's a complete mess.
到处都是鸡粪It's, like, covered in turds.
怎么会 我每天都会打扫干净That's not true.
I clean up after my girls every day.
我们只是不想伤害你We just didn't wanna hurt your feelings.
Have you always thrown them away?
斯特比和海姆斯太太一直花钱买我的鸡蛋You know, Mrs.
Steuby and Mrs.
Helms pay me for my eggs.
个鸡蛋美分They do?
They pay me cents a dozen.
我并不知道I didn't know.
How could you?
对不起I'm sorry.
不 你才不会No, you're not.
很快我便意识到It didn't take me long to realize我和朱莉?贝克之前结下的成见that I'd traded in my old problems with Juli Baker会牵扯出很多新问题for a whole set of new ones.
其实我更希望她来找我麻烦 而不是独自生闷气It was actually worse having her mad at me than having her annoy me.
她对我视而不见The way she ignored me was a constant reminder就像在提醒我 我是个混蛋that I'd been a jerk.
后来有一天我和加利特打完球回家Then one day I was coming home from playing basketball with Garrett诡异的事情发生了and things got weird.
别这么没用 来吧 你不会伤到它们的Don't be so timid.
Come on, you won't hurt them.
没错 就是这样Like this?
Yeah, that's it.
我外公My grandfather.
他向来只穿拖鞋 All I ever saw him wear was slippers.
Now, where did he get those work boots?
我总忍不住看看对面I couldn't stop looking over there.
而且越看越生气And the more I looked, the madder I got.
我外公一小时内跟朱莉说的话My grandfather had already said more to Juli in one hour比他跟我说过的所有话还要多than he'd said to me in the whole time he'd been living with us.
而且我从没见他笑过I was pretty sure I'd never seen him laugh.
And what was his deal with Juli Baker?
嗨 外公Hi, Grandpa.
朱莉跟我说了鸡蛋的事Juli told me about the eggs.
布莱斯You know, Bryce人的性格塑造于小时候one's character is set at an early age.
我不希望你就这么迷失自我I'd hate to see you swim out so far you can't swim back.
做人要诚实 孩子It's about honesty, son.
一时的隐忍难捱Sometimes a little discomfort in the beginning或许能让你免去一世的痛苦煎熬can save a whole lot of pain down the road.
朱莉?贝克还真够记仇的When it came to holding a grudge, Juli Baker was truly impressive.
我整个星期都在借机接近她All week I tried to approach her at school.
她却千方百计地避开我She'd always find some way to duck me.
等她回到家里 外公又总是陪着她And whenever she was in her yard, Grandpa was always there with her.
终于在星期六那天 我的机会来了Finally, one Saturday I saw my opening.
外公进城去买药了My grandfather had gone into town to buy some Bengay.
估计是修整院落让他过于劳累I guess the yard work was starting to get to him.
真漂亮啊It's looking real good.
谢谢 这都是切特的功劳Thanks.
Chet did most of it.
我很抱歉自己的所作所为I'm sorry for what I did.
我真想不明白 布莱斯 你为什么不直说呢?
I just don't get it, Bryce.
Why didn't you just tell me?
我也不知道 我太傻了I don't know.
It was dumb.
我也不该对你家院子指手画脚And I shouldn't have said anything about your yard, either.
那是不对的It wasn't right.
也不尽然吧Maybe it's all for the best.
我从切特身上学到很多 真是受益匪浅I mean, look, I learned so much from Chet, it's amazing.
你很幸运You're lucky.
我爷爷奶奶都不在了I don't even have grandparents anymore.
我真替他难过I feel sorry for him.
他非常思念你外婆He misses your grandma.
他说我让他想起了你外婆Can you believe it?
He says I remind him of her.
是啊 我当时也是这个反应What?
I know.
That's what I said.
他并不是那个意思 他说的是性格方面But he meant it in a nice way.
Something about her spirit.
祝你好运 你家的草坪一定会茂密如新Good luck with the grass.
I'm sure it'll come up great.
那就以后见吧I guess I'll see you around.
再见I guess so.
我所期望的不仅仅是朱莉接受我的道歉While Juli's acceptance of my apology was not all that I'd hoped for但至少这场鸡蛋风波总算过去了at least the eggs thing was finally behind me.
我总算能好好看一回"伯南扎牛仔"了The first time in months I could truly enjoy Bonanza.
你这是要去哪 干嘛穿成这样?
Where you going and why you dressed like that?
马特和马克会带录音设备Matt and Mark are bringing over recording stuff去录唱片小样and they're gonna make a demo.
Like they know how to make a demo.
你压根不认识人家You don't even know them.
没必要 这种人我很了解I don't have to.
I know the type.
你啥都不懂 别用这种口气跟我说话You don't know anything.
Don't talk to me like that.
我要迟到了 点前必须回家I'm late.
Be back by .
没错 一切都重新回到正轨Yep.
Everything was back to normal.
Is that girl working you too hard?
她叫朱莉 她才没有为难我呢That girl's name is Juli.
And, no, she isn't working me too hard.
你对她可是异常温柔啊 对吧?
You've developed quite a soft spot for her, huh?
帕蒂 我就想知道你老爸是不是精力过剩No, Patsy.
Just wanna find out why your father has the energy宁可去结交陌生人to befriend a complete stranger都不愿意陪亲外孙打棒球when he won't throw a baseball around with his own grandson.
没事的 爸爸 不 这怎么行It's okay, Dad.
No, it's not okay.
朱莉让他想到了外婆Juli reminds him of Grandma.
Of Renee?
太扯了吧That's ridiculous.
You know why the Bakers haven't fixed their yard?
因为他成天忙于作画呗Yeah, because he's too busy with his paint-by-numbers kit.
如果你有个先天弱智的兄弟 你会怎么办?
If you had a brother with a severe handicap, what would you do?
What the hell does that have to do with anything?
朱莉他叔叔是先天性弱智Juli's father has a retarded brother.
又没让他去修整院子So what?
He's not the gardener, is he?
开玩笑啦It was a joke.
家家有本难念的经You know, other people have family troubles但人家却能修剪好自家草坪and they manage to mow their own lawns.
亏他们还是房主I don't know where their pride in ownership is.
那房子是他们租的They don't own that house.
保养的事应该由房东负责The landlord's supposed to maintain it.
贝克先生倾尽所有积蓄 用于照顾他弟弟Mr.
Baker puts every extra penny he has into caring for his brother.
Don't they have government facilities for that sort of thing?
他们觉得家人能给他最好的照顾Maybe they thought that a private facility would be better for him.
不管怎样 他家的基因有问题Either way, it's not our fault 不能怨咱们啊that their family has some chromosomal abnormality.
这和基因没什么关系It has nothing to do with chromosomes.
朱莉的叔叔出生时 When Juli's uncle was born, 脖子被脐带缠住了he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.
如果不是缺氧所致 If he'd had enough oxygen, 他也会和你儿子一样健康成长he would've been a perfect little baby, just like your son.
说什么鬼话啊 切特Goddamn it, Chet.
帕蒂 帕蒂 让我一个人待一会儿Patsy?
Leave me alone!对不起Sorry about that.
Why is Mom so upset?
因为Because多亏了上帝的恩宠but for the grace of God否则你妈妈也得和贝克先生同病相怜your mother could be standing in Mr.
Baker's shoes.
Did her brother have the cord wrapped around his neck too?
是你You did.
所幸替你接生的医生经验丰富 Luckily, the doctor who delivered you was on the ball 及时把脐带解开了and got it untangled如果稍有不慎就会万劫不复but it easily could've gone the other way.
Wanna go for a walk?
能让大脑清醒一下I find it helps clear the mind.
如果不幸发生在我身上 他们会怎么做?
What would they have done with me?
我们无法预知未曾发生的事You can't dwell on something that might've been, Bryce.
看我爸那架势 The way my dad was talking, 估计会把我扔进精神病院sounds like he would've thrown me in a nuthouse.
不 别这么说 这对他不公平No, no.
Now, that's not fair.
你不能给他加上莫须有的罪名You can't condemn him for something he hasn't done.
这就是那棵树 是吗?
This is where that tree was, wasn't it?
上面的景色一定特别美妙Must've been a spectacular view.
她是个好姑娘She's quite a girl.
有些人会渐露平庸Some of us get dipped in flat有些人会小有所成some in satin还有人会出类拔萃some in gloss.
但你偶尔才能遇上一个But every once in a while光彩夺目的人you find someone who's iridescent.
当你真正遇到这一刻And when you do才能明白其中的美好nothing will ever compare.
平庸 拔萃 光彩夺目?
Flat, glossy, iridescent?
What the hell did that mean?
朱莉?贝克原本在我心里毫不起眼Juli Baker had always just seemed plain to me.
直到这一刻才有所改观Until now.
当她说起置身树梢的美妙感觉And the way she talked about what it felt like to be up in that tree远离地面 微风轻拂to be held above the earth, brushed by the wind.
Who in junior high talks like that?
我心里涌出一种别样的感觉This weird feeling started taking over in the pit of my stomach我讨厌这种感觉and I didn't like it.
我不能再错下去了I was slipping, man.
是时候及时清醒了And it was time to get a grip.
我从未因家庭的遭遇感到不幸I'd never been embarrassed by where we lived before.
我也从没想过钱的问题I also never really thought about money.
虽然我们并不富有 却也不觉生活贫乏I knew we weren't rich, but I didn't feel like we were missing anything.
直到布莱斯?罗斯基说我家简直一团糟That is, until Bryce Loski called our home a complete mess.
* 你叫什么名字?
* * 你叫什么名字?
** What's your name?
* * What's your name?
** 玛丽还是苏?
** Is it Mary or Sue?
** 你叫什么名字?
** What's your name?
** 我们能否在一起?
** Do I stand a chance with you?
** 我从未如此 ** It's so hard to find a personality ** 对他人感到着迷 ** With charms like yours for me *我必须有所行动 我很清楚应该怎么做I had to do something and I knew what it was.
* 你叫什么名字?
** What's your name?
*你们唱得真棒Oh, you're sounding really good.
我们会去斯凯勒家的车库录音We'll record it in Skyler's garage.
这计划真不错That's a wonderful project.
说到计划 Speaking of projects,我想把院子修整一下I was thinking it might be cool to fix up the yard.
I mean, how much can grass seed cost?
我可以种块草坪 再种点花I could plant a lawn, maybe some flowers.
甚至可以筑道篱笆I could even put up a fence.
宝贝儿 这可是个大工程Honey, that's a major undertaking.
我可以用卖鸡蛋的钱来修I could pay for it with my egg money.
不行 那是你的钱No.
That's your money.
这事应该由房东来打理The landlord should be the one taking care of all this.
可他不是毫无行动么 住在这里的人是我们But he doesn't.
And we live here.
院子看上去乱糟糟的And it looks so bad.
What's going on?
没什么 爸爸Nothing, Dad.
没事的 宝贝儿It's okay, sweetheart.
跟我们说说吧You can tell us.
罗斯基他们家把鸡蛋都扔了 The Loskis have been throwing away my eggs 他们担心会有沙门氏菌because they're afraid of salmonella.
因为我们家院子乱糟糟的Because our yard is such a mess.
Did Patsy say that?
不是 布莱斯说的No.
Bryce did.
但他们全家肯定都这么想But it must have been a family discussion.
小男孩是不会思考这种问题的A boy doesn't come up with that on his own.
Who cares what they think?
就是啊 关我们什么事?
Yeah, who cares?
可我在意 蒂娜I care.
别往心里去Let's not get into this.
不 我受够了 理查德No, I'm tired of living like this, Richard.
为了把账单付清 不得不去打小工I'm tired of having to take temp jobs just to make ends meet.
必须把椅子放在洗衣机上I'm tired of having to push a chair up against the washing machine才能想办法把门关紧just to keep the door shut.
我真的受够了 每次吸尘机一出毛病I'm tired of having to borrow Mrs.
Steuby's vacuum cleaner就不得不厚着脸皮向斯特比太太借every time ours breaks down.
Do you think this is the life I pictured for us?
有时我们为了正确的选择 不得不做出牺牲Sometimes you have to sacrifice to do the right thing.
我们都认为德文赫斯特是最适合丹尼尔的We always end up agreeing that Devonhurst is the right thing for Daniel.
我们也是时候替自己好好考虑了Well, maybe we should start thinking about what's right for us.
不能再因为无力修整庭院 让咱家闺女受委屈Our daughter is suffering because we won't fix up our own yard.
这不是我们的院子It's not our yard.
你怎么能说这种话 理查德?
How can you say that, Richard?
我们在这足足住了年We've lived here for years我们口口声声说是暂居于此 但事实截然相反and for years we've been saying it's temporary, but it's not.
这就是我们的家This is our home.
Is it wrong to wanna live somewhere you can be proud of?
To have enough to send your kids to college?
是时候考虑选择政府救济了Maybe it's time we considered government care.
我们不能弃我弟弟于不顾We are not moving my brother.
He's more important than your own children?
爸爸 你再给我说一句!Dad! How dare you!别吵了 爸爸 求你了 别这样Stop it, Dad! Please, just stop.
对不起 朱莉安娜 这不是你的错I'm sorry.
Julianna, this is not your fault.
我们会想办法解决的 我向你保证We'll work this out, I promise.
那是我第一次That was the first time 看到父母大动干戈I ever heard my parents really yell at each other.
今晚的事我很抱歉I'm sorry about tonight.
他们都先后来到我房间That night they each came into my room.
我爸爸说了叔叔的遭遇 说他很爱他My father talked about his brother and how much he loved him他曾经答应父母会永远照顾他and how he promised his parents he'd always take care of him.
妈妈说她很爱爸爸My mother talked about how much she loved my father她爱他的坚强与善良for his strength and kind heart.
她亲吻我向我道晚安When she kissed me good night在我耳边说道 我是她最大的骄傲she whispered that of all her many blessings, I was her best.
我对爸爸充满歉疚I felt sorry for my father.
亦对妈妈心怀歉疚I felt sorry for my mother.
但更重要的是 我庆幸能成为他们的女儿But most of all, I felt lucky for me that they were mine.
我觉得自己下决心整理院落I wanted to think the reason I started working on my yard和布莱斯的话毫无关系 had nothing to do with Bryce.
我只想让这个家更为温馨It was about making our house better.
他既然能扔掉我送的鸡蛋 After what he did with the eggs, 我又何必在乎他的想法?
why should I care what he thought?
但我始终还是在乎But I did.
你到底是想修剪枝桠 还是伐木啊?
Are you pruning that or trying to hack it to death?
嗨 我是切特?邓肯 布莱斯的外公Hi.
I'm Chet Duncan, Bryce's grandfather.
不好意思 过了这么久才来打招呼Sorry it's taken me so long to come over and introduce myself.
很高兴认识你Nice to meet you.
So are you trimming all these to the same height?
没错 我就是这么想的 却不知如何下手Well, yeah, that's what I was thinking, but I don't know.
Do you think it would look better to take them out?
这是红豆杉灌木 会越来越漂亮的Oh, these are Hicksii shrubs.
These will prune up nicely.
听我说 邓肯先生Listen, Mr.
叫我切特就好Call me Chet.
如果你是因为布莱斯说的那些话而来If you're here because of what Bryce said那就大可不必了I don't need your help.
我在报纸上看到关于你的报道Read about you in the paper.
芮妮如果还在 一定会陪你坐在树梢Renee would've sat up in that tree with you.
她可以在上面坐上整夜She would've sat up there all night.
我妻子My wife.
你让我不自觉想起她You remind me a lot of her.
我们在院子里忙活了几个星期We worked on the yard for weeks.
我们一边干活 一边聊天And the whole time we worked, we talked.
好了Right there?
Perfect, yeah.
他想了解无花果树He wanted to know more about the sycamore tree.
他非常清楚He knew exactly what it meant整体胜于部分的总和是什么意思about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.
他说人也如此He said it was the same with people但有时候 人还没那么好but sometimes with people, the whole could be less.
我觉得很有意思I thought that was pretty interesting.
我开始重新审视从小学就认识的人们I started looking at people I'd known since elementary school想知道他们trying to figure out if they were 是不是整体胜于全部more or less than the sum of their parts.
切特说得对 很多人还不如Chet was right.
A lot of them were less.
在我所有同学中 只有布莱斯不知该归到哪类Of all my classmates, the one person I couldn't seem to place was Bryce.
要是以前 我会极其肯定地说Until recently, I would've said with absolute certainty他的整体远远好于全部that he was greater, far greater, than the sum of his parts.
但现在我不确定了But now I wasn't so sure.
很漂亮的院子啊 朱莉 干得好It's looking good, Juli.
Nice job.
谢谢 这都是切特的功劳Thanks.
Chet did most of it.
我很抱歉自己的所作所为I'm sorry for what I did.
我真想不明白 布莱斯I just don't get it, Bryce.
Why didn't you just tell me?
Was he really sorry?
Or was he just saying these things to make himself feel better?
于是我在想 也许他的好Then I thought maybe I just wanted him 都只是我的一厢情愿to be more than the sum of his parts.
但当我直视他的双眼But as I looked into his eyes那双忽闪忽闪的眼睛those dazzling eyes有生以来第一次for the first time我十分确定布莱斯?罗斯基没那么好I was pretty sure that Bryce Loski was less.
我们要请贝克一家来吃晚餐We're going to invite the Bakers over for dinner.
我不懂 妈妈What?
I don't know, Mom.
好主意啊I think that's a marvelous idea.
帕蒂 什么理由?
Patsy, what purpose does this serve?
蒂娜?贝克人很好Trina Baker is a very nice person.
马特和马克也很有意思 讨厌有意思的人And Matt and Mark are really cool.
I hate cool.
早就该请他们过来了Something we should've done years ago.
对啊 但一直没请 现在请不了了Yeah, but we didn't.
And now we can't.
时效已经过了The statute of limitations has run out.
我们要请贝克一家来吃晚餐We're having the Bakers over for dinner.
如果是因为我昨晚说错话了 对不起 行了吧If this is about what I said last night, I'm sorry, okay?
但是 请他们吃饭又治不好他哥哥But, you know, having them over for dinner is not gonna fix his brother.
到时是晚宴的形式It's going to be a sit-down dinner.
我希望大家衣着得体一点And I expect everyone to dress accordingly.
天哪 来一顿烧烤不行吗?
Oh, God.
Can't we just have a barbecue?
是晚宴It's going to be a sit-down dinner.
杀了我吧Just shoot me now.
小心梦想成真Careful what you wish for.
于是就这样了So that was it.
想到不久就要和朱莉?贝克参加衣衫楚楚的晚宴A dress-up, sit-down dinner with Juli Baker was in my immediate future.
在学校看见她 我就更不自在了And that made seeing Juli at school more uncomfortable.
我发现上课时我总爱盯着她看I found myself staring at her in class.
她头发散落在肩上的样子And the way her hair fell back over her shoulders像极了她在报纸上那张照片she looked just like the picture in the newspaper.
戴娜?切斯勒发现我在看她Dana Tressler caught me watching.
要是不反应快点 这事就得传开了If I didn't do something fast, this could spread like wildfire.
她头发里有只蜜蜂There was a bee in her hair.
看见没 飞走了See, there it goes.
没有蜜蜂There's no bee.
从窗户飞出去了It flew out the window.
我说服自己要逃过此劫I convinced myself I'd dodged a bullet.
我必须把朱莉从脑海中抹去I had to put Juli out of my mind.
我把重心放到作业这些事上Keep the focus on the important stuff like schoolwork.
可我胆子太小了My weakness was unnerving.
我要用你的削笔刀I need your sharpener.
You ever heard of knocking?
在看什么呢! 爸爸的"花花公子"吗?
Hey, what you got there?
Dad's Playboy?
关你毛事None of your business.
代我向十月的封面小妞问好 出去Give my best to Miss October.
Get out.
你恶不恶心Or should I say your best?
Ha, ha.
You're disgusting.
又躲过一场灾难Another disaster avoided.
我的生活从此充满危险My life had become a minefield.
嗨 伙计 嗨Hey, man.
这是什么What's this?
不是你想的那样It's not what you think.
好吧 就是你想的那样 但我可以解释Okay, it is what you think, but I can explain.
好吧 我没法解释 这事能晚点再聊吗Okay, I can't explain.
Can we just talk about it later?
随便Whatever you say.
我必须找人聊聊I had to talk to someone.
不如加利特吧 可能他能让我清醒过来Why not Garrett?
Maybe he could help me get back on track.
从内心来说 加利特着实吃了一惊Garrett was surprisingly sensitive in matters of the heart.
朱莉?贝克 你是讨厌她的Are you freaking mental?
Juli Baker.
You hate her.
所以才奇怪啊 我觉得我不讨厌她 That's what's weird.
I don't think I do.
我总是在想她I can't stop thinking about her.
你把事情搞砸了 那我该怎么办?
You got it bad, man.
Well, what do I do?
你要把这种感情扼杀在萌芽状态 它是假的Well, you gotta nip this in the bud.
These aren't real emotions.
They're not?
你是因为扔鸡蛋的事有负罪感You feel guilty because of the egg thing.
嗯 我还侮辱她的院子了Yeah, and I insulted her yard.
对啊 当然 那地方的确像个垃圾场Exactly.
Of course, the place is a dump anyways.
这不是她的错 她爸爸有个智障哥哥 It's not her fault.
Her dad's got a retarded brother 家里的钱都拿去给他治病了and all their money goes to helping him.
操 你也该看出来一些事吧A retard?
Well, shoot, that ought to tell you something.
朱莉的About what?
About Juli.
What are you saying?
树上掉下的苹果 能落到多远The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
我不信 我想骂他I couldn't believe it.
I wanted to yell at him.
告诉他他不像我这样了解朱莉Tell him that he didn't know Juli like I did.
但一张口就变成了:But all that came out was:哦 原来如此Heh, oh.
是啊 对啊Right.
好 我先走了 晚点找你Right.
Um, I'll talk to you later.
我本该放学后去找加利特的I was supposed to go to Garrett's after school但我不想跟他一块了but I couldn't be around him.
他已经越界了He'd crossed the line.
跟他一道越界的还有我爸爸And standing right next to him across that line was my father.
我不在乎他们怎么想的I didn't care what they thought.
我喜欢朱莉?贝克I liked Juli Baker.
每到周日早晨 我家就充满祥和宁静Sunday mornings are peaceful in our house.
爸爸会睡到自然醒My dad lets himself sleep in.
妈妈懒得做早餐My mother lets herself not fix breakfast.
如果我两个哥哥出去玩乐队If my brothers have been out late playing with their band中午之前你都找不到他们在哪儿you won't even know they're around till noon.
但这个周天 我一觉醒来就觉得不自在But this Sunday, I woke up feeling weird.
我必须摆脱自己对布莱斯的困惑I had to do something to shake off the confused feelings about Bryce这种困惑越来越强烈了that were starting to creep back in.
你干得真不错啊You really did it, didn't you?
为你骄傲 谢谢 爸爸Proud of you.
Thanks, Dad.
去看丹尼尔 今天是他的生日Where you going?
To see Daniel.
It's his birthday.
我也想去I wanna come with you.
宝贝 享受这个早上吧 和妈妈一起呆着Oh, honey, just enjoy the morning, stay with your mom.
不 爸爸 我想去No, Dad.
I wanna come.
宝贝 听着Sweetheart, listen.
有时 跟丹尼尔.
Sometimes, with Daniel.
我要来 爸爸I'm coming, Dad.
我们该给妈妈留张纸条哈We'd better leave a note for your mother.
这些年来 我从没拜访过丹尼尔伯伯In all the years, I'd never visited my Uncle Daniel.
我不明白为什么 爸爸总是一个人去的I don't know why.
It was always something my dad did alone.
去德文赫斯特的路上我们没怎么说话 We didn't say much to each other on the drive to Devonhurst, 但我并不介意but I didn't care.
我就喜欢和爸爸呆在一起I just liked being with my dad.
有时沉默对我们而言 Somehow the silence seemed to connect us in a way 无声胜有声that words never could.
让病人料理草坪 也是其中一种治疗方法The residents tend to the grounds as part of their therapy.
有人要花些时间才能适应 但他们都是好人It takes some getting used to.
They're good people, though.
理查德! 你来啦Richard! You're here!理查德来给我过生日啦Richard for my birthday.
理查德 她是谁Who?
Richard, who?
她是谁 理查德 她是谁Who?
Richard, who?
丹尼尔 丹尼尔 她是朱莉安娜 我女儿Daniel, Daniel, it's Julianna.
It's my daughter.
是你的侄女Your niece.
朱莉安娜 生日快乐 丹尼尔伯伯Ha, Julianna.
Happy birthday, Uncle Daniel.
呵呵 理查德 今天是我的生日Ha-ha-ha.
It's my birthday.
我有你的照片 朱莉安娜 我有你的照片I have your pictures, Julianna.
I have your pictures.
我们给你准备了一份礼物We have a present for you.
是拼图吗 理查德A puzzle?
A puzzle, Richard?
不仅仅是拼图Not just a puzzle.
有拼图 还有.
A puzzle and a风车pinwheel.
风车! 谢谢你 理查德A pinwheel! Thank you, Richard.
橙色的 出去玩不?
出去玩吧 理查德Orange.
Outside, Richard?
你想出去吗 好 我们就去麦克艾略特餐厅You wanna go outside?
All right, we'll go to, uh, McEIliot's.
我们走过去吃冰激凌 冰激凌!We'll walk out there for an ice cream.
Ice cream!哦 不行 不行 我们不能去Oh, no.
No, no, we can't.
丹尼尔不喜欢吃冰激凌Daniel doesn't like ice cream.
我喜欢冰激凌 丹尼尔 我只是开玩笑I do like ice cream, Richard.
I'm only kidding.
我知道你喜欢吃冰激凌 啊!I know you like ice cream.
Ahh!你喜欢吃冰激凌 好了 走吧You love ice cream.
All right, come on.
给你 拿着 哇Here you go.
Got it?
Ah!给你Here you go.
今天我生日It's my birthday.
甜筒 今天我生日Lollipop.
It's my birthday.
啊!You like it?
Oh!没事 丹尼尔 等等 冰激凌 冰激凌All right, Daniel.
Okay, wait, wait.
Ice cream.
Ice cream.
我的冰激凌 我的冰激凌 没事 丹尼尔My ice cream.
My ice cream.
Ugh! It's okay.
丹尼尔Daniel!丹尼尔 算了吧 我再给你买Daniel! Leave it, I'll get y.
冰激凌掉地上了 冰激凌掉地上了Ice cream on the floor.
Ice cream on the floor.
你再去给他买一支吧Would you go get him another cone?
好的 我要冰激凌 理查德Yeah.
I need ice cream, Richard!今天是我生日 理查德 今天我生日It's my birthday, Richard.
It's my birthday!冰激凌 理查德! 冰激凌 理查德!Ice cream, Richard! Ice cream, Richard!停下 停下Stop! Stop it!我要冰激凌! 停下 停下I need it! Stop it! Stop it!看 冰激凌Here we go.
Ice cream!理查德! 好了 这有冰激凌Richard! Okay, okay.
I've got some ice cream.
生日的冰激凌 太好了 理查德Birthday ice cream.
That's good, Richard.
对不起 他以前不是这样的I'm so sorry.
He hasn't done anything like that我经常听爸爸提起生活对丹尼尔来说有多么困难I'd often heard my father talk about how difficult life was for Daniel.
但直到现在 我才真正体会到了But I never really understood it until now.
你看 呵呵 橙色风车Yeah, there you go.
在回去的路上 丹尼尔表现得跟没事人一样On the walk back, Daniel acted like nothing had happened.
吹这边 吹这边Other way.
Other way.
回家的路上 爸爸告诉我丹尼尔伯伯On the ride home, my dad told me that Uncle Daniel在我们出生前 跟他和妈妈一起住used to live with him and Mom before we were born.
但过了一段时间 就不那么容易相处了But after a while, it became too difficult.
回到家中 一切看上去和平常一样When we got home, everything looked the same.
但实际上已经不是了But it wasn't.
今天以前 丹尼尔对我来说只是一个名字Before today, Daniel had always been just a name to me.
但现在 他是我们家庭的一份子了Now he was part of the family.
嗨 嗨Hey.
今天咋样How'd it go?
很高兴我去了I'm glad I went.
我也为你高兴I'm glad you went too.
蒂娜 今天周日 你拖地板干嘛Trina, it's Sunday.
What are you doing mopping the floor?
帕蒂?罗斯基邀请我们周五去她家吃晚餐Patty Loski invited us over for dinner Friday night.
那应该她在家拖地板啊Shouldn't she be mopping her floor?
Or did she ask to borrow ours?
我这不是紧张嘛Nervous energy.
是啊Did she invite all of us?
Yes, she did.
Even our friend Sal Monella?
这么多年了 她什么意思Why, after all these years?
她说她很抱歉 以前都没请过我们Well, she said she felt really bad that they hadn't invited us before很显然 他们想进一步了解我们and apparently they want to get to know us better.
And you wanna go?
她坚持要我们去啊Well, she insisted.
我觉得我们会相处得很好的And I think it would be really nice.
好吧All right.
我们去就是了We'll go.
和罗斯基一家吃晚餐 我并不惊讶I wasn't too thrilled about dinner with the Loskis但我知道 对妈妈来说这很重要but I could see it meant a lot to my mother.
第二天在学校 我没法专心学习At school the next day, I couldn't seem to concentrate.
我不停地想起丹尼尔My thoughts kept running back to Daniel.
我在想 我的祖父母养育他这样的儿子 I wondered what my grandparents had gone through 经受了多少困难having a son like him突然我的思路被打断了when reality interrupted.
布莱斯?罗斯基喜欢你 什么?
Bryce Loski likes you.
他对你超有感觉He's got a big crush on you.
布莱斯?罗斯基对我没好感的What are you talking about?
Bryce Loski does not have a crush on me.
自然课上 我看见他盯着你看Oh, yeah?
In science, I caught him staring at you.
他说因为你头发里有只蜜蜂He said it was because there was a bee in your hair.
这简直是最傻的借口Is that the lamest cover-up or what?
可能真的有蜜蜂吧Maybe there was a bee.
你唯一吸引的蜜蜂就是布莱斯童鞋The only bee you're attracting is B-R-Y-C-E.
告诉你吧 这孩子已经陷入爱河了I'm telling you, that boy is lost in love land.
跟我来 去哪儿Come on.
我看见他和加利特溜到那边去了 来吧I saw him sneaking off with Garrett.
Come on.
朱莉?贝克 你是讨厌她的Are you freaking mental?
Juli Baker.
You hate her.
所以才奇怪啊 我觉得我不讨厌她That's what's so weird.
I don't think I do.
我总是在想她I can't stop thinking about her.
你把事情搞砸了 那我该怎么办?
You got it bad, man.
What do I do?
你要把这种感情扼杀在萌芽状态You gotta nip this in the bud.
它是假的 为什么是假的?
These aren't real emotions.
They're not?
你是因为扔鸡蛋的事有负罪感You feel guilty because of the egg thing.
嗯 我还侮辱她的院子了Yeah, and I insulted her yard.
当然 那地方的确像个垃圾场Exactly.
The place is a dump anyways.
这不是她的错 她爸爸有个智障哥哥 It's not her fault.
Her dad's got a retarded brother 家里的钱都拿去给他治病了and all their money goes to helping him.
操 你也该看出来一些事吧A retard?
Well, that ought to tell you something.
朱莉的About what?
About Juli.
What are you saying?
树上掉下的苹果 能落到多远The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, my friend.
哦 原来如此 对啊 是啊Oh, heh.
我先走了 一会找你I'll talk to you later.
对不起 我以为.
I'm sorry.
I thought.
没事 我很好It's okay.
It's fine.
我真的没事And it was.
因为现在我的困惑消失了Because now my confusion was gone.
我确定自己不再喜欢布莱斯?罗斯基了I was sure I no longer liked Bryce Loski.
妈 你这是要让贝克一家觉得自己倍有面子吗Mom, are you trying to make the Bakers feel totally worthless?
我只想友善点I want it to be nice.
马上And why aren't you dressed?
I'm going.
我想让朱莉觉得我穿得很帅I wanted to look good for Juli.
但我不想让他觉得我是为了她才这样打扮But I didn't want her to think that I wanted to look good for her.
要把身体的线条穿出来It was a fine line.
很有型那种A very fine line.
布莱斯 他们到了 快下来Bryce, they're here.
Come on down.
来了Coming!嗨 快进来Hey, come on in.
进来坐 进来坐Come in, come in.
感谢你们大驾光临啊 丽奈特 史蒂芬 来客人了I'm glad you could make it.
Lynetta, Steven, company's here.
来了 这是什么 自制馅饼吗?
Coming! What is this?
Homemade pie?
对 山核桃和蓝莓做的芝士蛋糕Yes, it's pecan and blueberry cheesecake.
放到厨房去吧Let's take them to the kitchen.
你们好 精神不错啊Hi, guys.
Hey, looking good.
这是我爸爸 嗨 我是丽奈特This is my dad.
Hi, I'm Lynetta.
嗨 很高兴终于见到你了Hi, nice to finally meet you.
我也很高兴认识你Nice to meet you too.
嗨 老兄My boys are telling me that.
Hey, big guy.
嗨 史蒂芬 你好吗Hey, Steven.
How are you?
我们早该聚聚了 进来吧We should've done this a long time ago.
Come on in.
你们家真漂亮This is a cool place.
凑合吧 来给你们看我的房间Yeah, it's all right.
Come on, I'll show you my room.
你该听听我们写的新歌You gotta hear this new song we wrote.
真不错It's so good.
你打扮得很漂亮You look nice.
我听见你和加利特在图书馆嘲笑我伯伯I heard you and Garrett making fun of my uncle in the library.
我不想理你了And I don't wanna speak to you.
永远也不想理你了Not now, not ever.
要我说 你可以 但你的看法And I say you can.
But what you're proposing是要用到一台永动机 这是不可能的would require a perpetual-motion machine, so it's not possible.
如果你用一个中性导体传导正负两极If you had two opposite charged poles with a neutral conductor永动机?
Perpetual motion?
我就站那 内心凌乱中 而他们居然在讨论永动机Here I was, dying inside, and they were talking about perpetual motion.
And how did Juli know about all that stuff?
来吧 晚餐好了 丽奈特Come on, everybody, dinner's ready.
Lynetta!晚饭好了Dinner!朱莉 能听我解释吗Juli, can I talk to you?
加利特说得不对 我知道It was wrong, what Garrett said.
I know it.
他那样说的时候 你就知道不对了吗Did you know it was wrong when he said it?
嗯 我想揍他的Yeah.
I wanted to punch him.
但那时在图书馆嘛But we were in the library.
所以刚好相反 你赞同他说的 还跟他一起笑So instead you just agreed with him and laughed.
所以你表现得像个懦夫Then that makes you a coward.
整顿晚餐 我都傻愣愣地坐在朱莉对面I had to sit across from Juli for an entire dinner.
爸爸说得对My dad was right.
我们应该吃烧烤的We should have barbecued.
我只想说 能邀请你们共进晚餐是多么美好I just want to say how wonderful it is to have you share a meal with us.
可能这只是我们以后无数次晚餐的开始May it be the first of many.
嗓子痒Wrong pipe.
我们也开心极了Well, we couldn't be happier.
我们能到你家做客 都感到很荣幸We are just all so thrilled to be here.
朱莉 你把你们家院子收拾得真漂亮Juli, you did a really nice job on your yard.
谢谢 切特帮了大忙Thanks.
Chet was a big help.
嗯 我知道Yeah, I know.
你必须把秘诀告诉我 You gotta tell me your secret.
切特在家是什么事都不肯做的 I can't get him to do a thing around here.
史蒂芬 我开玩笑的Steven.
I kid.
跟你说 这个街坊就快恢复生机了I'm telling you, the neighborhood is really coming to life.
新修的房子也快成形了I mean, that new house is taking shape.
Which one?
就是挨着以前那棵丑八怪大树的房子You know, the one where they cut down that big ugly tree.
我想说很多人都喜欢那棵树 但不包括我I wanted to say that a lot of people liked that tree, but I didn't.
我不想反驳爸爸I didn't want to go against my dad.
有人认为那棵树是这片小区的珍珠Some people thought that tree was the jewel of the neighborhood.
嗯 这样说的人什么品味啊Yeah, well, there's no accounting for taste.
马特 马克 马克 马特So, Matt, Mark, Mark, Matt你们过阵子就该毕业了吧You guys are, uh, gonna be graduating soon, huh?
嗯 谢天谢地啊Yeah, thank God.
你们不喜欢高中吗You don't like high school?
不喜欢You kidding?
高中是我生命中最快乐的时光High school was the best time of my life.
对我们来说不是 我们已经受够了高中Not for us, no.
Yeah, we've had enough of that scene.
所以 你们不打算读大学了?
So college is probably out of the question, huh?
不 可能去读No, it's a possibility.
其实他们已经They've actually been accepted被几所大学录取了 就是at several places already.
Yes, they have.
太好了Well, that's good.
但是 我们想先做做音乐But, um, we're gonna give music a shot first.
Oh, they are very talented.
他们的乐队很棒Oh, their band is really boss.
他们录了些唱片小样 很好听的They did a bunch of demos and they're really cool.
谢谢 丽奈特Thanks, Lyn.
我第一次认识史蒂芬 他正在乐队里演奏When Steven and I first met, he was playing in a band.
You played in a band?
他是一个出色的萨克斯风手He was a wonderful saxophone player.
不错啊 你还在演奏吗?
You still play?
Well, I.
如果你愿意 你可以抽时间来加入我们Well, if you want, you can come jam out with us sometime.
Uh, you.
我的意思是 不用了No, I mean Heh.
我很久不吹了That's not me anymore.
Have you boys ever performed in front of an audience?
很多次了A lot of times.
马特和马克聊音乐聊得越多The more Matt and Mark talked about their musical exploits我爸爸就越沉默the quieter my dad got.
他尝试伪装出一副笑脸He tried to plaster on a smile now and then但内心里他很难过but underneath he seemed really sad.
但我父母一开始不喜欢他But my parents didn't like him at first.
共和党强烈抵触新政Republicans fought like crazy against the New Deal.
晚餐后半截过得不痛不痒The rest of the evening was painless enough.
但整顿饭下来 朱莉一个字也没对我说But through it all, Juli didn't say a word to me.
连看都不看我一眼Never even looked at me.
直到她快要离开Until she was about to leave.
我刚进来时情绪太激动了 很抱歉I'm sorry I was so angry when we first came in.
大家今晚都过得很开心I think everyone had a good time.
你妈妈邀请我们来吃饭 她真好Your mom was really nice to invite us.
再见See you.
她的道歉让事情变得更糟Her apology made things worse.
嗨 等等我 我知道我还是没被原谅Hey, wait for me.
I knew I wasn't forgiven.
就像我根本不重要 不值得她生气一样It was like I wasn't even important enough to hold a grudge against.
我觉得他们一家挺好的Well, I think they're a delightful family.
那两个儿子跟我想的完全不一样Those boys were nothing like I expected.
我觉得他们特别优秀I thought they were very nice young men.
小兔崽子 什么?
How you think they can afford all that recording gear?
史蒂芬 别说了 你不能随便下判断Steven, please.
You can't just make an accusation like that.
别这么天真 帕蒂Don't be so naive, Patsy.
Do you know how expensive it is to record a demo?
他们说不定还去偷毂盖来凑钱呢They're probably stealing hubcaps, for chrissake.
你真混账You are such an asshole.
What is the matter with you?
去死吧Go to hell.
不准那样跟我说话Don't you talk to me like that.
史蒂芬 站在Steven, stop!没人敢在我的房子里Nobody talks to me like that那样跟我说话! 回来!in my own house! Stop!我以前见过爸爸生气的样子 但这次不同I'd seen my father angry before, but this was different.
那晚我躺在床上As I lay in bed that night思考为什么爸爸总是瞧不起贝克一家I thought about how my dad always looked down on the Bakers.
他总说他们是废物 还嘲笑贝克先生的画And how he'd called them trash and made fun of Mr.
Baker's paintings.
现在我知道 他只是不满意自己And now I realized he was just mad at himself.
但为什么呢But why?
朱莉说我是懦夫Juli called me a coward.
难道我爸爸也是懦夫Was it possible my dad was a coward too?
不知道I didn't know.
有什么区别吗What difference did it make?
朱莉?贝克从我的生活中消失了Juli Baker was out of my life.
或者更确切地说Or, more accurately我从她的生活中消失了I was out of hers.
我在为罗斯基家的晚宴准备衣服时As I was getting dressed for the Loskis' dinner party我一直盯着爸爸以前给我的那幅画I found myself staring at the painting my father had given me不禁一肚子气and became furious all over again.
布莱斯从来都不算我的朋友Bryce had never been a friend to me, ever.
砍树的时候他没站住我这边He hadn't taken my side about the tree他扔掉我的鸡蛋he'd thrown away my eggs他还开我伯伯的玩笑and he made fun of me at my uncle's expense.
When my mother called that it was time to go.
朱莉 快点 要迟到了Juli, let's go, we're late!我想了千百个借口告诉她 I went out with every intention of telling her 我不去吃饭了that I wasn't going to the Loskis.
拿好这个 我要再次快速地理理发型Please hold these.
I need to check my hair really quickly one more time.
你的发型棒极了 真的吗Your hair is perfect.
但她看起来如此高兴But she looked so happy她为了做这些馅饼花了那么多心思 我不能不去and she'd gone to so much trouble over the pies that I couldn't.
天哪 差点毁了Ooh! Oh, my gosh.
Oh, God, what a disaster.
好了 拿一个 你拿一个Okay.
Here, hold one, and you hold this.
我不想拿 我不会让你拿的I don't wanna hold it.
I won't have you hold it.
儿子们 出发吧Let's go, boys.
但这不代表我要对布莱斯友善But that didn't mean I had to be nice to Bryce.
我不想和你说话了And I don't wanna speak to you.
现在不想 一辈子都不想了Not now, not ever.
主动权在我手里的感觉真好It felt good to take charge.
我觉得自己能掌控一切 我告诉布莱斯我的想法I felt strong, in control.
I told Bryce what I thought也决心晚上不再跟他说话and I was determined not to talk to him for the rest of the evening.
晚餐时 我突然觉得 At dinner it struck me that 我们在和一群陌生人共进晚餐we were sharing a meal with a group of strangers.
我们本来常年住在罗斯基家对街 不相来往We'd lived across the street from the Loskis for years除了切特 这些人我都不了解but except for Chet, I didn't know these people at all.
Loski was clean and smooth on the outside但他内心似乎装着but it seemed like there was something rotten 什么腐烂掉的东西buried just beneath the surface.
晚饭快结束的时候 我觉得我像个局外人 旁观者By the end of the evening, all I felt was detached, neutral.
没有烟火 没有残余的气愤No fireworks, no leftover anger没有奉承谁no flutters, nothing.
再见See you.
我入睡的时候 感觉很平和I went to bed that night feeling peaceful.
很好啊You okay?
我很庆幸 有现在这样的家庭I was grateful that I had the family I had.
我再也不用关心布莱斯?罗斯基了 这感觉真好And it felt good to no longer care about Bryce Loski.
跟贝克一家共进晚餐后 我的人品就一路狂跌The dinner with the Bakers had taken its toll on me.
学校一年一度的筹款活动到了Then the annual school fundraiser arrived我陷入一堆新难题and I found myself with a whole new set of problems.
我要做篮子男孩I was a Basketboy.
要欣赏篮子男孩遭到羞辱的盛况To fully appreciate the humiliation of being a Basketboy你要知道被选中的男孩you need to know that the chosen few 要当着所有同学的面are auctioned off in front of the student body被拍卖给出价最高的女生to the highest-bidding females.
虽然我们每个人都在篮子里放了午饭Yes, technically, each of us comes with a lunch in a basket但还是不要自欺欺人了 这是裸男大游行but let's not kid ourselves.
This was a beefcake parade.
我的偶像 在这呢There he is, my idol.
一句话 你死定了One word, you're a dead man.
不 我认真的 你肯定不相信我No, man, I'm serious.
Listen, you won't believe this.
两个极品小妞正在争着要你呢Two of the hottest chicks are fighting over you.
雪利和米奇分手了What are you talking about?
Sherry is breaking up with Mitch.
她和米娜妮会在拍卖会上争夺你She and Melanie are having a bidding war over you.
我不在乎I don't care.
雪利跟米奇分手是因为你Are you nuts?
Sherry dumped Mitch because of you.
你是我的偶像You're my idol.
虽然成为加利特的偶像让人欣慰As comforting as it was to be Garrett's idol但是要做篮子男孩想想就很害怕it didn't diminish the horror of being Basketboy number nine.
我唯一的期望就是来场龙卷风 And my only hope was that a giant tornado 在拍卖会之前把学校夷为平地would destroy the school before the event.
几乎没有可能It was a long shot.
欢迎大家Welcome, everyone参加今年梅菲尔德拍卖会to this year's Mayfield Boosters Club Auction.
再一次让我们荣幸地请出Once again we are pleased to present位梅菲尔德的年轻人 布莱斯 布莱斯 of Mayfield's finest young men Bryce, Bryce.
你来这干什么 朱莉坐第三排What are you doing here?
Juli's in the third row.
So she's got a wad of cash.
鬼话 真话Bullshit.
我看见她在储物柜旁数钱了I saw her counting it by her locker.
现在And now请用热烈的掌声please give a big Mayfield School welcome欢迎年的篮子男孩们to your Basketboys.
Juli with cash?
What did this mean?
她有可能向我投标吗Was it possible she was gonna bid on me?
第一位 我们请到了First up, we have雷蒙?休Raymond Hughes.
雷蒙来自围棋队Raymond's on the chess team他喜欢集邮和玩悠悠球and his hobbies include stamp collecting and the yo-yo.
记住 当你竞标时Remember, when you bid你得到的不止是帅气的休先生you'll not only be getting the handsome Mr.
Hughes你还会享受you'll also be enjoying一份可爱的鸡肉沙拉三明治a lovely chicken-salad sandwich和一份看上去很香的豆酱and what looks to be a tasty bean dip, and对不起 是洋葱沙司Oh.
Excuse me, onion dip.
和一大片樱桃派And a big slice of cherry pie.
好了 起拍价美元Okay, who will start the bidding at $?
拍卖开始了 有人吗Thus began the bidding.
或者就雷蒙?休个案来说 没有出价的Or in Raymond Hughes' case, the lack of bidding.
很好 就是你了Very good, here we go.
美元 一次Five.
美元 一次Ten dollars.
美元 一次Fifteen.
有出美元的吗Come on.
Do I hear ?
美元 美元Ten.
美元 花生酱香蕉三明治Ten.
Peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich.
美元成交Sold for $.
第八位是艾迪?图鲁克Number eight is Eddie Trulock.
艾迪是辩论队的一员Eddie is a member of the debate team.
现在我和拍卖台之间只隔着艾迪Now only Eddie Trulock stood between me and the auction block.
我对他的爱好和他篮子里的食物一点也不感兴趣I wasn't interested in his hobbies or what was in his basket.
美元开始出价 我心里全想着朱莉Let's start the bidding at $.
All I could think of was Juli.
What if she did bid on me?
要是她和雪利 米娜妮一起争我 输掉了怎么办What if she got in a bidding war with Sherry and Melanie and lost out?
没有买家吗No bidders?
我正在想这可怕的后果 这时I was contemplating the horrors of this senario when美元Eight dollars.
有人出美元 有人出美元的吗There you go.
Eight dollars, that's more like it.
Do I hear ?
Juli Baker was bidding on Eddie Trulock?
美元一次 她怎么能投给艾迪?
Okay, going once.
How could she bid on Eddie?
美元两次 她怎么能投给别人呢Eight going twice.
How could she bid on anyone?
朱莉?贝克成交Sold to Juli Baker.
下一位是九号 布莱斯?罗斯基Next is Basketboy number nine, Bryce Loski.
我知道我该往前一步 但我走不动I knew I was supposed to step forward, but I couldn't move.
向前一步 布莱斯 不要害羞Step up, Bryce, don't be shy.
迟到总比不到的好 哈哈Better late than never.
Ha, ha.
布莱斯喜欢棒球Bryce likes to play baseball.
美元 等我先Five dollars.
Oh, well, wait until l美元 哇Ten.
看起来拍卖已经开始了Well, it appears the bidding is underway.
美元 美元Fifteen.
Oh, my.
美元Fifty dollars.
Wh美元一次Fifty going once.
美元两次Fifty going twice.
美元拍给雪利小姐Sold to Miss Sherry Stalls for $.
竞价再创新高An all-time record.
支持者们会感激这么慷慨的捐助的Oh, the boosters will be very grateful for such a generous donation.
很奇怪It's strange.
我正在和学校最漂亮的女孩吃午饭Here I was, having lunch with the hottest girl in school却自我感觉很悲催and I was miserable.
我们会去湖边 我爸爸在那有座木屋We're going up to the lake.
My dad has a cabin there你能晒出最好看的肤色and you get the most outrageous tan.
因为离我不到英尺就坐着朱莉Because less than feet away from me was Juli.
我的朱莉和艾迪?图鲁克一起My Juli with Eddie Trulock.
她在笑She's laughing.
她在笑什么What was she laughing about?
她坐在那怎么能笑得这么开心 看着还这么美?
How could she sit there and laugh and look so beautiful?
布莱斯 你怎么了Bryce, are you all right?
你在看什么What are you staring at?
午饭很好吃 布莱斯Lunch is really delicious, Bryce.
布莱斯 你在听我说话吗Bryce, did you hear me?
这顿午餐很好吃This is a really delicious lunch.
我们可以不聊晒肤色或食物吗Can we not talk about tans or food?
那你想聊什么Well, what do you wanna talk about?
不知道 永动机?
你知道永动机吗I don't know, perpetual motion?
Do you know anything about that?
Perpetual what?
我不知道我当时在想什么 I don't know what came over me.
我像被鬼附身了It was like I was possessed or something.
朱莉 我要和你谈谈 什么?
Juli, I gotta talk to you.
怎么了 布莱斯?
What's going on, Bryce?
What are you doing?
布莱斯 打住Bryce, stop it.
布莱斯 你还没到一垒呢Bryce, you didn't even make it to first base.
我要吻你 哈哈I'll kiss you.
Ha, ha.
朱莉 朱莉Juli! Juli!朱莉 等等 我们能聊聊吗Juli, wait.
Can we talk?
朱莉Juli!你疯了吗 别烦我 加利特What's the matter with you?
Leave me alone, Garrett.
你和校花在约会 你确为了朱莉不鸟她You get a date with the finest girl on campus and you blow it for Juli.
你不会明白! 我完全不明白You wouldn't understand! I completely don't understand!我们说的是朱莉?贝克We're talking about Juli Baker here.
噩梦般的邻居 无所不知的讨厌鬼 Nightmare neighbor, know-it-all nuisance.
甩不掉的跟屁虫The coop-poop babe.
住嘴Shut up!你对她动心了吗 你怎么了Hey, have you flipped?
What's the matter with you?
要是你非这样不可 You know what, if you're gonna be like this, 我就不理你了I don't need the association.
很好啊 我也不想理你 正合我意Well, good, because neither do I.
Yeah, neither do I!我回家时 脏碗脏碟在我的篮子里晃来晃去As I walked home with the dirty dishes clanking inside my picnic basket而我一直想着朱莉all I could think of was Juli.
我意识到加利特一件事是说对了And I realized Garrett was right about one thing:我心动了 完全心动了I had flipped.
你好 贝克太太 朱莉在吗Oh, heh.
Hi, Mrs.
Is Juli there?
对不起 布莱斯 朱莉不想说话Oh.
I'm sorry, Bryce.
Juli doesn't wanna talk.
求你了 贝克太太 我必须见她Please, Mrs.
I gotta see her.
对不起 布莱斯I'm sorry, Bryce.
恐怕她把自己关在卧室里了But I'm afraid she's locked herself in her room.
那晚我早早上床了I tried to go to bed early that night但我睡不着but I couldn't sleep.
我透过窗户看她的房子 一看数个小时I watched her house from my window for hours.
我必须找一种办法告诉她我的想法I had to find a way to show her how I felt.
周一早上 在我去学校的路上Monday morning, as I made my way into school我在想我愿意嫁给艾佛里兄弟(歌手)中的哪一个I was deciding which of the Everly Brothers I'd rather marry突然戴娜?切斯勒把布莱斯挤进我的脑海when Dana Tressler forced Bryce back into my brain.
朱莉 名单出来了Juli.
The list is out.
他是九号 你的主菜There he is, number nine, your main dish.
布莱斯?罗斯基不是我的主菜Bryce Loski's not my main dish.
你还是坚持自己的食谱Oh, you're sticking to your diet.
那不是我的食谱 戴娜It's not a diet, Dana.
我已经不喜欢他了 很高兴听你这样说I'm over him, okay?
I'm glad to hear it.
因为有传言说雪利已经公开要他了Because rumor has it Sherry's already staking her claim on him.
Sherry Stalls?
利兹 梅西 名单出来了Oh, Liz.
The list is up.
那个下午 我一直在想篮子男孩拍卖会的事That afternoon, I found myself obsessing about the Basketboy auction.
我感到自己在怀念布莱斯的一切I could feel myself backsliding about Bryce.
但如果雪利喜欢他 跟我有何关系But why should I care if Sherry liked him?
我根本不该想他I shouldn't even be thinking about him.
我要摆脱这种困扰I had to rise above this.
布莱斯?罗斯基不再是我生活的一部分Bryce Loski was no longer in my life.
拍卖会那天早上 我纠结了On the morning of the auction, I was on edge.
我莫名其妙地I found myself, without even knowing how it happened, 对卖鸡蛋存的钱虎视眈眈staring at my egg money.
我需要一个策略I needed a strategy.
很简单It was simple.
如果我把钱留在家里 就不会受它诱惑了If I left my money at home, I'd leave temptation with it.
我的策略在遇到斯特比太太时受挫了My strategy suffered a setback when I ran into Mrs.
你好 亲爱的Hello, dear.
实在抱歉 过了这么久才把钱给你I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get this to you但我从一大早就开始想你but I keep missing you in the morning.
斯特比太太 我不需要 你没必要.
Steuby, I don't want that.
You don't have to.
别这样 我肯定要付你钱的Don't be ridiculous.
I'm gonna pay you.
我要付你钱 我不想要 我不想要I'm going to pay you.
I don't want that.
I don't want it.
我要你去买点节庆的礼物犒赏自己Yeah, I want you to go out and buy yourself something festive.
七分裤吧 哈哈Pedal pushers.
Ha, ha.
斯特比太太 再见 亲爱的Mrs.
Bye, dear.
斯特比太太 我不想要七分裤Mrs.
Steuby, I don't want pedal pushers.
不 会很衬你的No, no.
You'll look great.
好吧It's okay.
好吧 没啥大不了的 就假装我没拿到这笔钱It's okay.
No big deal.
Just pretend like I don't have it.
我听说你准备投布莱斯I hear you're planning to bid on Bryce.
什么 谁给你说的 我不会What?
Who told you that?
No, I'm not.
有人看见你早上拿了一笔钱Someone saw you with a wad of cash this morning.
跟你无关How much do you have?
It's none of your business.
而且我不投标 我不喜欢他了And I'm not bidding, okay?
I don't even like him anymore.
太阳打西边出来了Oh, that'll be the day.
真的 去把你的钱浪费在他身上吧 我不介意It's true.
Go ahead, waste your money on him.
I don't care.
现在 请用热烈的掌声And now, will you all give a big Mayfield School welcome欢迎年的篮子男孩们to your Basketboys.
我可以说我当时并不在乎I could say I didn't care all I wanted但当我看见布莱斯穿着夹克打着领带but seeing Bryce walk out in his jacket and tie提着那个野餐篮子时holding that picnic basket我的大脑又混乱了set my head spinning again.
美元一次Fifteen going once.
拍卖的时间过得很快 美元两次The auction seemed to fly by.
Fifteen going twice.
梅西?泰勒美元竞标成功Sold to Macy Taylor for $.
我还没反应过来 就叫到艾迪?图鲁克了Before I knew it, Eddie Trulock was called.
艾迪?图鲁克是八号Number eight is Eddie Trulock.
就是说布莱斯是下一个Which meant Bryce was next.
艾迪是辩论队的一员Eddie is a member of the debate team.
他的爱好包括钓鱼And his hobbies include fishing和做飞机模型and model-airplane building.
Who will give me $?
为什么没人出价呢 他挺好的啊 是啊Why isn't anyone bidding?
He's so nice.
美元Eight dollars.
美元卖给朱莉?贝克Sold to Juli Baker for $.
这是什么情况How did this happen?
是因为我同情艾迪吗Was it because I felt bad for Eddie?
Or was it because I couldn't trust myself with Bryce?
在我去多功能厅的路上As I made my way to the multi-purpose room我思考着事情转变那一刻的经过I contemplated the startling turn of events.
于是 我就准备和艾迪?图鲁克共进午餐了Here I was, about to have lunch with Eddie Trulock而我朝思暮想了半辈子的男孩while the boy I mooned over for half my life却要和我的宿敌坐在一起吃饭was going to share a meal with my mortal enemy.
谢谢你投我I wanna thank you for bidding on me.
本来我就是走个过场It was touch-and-go there for a while.
不 我想投你 挺有意思的No, I wanted to.
This will be fun.
听说你喜欢修飞机模型 是啊I hear you like building model airplanes.
我和爸爸刚建好一架俄国MiG- My father and I just finished a Russian MiG-.
是年制造的It was made in .
MiG是第一架超音速战斗机 MiG's first supersonic fighter.
难在它的驾驶室是凹进去的Little tricky because the cockpit was recessed我想把注意力都集中在艾迪身上I tried to give Eddie my full attention.
但很困难 因为布莱斯就坐在他身后But it was difficult, because Bryce was right behind him.
艾迪在说什么进气阀Eddie was saying something about intake valves突然布莱斯站起来朝我走过来了when out of nowhere, Bryce stood up and marched straight towards me.
嗨 朱莉 我要跟你谈谈Hey, Juli, I gotta talk to you.
What are you doing?
他想亲我 他想亲我He was going to kiss me.
To kiss me.
这辈子我都在等那个吻All my life I've been waiting for that kiss.
但不是这个 不是这样But not like this.
Not this way.
我飞快地骑车回家 我觉得我的肺快爆炸了I pedaled home so hard, I thought my lungs would burst.
怎么了What's wrong?
我不能说I can't.
宝贝Sweetheart你可以对我说you can tell me.
布莱斯想吻我Bryce tried to kiss me.
真的吗He did?
在学校里In school.
当着大家的面In front of everybody.
妈妈 别开门Mom, please don't get it.
可能是他It's probably him.
宝贝Sweetheart也许你该找他谈谈maybe you should talk to him.
不行I can't.
不行I can't.
布莱斯不肯放过我Bryce wouldn't leave me alone.
他不停地打电话He kept calling on the phone.
敲门And knocking on the door.
甚至爬上房子敲我的窗户He even snuck around the house and tapped on my window.
朱莉 求你了 我要见你Juli! Please, I gotta see you!出来一下 就一分钟Come on out, just for a minute!他怎么不明白我不想见他Why didn't he understand that I just wanted to be left alone?
求你了Please!两天后 布莱斯终于收手了After two days, Bryce stopped.
我以为彻底结束了And I thought it was finally over.
直到一天下午 我到前厅看书Then, one afternoon, I was coming into the front room to read听见院子里有响声when I heard a noise in the yard.
他在干嘛Hey, what's he doing?
朱莉 冷静点 我允许他那样的Juli, calm down.
I gave him permission.
允许什么 他在挖洞啊Permission?
Permission for what?
He's digging a hole.
我同意他挖的I told him he could.
为什么But why?
我同意了的I told him he could.
看他在我的草地上挖洞 让我很难受It was torture seeing him dig up my grass.
为什么爸爸允许他挖洞How could my father let him do this?
布莱斯知道我在看着他Bryce knew I was there too.
他走了He's gone.
A tree?
He's planting a tree?
Is it a?
无须多问I didn't really need to ask.
从叶子的形状I could tell from the shape of the leaves和枝干的纹路来看and the texture of the trunk.
是一棵无花果树It was a sycamore tree.
当她走出那扇门 When she walked out of the door,我想起第一次见她 I thought back to the first time I saw her.
怎么会有人想从朱莉?贝克手里挣脱呢How could anybody, ever, have wanted to run away from Juli Baker?
他用那双眼睛看着我He looked at me with those eyes.
忽闪忽闪的大眼睛Those once again dazzling eyes.
我就知道布莱斯?罗斯基仍然欠我一个初吻And I knew that Bryce Loski was still walking around with my first kiss.
但他不会让我久等了But he wouldn't be for long.
当我们站在那儿 我意识到这么些年As we stood there, I realized that all these years我们没有真正地交谈过we never really talked.
需要帮助吗Do you need some help?
但那天 我们开始交流了But that day, we started.
我知道我们会说很久很久And I knew we'd be talking for a long time.

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