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2011-10-08  南山松林
1. ---You’ve dropped _____ “s’’ in the word “acros’’.
  ---Oh, ____ letter “s’’ should be doubled like this “across’’.
  A. a , a      B. an ,a     C. an ,the     D. the ,the 
2. ---May I ______ your dictionary for a while?
  ---Sorry, I’ve left it at home.
  A. borrow    B. lend      C. keep     D.take
3. Those_____ have caught SARS disease must be kept off from us.
  A.who    B.which     C./     D.what
4. Roy made several kites ,but _____ of them can fly high in the sky.
  A. neither  B.none  C. all    D.most
5. A number of people in Beijing ______ caught SARS and the number of the people who died of SARS _____ reached nearly one hundred so far.
A.has, has       B. have, have     C. have,has      D. has, have
6.---Could you tell me how to improve spoken English ?
---Well,just take every chance to practise ______and don’t be shy.  
A. speak  B.to speak  C. speaking   D.spoke
7. ---There’s going to ______ a concert in the hall tonight.
  ---Yes, and the last performance will be given by Michael Jackson.
  A.have  B.give   C.play   D.be.
8. An earthquake _______ Dachaidan County in Qinghai province on the morning of April18.
  A.happened    B.rocked     C.took place    D.appeared
9.The children ______ not to play with the fire .
  A. are told   B. tell    C. are asking   D.warn
10. ---Do you often get on-line?
---Yes.I ______ most of my time on it .It’s a good way to kill the time.
A.cost    B.spend    C.pay   D.take
11.---Will you please show me how to operate the new machine?
  ---Sure. It’s a piece of cake.Now let me tell you _____ to do first. 
  A.what   B.how   C.whether   D.when
12---My trousers are______ out. 
  ---I’ll buy you a new pair.
  A.tried     B. worn    C.wearing     D.sold 
13.The rubbish ______we have collected can be recycled.
A.who   B.which    C. this   D.what
14.---The artist has got _____ much work to do that he hardly has  time to help his wife with the housework.
  ---That’s true.Even on Sundays he is busy with his work.
A.too     B.so     C.very    D.such
15.---How long have you ____a cough?
  ---Ever since last night.
A. got   B. had   C. caught   D. taken
16. ________ Iraqi people were killed in the war which broke out on March 20.
  A.Thousand      B. Thousands     C. Thousand of   D. Thousands of
17. I went home and _____ my schoolbag and started to help Mother do the cooking. 
  A. put off  B. dropped off   C.turned off   D.shut off
18.---He seems _____ ill. Shall we take him to the hospital right now?
  ---I don’t think it matters. Maybe he’s caught a bit of a cold. 
  A.terrible   B.terribly   C.even  D.more 
19. ---Does the child need any help ?
  ----No.He is old enough to _____ himself.
A.put on  B.wear   C. take care.  D. dress
20.---This is a really wonderful party with interesting people and great food .
---I’m _____ to hear that you are enjoying yourself. 
A.sorry   B. glad    C. afraid   D. sure.
21 ---What are you going to do tomorrow?
----I’m not sure. I____ make a trip to Hanzhou with my girl friend.
  A.may  B.maybe  C.will  D.must
22.----The pen writes well though it doesn’t cost much.
---- Let me have a try. So _____.
A.it is     B.it does   C.does it   D.is it
23.The accident happened ______ a freezing winter morning.
  A.on   B.in   C.at   D.since
24.---____ the Internet _____ in your school?
  ---Yes , but the computer in our office has often broken down.
  A.Is,used   B.Is,using   C.Does ,use  D.Has ,used
25. There was a phone call for you while you were out and it was _____in English.
A. called        B. rung      C. phoned      D.made
26. The essential needs should _______ to the prisoners of wars(战俘).
A.offer     B.be offering      C.be offered    D.to be offered 
27.---I eat _____ vegetables and ______ meat than I did last year.
  ----That’s why you’re getting fatter.
  A. fewer,more  B.more,less  C.less,more  D.many ,much
28.--- How many times have you _______ from your penfriend since last year?
   A.heard     B.received    C.got    D.written
29. .—Do you know the city of Ningbo well ?
   —Of course I do. I’ve         here for nearly 3 years.
 A.come B. got    C.arrived     D. been
30.---Sorry .I am late.
  ---It doesn’t matter.The meeting has ______ for just several minutes
   A. begun  B. started  C. been on  D.held
31.---- Is the hen old enough to ____ eggs?
  ----Yes,it has _____ a lot.
   A.lay,laid   B.lie,lain   C.lie,laid   D.lay,lain
32.---Can I take both of the presents?
----No,I’m afraid not.You can take ______ of them.
   A.both  B.each  C.either  D.any
33.----Could you tell me _____? I must find him.
   ----Sorry .I have no idea.But he was here just now .
A.where Tom was       B.where has Tom gone  
C.where can I find Tom.  D.where Tom is
34.---It’s necessary and important ______school teachers to teach their students how to get on well with others.
  ----Yes, you said it.
  A. of   B. for   C.from   D.to
35.----I don’t think your team can beat theirs.
  ----____.But we could if Lin Tao were on the team.
  A. No,we can’t B.Yes ,we can’t C. Yes,we can   D.No, we can
36. .China has made a great contribution _____ preventing SARS.
  A.for      B. to     C.with      D.in
37.----I’m too busy_______ to my family often.
  ---Why not call them instead ?
   A.writing  B.to write  C.written  D.write
38.----______ present you’ve bought for me!
  ----I’m glad you like it.
   A.How a  B.What a   C.How   D.What
39.---This is no-smoking zone.Can’t you see the sign?
----Oh ,sorry. I ______ it.
 A.haven’t seen  B.won’t see   C.don’t see  D.didn’t see 
40.----Will you please let me have a look at the photos taken in the States ?
  ---Sure .I’ll _____ them to school tomorrow.
   A.take   B.carry   C.get     D.bring  
41- --We will do what we can ____ourselves this term.
  ---It’s high time for you to work hard. 
  A.improve   B.to improve    C.be improved     D.be improving
42---What happened to Tom?
---He was crossing the street ____ a motorbike hit him from behind.
 A.while   B.when   C.until   D.because
43---Dad,what’s the sea like?
  ---Well,it’s large and full of water. It covers about _____ of the earth.
  A.one third  B.three quarter  C.three-fourth   D.three quarters
44. ---May I go out for an outing with you tomorrow?
  ---If your mother______.
A. will let   B. will allow  C.let   D.agrees
45---Would you like ______ some fruit?
  ---No thanks. I don’t feel like _____ anything now.
  A.to have,to eat  B.having, to eat  C. to have , eating D. having ,eating
46---There can be no life on the earth without water.
  ---That’s right.Water _____ everywhere.
A.needs  B.is needing  C.is needed  D.needed
47---Were you late ____the meeting?
  ---No,I arrived there ten minutes______ the meeting started.
A.for, before B. at, before C. for ,till  D. at ,after
48---Excuse me,______ I don’t think you can smoke here.
  ----Sorry I didn’t know this is none-smoking zone.
A. and   B.but   C.so   D.then
49---How many English words had you learned _____ the end of last term?
  ----Aound 2000,but I’ve forgotten most of them.
   A.by   B.at    C.to   D.on
50.---Are you learning art now during your spare time?
----No. I’ve stopped _____ Chinese medicine instead.
A.to learn  B.learning   C.dropping   D.to give up
51.----_____ is your new teacher?
----The one standing under the tree with a dictionary in his hand.
   A.Who   B.What    C.Where   D.Which
52.---Do you like being a teacher? 
---- Sure.But my parents ____ me to be a doctor when I was a young girl..
 A.hoped     B.want.   C. wished    D. expect
53. The result is so ______ that we can hardly believe it.
  A.surprising  B.surprised  C.amazed   D.surprise
54.---He was ill and had two weeks ______.
A.of  B.away  C.off  D.out
55.---Did you _____ the first place of the league match?
---Of course we did. We _____ all the other teams.
A.beat, beat  B. beat ,won   C. win, won   D.win, beat.
56.---Sorry _____ being late.
 ---It doesn’t matter. In fact, you ’re just on time______ it
 A.for, for   B.of, for   C.for, with   D.of, with
57.---What he enjoys _____ great and interesting.
  ---Yes,but it’s dangerous.
  A.sounds  B. sounding t   C.sounded  D.to sound 
58.---You look _______. What has happened to you?
  --- Everyone expected us to win the match, but we lost to the girls. 
A.  sad  B.sadly     C .happy    D .angrily
59.---- Did you finish _____ the book?
  ---- Yes ,I did. Thanks ____ your dictionary, I had a better understanding of it.
  A.reading,for   B.reading,to  C.to read, for  D.to read ,to 
60.----How ____ is it from here Ningbo to Xi’an?
  ----It’s about two ____ flight.
  A.long, hour’s  B.far,hour’s  C.long, hours’  D.far, hours’
61.---Why did you come back so late today ?
  ----Because it      heavily when the meeting was over. We had to wait until it came to a stop.
A  was raining  B .is raining C.rained D.rains
62.----Would you like to give us a talk sometime next week ?
  ----Sure. But what subject should I        ?
 A.talk B.talk about C. talk with    D.talk to 
63.---What did the headmaster _______ at the meeting?
  ---Sorry.I left the meeting before he _______.
 A .say,said  B say,spoke.  C speak,said.  D.speak,spoke
64.---What about going to the concert?
  ---Good idea.Let’s ask Tom_____together with us.
 A. go B .going    C. to go D. goes
65.----Do you have any fun ______ together with the small children?
  ----Yes. I’ve experienced nothing other than pleasure.
 A  to be B. be C. being   D. are
66.---There’s hardly anything but some old books in the room,_____?
 A  isn’t it B.is it C is there   D isn’t there
67.----Would you like some tea, please ?
   ----Yes, I prefer tea        sugar.
 A .to  B .for    C. with D. than
68.----Would you please        make the child       any more ?
  ---Sorry,but I didn’t mean to.I just wanted him not to play with the fire.
 A  don’t, cry B  not, to cry C.don’t, to cry D.not, cry 
69.----What        useful book !
   ---Yes, it is. But I find it       difficult for me to read.
 A.an, very B.a, too C. an, too   D. a, quite
70.---Maths isn’t as        as Chinese.
   ---I agree with you. I think Chinese is       than any other subject.
 A  easy, easier B easier, easier C  easy,harder  D hard, easier
71.---Mum, will you take me to the park tomorrow?
  ---If it        rainy.
 A. won’t  B.doesn’t C .isn’t    D. won’t be
72.----Zhang Guorong, a HK pop singer, jumped from the top of a building and killed himself.
  ----What a pity! That’s because he had______ living in the world.
 A .been fed up with  B.been pleased with  C.nothing to do with D.been used to
73.---Why don’t you go to the lecture-room and listen to the talk?
   ---I hear there isn’t        in it.
 A .something new B.new anything C. anything new D. nothing new
74.----I did badly in the long jump.
  ----      .
 A .Congratulations  B .That’s great  C. Well done D. Bad luck
75. Miss Liu asked Tom to read the new words and        students to listen to him.
 A.other B.the others C.others D.the other
76.---Do you know the result of the        race?
  ---Yes. The winner is a boy        Lin Feng from Class 4.
 A.100-metres, called B.100-metre, calling 
 C.100-metre, called D.100-metres, named
77. The weather here is quite different        that of my hometown.
 A .from B  with C  than D  as
78. ---Why not _____ him with his lessons?
   ---I’ve tried to, but he said he didn’t need any. 
  A. help   B. to help    C. helping    D. helped
79.----Don’t play the dangerous game any more.
  ----Sorry! I        do it again.
 A .can’t B.don’t C.won’t     D. mustn’t
80.---English is        difficult subject. I even want to drop it.
 ---You’d better not. I’ll help you        it.
 A.quite a, with B. a quite, with C. a very, for D.very a, with
81.--- My car has broken down. Would you please send someone to ______?
  ---Ok, my driver will soon be with you.
  A.put me up   B.pick me up   C.drop me off   D.turn me up
82.---I hear a traffic accident happened yesterday. Was it terrible ?
   ---Yes. A car _____ and all the people in it were badly hurt. But luckily,none of them was killed.
 A .fell over B .fell behind C.fell off D. fell down to
83.There are many teenagers ______ in the lake .
 A.swimming . B.swim.  C .swam. D.to swim.
84.---Do you think there are too many new words in this unit ?
 ---Yes, that’s right. I’ll        first.
 A. look it up B. look up them   C. look them up D. look for them  
85.---Something is wrong with the car.
 ---Don’t worry.I’ll have it _______ soon.
 A.fixed B.mending     C .to repair     D. to fix
86.—Excuse me, where’s the West Hill Farm, please ?
   —Go        the forest and        the foot of the mountain you will find it .
 A.through, at  B.across, at C.through, under D. past, under
87._____noisy children ! Go and ask them to keep quiet.
 A.How B.What   C.What a D.How a
88.I’d like to go abroad for further study, but I _____afford it.
 A .don’t   B.wasn’t able to   C.can’t   D. am not
89.Mr Green        living in China though he was born in London.
 A.would like B.wants    C.hates D.enjoys
90.—Here is a piece of paper for you !
  —Oh, thanks. It’s        for me to write a long letter on.
 A.big enough  B.enough big C. small enough D.enough small
91.---Shall we leave for home now?
 ---No, I  ______ here until Tom comes back.
 A .won’t wait   B.will leave   C.will wait    D. won’t stay
92.---Excuse me,but do you know the way to the hospital,please?
  ---Sorry, I don’t know, _____.
 A.too    B .neither   C .either   D .also
93.—You’d better        work too hard like this.
 —I see. You mean working too hard makes one tired and ill.
 A.not B.don't C .not to     D.won’t
94.—Football        by the British at the beginning of last century.
 —That’s probably why football is one of the most popular games in England.
 A.was invented B. invented    C.was inventing D.invents
95---I tried to make Kate ______ her mind, but I found it hard .
----Well,I saw you_______ that when I went past.
A.change, do  B. change , doing C.to change, do D. changes,doing
96.—Must we move to the next room ?
  —No, you       . You may still live here if you like.
 A.mustn’t  B.don’t   C.don’t have to D.won’t
97.I find        interesting to play games with children.
 A.that  B.how     C.what D.it
98.       are useful animals.
 A.Cow B.Pig     C.Panda D. Sheep
99.Be careful when        the street.
 A.to cross B.cross C.you cross    D.you’ll cross
100.Take your time,       you’ll make another mistake.
 A .then B.and      C. if D. or
1-5CCABC  6-10CDBAB 11-15ABBBB 16-20DBBDB 21-25ABAAD 26-30CAADC 31-35ACDBA 36-40BBBDD 41-45BBDDC 46-50CABAA 51-55DCACD 56-60AAABD 61-65ABBCC 66-70CCDBC 71-75CACDD 76-80CAACA    81-85BAACA  86-90ABCDA  91-95CCAAB  96-100CDDCD 




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