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赵新侃,北大才子撰写的一篇哲学Philosopher 演讲稿

2011-10-21  MouseHappy

赵新侃,北大才子撰写的一篇哲学Philosopher 演讲稿  

赵新侃,北大才子撰写的一篇哲学Pilosopher 演讲稿 - 斯碧驰 - 英语演讲与辩论博客


讲philosopher的(当时的题目叫 What's right with the world?):



Witnessing global warming, deforestation, flu threat, we exclaim, “What’s wrong with the world?!” By “wrong”, we mean something is out of order, against rules, and beyond all understanding.


We also wonder, “Is there anything still right with the world?” What is still in order? What is still   acceptable and favorable today? My answer is that we still have philosophers.


Why is it right with the world to have philosophers? Because philosophers see the whole picture; they see the boundaries and hence know the limits.


Every single thing has its boundaries, and what is so important about this is that only when you meet the boundaries can you know what something really is in a full sense. Take this studio for example. We see the screen, the cameras, the audience, but we can never fully comprehend what a studio is until we finally touch the walls that surround.


We human beings have our natural boundaries too. When you leave the city, walk through the suburbs, step out of civilization and look back, you will see that we are but one of the species in the world. We are finite, in mind and might. What is fundamentally “wrong” with the world today is that we forget such finitude and fancy ourselves being almighty.


Nature, however, is a judge quicker and more just than anyone. We produce air-conditioners to get cool; nature repays us with global warming. We clear forests for urban splendor; nature buries it with sandstorms.


It is right with the world to have philosophers because they remind us of our boundaries; they mark for us the safety line we cannot transgress; they teach us self-restraint to achieve harmony with nature. In one word, they guide the world to the right.

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