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初三英语词汇总复习(2A Unit 1)

广州市东圃中学 张虹

1.     单词

thin瘦的         measure 测量     slow慢的      important重要的 

kind友好的      world世界        clever聪明的   weigh重

painting油画     worse更差        better更好     swimmer游泳者

thick厚的        fast快的(地)    run跑         painter画家    

British英国(人)的                writing书写    correct对的

2.     短语

(be) different from 与…不同    look the same 看起来一样  

on the left/right在左/右边       the long/high jump跳远/高       

class teacher 班主任           be bad at在…(方面)差

That’s funny! 真奇怪!        next to 在旁边   Never mind. 不要紧。


1) He is fatter than before. 他以前更胖

2) Welcome back to school! 欢迎回校!

3) Nice to see you again. 见到你真高兴。

4) It’s 1.65 meters long/high/deep/wide. 它有1点65米///。 

5) The room looks square.这间房子看起来是正方形的

6) She is always happy to help everyone.她总是乐于助人。

7) We all like him a lot/very much. 我们都喜欢他。

8)She gives us a lot of help and encouragement.




初三英语词汇总复习(2A Unit 2)

广州市东圃中学 张虹

1.     单词

sleep睡觉       interesting有趣的     correct对的       kill杀死

writing书写     gentle驯服的         safe安全的        forget忘记              Africa非洲      lion狮子            giraffe长颈鹿      town城镇

2.     短语

up and down上上下下       be afraid of 害怕       three times三次  

3.     句子

1)     My dog does everything with me. But fish do nothing all day.


2)     There’s something behind the tree. But I can’t see anything at all.


3)     They don’t scratch you like cats or bite you like dogs.


4)     Different people like different things.不同的人喜欢不同的东西。

5)     A mouse’s house is not as expensive as a dog’s. = A mouse’s house is cheaper than a dog’s. 老鼠的房子不如狗的/要狗的便宜

6)     It’s hard to say. 很难说。

7)     What’s the difference between the three?这三者的区别是什么?

8)     It sounds great! 那听起来很棒!

9)     I’m not sure. = I have no idea. = I don’t know. 我不知道。

10)I (don’t) think so. 我(不)这样认为。

11)It’s very kind of you. = you are very kind. 你真好。

12)Stop him! Don’t let him run away. 阻止他!别让他逃跑了。

13)Snakes are the most dangerous animal in the world.

蛇是世界上 最危险的动物。

14)I think maths is much more difficult than English.


15)I like elephants the most/best. = Elephants are my favourite animal of   all.最喜欢大象。= 大象是我最喜欢的动物。



初三英语词汇总复习(2A Unit 3)

广州市东圃中学 张虹


north-west西北(的) ocean海洋     part部分       deep深的  

strongly强烈地       wide宽阔的    last最后(的) answer回答

plant植物/种植       voice声音      tonight今晚     warmly暖和地

get变得;成         call叫做       loud大         laugh笑             

angrily生气地        gently温柔地   smile微笑      story故事          

pull拉      air空气     reason理由      quiet-quietly安静的-(地) 


come out出来            out of从---向外           go away离开   

go to sleep睡着           close(to) 靠近的          go down下沉    

Book of the lists世界之最   at night在晚上        millions of数百万的


1) Earth goes round the sun. 地球围绕太阳转。

2) How long does it take us to get to the moon?


  --- It’s far away from us. It takes more than three days to go there.


3) The sun makes the man take off his coat. 太阳使脱下了大衣。

4) John speaks very loudly. 约翰说得很大声

5) Rob plays basketball very badly. Tom plays it worse. I play it the worst.


6) I like cats because they are clever. 我喜欢猫是因为他们很聪明。

7) Jim can (is able to) run faster than me. 吉姆/可以跑得比我快。




初三英语词汇总复习(2A Unit 4)

广州市东圃中学 张虹


just恰好        player选手      goal入球         conductor列车员

lab实验室      stay维持        awake醒着的     phone(打)电话

travel旅行      usual通常       asleep睡着的     village乡村      

rich富裕的      poor贫穷的     bright明亮的     life生活或生命

sister-in-law姑子或姨子;嫂子或弟媳   father-in-law岳父或公公   brother-in-law姐/妹夫;大伯或小叔         mother-in-law岳母或婆婆


fire fighter消防员        fire department消防处      last week上星期  


1) what a pity! 真可惜!

2) I was at the football game yesterday. 我昨天 参加了足球赛。

3) I was in bed. I was ill. --- I’m sorry to hear that.

躺在床上。我了。--- 听到这我感到很难过。

4) What was the score?--- It was 2-2. 比分是多少?--- 2比2。

5) I went for a walk for half an hour. 我去散步了半小时。

6) At ten o’clock, she was ready for/ to go to bed.


8) Did you take a bus? 你坐公共汽车了吗?

9) My grandfather was dead. He died in 1994.


10) She always takes a present with her when she visits her friends.


初三英语词汇总复习(2A Unit5)

广州市东圃中学 张虹


Cinema电影院     hurt受伤          before在…之前   dark黑暗的   hamburger汉堡包   remember记得     lift电梯          push按,推

side旁边或侧面    cross穿过         tail尾巴       test测验/考试

thief-thieves小偷   quickly很快地             


What else?还有别的吗?     Christmas Day圣诞节      wake up醒来

the same as…与…一样      except for除…之外        have to不得不 

wait for等待     hot dog热狗      go up上升     Well done!干得好! 


1) You were born in 1990. So was I . 你出生于1990年。我是。

2) Milk helps me sleep very well at night . 牛奶使我晚上睡得好。

3) The wind blew my window open. 风把我的窗户吹开。

4) I was very afraid. I’m not very brave. 我非常害怕。我并不勇敢

5) A cast came in ten minutes ago. It stayed there for a few minutes.


6) My computer lesson lasted for nearly three hours as usual .

  我的电脑课象往常一样 持续接近3小时。

7) The teacher talked about the animals today. 今天老师谈论动物。



初三英语词汇总复习(2A Unit6)

广州市东圃中学 张虹


neighbour邻居     decide决定        kitchen厨房      shut关上 

sharp锋利的       hit打/打击         prepare准备     leave离开

sad伤心的    way方面     back背      male男性     female女性         


an only child独生子女       put on穿上          take away把…拿走 

the Summer Palace颐和园   stay away留在外面    in the sun在阳光下

learn… from从/向…学习   a year or two约一两年  catch up with赶上


1) She isn’t single. She married to a policeman. He is a very kind person.


2) Her daughter studies at university, doesn’t she?


3) I like to write to her sometimes. 有时我喜欢写信

4) He wasn’t tall enough to put the boxes away, was he?


5) We haven’t enough money to buy chocolate, do we?


6) Let’s have a piece of chocolate first. 让我们先吃一块巧克力吧。

7) Don’t worry. Everything is ready,except for the flour.


8) Elephants are different from us. They are the biggest animals on land.


9) They don’t live alone, they live in families, they are not lonely.


10) Why did you go to the shops? --- To buy my mum a present/ a present for my mum. 你为什么去商店?--- 去买一份礼物给妈妈。





初三英语词汇总复习(2A Unit7)

广州市东圃中学 张虹


ring 打电话给…      arm手臂        finger手指      head头部      

dance跳舞           arrive到达      shorts短裤       light明亮的    

bee蜜蜂             still仍然        bus-driver公共汽车司机 


make a noise吵闹     knock at敲门/窗        swimming pool游泳池 

go off停水;停电     think about考虑    get on上车     a pair of一双   


1)I was not at home when you rang.当你给我打电话时,我不在家。

2) She looked pretty in the green dress. 她穿着那条绿裙子看起来很漂亮

3) I think the monkeys are as smart as people. 我认为猴子一样聪明。

4) I bought it to school on Friday, but I forgot to show it to you.


5) I will try not to forget. 我尽量不要忘记。

6) I stopped doing my homework. 我停止做作业。

7) What’s he like?--- He is tall, with brown eyes and black hair.

  他是什么样的?--- 他挺高,褐色的眼睛和黑色的头发。

8) He looks like a very nice person. 他看起来像一个挺好的人。

9) What happened?--- A car hit a dog on the road.

  发生了什么事?--- 一辆小车到了一条小狗。

10) Nobody else wants the doll. 没有别的人想要这个洋娃娃。


初三英语词汇总复习(2A Unit8)

     广州市东圃中学 张虹

1.      单词

gold金的色      long长时间      leave把---留下        east朝东

mark分数       fail失败         smoke吸烟           drive开车 

through穿过     build建造       vegetable蔬菜   

2. 短语

keep a diary记日记               look for寻找        

Monkey King猴王                make a mistake犯错误


1)What kind of diary do you want?--- I’m not sure. May I have a look, please? 你想要哪种日记?--- 我不知道。你能给我看看吗?

2) I’ll take that one, please. 我要那个。

3) I woke up earlier this morning. 我今天早上比较早起床。

4) It’s really surprising. 真是出人意料。

5) It’s ten o’clock and time for bed. 十点了,该睡觉了。

6) If that happens, I will be very sad. 如果那样的话,我会很伤心的。

7) If Tom doesn’t pass the exam, his mum won’t be happy.





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