Daisy Pan 2011-10-22

   circle n. 圆周,圆形物;(具有共同兴趣、利益的人们所组成的)圈子;集团;vt. 包围,环绕

   circuit n. 电路

   circuitous adj. 迂回的,绕圈子的

   circular adj. 循环的;圆的

   circulate v. (使)循环;传阅,流传;发行,销售

   circulation desk 图书借还台;发行处

   circumference n. 圆周;周长

   circumlocution n. 迂回累赘的陈述,拐弯抹角地讲话;遁词

   circumscribe vt. 划界限;限制

   circumspect adj. 慎重的,仔细的

   circumstance n. 环境,情况

   circumvent v. 用计谋战胜,规避

   citadel n. 堡垒,要塞

   cite vt. 引用;举例

   civil adj. 公民的;市民的;国内的

   civilian adj. 市民的,平民的;民间的

   civility n. 礼貌,客气,谦恭;(常用作civilities)礼仪;客套;寒暄

   civilization n. 文明,文化

   civil rights 公民权

   Civil War 内战

   I work as the editor of a small newspaper. Our offices and printing presses are located on the grounds of an old citadel that has been standing since the days of the Civil War. The rent here is relatively cheap. However, the facilities are rather old and we’re constantly making repairs to the electrical circuits in our building. According to our circulation desk, we circulate about 10,000 papers each day. If I were to draw a circle around our circulation area, the circumference would be about 15 miles.

   Ours is a civilian company. However, due to our location, the military has the right to circumscribe the content of our newspaper. For that reason, I’m a bit circumspect about the articles that we publish. I try to print the news without being too critical of the government, the military or the people in power.

   Today, I’m thinking about running a story about lawyers. Lawyers have been around since the start of civilization. They are credited for writing the first civil code and the bill of civil rights. However, they are disliked for their circuitous manner of speaking and their ability to circumvent the law by citing obscure legal doctrines. They always make circular arguments to avoid the issue. Some lawyers are kind and helpful. Others are known for their lack of civility. A lot depends on the circumstances and how much money you have.

   Perhaps a story about lawyers might be too controversial. I’d better think of a more agreeable subject.





   clam n. 蛤,蛤肉

   clamor n. 叫嚣,喧哗

   clamp vt. 夹住,夹紧

   clan n. 家族,宗族

   clandestine adj. 秘密的

   clap n. 霹雳声;vt. 鼓掌;轻拍

   clarification n. 澄清,阐明

   clarify vt. 澄清,阐明

   classification n. 分类,分级

   classify vt. 把。。。分类,分等级

   clay n. 黏土;泥土

   cleanse vt. 使清洁,使纯净

   cleft n. 裂缝

   clergy n. (总称)神职人员;教士,牧师

   clergyman n. 牧师,教士

   cliff n. 悬崖,峭壁

   climax n. 高峰,顶点

   clinch vt. 钉牢,揪住;确定,最终决定

   cling vi. 粘附,附着;坚守,墨守,忠实于

   clinging adj. 贴身的;坚持的;忠实的;依赖的

   I’m a clergyman. I have been a member of the clergy for about twenty-one years. I’m the only priest in my clan. I work in an old church at the edge of a cliff. The aged walls are made out of clay and wood. In certain areas of the church, we’ve had to clamp the wood together to prevent if from falling apart. The church looked a lot better twenty years ago when we clinched the deal to buy this property.

   I take confessions everyday. People like confessing to a priest because it cleanses their soul. Some people confess simple sins, such as stealing a clam or starting at the cleft of a woman’s bosom. Usually, I don’t need to ask them to clarify these types of confessions. Others confess very bad sins, like killing someone during a clandestine government operation. I never ask for clarification when someone makes this type of confession.

   I like giving the Sunday sermon. I make it a point to save the climax of my talk until the very end. I can tell that people like it this way because they clap loudly.

   Lately, I’ve been thinking of changing the way I conduct church. I want to do a better job of catering to the variety of needs in my congregation. It’s because people who come to my church can be classified into two groups. One group clings to tradition church values and comes to honor God. The other group has a clinging lifestyle of sinning all week and seeking redemption on Sundays. If I could prepare a separate sermon for each group according to their classification, I think I could better address their specific needs. However, it might cause a clamor. What do you think?






  clinic n. 门诊所

  clinical adj. 临床的

  clip vt. 修剪

  clockwise adj. 顺时针方向的

  clog vt. 阻碍;堵塞,阻塞

  clumsy adj. 笨拙的,愚笨的

  cluster n. 簇,串,群;vt. 丛生;聚焦

  clutch n./v. 抓紧,紧握

  clutter n. 混乱;v. 使混乱;乱堆在,塞满

  coalesce vi. 联合,合并

  coalescence n. 合并,联合

  coalition n. 联合,同盟

  coarse adj. 粗糙的

  coax vt. 哄诱,巧言诱哄

  coddle v. 娇生惯养的,溺爱;悉心照料

  code of laws 法典

  codify vt. 编成法典,编辑成书

  coexist vi. 同时存在,共存

  cogent adj. (辩论等)有说服力的

  cognitive adj. 认知的,感知的

  I love to coddle babies. I have a little one of my own. That’s why I was protesting against the opening of an abortion clinic in our neighborhood. I still recollect how we clustered in front of the clinic and tried to clog the front entrance. We would march in a clockwise way to get our message across.

  I also remember how we tried to form a coalition in the legislature to enact a code of laws that would limit abortions. We made a lot of cogent arguments. We tried to coax legislators into voting our way. Although several proposed laws were accepted for consideration, none were passed or codified. Eventually, our group began to coalesce with other anti-abortion groups. The coalescence gave us a stronger voice, but we also lost an element of control over the group’s activities.

  I never believed in using violence to achieve our cause. However, somebody in out group did and I’ll never forget that day. He shot and killed a clinical psychologist who was entering the abortion clinic. It was a cognitive act of brutality and it happened right in front of my eyes. I quickly ran to give aid to the wounded psychologist. She grabbed my arm to hold herself up, but her clutch loosened as she lost consciousness.

  Since then, I’ve never taken part in any protest activities. Why can’t people with opposing opinions peacefully coexist in the same environment?






  cohere vi. 粘着,附着;连贯,紧凑;(为了共同的利益或主义等)团结一致

  coherence n. 一致

  coherent adj. 粘在一起的;连贯的,有条理的

  cohesion n. 附着力,凝聚力

  cohesive adj. 粘在一起的

  coll n. (一)卷;线圈;vt. 盘绕,卷

  coin n. 铸币;vt. 创造(一个新的词或短语)

  coinage n. 造币,货币制度;创造新的词语(或用法等)

  coincide vi. (事情等)同事发生;相符合,相巧合

  coincidence n. 一致;同时发生或同时存在(尤指偶然)的事

  coincident adj. 一致的,巧合的

  collaborate vi. (文艺、科学等方面)协作,合作

  collaboration n. 合作

  collapse n. 倒塌,崩溃

  collateral n. 抵押品,担保物;adj. 间接的

  colleague n. 同事,同僚

  collective adj. 集体的,共同的

  collide vi. 碰撞;冲突;

  collision n. 碰撞;冲突;抵触

  colloquial adj. 口语的,通俗的

  colloquialism n. 俗话,白话,口语

  There’s nothing more powerful than collaboration between colleagues. How does that coinage go? “Two heads are better than one.” I wonder who coined that phrase. A collective effort can render even the most confusing problem coherent. Coherence is the key to understanding and resolving dilemmas.

  By coincidence, my best friend and I ended up working at the same advertising firm. We’ve had a cohesive relationship ever since we accidentally collided into each other on bicycles in college. Fortunately, nobody was hurt from the collision and we quickly became friends. Since then, we have cohered through thick and thin. Remember the market collapse of 1967? When he needed a loan to recover from his losses, I helped him. When I needed collateral to secure a home loan, he helped me. When a snake coiled is 4-year-old son and sent him to the hospital, we were there with him all right. The cohesion benefits both sides and makes each side twice as strong as before.

  That’s why I’m so glad that my colleague and I are collaborating on this special project. There’s nothing coincident about how we ended up in the same group. However, it is a coincidence that the starting dates of our present collaboration coincides with the time we first met last year.

  So what is the purpose of our collaboration? Our purpose is to come up with an advertising slogan that’s catchy and that uses colloquial English. By using a colloquialism, we hope we can turn the slogan into a household phrase




  那么,我们合作的目的何在? 我们的目的就是要想出一个既引人注目又语言通俗的广告词。通过使用通俗语言,我们希望这一广告词能成为家喻户晓的用语。


  colonel n. 陆军上校

  colonial adj. 殖民的,殖民地的

  colonize vt. 建立殖民地,拓殖;(生物群体)定居,居于

  colony n. 殖民地;群体

  colossal adj. 巨大的

  combination n. 化合,组合

  combine v. 联合,结合

  combustible adj. 易燃的

  combustion n. 燃烧

  comet n. 彗星

  comic adj. 滑稽的,好笑的;喜剧的

  comical adj. 好笑的,滑稽的

  commander n. 司令官,指挥官

  commence v. 开始,着手

  commend v. 称赞,颂扬

  commemorate vt. 纪念

  commensurate adj. 相应的,相称的

  comment n. 注释,评论;vi. 谈及;注释,评论

  commentary n. 注释,解说词;评论

  commentator n. 评论员,讲解员

  Long ago, it wasn’t unusual for colossal countries to establish colonies in distant lands. They were often successful at colonizing weaker kingdoms. However, some small nations were able to resist colonial rule. This brings to mind a rather comical case involving a man named Bob.

  Bob was a colonel in a large country. Although he held the title of commander, he wasn’t a very good one. The men didn’t like him because of his comic ways and because he had obtained his position through influence rather than hard work. This was a bad combination for a leader. Nevertheless, Bob’s supervising officer commended him and recommended that Bob be sent to lead the colonization of a far-away country. Some believed that Bob was given this job because it was commensurate with his abilities. Others commented that the military just wanted to send Bob far away.

  Bob commenced his assignment and reached the distant country by boat. It wasn’t long before Bob found himself facing the native resistance. By then, all of Bob’s men had combined to desert him. So Bob tried to hold off the natives with the only weapon he knew how to use-fire. He planned to scare the natives at night by creating a huge wall of fire in their village.

  At midnight, he started pouring combustible liquids around the village. Unfortunately, he got some on the seat of his pants. Lighting a match to see, he achieved combustion. The natives said that Bob looked like a comet as he ran around the village trying to find water.

  Back at home, radio commentators laughed and newspapers published humorous commentaries about the event. But the natives liked Bob. In fact, they commemorate Bob every year on the anniversary of his arrival.






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