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2011-11-01  窝窝头的...

第一章 家庭生活 第一节 日常起居  

  1 起床 

  该起床了。Its time to get up

  快起床。Get up soon

  我星期六通常晚起。I usually sleep late on Saturdays

  快点儿!Hurry up!

  时间还早呢。Its still early

  闹钟响了吗?Did the alarm go off?

  我一夜没睡着。I stayed up the whole night

  我还很困。Im still sleepy

  你昨天晚上打呼噜了。You were snoring last night

  我整晚都在做梦。Ive been dreaming all the night

  把衣服穿上。Put your clothes on

  把被褥叠好。Fold up your bedding

把头发梳一下。Comb your hair


  Waking Someone Up

  AnnHey, Jim, its time to wake up and get out of bed

  JimDo I have to get up now?

  AnnYoud better get up, or youll be late

  JimWhat are you talking about? My alarm hasnt even gone off yet.     

  AnnYes, it did. It went off 30 minutes ago. You slept right through it. Youre like a dead person while you sleep

  JimI must have slept right through it

  AnnRise and shine! Sleepyhead!

  JimJust let me sleep 5 more minutes

  AnnThe early bird gets the worm

  JimI know. I know. But I dont want any worms

AnnHa! Ha! If you dont make an effort now,later on itll be a lot tougher for you


  第一章 家庭生活 第一节 日常起居2 睡觉

  很晚了。Its late

  我还想看电视。I want to watch more TV

  明天的事情都准备好了吗?Are you ready for tomorrow?

  我卸完妆了。I finished taking off my make-up

  该睡觉了。Its time to go to bed

  把床铺好。Make your bed

  我一点儿也不困。Im wide awake

  我困了。Im sleepy

  我要去睡觉了。Im going to bed

  你定闹钟了吗?  Have you set the alarm clock?

  做个好梦。Sweet dreams



  MotherIts time for bed

  FrankBut Im not sleepy, mom. Can I stay up and watch more TV?

  MotherIts already past 11. You have school tomorrow. Youll be sleepy all day tomorrow if you dont sleep well tonight

  FrankI know, but I promise I wont be sleepy tomorrow. I work really hard

  MotherDont you have exams coming up soon? Im sure you could spend more time preparing for those

  FrankOh, I nearly forgot the exams

  MotherYou do well in the math, but your history is not good enough, am I right?

  FrankYeah, I guess so. Maybe I could go to sleep now and get up early to review the lessons tomorrow

  MotherAn excellent idea. Work now and play later

  FrankI know youre right. School is more important than TV, but can I watch one more show then go to bed?

  MotherNo, now is bedtime


  第一章 家庭生活 第一节 日常起居3 居家住房

  你觉得这个公寓怎么样?What do you think of this apartment?


  I love the living room; its huge and filled with sunshine

  请到客厅来。Please come into the living room

  收拾一下你的房间。Clean your room

  请用吸尘器把整个房子打扫一下。Please vacuum the whole house

  这地方跟猪圈一样。This place is a pigsty

  打开窗户,给房间通通风。Open the window and air the room

  厨房的水池子堵了。The sink is clogged

  抽水马桶漏水了。The toilet is running

  这个水龙头在不停地漏水。This faucet leaks day and night

  没有电。The electricity isnt working

  没有暖气。Theres no heat

  把空调打开/关上。Turn on/off the air conditioner

  你打算怎样布置这个房间?How are you going to decorate this room?

  也许我们应该买些新家具。Maybe we could get some new furniture

Talking about Apartment

  JasonWhat do you think of this flat?

  AliceIts not really all that good. The bedroom is a little small for us

  JasonSmall but it should be enough for our needs, I think

  AliceBut theres no hot water after 10 at night. Sometimes I like to have a hot shower before bed, especially in the winter. It feels good

  JasonThats true. But I love the living room; its huge and filled with sunshine

  AliceTrue, and I like the kitchen. Its new and well equipped

  JasonIt has a great balcony with an incredible view of the park

  AliceYoure right. The view is spectacular. But that bedroom is so small. Wed never be able to fit all of our stuff in there

  JasonMaybe we could get some new furniture. Better stuff

  AliceI hadnt thought of that


第一章 家庭生活  第二节 出入家门      4 离家前

  我要上厕所。Im going to the bathroom

  你刷牙了吗?Have you brushed your teeth?

  我看上去怎么样?How do I look?


  If only I had got up thirty minutes earlier

  把垃圾拿出去。太臭了。Take out the garbage. It stinks

  快点儿,要不我们就迟到了。Hurry up, or well be late

  不要着急,还早呢。Dont hurry. Its still early

  我得赶紧走了。I have to rush

  记得带上你的包。Remember to take your bag

  别忘了锁门。Dont forget to lock the door


Damn, I have locked the key in the house


  Before Leaving Home

  CarterSusan, good evening. Why are you so dressed up?

  SusanI am on my way out to a New Years banquet. How do I look? Is my make-up OK?

  CarterYou look great. Your make-up is perfect

  SusanDo you think I should wear a different dress?

  CarterNo, the one you have on looks fabulous, especially with your hair like that

  SusanThanks for saying. Do you have any ideas which necklace I should wear?

  CarterWith that dress Id say your white diamond necklace would look perfect

  SusanThanks for helping out. Now that Im ready, what are you doing tonight?

  CarterNot much, just a house party with some friends

  SusanSounds fun. Anyone I know is going?

  CarterYeah, most of the people are from our office

  SusanSounds Like I'm missing out on a good time. Oh, well, there is always next year

  CarterIm sure youll have fun no matter where you go. Remember to take your bag


  第一章 家庭生活 第二节 出入家门5回家后

  开门!Open the door!

  我找不到钥匙了。I cant find the key

  亲爱的,我回来了。Honey, Im home

  今天怎么样?How did it go today?

  累死了!Im exhausted!

  倒霉透了。Its just not my day

  和平常一样。Just as usual

  我现在情绪很低落。Im feeling down

  我饿死了,咱们出去吃吧。Im starving, so lets dine out

  我太累,不想做饭了。Im too tired, so I dont want to cook

  跟家人见面的感觉真好。I feel so good to see my family

我想先冲个澡。I want to take a shower first


  After Getting Home

  JaneHome at last. Tonight we have a lot of homework though

  TomAre you saying we dont have time to watch our favorite show tonight? Jane, you know I really dont like our teacher all that much. He gives far too much homework. He criticizes me in front of everyone all the time

  JaneTo tell the truth, I dont really like him either. Hes kind of boring and not very active. He always looks unhappy too

  TomYes, and he also

  JaneDo you think we should be talking about him like this behind his back?

  TomProbably not. After all he is our teacher. We should try to find something nice to say. If you cant say something nice you shouldnt say anything at all

  JaneI absolutely agree. Its getting dark. We should finish our homework now

  TomAll right. I want to take a shower first, Im exhausted


第一章 家庭生活 第三节 家常美食  6做饭

  你需要多少肉?How much meat do you need?

  够新鲜吗?Are they fresh enough?

  把鱼内脏掏洗干净。Dress the fish

  你在做什么饭?What are you cooking?

  肉要烧焦了。The meat will scorch

  把茄子切成丁儿。Dice the eggplant

  煤气灶坏了。The gas cooker doesnt work

  在橱柜里。Its in the cabinet

  递给我一个盘子。Hand me a plate

  这里为什么这么多蟑螂啊?Why are there so many cockroaches here?

  我想把炖肉煨5分钟。I want to leave the stew to simmer for 5 minutes

  烧点水吧。Boil some water

  我闻到煤气味了。把煤气关了。I smell gas. Turn it off

  还没有完全搅拌好。Its still not mixed well enough

  打两个鸡蛋。Whisk two eggs

  你能在每个杯子里放些冰吗?Could you put some ice in each glass, please?

  这把刀太钝了。This knife is too dull



  AdamId like to help pitch in with dinner

  SophieReally? Youre joking

  AdamNo. Id like to do something special for you on your birthday

  SophieId like that. Alright, put on this apron first

  AdamOKNow how can I help, hon?

  SophieHmm, let me seeBoil some water and then whisk two eggs

  AdamEasy. I could do that with my eyes closed(after a while)Done.    

  SophieNot bad. Okay, now take some meat and potatoes from the fridge

 AdamHow many potatoes do you need?

  SophieThree. And bring four bell peppers

  AdamGotchaOK. Here they are

  SophieNow wash them, then dice the potatoes and bell peppers. Then slice the meat

  AdamWheres the peeler?

  SophieIts in the cabinetAdam, the gas cooker doesnt work

  AdamWhat? Oh shit! I cut my finger

  SophieLet me take a look at thatI cant stop the bleeding. We need to go to the hospital

  AdamI guess cookings not as easy as I thought


  第一章 家庭生活 第三节 家常美食  7吃饭

  我饿了。Im hungry

  我们什么时候吃饭?When shall we eat?

  请帮忙递一下胡椒。Please pass the pepper

  来帮忙摆碗筷。Help me set the table


  It would be more delicious if you put some salt in it

  该吃饭了。Its time to eat

  什么气味?Whats the smell?

  叫大家来吃饭。Call everyone to the table

  别说话,吃你的饭。Be quiet and eat your food

  把你盘子里的东西都吃完。Clean up your plate

  再来一点吗?Would you like some more?

  很好吃!It's delicious!

  要想身体苗条, 你就不能再吃了。To keep slim, you cant eat any more



  LindaOh, Henry. I havent seen you in ages. Come in. Let me take your coat. How are you getting along?

  HenryVery well, thank you

  LindaPlease take a seat. Everything will be ready in a minute

  Henry Can you bring me a glass of orange juice, please? I am quite thirsty

  LindaHere you are

  (at the table)

  LindaHere you go. We have your cocktail and theres salad, fried chicken, French fries and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Eat the chicken while its hot. It tastes better

  HenryWow! Youre right. Everything is absolutely delicious. Please pass the pepper

  LindaHere you are. Taste the French fries

  HenryTheyre soft

  LindaWould you like some more?

  HenryNo more. Thank you

  LindaHeres to our friendship and health!

  HenryBottoms up!


  第一章 家庭生活 第三节 家常美食   8饮料

  专家说偶尔喝杯红酒对人身体有好处。Experts say that a glass of red wine occasionally will do ones health a world of good


  Too much tea will brown your teeth, but its good for your health

  要加冰吗?Do you want some ice in your drink?


  Nothings as refreshing as ice cold drinks on a hot day


  Without a coffee, I could never get up in the morning


  Im not letting you get behind the wheel until youve sobered up

  我已经喝了两三瓶啤酒了。I have had a couple of beers

  你想喝冰茶吗?Do you want some iced tea?

  请加一点点糖。Please add a little sugar

  我的胃受不了冷饮。Cold drinks dont agree with my stomach

  越凉越好。The cooler, the better

  又开胃又可口。Its appetizing and tasty



  JohnTonight is a party night! What drinks do you think we need?

  LilyWell, not everyone wants to drink beer. Make sure there are some soft drinks and juice. Nothings as refreshing as ice drinks on a hot day

  JohnI dont think we need too much in the way of soft drinks. Two super bottles of Cola should cover everyone. What about wine?

  LilyJust buy a cask of wine. Have you bought ice yet?

  JohnNo, once I fill the tub with beer, Ill get the ice. The beer will be cool if you put the tub under the ice. The cooler, the better

  LilyI think a bottle of champagne would be a good idea. Its appetizing and tasty

  JohnWell, if you say so. Personally speaking, Id rather die of thirst than drink champagne


  第一章 家庭生活 第三节 家常美食9肉类

  我通常吃鸡肉、猪肉和牛肉。I usually eat chicken, pork and beef

  我们就着酱汁吃。We eat it with sauce

  牛排你要几分熟?How would you like your steak?

  我想要熟透的牛排。Id like my steak well-done

  这肉太肥了。This meat is too fatty

  这肉太老了。This meat is too tough


  Ill buy some meat from the butchers and cook it for you

  我是吃素的。I am a vegetarian


  What spices are you going to add to the meat?

  羊排非常好吃。Mutton chops taste so good

  The Meat

  FrankWhat kinds of meat are most popular in your country?

  JuneWe usually eat chicken, pork and beef. You eat these meats a lot in your country too, dont you?

  FrankYes, we do. We also eat mutton

  JaneIve heard that people in your country like mutton chops

  FrankThats right. Mutton chops taste so good. We eat them with sauce. Have you ever tried?

  JaneYes, I have. I tried once when I visited your country last year. I think they were very tasty. Can you cook them?

  FrankCertainly I can. IlI buy some from the butchers and cook for you next Sunday

  JaneThat sounds great. Ill bring a bottle of wine then


  第一章 家庭生活 第三节 家常美食  10一日三餐

  晚餐吃什么?Whats for supper?

  你早餐想吃什么?What would you like to have for breakfast?

  差不多做好了。Its almost ready

  你想喝咖啡、果汁还是牛奶?Would you like some coffee, juice or milk?

  早餐准备好了。Breakfast is ready

  你要不要来些甜点?Do you care for some dessert?

  我一口也吃不下了。I couldnt eat another bite

  你要喝汤吗?Do you want some soup?

  我不想吃了。I dont feel like eating anything

  我在附近一家快餐店吃过午饭了。Ive had my lunch in a snack bar nearby


  I had a hamburger and a fried chicken leg



  MomJohn, come and get it; breakfast is ready

  JohnIm still getting ready for school. I cant find my schoolbag

  MomI told you to pack it last night. What did you do with it?

  JohnI did. But I used something in the bag later

  MomAnyway, hurry up! Here is your carrot juice

  JohnCan I have apple juice, Mom?

  MomDont be so fussy about stuff

  JohnOh, Mom.。。

  MomDo you want your fried egg sunny-side up?

  JohnYes. But I prefer oatmeal first. Ill make it myself

  MomGood. Ill butter your toast then

  JohnI wish I could have breakfast steak today

  MomIll make it for you tomorrow



第一章 家庭生活 第三节 家常美食11收拾餐桌碗碟


  轮到谁来洗碗了?Whose turn is it to do the dishes?

  轮到你洗碗了。Its your turn to wash the dishes

  吃完饭你洗碗吗?Will you do the dishes after the meal?

  把你的餐具放到水槽里。Put your dishes in the sink

  我来洗碗,你来擦/烘干。Ill wash and you dry

  把椅子放回去。Put the chairs back

  这些污渍怎么洗都洗不掉。These stains just wont come out

  我把每一样餐具都整理得井井有条。I keep every dishware organized

  餐桌布脏了。The tablecloth is dirty


  Use a little muscle when you clean the stove

  在我看来,洗碗很无聊。The way I see it, to do the dishes is boring

  你洗碗时要小心。Be careful when you wash the dishes

  Clearing the Table and Doing the Dishes

  FrankDo you like cooking?

  JaneYes, I do a lot. But I dont like doing dishes. What about you? Do you like cooking and then cleaning up afterwards?

  FrankTo be honest, I dont really like doing either one. I cant cook and I hate cleaning

  JaneSuppose you have to do one of the two, which do you prefer?

  FrankI would rather do the dishes than cook

  JaneI prefer the opposite. The way I see it, to do the dishes is boring

  FrankLets make a deal


  FrankIm going to buy some vegetables and you cook

  JaneWill you do the dishes after the meal?

  FrankFair enough


  第一章 家庭生活  第四节 理财规划12花销


  I really need to balance my budget and handle my money better


  Give me your credit cards. Youre living beyond your means

  我想更好地控制我的开销。I want to control my spending better

  你需要更好地控制自己。You need to have more self-control

  你花钱太多了,而且大多数花费都是不太有必要的。You did spend too much, and most of the expense was kind of unnecessary

  我现在花钱太多了。I have been spending too much money

  我超出我的底限了。I am living above my limit

  这要一大笔开销的。Thatll cost you an arm and a leg


  You know, money doesnt grow on trees

  人生苦短,所以不要光存钱不花钱。Life is too short to him whos been always saving money and not using it

  我必须得控制自己,因为我经常出去乱花钱。I have to control myself because I always go out and spend like crazy



  HarryDamn it, Im running out of money again. I really need to balance my budget and handle my money better

  LilyYou did spend too much, and most of the expense was kind of unnecessary

  HarryBut I make it

  LilyThough, you dont have to spend every penny you make. You could save some every month, like a lot of other people do

  HarryI work hard so I deserve to enjoy but that costs money

  LilyYou should save in case of an emergency. You need to have more self-control. What things did you spend your money on?

  HarryThe problem is that I have no idea. I didnt pay attention

  LilyLet bygones be bygones. Start saving right now


第一章 家庭生活


  第四节 理财规划



  I want to deposit this money in the bank

  现在利息很高,我们应该在银行存点钱。The interest is rather high, so we should save some money in the bank


  We have no money to save.


  We can save 20% of all our earnings and put it in the bank

  我们应该做个存款计划。We should make a plan for saving money


  We need to start saving money for a rainy day

  我们得省吃俭用勒紧裤腰带。Weve got to tighten our belt

  我攒够钱了。Ive got enough saved up

  我们得留意收支情况。We need to watch our money

这次我要动用储蓄了。Ill dip into my savings this time


  Saving Money and Depositing It

  AbbyWe need to start saving money for a rainy day

  RickYeah, I know, but we still need to live too. I dont want to work just to save

  AbbyWell, we can save 20% of all our earnings and put it in the bank

  Rick20% sounds too high. How about 10%

  AbbyIf we start saving and keeping it in the bank now, well have enough money to retire comfortably

  RickI dont think about retirement too often. It seems so far off in the future

  AbbyIf we dont put money in the bank now, well have to work right up until the day we die. I dont want to be working when Im in my 70s

  RickI dont guess so. I never thought about it that way


  第二章 日常生活   第一节 电话往来       14接电话

  喂!我是汤姆。Hello! This is Tom

  我就是。This is him

  哪位?Whos speaking?

  请稍等,我看他在不在。Hang on a moment, please. Ill see if hes in

  莉莉,有你的电话。Lily, theres a phone call for you

  抱歉,他不在。Sorry, hes out

  他现在正忙着呢。He is tied up right now

  对不起,让你久等了。Im sorry to have kept you waiting

  我把电话给你转过去。Let me transfer your call

  你要跟谁通话?Who do you want to talk to?

Answering the Telephone

  LindaHello! Who is speaking?

  JohnHello! This is John. I want to speak to Linda

  LindaThis is her

  JohnHi, Linda. Im just calling to invite you to a dinner party tomorrow evening

  LindaReally? What time and where?

  John7:30 pm, at Longding Chinese restaurant. Ill be at your place at 7:00 to pick you up if you need a ride

  LindaYes, please. Ill need a ride. Ill be waiting for you then

  JohnSee you tomorrow at 7:00. Make sure you dress a little formally. I heard the restaurant is kind of upscale

  LindaThank you. See you then

  JohnSee you


  第二章 日常生活   第一节 电话往来  15打电话

  简在家吗?Is Jane at home?

  我想和托先生通话。Id like to speak to Mr. Thomas

  接线员,我的电话断了。Operator, I was cut off

  我需要打一个急救电话。I need to make an emergency call

  我会再打的。Ill call back

  他什么时候回来?When will he come back?

  请给我接分机605好吗?Can you put me through to extension 605?


  If hes not in, please ask his secretary to talk to me


  Making a Telephone Call

  ClerkGood morning. Wilson Association

  BrownThis is Mr. Brown speaking. Id like to speak to Mr. Thomas

  ClerkIm sorry, but Mr. Thomas left here just a few minutes ago

  BrownIve been trying to call him for the last ten minutes, but your line was busy. Will he be back soon?

  ClerkIm afraid not. He is away for the rest of the day

  BrownIs there other way I can reach him?

  ClerkIm afraid not. He has gone out of this town on business. May I take a message?

  BrownI have a business appointment with him at 10 oclock tomorrow morning, but Im afraid I cant make it

  ClerkWould you like to make another appointment?

  BrownUnfortunately, Im leaving here unexpectedly, and I may be away for several days

  ClerkI see. Ill tell Mr. Thomas that youve called

  BrownThank you


第二章 日常生活   第一节 电话往来  16电话留言

  我能替您捎个口信吗?May I take a message?

  我会把口信转达给他的。Ill give him the message

  我会告诉他你来过电话。Ill tell him that you called

  我会尽力和他取得联系的。Ill do my utmost to make contact with him

  你可以给他留个口信,他一有空就给你打回去。You can leave him a message, and hell get back to you the moment hes free

  请让他给我回个电话。Please have him return my call

  我能留个口信吗?Can I leave a message?

  都是些不重要的事,不用留言了。Its all about something unimportant, so theres no need to leave a message


  Leaving a Message

  FrankThis is Frank speaking. May I ask who is calling?

  JaneThis is Jane. I would like to speak with Mr. Wang, please

  FrankIm sorry, hes not here at the moment. Hes gone to the International Business Center

  JaneWhen do you expect him back?

  FrankIm not sure. He didnt say when hed return. If youd like, you can leave him a message, and hell get back to you the moment hes free

  JaneYes, thank you. When he gets back, please let him know that Jane called and I need him to call me back

  FrankDoes he have your number?

  JaneYes, he does. But Ill give it to you again,-4-4-5-3-6.

  FrankThat was-4-4-5-3-6, right?

  JaneYes. Thank you very much

  FrankYoure welcome


  第二章 日常生活   第一节 电话往来17打错电话

  我准是拨错号了。l must have dialed the wrong number

  这儿没有这个人。Nobody here by that name

  对不起,你打错了。Sorry, I think you have the wrong number

  我肯定你打错电话了。Im sure that you have the wrong number


  He probably changed to a new number. Im sorry I bothered you


  You have dialed the wrong number. Please look up the correct number in the telephone directory

  对不起,打扰了。Im sorry that I have disturbed you

  没关系。Thats all right


  Dialing a Wrong Number


  JaneIs Patti there?

  FrankIm sorry, Im afraid youve dialed the wrong number. There is no Patti here

  JaneWrong number? Are you sure? I called yesterday and she was there

  FrankIm sure you have the wrong number. This one has been my number for more than 20 years

  JaneThats impossible. I remember the number clearly. Isnt this 763-4565?

  FrankNo, it isnt. Its 736-4565. It seems youve misdialed

  JaneReally? Im so sorry I bothered you. Ill try again

  FrankThats all right. This sort of thing happens all the time to everyone

  JaneYeah, I guess it does. Sorry again for bothering you

  FrankNo worries


  第二章 日常生活   第一节 电话往来18挂断电话

  我现在有点急事。Something urgent has come up

  都讲完了吗?Is that all?


  Can I call you back? There is an emergency

  谢谢你打电话过来。Thank you for calling

  很高兴跟你通话。Its been nice talking to you

  请代我向大家问好。Please say hello to everyone for me

  我的另一部电话响了。My other line is ringing


  Give me your number, and Ill call you back

  我不再占用你的时间了。I wont keep you any longer

  抱歉,我要挂电话了。Sorry, Id better go now


  Im too tired now. I have to go to sleep. Goodbye


  Hanging up

  AnnHello, three-five.。。

  SamIs that Ann?

  AnnIm sorry. Im very tired. Im going to bed early. I didnt have a good time and I dont really want to see you again

  SamWhat are you talking about? We had a great time. We laughed and talked all night last time

  AnnIt was hardly all night. And I recall it was you doing all the laughing at your own jokes

  SamThats not fair. We had fun. Give me a second chance. Can we meet tomorrow night for drinks at the pub?

  AnnNo, Im sorry. Im going to meet some friends tomorrow evening. And Im too tired now. I have to go to sleep. Goodbye

  SamBut Ann.。。


  第二章 日常生活   第一节 电话往来19手机座机通话障碍

  我的手机电池没电了。The battery of my mobile phone is dead

  我的电话快没电了。My phone is running out of battery

  我忘了给电池充电了。I forgot to recharge the battery

  我忘记带手机充电器了。I forgot to take the mobile charger

  我把手机给关了。I had my cell phone power off

  没有信号。There is no signal

  我不会发短信。I dont know how to send messages

  我的电话余额不足了。My balance is not enough

  我忘记买充值卡了。I forgot to buy the recharge card

  你的手机无法接通。Your cellphone could not be reached

  你的手机停机了。Your number is out of service

  我忘记你的号码了。I forgot your number

  我打不通。I couldnt get through

  我不会用电话卡。I dont know how to use a calling card

  电话占线。The line is busy

  她正在通话。Her line is busy at the moment

  你过一会儿再打来好吗?  Could you call back later?

  我听不清你说话。I cant hear you clearly

  你能大点儿声吗?Could you please speak up a little?

  我的电话坏了。My phone is out of order

  有好多杂音。There is a lot of noise

  听上去我们的线路有问题。Sounds like a problem with our lines

  你真应该换一部电话机。You really should change to a new telephone

  他换电话号码了。He has changed his number


  Telephone Connection Difficulties

  DorisYoure late

  LeoIm sorry. It was too cold and my car couldnt start. I had to warm it up in the garage with a heater. I tried to call you, but couldnt get a connection

  DorisCouldnt get a connection?

  LeoYes. Your number is out of service

  DorisReally? I didnt know. Let me check. Youre right

  LeoSo I couldnt get through

  DorisIts a serious problem. Im expecting an important call. The theater guild is supposed to call me this evening and discuss my play. What will happen if they cant reach me?

  LeoWell, the only thing you can do is pay the fee to recover your service


  第二章 日常生活   第二节 休闲娱乐20看电视

  把电视打开。Turn on the TV

  把遥控器给我。Give me the remote control

  电视上有什么节目?Whats on TV?

  我喜欢这个节目。I like this program


  Theres too much violence on TV nowadays

  电视报在哪儿?Where is the TV Guide?

  你看什么节目了?What did you watch?


  I switched to Channel 6, and watched a terrific movie

  有什么好节目吗?Is there anything good on?

  换个频道。Change the channel

  不要把频道换来换去。Stop flipping channels

  离电视机远点。Move back from the TV. 

  你真是个电视迷。You are really a couch potato

  把音量调小些。Turn it down

  这是现场直播节目。Its live TV


  Watching TV

  BlairHow are you feeling, Flora?

  FloraMuch better. Thanks. Ive been resting all day, only with the television as my companion. In fact, in the whole week, the only thing I felt like doing was watching TV

  BlairWhat did you watch today?

  FloraI started with some game shows this morning. I really enjoy them and even answered most of the questions correctly

  BlairAnd next?

  FloraAt 2 oclock, I switched to Channel 6, and watched a terrific movie without commercials

  BlairI know what you mean. There was an old action movie next. I think you wont like it

  FloraI wanted to watch it, but I was already tired by the time it came on. I had a rest instead. Then I watched the news on Channel 11.

  BlairAnything important happened?

  FloraA bank was robbed this afternoon. A reporter on the scene covered the event. The live coverage reproduced the robbery to the life


  第二章 日常生活   第二节 休闲娱乐21看电影

  今晚去看电影怎么样?How about going to a movie tonight?

  这是一部热门电影。The movie is a big hit

  我是个电影迷。Im a big movie fan

  你喜欢看什么电影?What kind of films do you like?

  这部电影的女主角是谁?Who is the heroine in this film?

  是什么剧情?Whats the plot?

  我已经?很长时间没看电影了。Its been a long time since I last saw a film

  我有两张电影票。I have two movie tickets

  我有两张首都电影院的赠券。I have two coupons for the Capital Cinema

  我们去哪家电影院?Which cinema shall we go to?

  你想看哪部片子?Which movie do you want to see?

  我们要看哪一场?Which showtime shall we choose?

  我们可以从网上订票。We can book the tickets online

  我们应该早点动身去电影院。We should head for the cinema early


  Or else we would definitely have problems getting good seats

  电影院里污浊的空气让我讨厌。The foul air in the cinema disgusts me

  这么多票贩子!So many scalpers!


  Do you still have the tickets for the performance of Juno at 10 am?

  我要两张15排的票。Id like two tickets in the fifteenth row

  我要7号座位。Id like seat 7.

  咱们进去吧。Lets get in


  The conditions and facilities of this cinema are pretty good

  我出去一下。Excuse me for a while

  你小声点讲话。Keep your voice down

  我看不下去了,我走了。I cant watch it any longer. Im leaving

  这部影片很感人。This film is very moving

  这部电影真没劲。This film is boring


  Going to the Movies

  AndrewWow, so many students are crowding in more than I expected. Were lucky to arrive an hour earlier. Or else we would definitely have problems getting good seats

  HeatherI learned my lesson from the last experience. I didnt arrive early enough, so I ended up with a terrible seat all the way up in the front row! It was one of my worst movie experiences ever

  AndrewYeah. I hate sitting in the front row

  HeatherBy the way, it was really thoughtful of you to get me the ticket. I really appreciate it. Ill buy some popcorn and a drink for us

  AndrewThat would be great!

  HeatherYou hold my place, and Ill be back as soon as possible. Oh, I almost forgot. Id better hold on to my ticket stub in case they wont let me in



  第二章 日常生活   第二节 休闲娱乐       22听音乐

  放点音乐吧。Put on some music

  我想听音乐。I want to listen to music

  咱们放这张CD吧。Lets play this CD

  你想听谁的歌?Whose songs do you want to listen to?

  哪支曲子?Which piece of music?

  这个音量可以吗?Is this volume OK?

  把音乐声音调小一点。Turn that music down

  多难听的噪音啊!What a racket!

  我的耳朵都嗡嗡地响了。My ears are ringing

  这噪音能把人听聋了。That noise is deafening

  你知道这首歌是谁唱的吗?Do you know who does this song?

  这首歌真让我受不了。This song drives me crazy

  他很有音乐天赋。He has a great talent for music

  我对音乐没有鉴赏力。I have no ear for music

  我是流行音乐迷。Im a pop music fan


  Music to him is something that he cant go without

  你喜欢京剧吗?Do you likeopera?

  音乐可以激发我们的想象力。Music can stir up our imagination

  你喜欢音乐吗?Do you like music?

  你觉得那个歌手怎么样?What do you think of that singer?


  Which do you prefer, classical music or pop music?

Listening to Music

  BobbyDo you like music?

  RachelWell, it depends

  BobbyDo you think this music is well-matched?

  RachelOf couse yes!

  BobbyHow about the lyrics?

  RachelVery touching

  BobbyThey bring back some of my childhood memories

  RachelYeah! Its so nostalgic. I love songs that take me to some places I havent been, or havent been for a long time. Its fun and exciting

  BobbyOf course, the rhythm is fantastic too. It makes me eager to dance

  RachelIts full of energy

  BobbyThis song is really worth listening to and enjoying

  RachelIt certainly is. Its worth the Grammy Award it won


第二章 日常生活   第二节 休闲娱乐23读书看报

  请给我晨版的。Morning edition, please

  这是最好的杂志。This is the best magazine

  我喜欢读短篇小说。I really like short stories

  比起诗歌,我更喜欢散文。I prefer essays to poems


  I advise you to read A Dream in Red Mansions

  我想订一份《昂秀英语》。Id like a subscription to Onshow English

  我想续订。Id like to renew my subscription


  Do you know the circulation of this newspaper?

  你对此报的评价如何?How would you comment on this paper?

  NicholasWhat are you reading, Linda?

  LindaIm reading a novel The Mill on the Floss, written by the famous novelist, George Eliot

  NicholasWhats it about?

  LindaIt is mainly about the relationship about a brother and a sister, who live in a mill on river Floss. It describes their childhood and a dispute that causes them to separate. The book ends with them happily together again, but they were both killed in the flood

  NicholasIs it difficult to understand?

  LindaNot really, I would consider it easy

  NicholasBesides novels, are there any other types of literary works that you indulge in?

  LindaI really like short stories

  NicholasHave you read anything else besides literature?

  LindaCertainly I have. I like to read books on various subjects, and I read everything I can get my hands on in my spare time. I dont want to idle away and waste my time

  NicholasI agree. People who dont read are no better off than people who cant read. I also agree that Books are like food for the mind。”


  第二章 日常生活   第二节 休闲娱乐24KTV

  我能看下歌曲单吗?Can I have a look at the song list?

  这个目录里有英文歌曲的部分。This catalogue has an English section

  从点歌单里选首歌吧。Choose a song from the catalogue

  这里的歌曲选择很多。This place has a large selection of songs

  我喜欢这首歌。I like this song

  这首歌有优美的旋律。This song has a pleasant melody

  你应该听这首歌的歌词。You should pay attention to the lyrics

  你们有英语歌曲吗?Do you want to sing an English song?

  我们唱二重唱吧。Lets sing a duet

  我们唱歌吧。Lets sing together

  有些歌曲有英文字幕。Some songs have English subtitles

  把声调大点。Turn up the volume

  你唱得很好。Youre a good singer

  你的歌声很好听。你的高音的音调唱得很完美。Youve got a beautiful voice, and you hit the high notes perfectly

  请大点儿声。Please sing out

  来吧,给我们唱首歌!Come on, sing a song!

  请大家一起唱。Everybody, please join in with the singing

  用这个麦克风。Use this microphone

  一起唱。Sing along

  这个设备有很强的回声。This equipment has a strong echo


  At the KTV

  JuliusYouve got a beautiful singing voice

  SamanthaIts this high-tech equipment that doctors up my voice a little. Actually Im tone-deaf

  JuliusCome on. You hit the high notes perfectly

  SamanthaWell, the echo and the stereo system helped a lot. And I know that song very well, so I didnt need to pay attention to the subtitles, which helped as well

  JuliusYoure too modest. Pass me the catalogue. Id like to see which song to choose  Wow, this place has a large selection of songs. I dont know which to choose

  SamanthaPick the one that you always sing in the shower

  JuliusFunny. Oh, I like this song. Its by one of my favorite singers.

  SamanthaRead me the index number

  Julius1021. Its a duet. Come on. Pick up the mic and sing along.

  SamanthaNo, I need a rest


  第二章 日常生活   第二节 休闲娱乐25在舞厅


  This ballroom looks magnificent and the music is wonderful

  我很愿意(和你跳舞)Id love to


  Lets wait this one out, while I catch my breath

  你经常来这儿跳舞吗?Do you often come here to dance?

  你的探戈舞跳得棒极了。You performed the tango wonderfully

  你跳得不错。Youre a good dancer

  你的脚步很轻盈。Youre light on your feet

  你想跳一支伦巴吗?Would you like to dance a rumba?

  我从来没学过跳舞。Ive never learned to dance

  去跳舞吧,我来看着包。Go dance. Ill watch the bags

  咱们休息一会儿吧。Lets take a break

  我不想再跳了。I dont feel like dancing any more


  At the Ballroom

  JackYou must like to dance, right?

  LilyId love to. Do you often come here to dance?

  JackYes, I like the old styles of dance, such as the waltz, rumba and so on. They are quite graceful

  LilyYoure waltzing quite wonderfully. Its great to dance with an experienced and talented partner

  JackThank you for saying. I think youre light on your toes too. Oh, the music starts again. Would you like to have another dance, Miss?

  LilyOK, that would be great. Do you like morden dance? I dont care for it

  JackNeither do I. I dont like any kind of morden dance at all


第二章 日常生活   第二节 休闲娱乐26在酒吧

  这个座位有人吗?Is this seat taken?

  我能请你喝一杯吗?Can I buy you a drink?

  你们这里有什么啤酒?What kinds of beer do you have?

  我想来瓶啤酒。Ill have a beer

  我想来点香槟。Ill take some champagne

  我想要杯葡萄酒。Id like a glass of wine

  我要冰的。Make it a cold one

  请来两个橄榄。Two olives, please

  再给我来一杯。Give me another

  我来给你倒。Let me pour this for you

  我想敬杯酒。Id like to propose a toast

  再喝一点儿吗?Would you like more?

  想再喝一圈吗?Would you like another round?

  我现在酒喝得少了。Im a light drinker now

  你喝醉了。Youre drunk

  我要借酒消愁。Im going to drown my sorrows


  喝干喽。Drink up

  为你的健康干杯!Heres to your health!

  该打烊了。Its closing time

  我想你已经喝得差不多了。I think youve had enough

  我们再喝一杯就回家吧。Lets have one more for the road


  At the Bar

  JackThis is a great bar. Its really hopping

  AliceYes, this was a great idea to come here. Im glad we came out tonight

  JackWhere would you like to sit?

  AliceBy the window

  JackAh, great minds think alike

  BartenderHow are you tonight? What can I get you to drink?

  JackPlease give me a few minutes

  BartenderCertainly, Ill be right back to take your order

  JackAlice, what do you want?

  AliceJust a glass of juice, please

  BartenderHave you decided?

  JackYes, Ill have a beer and my friend will have an orange juice

  BartenderIll be right back with those


  第二章 日常生活   ???第二节 休闲娱乐27在咖啡馆

  这家咖啡馆的环境还不错。The environment of this caféis nice

  你想喝点什么?What would you like to drink?

  今天我请客。Its my treat today

 喂,服务生!Oh, waiter!

  请来两杯咖啡。Two coffees, please

  我想要一小杯卡布奇诺咖啡。Ill have a small cappuccino

  请给我杯无咖啡因的咖啡。Give me a decaf, please

  我要一杯不加奶的咖啡,她要一杯加奶的。A black coffee for me and a white one for her

  不要奶油。No cream

  要加奶油和糖。Cream and sugar

  味道要浓烈一些。Make it strong

  我要大杯的。Id like a large one

  暂时只要咖啡。Just coffee for the moment

  这里的咖啡很棒。The coffee here is perfect

  这咖啡还行吗?Is the coffee all right?


  In a Café

  EricDo you know why I chose this café?

  LucyYou like the music here

  EricNo, its because it's a good place to talk

  LucyActually, I dont think it really matters which caféwe go to

  EricOh, it does. A good cafémakes a huge difference2. A quiet and comfortable environment is more suitable for conversation. At least3 I think so

  LucyHmm, maybe

  EricWell, anyway4, let's get something to drink. The coffee here is good. What would you like5?

  LucyIll have a medium white coffee

  Eric(to the waitress)Excuse me, miss!

  WaitressYes. What can I get for you6?

  EricTwo coffees, please. A large black coffee for me and a medium white one for her. Thank you

  WaitressAnything else?

  EricNot at the moment7.

  LucyYou like black coffee?

  EricYes. And I like it strong


  第二章 日常生活   第三节 数字、时间与日期 时间   28数字

  学校里有150名教师。There are a hundred and fifty teachers in the school

  这个数是1.2This figure is one point two

  房价上涨了10%There is a ten percent (10%) increase in house prices

  我是班里的第一名。Im the first in our class

  一个数能被2整除,像2468等等,就是偶数。A number that can be divided by two, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc, is an even number

  23等于5Two plus three equals five

  我要一打啤酒。Id like a dozen beers

  有数百人去听音乐会了。Hundreds of people went to the concert



  TeacherToday well study numbers. Whats this number?

  StudentIts one hundred and forty

  TeacherYes. Is it an even number or an odd number?

  StudentWell, a number that can be divided by two is an even number, so its an even number

  TeacherOK. Lets look at the next one

  StudentThis figure is zero point five. Its a decimal number

  TeacherDo you know how to change the decimal into a fraction?

  StudentYes. The number is one half

  TeacherNow pick two numbers between one and ten, including decimal numbers and fractions, then add, subtract, multiply or divide them as you like. If there are decimals in your answer, round them up to the nearest whole number

  StudentNine minus six is three. Four multiplied by two equals eight. Zero point three six plus one point seven five equals

  TeacherTwo point one one. Rounding it off to the nearest whole number gives you two. Its easier to add it all up if you use whole numbers

  StudentI get it. Thank you


第二章 日常生活   第三节 数字、时间与日期29时间

  几点了?What time is it?

  我的表快了。My watch is fast

  你能把闹钟定在六点吗?Could you set the alarm for six?

  现在是9点整。Its exactly nine oclock

  马上到9点了。Its almost nine

  现在是9点十分。Its ten past nine

  现在是9点一刻。Its nine fifteen

  现在是930分。Its nine thirty

  现在是945分。Its nine forty-five

  现在是950分。Its ten to ten

  现在是中午12点。Its noon

  现在是上午8点。Its 8 am


  About the Time

  FredWhat time is it?

  Dina8:50 (ten to nine)

  FredYour watch is 10 minutes slow, so it should be 9:00 (nine sharp). Im gonna be late again. What will my excuse be this time? We shouldve set the alarm for 7:30.

  DinaDont cry over spilt milk. Fred, could you stay with me a few more minutes?

  FredWhat, why? Whats wrong with you?

  DinaI just hate being alone at home with nothing to do but listen to the clock ticking. Its so lonely and boring. My sickness makes it worse. When will I recover?

  FredYoull be fine in a couple of months. Just be patient. Ive got to go to work now or Ill be late

  DinaYou only care about your work

  FredSorry, baby. Youre everything to me. All I do is for this family

  DinaStay just a few minutes longer, okay?

  FredOK. Ill leave at 9:15. Is that all right?


  FredIll spend more time with you in the future, Dina

  DinaThank you


  第二章 日常生活   第三节 数字、时间与日期30日期

  今天几号?Whats the date?

  今天是10号。Its the tenth

  今天是81日。Its August first

  今天是星期几?What day is it today?


  I dont have a calendar, so I dont know the date

  今天是2009105日星期一。Its Monday, October 5th, 2009.

  我们打算六月二十号离开这里。We plan to leave this place on June 20th

  你的出生日期是什么时候?Whats your date of birth?

  你的生日是哪天?When is your birthday?


  About the Date

  PaulI need to go to the bank

  JennyBut theyre all closed today

  PaulClosed? Are you kidding? What is it, some kind of holiday today?

  JennyHave you already forgotten? Whats the date today?

  PaulIts... Oh, its the first of April. April Fools Day!

  JennyYou forgot all about it, didnt you?

  PaulSort of, but it has reminded me of at least one thing I need to remember

  JennyWhats that?

  PaulTomorrow is my wifes birthday

  JennyBetter not forget that, shell kill you if you dont get her something. Its pretty strange that your wifes birthday changes every year. Why is that?

  PaulMy wife is a Chinese. She celebrates her birthday according to the lunar calendar

  JennyAh, I got it

  PaulIts quite exotic for me to celebrate a birthday according to the lunar calendar. Its so different than our culture. I guess that makes life interesting to have different cultures come together and coexist


  第三章 餐厅用餐 第一节 外出就餐前  31商定餐馆

  你想到哪里吃晚餐?Where would you like to go for dinner?

  你想好去哪家餐馆了吗?Do you have any particular restaurant in mind?


  Could you recommend some good restaurants around here?


  I suggest you take them to a decent French restaurant

  这家餐馆供应地道的川菜。This restaurant serves real Sichuan cuisine


  Its considered the best restaurant in town


  This French restaurant is famous for its desserts


  The restaurant over there has a better wine selection


  This restaurant is more expensive than that one

Deciding on a Restaurant

  SamanthaHi, Julius. Im treating Mr. Lee and his team members fromto dinner tomorrow evening. Where do you think I should take them?

  JuliusWell, Mr. Lee has a very good taste in wine, andis one of our biggest clients. I suggest you take them to a decent French restaurant. Make sure you make a really good impression

  SamanthaThats a good idea. Which one do you recommend? Les Parisians?

  JuliusOr La Place. Theyre both listed in this years Gourmet Magazine for having the most authentic French cuisine in town. But I heard La Place has a better wine selection

  SamanthaWell go to La Place. Could you book a table for four at 7 p.m.?



第三章 餐厅用餐 第一节 外出就餐前32预订餐位


  Can we make a reservation at your restaurant in advance?

  我想预订餐位。Id like to make a reservation


  Id like to reserve a table for six


  Id like to book a private room for tomorrow evening

  我想订张靠窗户的桌子。I want to book a table by the window

  请以沃森的名义订下。Please book it under the name of Watson

  我在你们餐厅预订了餐位。Ive made a reservation at your restaurant

  我打算六点到。Id like to come at 6.

  你们餐馆在什么地方?Where is your restaurant?


  Reserving a Table over the Phone

  ReceptionistGood afternoon. Peace Restaurant. May I help you?

  JuliusId like to reserve a table for two. My wife and I

  ReceptionistYes, sir. What time would you like, sir?

  JuliusIm not sureperhaps around 8 p.m

  ReceptionistFine. Ill reserve a table for two at 8 p.m., sir. May I have your name, please?

  JuliusJulius. Julius Berman

  ReceptionistThank you, Mr. Berman. And do you prefer smoking or non-smoking?

  JuliusNon-smoking will be fine, please. But it is more important that you get us a table by the window. Its our anniversary and Id like it to be very special

  ReceptionistIll try my best. We look forward to having you with us tonight, Mr. Berman

  JuliusThank you. Good-bye

  ReceptionistGood-bye, and have a good day!


  第三章 餐厅用餐 第二节 点菜  33准备点菜

  请把菜单拿给我看看。Show me the menu, please

  我的朋友一会儿就到。My friend will be along shortly

  我真的需要再考虑几分钟。I really need a few more minutes to decide


  I wish the waiter would hurry up and take our order

  你喜欢吃哪种饭菜?What kind of food do you like?

  我特别喜欢吃辣的饭菜?Im partial to hot food

  你想吃什么?What would you like?

  你更喜欢吃肉,还是海鲜?Do you prefer meat or seafood?

  我不挑食。Im not particular about food

  除了猪肉以外我什么都吃。I eat anything except pork


  Arriving at a Restaurant

  WaitressHow are you doing today? How many in your group today?

  CustomerFine, thank you. There will be five of us. The rest will be along shortly

  WaitressSmoking or non?

  CustomerNon-smoking is fine. Thank you

  WaitressRight this way, please

  (At the table)

  WaitressSomething to drink first?

  CustomerJust water, please

  WaitressWould you like to see a menu first or wait for your friends?

  CustomerIll wait. But please bring me some bread. Maybe I would like an appetizer before they get here. Please bring me the menu and let me have a look

  WaitressCertainly, sir. If you need anything else, please let me know, and Ill be happy to get it for you right away


  第三章 餐厅用餐 第二节 点菜  34点菜

  我可以看看酒单吗?May I see the wine list?

  我对大蒜过敏。Im allergic to garlic

  这道菜不要放大葱。Id like that without spring onion

  你推荐什么?What would you recommend?

  今天的特色菜是什么?Whats todays special?

  我也要同样的。The same for me, please

  我比较喜欢清淡一点儿的。I prefer something a little lighter

  你们有鸡汤吗?Do you have chicken soup?

  我不想要甜点。I dont want dessert


  Ordering Food

  WaiterCan I take your order now, madam?

  MayYes. What would you recommend?

  WaiterI am happy to recommend the fish. It tastes delicious and its todays special. Our chef is from the coast and loves seafood. Todays special is actually his favorite dish. So Im sure it is absolutely fabulous

  MayIt does sound wonderful. Maybe Ill try it

  WaiterIs there anything else? Maybe I could interest you in one of our fine appetizers, such as the escargot

  MayNot today, thanks. But Id like to know if you have any vegetarian dishes

  WaiterYes. Heres the menu. And what do you think youd like to order?

  MayMaybe I dont want the fish. I think Ill have the green bean dish instead

  WaiterWhat kind of soup would you like?

  MayId like the egg drop soup

  WaiterOK. Is that all?


  WaiterWould you like anything to drink while you wait?

  MayJust an ice water. Thanks!


第三章 餐厅用餐 第二节 点菜  35等待上菜

  洗手间在哪儿?Where is the rest room?

  请给我一些餐巾纸。Please give me some napkins

  我们的菜怎么还没来啊?Where are our dishes?

  我们都要饿死了,能快点儿吗? We are starving. Would you please hurry up?

  你们忘了我点的菜了吧?Have you forgotten my order?


  Excuse me, I ordered a tuna salad half an hour ago. Is it ready?

  我已经等得不耐烦了。Im impatient with being kept waiting

  十分钟之后能做好吗?Will it be ready in ten minutes?

  我还要等多久?How much longer will I have to wait?


  My order still hasnt come. Why does it take so long?


  Complaining about Having to Wait Too Long for Your

  LindaExcuse me

  WaiterYes, Miss. What can I do for you?

  LindaI ordered my dish about half an hour ago, but it hasnt arrived yet

  WaiterIm sorry for that. Im going to check with the chef right now

  (The waiter comes back from the kitchen)

  WaiterMiss, I just checked with the kitchen and they said your order will be coming right up next. Oh, here it comes

  LindaThank you

  WaiterMiss, Im very sorry for the delay. Please enjoy this free glass of wine for the inconvenience. Again, Im terribly sorry to make you wait so long

  LindaIt dosent matter


  第三章 餐厅用餐12  第三节 用餐


  我来给你倒啤酒。Let me pour the beer for you


  为你的升职干一杯。Heres to your promotion

  让我们为前途干杯!Lets drink to our future

  请随便吃。Help yourself to whatever you like, please


  Its said the spaghetti here is very good

  你想来点这个吗?Would you like some of this?

  要不要再来一杯?啤酒?Would you like another beer?

  尝尝这个。Try this

  我吃饱了。Im full


  During Dinner

  PaulPlease help yourself to whatever you like. Dont be shy

  LindaYes, thank you. Ive already been helping myself

  Paul This dish tastes terrific! Would you like to try a little? It is a little hot, but very good

  LindaI like hot food, especially Sichuan cuisine

  PaulWould you like another beer?

  Linda Ill have another cup if you insist. I know I dont like to drink alone, especially if theres someone sitting next to me

  Paul Come on, its the weekend. Lets toast to an enjoyable meal. Cheers!

Linda Bottoms up! And youre right. This meal is incredible. I wish I had known about this restaurant before. Thanks for bringing me here.  I know Ill be back again soon


  第三章 餐厅用餐 第三节 用餐37谈论饭菜

  这真是一顿非常不错的午餐!This is a very nice lunch!

  这里的饭菜果然名不虚传。The food here deserves its name

  这道菜合你的口味吗?Is this dish to your taste?

  你觉得这里的饭菜怎么样?How do you like the food here?

  味道很好。Its delicious

  饭菜太难吃了!The food is terrible!

  肉太肥了。The meat has too much fat

  真辣!Its hot!

  这种食物太难消化了。This food is too heavy on my stomach

  这道菜很鲜美。It has a very delicate taste


  Discussing Dishes

  BradAre you satisfied with the dishes?

  JaneGreat! The lamb stew tastes incredible!

  BradI like it too. I like the fish, especially. Its so fresh and the flavor is kind of light for a freshwater fish

  JaneYes. The food here deserves its reputation. Chinese food is one of my favorites

  BradIf youd like, Ill take you to a new restaurant next time. I just heard about it from a friend and he was just raving about it. It serves greatcuisine. Would you like to try that?

  JaneSure, Id love to. I heardcuisine is very hot. I think Ill definitely love it

  BradGreat! I love hot food too

  JaneWell, lets finish this great dinner first

  BradYou said it!


第三章 餐厅用餐 第三节 用餐  38抱怨饭菜

  我的沙拉里有只虫子!Theres a bug in my salad!

  我能见一下经理吗?Could I see the manager, please?

  我的鱼不熟。My fish is raw

  这个不是现榨的橙汁。This is not freshly squeezed orange juice

  这鱼尝起来有点儿变质了。The fish tastes a bit off


  Im not very happy with the quality of the food here

  我要取消我点的菜。Id like to cancel my order

  这道菜尝起来味道很怪。This food tastes very strange

  这菜已经差得不能再差了。The dish cant be ang worse


  Complaining about the Food

  WaiterIs anything wrong with your food this evening, Miss?

  LindaSorry to trouble you, but I dont think this fish is fresh. It actually tastes a bit off

  WaiterSorry, Miss. Ill replace it immediately. Can I get you another drink while you wait?

  LindaNo, please dont do that. Id just like to return it

  WaiterIm sorry, Miss, but Im afraid we cant do that. But you may order something else instead. I would love to suggest the steak. Its the house specialty and quite tasty

  LindaOK, then please bring me the steak medium-rare. Thank you

  WaiterOK, Miss. I hope you enjoy the rest of your dinner


  第三章 餐厅用餐 第三节 用餐39买单

  请给我账单,好吗?Could I have the check, please?

  请结账。Bill, please

  我来付钱。Its on me

  我请客。Be my guest

  请把账单分开。Separate bills, please

  我们各付各的怎么样?How about going Dutch?

  我该付多少钱?How much shall I pay?

  请过会儿开账单给我。Please bill me later

  恐怕账单上有个错误。Im afraid there is a mistake on the bill

  我觉得这个账单不对。I dont think the bill is correct

  能开一张收据吗?May I have a receipt, please?


  Paying the Check

  BradLet me take care of the check today

  LucyWhy? Its unfair. How about going Dutch?

  BradYou paid last time because I didnt have any money, remember?

  LucyOh, come on. I almost forgot. Dont worry about it. I didnt mind picking up the tab last time

  BradBut you really should let me treat one time. Id feel like I owe you one if I didnt

  LucyOK. But its only for this time

  BradWhats the damage?

  LucyIts 12 dollars and 80 cents altogether. But dont forget the tip. Its usually 15%

  Brad(to the waiter) Check, please


  第三章 餐厅用餐 第四节 其他场所用餐40在西餐店


  Ill have an iced tea with a lemon on the side please

  我要一杯香槟。Id like a glass of champagne

  这个高脚杯有裂痕。This goblet is cracked

  我的牛排要全熟的。Id like my steak well-done

  我不要开胃菜。I want to skip the starter

  我要熏肉和煎鸡蛋。Id like the smoked bacon and fried eggs


  I want two sandwiches, one plain, the other with all trimmings

  你们有什么调料?What kinds of dressing do you have?


  Dining at a Western Restaurant

  WaiterWould you like to order now, maam?

  MayYes, please. Id like the steak and mushrooms

  WaiterHow would you like your steak, rare, medium, or well-done?

  MayId like it well-done, please

  WaiterWhat kind of potatoes would you like to go with that? Mashed, boiled or baked?

  MayI think Ill have baked potatoes. And Ill have an iced tea with a lemon on the side please

  WaiterGood. And would you care for soup or salad to start with?

  MayId like a cream and onion soup, please

  WaiterWill you be having dessert today, maam?

  MayI want to skip dessert. Thats all. Thank you

  WaiterOK. Ill be with you in a moment


第三章 餐厅用餐 第四节 其他场所用餐41在比萨店

  我要一个比萨。Id like a pizza

  我想要一个比萨,在这里吃。I want a pizza for here

  我喜欢很多种比萨配料。I like a lot of different pizza toppings

  我要皮薄的。Id like thin crust, please


  Pan pizza is not my cup of tea. I always order thin crust


  Please put some extra bell pepper on my pizza

  一个中号的比萨就可以了。A medium pizza would be perfect

  我可以使用这些优惠券吗?Can I use these coupons?


  Ordering a Pizza to Go

  WaitressWelcome. How may I help you today?

  MartinIm after a pizza, please

  WaitressThen youll be happy to hear that today all our pizzas are on sale, 2-for-1.

  MartinYoure right. That is great!

  WaitressWhat size would you like?

  MartinA medium one would be perfect. Thank you

  WaitressWhich kind do you want?

  MartinI like seafood on my pizza

  WaitressWe have two seafood pizzas tuna and crab

  MartinTuna sounds good today

  WaitressWill that be for here or takeaway?

  MartinThat will be to go

  WaitressThat should only be about 10 minutes, please sit over there and I will call you over as soon as its ready

  MartinNo problem


  第三章 餐厅用餐 第四节 其他场所用餐  42在快餐店


  Id like a hamburger, an order of French fries and a Coke

  我要四号套餐,在这儿吃。Id like the Combo Number 4 for here.

  薯条不脆了。The fries are not crisp

  我可以把薯条换成玉米吗?Can I change the fries for corn?


  Does Combo Number 3 come with fries and a large drink?

  我想来一杯雪碧,就不要可乐了。  Id like a sprite instead of a coke

  我要一小杯可乐。Id like a small Coke

  我想要两个蓝莓派。I want two blueberry pies

  请问吸管在哪儿?Where are the straws?


  At McDonalds

  ClerkCan I help you?

  SusanId like the Double Cheese Burger Meal, please

  ClerkWhat kind of drink would you like with that?

  SusanJust a Coke will be fine

  ClerkWould you like to supersize your meal? For only 2 RMB more, youll get a large Coke and fries instead of the medium. And today we are offering free toys in all the meal boxes

  SusanThat sounds good. Thanks. Id like that. Actually Id like a Sprite instead of a Coke. Thanks

  ClerkThats not a problem, Miss. Will that be it?

  SusanYes, thats all

  ClerkThatll be twenty-five RMB, please

  SusanYou got it


  第四章 美容美发 第一节 理发43准备理发

  我要理发。I need a haircut

  我与理发师的预约是在10点。I have an appointment with the barber at 10.

  我需要排队等候吗?Do I need to take a place in line?

  要很长时间吗?Will it take very long?


  May I read the magazines on the table while waiting?

  该我了吗?Is it my turn?

  理个平头多少钱?How much is a crew cut?

  洗头要多少钱?How much do you charge for a shampoo?

  我不能再等了。I cant wait any more


  Waiting at the Hairdressers

  ReceptionistHello, Miss. What can I do for you this afternoon?

  CustomerI need a haircut. But you seem so busy today

  ReceptionistYes, it is busy today. We usually have a lot more clients on the weekend. Would you like to take a seat and wait for a while, please?

  CustomerOK. But how long will I have to wait? Is it going to be more than 30 minutes?

  ReceptionistIt should be around that. If youd like, please feel free to read the magazines while you wait

  CustomerThank you

  (20 minutes later)

  ReceptionistSorry to keep you waiting, Miss. Our hairdresser, Mr. Lee, is just finishing with a client in a moment or two. Will you have a shampoo first? Ill get a gown for you

  CustomerOK. Thanks


第四章 美容美发 第一节 理发   44开始理发

  您想把头发剪成什么样的?How would you like your hair cut?

  我想把头发分一下。I want my hair parted

  您想把头发剪掉多少?How much do you want me to take off?

  请把头顶的头发再剪掉一点。Please take a little more off the top

  要()哩还是营养水?Hair gel or hair tonic?

  稍微修剪一下就好。Just trim it a little

  顶上要打薄一点。Thin out the top, please

  留长一点。Leave it long

  我的头发靠左边分。I wear my part to the left

  我想留披肩发。I want to wear shoulder-length hair


  Getting a Haircut

  BarberHow would you like your hair cut?

  GeorgeDont cut it too short on the sides and the back. Just trim it a little

  BarberHow about on top?

  GeorgeYou can thin the top out a little, just a little

  BarberYou got it

  GeorgeSay, my hair is kind of oily.  Dandruff bothers me a lot. Ive tried several shampoos, but to no avail. Could you recommend something effective?

  BarberWell, have you tried Head and Shoulders? I recommend it to all of my clients with your problem and they think its great

  GeorgeThanks. Ill try it

  BarberAnd you can try Vidal Sassoons hair tonic. Its used after you wash your hair. Itll keep your hair clean-looking and oil-free

  GeorgeIll try that, too. Thank you

  BarberIts done. That will be five dollars and thirty cents


  第四章 美容美发 第二节 烫发染发   45烫发

  我要烫头发。Id like a perm

  你需要冷烫还是热烫?Do you want a cold wave or an ordinary perm?

  我只需轻烫一下。I just want a light perm


  Do you want a tight, medium or naturally curly perm?

  我想把卷发拉直。Id like to have my curly hair straightened

  您烫了头发会更有魅力。Youll look more attractive with curly hair

  烫这个头发需要多长时间?How long will this perm take?


  Do you have pictures of hairdos to show me?


  A Haircut and

  HairdresserVery sorry to have kept you waiting so long. What do you want, madam?

  Mrs. SmithI want a haircut and a perm

  HairdresserHow long would you like your hair cut today?

  Mrs. SmithJust cut a little off

  HairdresserDo you want a tight, medium or naturally curly perm?

  Mrs. SmithId like to have it medium

  HairdresserHow about your hairstyle?

  Mrs. SmithCan you tell me my choices?

  HairdresserWell, with a perm we can do various kinds of patterns, such as a bob, chaplet hairstyle, or a bun. Which do you prefer?

  Mrs. SmithI want a chaplet one. I like to have it in big waves

  (two hours later)

  HairdresserIt looks wonderful

  Mrs. SmithTurn the chair so that I can see myself in the mirror

  HairdresserWhat do you think of it?

  Mrs. SmithBeautifully done. Many thanks


  第四章 美容美发 第二节 烫发染发  46染发

  我想染头发。I want to dye my hair

  我想把头发染成棕色。Id like my hair dyed brown

  您想染什么颜色?Which color would you dye it?

  做个染发怎么样?How about doing hair coloring?

  这会褪色吗?Will it fade?

  我的头发需要焗油吗?Do I need hair treatment?

  有好牌子的染发剂吗?Have you got a good brand of hair dye?

  金黄色太怪异了。Blonde is too erratic

  我一直喜欢黑色。Black is always my favorite


  Having the Hair Dyed

  MaryCould I have my hair dyed?

  HairdresserCertainly. Which color do you want to dye it?

  MaryI want the latest fashion. Can you make some suggestions?

  HairdresserRight now, many girls are dying their hair blonde

  MaryI dont think that would suit me very well. Blonde is kind of erratic

  HairdresserThen what do you think about pink?

  MaryOh, no. I think it better to be a natural Chinese with natural Chinese hair? Have you got a good brand of hair dye?

  HairdresserYes. We have several brands. Which one do you prefer. 

  MaryI want the best one

  HairdresserFirst, you need a shampoo. It makes it easier for your hair to be dyedWell, lets dunk your hair in the water.Your hair will be thoroughly cleaned that way

  (one hour later)              

  MaryAfter this dye job, it feels like I look younger

HairdresserYour hair is definitely fresh and shinier-looking


第四章 美容美发 第三节 美容    47皮肤护理

  你们有面部护理的服务吗?Do you offer facials?

  我要做一下面部按摩。I want a face massage


  Most facials start with a thorough cleansing


  Please keep in mind that my skin is very sensitive

  你要给我的皮肤去角质吗?Will you exfoliate my skin?


  My skin looks so dull. What kind of facial treatment will improve it?


  Is facial steam good for the acne-prone skin?


  Ill try a deep-cleansing facial to get rid of the filth and grease

  我常使用这种活肤面膜。I use this reviving facial mask often


  Getting a Facial

  CustomerId like a facial

  BeauticianWhich kind would you like? We have five different varieties of facials

  CustomerWhich would you recommend?

  BeauticianWell, since its summer and it looks like youve had quite a bit of sun, Id recommend our summer special. Its especially suited for individuals with sensitive skin

  CustomerWhat does it include?

  BeauticianThe facial will start with a thorough cleansing

  CustomerDoes it include a facial mask and a massage?

  BeauticianYes. The reviving mask will promote blood circulation and tighten the skin. You can also choose to get a hand or back massage as well

  CustomerWill you exfoliate the skin as well?

  BeauticianYes. Well also apply a special Day Cream that will protect the skin from the sun and Night Cream that will moisturize the skin

  CustomerThat sounds great.    


  第四章 美容美发 第三节 美容   48美甲服务

  我想修指甲。Id like a manicure

  我想修脚趾甲。Id like a pedicure


  Im planning on getting a manicure and pedicure later

  我想做法式的指甲修护。Id like to have a French manicure


  Do you think my nails would look better pared square or round?

  请把我的指甲表面锉光。Please file the surface of my nails smooth


  What color would you prefer your nail polish?


  Do you offer a special treatment for dry and cracked nails?

  请给我修剪一下指甲周围的表皮。I want my cuticles cut, please


  Getting a Manicure

  CustomerHello. I want to know how much it costs to have a manicure and a pedicure?

  ManicuristUsually, its 60 dollars for a manicure and 80 dollars for a pedicure, but with this special discount, the total for both is only 120 dollars. And you can get them painted as well for free

  CustomerThats nice. Id like to give it a try. I think Id like Passion Red please

  ManicuristAll right. Do you want your cuticles cut, too?


  ManicuristWould you like the shape square or round?

  CustomerSquare, but w ith rounded edges, please

  (after a while)

  ManicuristAll right, its done. Please follow me to the drying section

  CustomerHow long will it take to get them dry?

  ManicuristIn about five minutes, youll be all set

  CustomerI see. Thank you


  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第一节 恋爱生活  49萌生好感

  她很迷人。She is attractive

  我想追求她。Im trying to make a pass at her

  大卫令女人一见倾心。David is a lady-killer

  我想我爱上他了。I think I have a crush on her

  她是个美女。Shes a beauty

  我爱上他了。Ive fallen in love with her

  美丽的女子像一首歌。A pretty girl is like a melody

  我喜欢她好几年了。Ive been sweet on her for years

  我爱上了一位美丽的姑娘。I fell for a pretty girl


  Falling into Love

  JohnI saw Lily for the first time and felt like Id been struck by lightning. Im trying to make a pass at her. I have a date with her on Friday, but I really cant decide what to do

  MaryWhat about taking her for a dinner or a movie?

  JohnNot bad. Any other ideas?

  MaryWell, theres a play on campus this weekend

  JohnGood idea. That way shell think that I have culture. Do you have any other suggestions?

  MaryWhats the matter with these ideas?

  JohnThey are good, but I still need a few more

  MaryWhat about going on a picnic?

  JohnCool, but what if the weather isnt ideal?

  MaryYou could take her to the art museum or a café. Certainly I must have come up with something you can use. How do you like the ideas Ive given you?

  JohnTheyre all good


第五章 恋爱婚姻 第一节 恋爱生活  50表白爱意

  你现在有男朋友吗?Do you have a boyfriend now?


  Youre the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen

  你是我梦寐以求的女孩。Youre the girl of my dreams

  我时时刻刻都想着你。Im thinking of you every minute

  我对你一见钟情。I fell in love with you at first sight

  你是我的一切。You mean everything to me

  我发现我爱上你了。I find Ive lost my heart to you

  我全心全意地爱着你。I love you with all my heart

  我爱你胜过爱其他任何人。I love you more than anybody else


  A day without you is like a day without sunshine


  Expressing Love

  TomI know its only been the weekend, but it seems a long time to me. I miss you when were not together

  MaryMe, too

  TomDid you have a good time at home this weekend?

  MaryNo, just the usual. I watched TV, listened to music, and helped my mother with the housework

  TomSounds like a real ball. I was thinking about it this weekend. Do you know how long weve been going together?

  MaryAbout three months

  TomYeah, three months or so. I want to ask you a question and I hope youll answer it as honestly as you can, OK?

  MaryGo ahead

  TomWhat do you think of me?

  MaryI think youre sincere, enthusiastic, brave

  TomYou know I really care about you, dont you? Youre the kindest girl Ive ever met. Youre beautiful, active and considerate. There are times when I feel that a day without you is like a day without sunshine. I love you



  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第一节 恋爱生活    51请求约会

  我能约你出去吗?Can I ask you out?

  出去吃个饭好吗?Would you like to go to dinner?

  你愿意今晚跳舞去吗?Would you like to go dancing tonight?

  今天上午你有安排吗?Do you have plans for this morning?

  周六晚上你有空吗?Are you free Saturday evening?

  这个周末你有什么事吗?What are you up to this weekend?

  二十四号你忙吗?Are you busy on the 24th?

  你什么时候有空?When do you have time?

  七点怎么样?Is 7 oclock OK?

  告诉我你想去哪儿。Tell me where youd like to go

  你来吗?Would you like to come?

  我非常高兴你终于约我了。Im very happy youre dating me at last

  和你约会一定很棒。Itll be fantastic to date you

  我有时间。I have time

  到时我会去的。Ill be there then

  我一整天都会很忙。I will be busy all day long

  我很乐意去,但是我去不了。Id love to, but I cant

  推迟到七点半方便吗?Is it convenient to postpone it to 7:30?

  咱们换个时间吧。Lets make it another time

  咱们能多见几次面吗?Can we date more often?

  我们能不再偷偷地约会了吗?Cant we stop dating underground?


  Youll never see me again if you cant date me punctually!


  Im a little nervous about this kind of blind date


  Asking for a Date??

  MichaelI had a great time on our last date

 FionaMe too

  MichaelWhat are you up to this weekend?


  MichaelWould you like to go skating? I was thinking of going out to the lake on Saturday. It's great out there. Would you like to go with me?

  FionaId love to, but I dont care for skating very much

  MichaelOK. There're a bunch of us going bowling on Sunday. Would you like to go?

  FionaI like bowling, but I prefer to be alone with you

  MichaelWould you like to go dancing tonight?

  FionaI dont feel like going out tonight; Im way too tired. I miss you, sweetheart

  MichaelI miss you too. Then tell me where youd like to go on our next date

  FionaHow about the seaside?

  MichaelAnything you say, honey

  FionaAre you busy on the 24th?

  MichaelThe 24thI have time, but I cant wait that long. Im dying to see you

  Lets make it another time



  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第一节 恋爱生活     52抱怨

  男人是白痴,而我嫁给了白痴之最。Men are idiots, and I married to their king

  你真是个挥霍无度的人。You're such a spendthrift

  你太以自我为中心了。You are too self-centered

  我受够了你的唠叨。Ive had enough of your nagging

  我男朋友把我气坏了。My boyfriend is driving me up the wall

  我和女朋友之间不沟通。My girlfriend and I do not communicate

  女朋友现在对我不理不睬。My girlfriend is giving me the cold shoulder


  It feels like youre not that dedicated to our relationship

  你不能置我于不顾。You just cant turn your back on me

  你像扔垃圾似的把我扔到一边去。You tossed me aside like a piece of trash



  TinaCan you be serious for a moment? Weve been dating for six months now and I really like you. Id like to take our relationship to the next level

  SeanSo what are you trying to say to me?

  TinaIt feels like youre not that dedicated to our relationship. It seems like you treat it as just casual dating

  SeanHow should I see it?

  TinaI dont want to be like this. I think we should take a step further

  SeanIt has only been six months. Our relationship hasnt had a chance to mature yet. There are still some hurdles we have to jump over

  TinaLike what?

  SeanLast week, I saw Brian kissing you on the cheek

  TinaIt was only the cheek

  SeanSo that is okay then? It starts on the cheek, and pretty soon youre French kissing in the back of his car

  TinaOh, thats ridiculous!

  SeanSo is it okay if I kiss other woman on the cheek?

  TinaDefinitely not!

  SeanYou see. We still have a hurdle


  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第一节 恋爱生活     53争吵

  我受够了。Ive had it

  你故意伤我的心。You broke my heart on purpose

  你用情不专,一直在外面胡来。Youve been fooling around

  我不想听!I dont want to hear it!

  你一定是有意失约的。You must stand me up on purpose

  我真后悔认识了你。I regret meeting you

  你就是一个粗鲁的泼妇!Youre nothing but a vulgar shrew!

  我快要气疯了。Im almost driven mad

  你疯了吗?Are you insane?

  你真让我恶心!You make me sick!


  A Dispute

  JennyI cant stand being with you anymore. Im sick of your drinking

  MichaelI swear never to drink again. Just give me another chance, please!

  JennyHow many chances have I given you? Ive given up on you!

  MichaelYou know how hard Ive tried to quit. Id be lost without you. Ill not let you go

  JennyIts not just for your drinking, but your lacking of sense of responsibility

  MichaelI have to make money to support the family, so I have little time left to share with you

  JennyEven if I was seriously ill, you couldnt spare a moment

  MichaelIve told you I happened to be on a more important meeting at that time

  JennyI just dont trust you any more


  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第一节 恋爱生活     54用情不专

  那个男人无耻地遗弃了妻儿,另寻新欢。The man shamelessly abandoned his wife and child for another woman

  我女朋友在和另一个男人约会。My girlfriend is seeing another man

  你是否有别人了?Is there someone else?

  你真是个花花公子。You are such a playboy

  她对男朋友不忠。Shes disloyal to her boyfriend

 你不能背叛我。You cant betray me

  我女朋友有外遇了。My girlfriend is cheating on me

  她真是个荡妇。She is a real slut

  他喜欢沾花惹草。He really likes to play the field

  他用情不专。Hes not faithful in love

  她的男友换了一个又一个。She likes to go from man to man



  JohnWait up, Jim

  JimWhats up, buddy?

  JohnThat was a great party you had last Saturday. And I have to tell you that your girlfriend is a real knockout

  JimIm glad you had fun and yes, she is very beautiful

  JohnYouve had a string of pretty ladies, havent you? You really like to play the field

  JimWell, Im not interested in settling down yet

  JohnHave you always been a bit of a playboy?

  JimIve always been interested in women, if thats what you mean

  JohnAnd I think they know you are a womanizer

  JimIt doesnt matter. I dont pretend. They always know right from the start that Im not planning to stick around for the long haul

  JohnSo do they just like to play around?

  JimSome of them. I think the others hope they can be the one that settles me down


第五章 恋爱婚姻 第二节 婚姻生活   55分手

  我们完了。Were through

  只有分手才能停止我们之间的争吵。Only breakup can stop us from quarrelling

  你对我太苛求了,我感觉很累。You impose too much on me, and Im so tired

  事实证明我们合不来。Facts show we are not a good match

  你再也不要给我打电话了。Dont call me any more

  你为什么赶我走?Why are you driving me away?

  咱们分手吧。Lets part.  

  我早就想和你分手了。I wanted to part from you long ago

  我不想和你分手。I dont want to part with you


  Breaking Up

  LindaWere through


  LindaWhy? Isnt it obvious? First, you impose way too much on me, and Im tired of it. Second, you stood me up on Valentines Day

  AndyIm really sorry for that, but Ive sent you several messages to explain. My mum was seriously ill on that day and I had to look after her

  LindaBut I ended up finding out later that night that you were with another girl at a cafénear your home

  AndyThat girl was my cousin

  LindaYouve got so many cousins! I called you later that night, but you didnt have the guts to answer the phone

  AndyI didnt take my cell phone with me at that time

  LindaI dont buy your story

  AndyI know you cant hear me right now. Please calm down. Anyway, I dont want to part. Ill drop by tomorrow

  LindaNo, dont. I dont want to see you anymore. Dont ever call me again


  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第二节 婚姻生活56婚姻状况

  我还是单身。Im still single

  我无“家”一身轻。  I have no family to tie me down

  她很年轻时就结婚了。She (was/got) married young

  我喜欢单身而不是结婚。I prefer being single to being married

  他们将在8月喜结连理。They will tie the knot in August

  她与一个法国人结婚了。Shes married to a Frenchman

  他们结婚一年后就离异了。They split up after one year of marriage

  她再婚了,嫁给了一位有钱人。She is married again to a wealthy man


  Preferring to Stay Single

  TessHi, Jack. Were having a party tonight. Wanna come and join us? You can bring your girlfriend Tina

  JackI dont have a girlfriend. Im single

  TessOh, thats right. Well, there are going to be many beautiful girls at the party tonight anyway

  JackNo. I like being single. Ive never felt lonely. Im focusing on my career. Maybe Ill start to look for my girl when I achieve success

  TessWhy is that?

  JackBecause I live in the real world. A man needs to have a good career and make a lot of money.Frankly speaking, the girls Ive met wouldnt marry a man who didnt make enough money

  TessI agree. A man needs a good career but that doesnt mean he shouldnt have a little fun, too

  JackI just dont want to get distracted


  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第二节 婚姻生活57求婚

  我们的未来是很美好的。We have a great future

  让我永远照顾你吧。Let me take care of you forever

  你愿意和我结婚吗?Will you marry me?

  他向我求婚时,我吓了一跳。I was shocked when he popped the question

  咱们一起白头到老吧。Lets be together till the end of our lives

  你愿意做我的人生伴侣吗?Would you like to be my partner in life?

  我想让全世界都知道我们是一对。I want the whole world to know were a couple


Am I too abrupt if I ask you to marry me now?

  我计划明年六月份举行婚礼。I plan to hold the wedding next June



  JohnMary, I have something for you and it is very special


  JohnDefinitely. (He takes out a ring from a small package)

  MaryThis is beautiful!

  JohnMary, this is an important question that Ive never asked before. Will you marry me?

  MaryOhyes, I will

  John(Give Mary a kiss) I plan to hold the wedding next June. Is that alright?

  MaryThats perfect

  JohnI hope my parents are happy. It will be a great surprise for them, because they might think it's a little too soon

  MaryMy parents too. But when its right, its right

  JohnI love you so much. Let me take care of you forever

  MaryI love you too


第五章 恋爱婚姻 第二节 婚姻生活姻  58拒绝求婚

  我不想受到束缚。I dont want to be chained

  我还不想结婚。I dont want to get married yet


  My feelings for you dont go beyond friendship

  我不想草草结婚。I dont want to rush into marriage

  我们两个人没有共同点。We have nothing in common

  我认为结婚对我没什么好处。I think marriage will do me no good


  Marriage means the derogation of my independence

  我不想违背自己的意愿去结婚。I dont want to marry against my will


  I must concentrate on my work but not on the marriage


  Turning Down an Offer

  JohnMiss Wang, Id like to ask you a question if you dont mind

  Miss WangSure,  John. Go ahead

  JohnThis may seem a bit sudden and out of left field, but Id like us to be more than colleagues

  Miss WangIve always thought of you as more than a colleague, John. Youve always been my friend

  JohnMaybe Im not making myself clear. Ill cut right to the quick. You know, Im single. I hope you would like to marry me

  Miss WangYoure right, AhThis is a bit unexpected. To tell you the truth, Ive never thought of you that way before

  JohnUnexpected? Yes. But Ive had the wish for a long time

  Miss WangJohn, thank you for the lovely offer but my feelings for you dont go beyond friendship

  JohnI see. Miss Wang, do forgive me

  Miss WangIt doesnt matter. We are still friends, arent we?

  JohnYes, of course


  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第二节 婚姻生活姻法  59接受求婚

  我会把我全部的爱都给你。Ill give you all my love


  Id like to go to every corner of the world with you

  我一直都想嫁给像你这样的人。I ve always wanted to marry a man like you


  If you propose to me right now, I wont think twice

  能成为你的妻子,我将非常幸福。Ill be very happy to be your wife


  I felt I was standing at the portal of happiness

  我也真心实意地爱着你。I love you truly and whole-heartedly, too

  我会完全属于你的。  Ill be entirely yours


  As long as you love me, really love me, I wont care about anything

  我都等不及和你结婚了。I cant wait to marry you


  I simply love her to death, so of course I accepted


  Accepting an Offer

  BillEmma, Id like to start a family with you

  EmmaDo you mean to marry me?

  BillYes. Am I being too abrupt? I love you truly

  EmmaNot at all. Ive been expecting this for a while. I love you truly and whole-heartedly, too

  BillSo, is that a yes”?


  BillOh, Emma, that makes me so happy. I promise you my love, but I cant promise you wealth, not right now

  EmmaHoney, as long as you love me, really love me, I wont care anything

  BillYoure so sweet

  EmmaI do have a request though

  BillSay it. Its done

  EmmaI dont want to be a housewife. I love my job. We need to share in the housework

  BillThats not a problem

  EmmaOh honey, well be so happy together!


  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第二节 婚姻生活60婚礼


  Ive been waiting for this moment for a long time

  谁将要主持婚礼?Who will officiate at the wedding?


  Theyre playing the Wedding March


  The groom and bride are perfect for each other

  我为这幸福的一对举杯?,愿你们白头偕老。I raise my glass to the happy couple, wishing you a long life together

  我希望你们蜜月愉快。I hope you have a great honeymoon

  恭喜你们喜结良缘!Congratulations on your marriage!

  你们能喜结连理真是太好了!Its great for you to tie the knot!


  At a Wedding

  Mr. SmithTheyre playing the Wedding March. Your eyes are filled with tears

  Mrs. SmithIm very touched and I cant help bursting into tears at a wedding

  Mr. SmithReally? I havent seen that at our wedding, but at Jeff and Marys

  Mrs. SmithMary looks so beautiful in the wedding gown, and I recall the moment that I was a bride

  Mr. SmithYou will always be the most beautiful one in the world. What is the bridesmaids name?

  Mrs. SmithJudy. Why are you so interested in her?

  Mr. SmithDont be so sensitive. Just a casual question. I caught you looking at the groomsman

  Mrs. SmithHe is terribly handsome

  Mr. SmithI wonder why he is chosen to be the groomsman and why Mary doesnt marry him, since hes much more attractive

  Mrs. SmithWhy are you so bitter? No one tells worse jokes than you

  Mr. SmithThe minister is doing a good job. Im not sure if theyll be as happy as we are


第五章 恋爱婚姻 第二节 婚姻生活61幸福的婚姻

  我们相互依靠。We depend on each other

  没有什么比婚姻生活更好的了。Theres nothing better than married life

  他是一个有责任心的男人。He is a responsible man

  你是一位善解人意的好妻子。Youre a considerate wife


  I think Im the happiest man in the world


  My husband is a family-centered man

  和你结婚,我无怨无悔。I have no regret marrying you

  我们从来不吵架。We never fight

  我们在一起很幸福。Were happy together

  我的妻子非常温柔。My wife is very gentle


  A Happy Couple

  JaneEddie, youre going to be a father!

  EddieThats wonderful news! Any idea when the little package will arrive?

  JaneThe obstetrician says Im due in 8 months or so from now

  EddieIm going to have to quit smoking. Smoking is so harmful to the baby in the womb. And as an expectant mother, we need to take great care of your health. I hope our baby can be born healthy

  JaneThats right. I have to quit drinking, and pay closer attention to my diet and nutrition. The doctor told me to take more protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin C. Look at this list he gave me

  EddieMeat, fish, eggs, cheese, peanuts...thats a long list! Even the top gourmand cant eat so much food. Youll get huge in no time. But I guess youre eating for two now. Whatever you want, just ask and Ill get it for you. I need to take good care of you. Now I think Im the happiest man in the world


  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第二节 婚姻生活62不幸的婚姻

  我真后悔和你结婚。I regret having married you

我的苦难从和你结婚的那一刻就开始了。My suffering came when I married you

  你根本就不爱我,你只爱你自己。You dont love me, just love yourself

  你能不能不唠唠叨叨的?Can you just stop chattering?

  我们几乎每天都吵架。We quarrel nearly every day

  现在我妻子和我分居了。My wife and I separate now


  His wife found out that he has been two-timing for a long time

  别干涉我。Dont interfere with me

  我简直拿他没办法。I just cant pin him down

  我不怕太太顶嘴。Im not afraid to talk back to my wife


  An Unhappy Marriage

  HusbandThe Blacks got divorced

  WifeReally? Why?

  HusbandMr. Black has been getting a little on the side

  WifeIm surprised. He doesnt look like a guy whod ever cheat on his wife, does he?

  HusbandNo, he doesnt. But his wife found out that he's been two-timing for a long time. Incredibly, hes had many different girlfriends starting almost right after they got married 20 years ago

  WifeWell, I'm really surprised. Youre not doing anything behind my back, are you?

  HusbandNo. The only thing Ive ever done behind your back is zip you up. Besides, I told all my other girlfriends that my wife was getting suspicious and that we had to cool it for a while until the smoke blew over

  WifeHa! Ha! Youre not very funny. I guess that means you expect me to tell my lover we have to stop seeing each  other too

  HusbandYoure not funny either. I cant believe I married a woman like you


  第五章 恋爱婚姻 第二节 婚姻生活63离婚

  咱们离婚吧。Lets get divorced

  不要吵架了,离婚吧。Stop quarrelling. Lets get divorced

  他们已经提出离婚诉讼了。They have filed for divorce

  我们俩不和。We had a falling-out

  离婚也许对我们俩都好。Divorce may be good for both of us

  我觉得和你在一起生活很有压力。I feel lots of pressure living with you

  孩子们由谁?来抚养?Who will bring up the kids?


  Im extremely furious that he divorced me to marry her

  他这是第二次离婚了。Hes divorcing for the second time



  GaryKate, youll never believe whats happened!

  KateWhat do you mean?

  GaryMarcia and Harold are getting divorced

  KateYoure kidding! What happened?

  GaryWell, I dont really know, but I heard that they are having a separation for two months and have filed for divorce

  KateThats really surprising. I always thought they were well-matched. What about the kids? Who will get custody?

  GaryMarcia. It seems quite amicableno squabbling over wholl get the house and stuffan uncontested divorce with all the details worked out

  KateThats a change from all the back-stabbing we usually hear aboutWhile I still cant believe itMarcia and Harold! The perfect couple! When will the divorce be final?

  GaryEarly in the new year, I guess


第六章 节日庆祝 第一节 大众节日64新年

  新年快乐!Happy New Year!


  What are you going to do on New Years Eve?

  你对于新的一年有什么计划吗?Whats your plan for the new year?


  Would you like to celebrate the New Year together with me?


  Id like to wish you every success in whatever you do


  Hope things go well with you in the new year


  Please convey my best wishes to your family

  愿快乐永远伴随着你!May happiness follow you wherever you go!

  祝你和你的家人新年快乐。Happy New Year to you and your family


  Id like to offer you my best wishes on this special occasion

  愿您在新的一年里快快乐乐。Much joy to you in the upcoming year


  Wish you happiness now and throughout the year

  我也同样祝福你。Same to you


  Happy New Year

  ThomasHappy New Year, Rose

  RoseHappy New Year, Thomas. Come and enjoy some nice drinks with us, will you?

  ThomasThank you, I will. What are up to today?

  RoseFirst, Im going to get ready for the parade. I have a great costume. Then later today, Im going to church. If you want, I can give you a costume and you can be in the parade too. Itll be fun. You should come

  ThomasSure, why not? It sounds like fun. Why are you going to church?

  RoseMy father likes to go and I told him I would go with him

  ThomasWhat for?

  RoseLots of people, especially seniors, like to go to church and attend the evening service


  第六章 节日庆祝 第一节 大众节日65感恩节



  Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving Day?

  感恩节快乐!Happy Thanksgiving Day!

  我们祈求健康和快乐。We pray for health and happiness


  Im thankful for having the best wife and children in the world


  May your Thanksgiving be bountiful and the coming year be full of many blessings


  Im going to invite my friends over to enjoy the feast with us


  All my friends are going home, and so am I


  Thanksgiving Day

  JerryHappy Thanksgiving Day!

  LucyDo you have any plans?

  JerryNot really, all my friends are going home. Its like Chinese Spring Festival. What are you going to do?

  LucyIf youre interested, you can come with me and my friends to Adas parentsplace. Adas whole family will be there

  JerryThats very kind. Thanks. Id love to come

  LucyThats wonderful. Im glad youre coming. We get to see how other families spend their Thanksgiving

  JerryCould you tell me something about it?

  LucyIts usually a big family get-together. We always have lots of delicious food, like turkey and stuffing, but sometimes we have ham instead. We have yams, corn, carrots and fruit pies or pumpkin pies

  JerryThat sounds like a big feast, like what we have at Spring Festival. Im getting hungry just thinking about it

  LucyMe too. I cant wait to see everyone. It should be lots of fun


  第六章 节日庆祝 第一节 大众节日66万圣节前夜


  Do you want to help me make a jack-o-lantern?

  我要穿件黑衣服。Im going to put on a dark suit

  你要带面具吗?Are you going to wear a mask?

  我给你们些糖果吧。Let me give you some candies

  多么可怕的晚上啊!What a horrible night!

  我们的面具可以把幽灵吓走!Our masks will scare off the spirits!

  我的心一直跳得厉害。My heart keeps pumping

  我们用灯笼为骷髅、魔鬼、女巫、鬼魂和死去的朋友和亲戚照路,他们要来人间。We use the lantern to light the way for skeletons, devils, witches, ghosts, and the dead friends or relatives, for they will visit the earth



  LauraTomorrow is Halloween. I know Im ready. I bought two pumpkins and a big bag of candy. Do you want to help me make a jack-o-lantern?

  MikeId love to. I heard about Halloween when I was in. Its a kind of childrens day. Small kids get dressed up, then walk around with paper bags or baskets knocking on their neighbors doors. But what do they say when their neighbor answers?

  LauraTheyre supposed to say Trick or Treat. Then their neighbor is supposed to hand out some candy

  MikeThats kind of cool. But what does Trickmean?

  LauraUsually its the older kids going around playing pranks, like punching the pumpkins left outside peoples doors, or hanging a roll of toilet paper in someones tree. They usually do it late at night after the little kids go home

  MikeIt sounds kind of fun. Maybe I could get together with my friends that night

  LauraUsually the adults who dont have kids have a big party and get dressed up too

  MikeThat does sound like a lot of fun


  第六章 节日庆祝  第一节 大众节日67圣诞节

  圣诞快乐!Merry Christmas!


  Please send my Christmas greetings to Brian

  这是给你的圣诞礼物。This is a Christmas present for you


  Christmas greetings from your daughter to cheer you up


  Merry Christmas to the worlds best parents!


  Seasons greetings to my nice parents!


  Best wishes for you and your family during this holiday season!

  给我最好的朋友送去圣诞祝福!Christmas wishes for my best friend!


  Wish you all the blessings of a beautiful Christmas season


  I hope this card reaches you in time for Christmas

  节日快乐!Happy holiday!


  Merry Christmas

  GinaMerry Christmas, Bill!

  BillMerry Christmas, Gina!

  GinaWhat are you doing there on the computer?

  BillCome have a look. I received many beautiful e-cards. Theyre from my friends all over the world. Christmas wishes for all my friends!

  GinaThats pretty interesting. Did you get one from Helen? The reason I ask is that Im looking for her number

  BillSorry, I dont have it. But I do have her e-mail. Do you want me to send it to you?

  GinaYeah, that would be great. Thanks

  BillNo worries. Ill just forward her card and you can get it from the e-mail. I would really like to talk to her again. I kind of miss her a little these days

  GinaThanks a million

  BillMy pleasure


第六章 节日庆祝  第二节 特定人群节日68情人节快乐

  今天是情人节!Its Valentines Day today!


  I will be your valentine until the end of time


  Ours is not a love in vain. Remember that on this Valentines Day

  如同平常的日子一样,我在这个情人节里所拥有的东西,就是对你的爱。On this Valentines Day, just like every day, all I have is love for you


  To my ever loving; I am yours forever


  I knew that there would be ups and downs when I married you. But through it all, you have always been my valentine

  我愿与你白头偕老。You are the one I want to grow old with


  Ours is a love that will last forever. Happy Valentines Day!

  Im so glad that we met one another, and on this Valentines Day, it just reminds me how much I truly love you

  My heart shall never be with another, for youre my friend, my best friend

  Youre my love; youre my everything. And on this Valentines Day, I just want to say, I love you

  Youre the girl of my dreams

  Youve made every day a joyous moment and a happy occasion. And on this occasion of Valentines Day, I just wanna thank you for all of your love, and all of your kindness, and how much you care about me


  Happy Valentines Day

  RichardHere are some flowers, love. Happy Valentines Day!

  JessicaThose are beautiful! They smell lovely. Thank you

  RichardThis is to let you know that I still love you after all these years. I knew that there would be ups and downs when I married you. But through it all, youve always been my valentine

  JessicaHow sweet! Youve always been my love too

  RichardI dont think I say this enough, but I want to thank you for your kindness and patience. Youve always been there for me

  JessicaId do everything for you, love, you know that. Maybe you didnt realize, but you made every day a joyous moment and a happy occasion

  RichardIm so glad that we met one another


  第六章 节日庆祝    第二节 特定人群节日69母亲节快乐


  This card is a token of my love for the dearest mother in the world


  You are the one that we love the most. Happy Mothers Day


  Thank you for being there, mom. Happy Mothers Day


  On this Mothers Day, I just want to say: Im proud to be your son

  这些花是给您的。Here are some flowers for you, mom


  Sometimes I cry and make you sigh, but you know I love you so much


  Thank you for your love and care over the years. I appreciate it


  Ill probably take my mother out for a good meal tonight


  How are you going to celebrate Mothers Day?


  Happy Mothers Day

  SonMum, happy Mothers Day! Heres my card

  MomWhat a surprise! Thanks. Its beautiful

  SonThank you for your love and care over the years. I appreciate it, ma

  MomThis is the best card Ive ever received

  SonMum, what can I do for you today?

  MomNothing, son. Im already very happy

  SonHow about dinner tonight? My treat

  MomActually, I prefer we eat at home. Well have more time to catch up that way

  SonIm sorry I havent dropped in that much these past few years. Business has kept me too busy. I apologize

  MomOh, dont mention it. Im proud of you

  SonThanks, ma! I love you so much


  第六章 节日庆祝  第二节 特定人群节日70父亲节快乐

  明天就是父亲节了。Its Fathers Day tomorrow

  您是世界上最好的爸爸。You are the best dad in the world

  真高兴您是我爸爸。I am glad that you are my dad


  Your guidance has always been appreciated

  我爱您胜过一切。I love you more than anything else

  我是如此幸运能有您这样的父亲!How lucky I am to have a dad like you!


  All my love to the dearest father in the world

 您对我总是那么有耐心。Youve always been so patient with me


  Thank you for holding my hand when I was in need.


  Now I am a father. I can see what a good job you did in raising us


  I didnt see what a good father you were to us before, but now I do


  I made a present for my dad. I hope hell like it


  Happy Fathers Day

  JennyHello, Is that Dad?

  DadYes, Jenny. How have you been?

  JennyIm fine, dad. Happy Fathers Day!

  DadOh, Jenny, thank you

  JennyI miss you a lot, Dad

 DadI miss you too, my little girl. So does Mom

  JennyDad, I didnt see what a good father you were to us before, but now I do. Youre the best! Its lucky to be your daughter

  DadThats very nice of you to say, sweetie

  JennyOn this special day I want to say thank you for your guidance and support. I might be far from home, but Ive always felt close to you and Mom

  DadIm glad. Mom and I hope you come home soon

  JennyI will. I love you, Dad.

  DadLove you too


第六章 节日庆祝  第三节 个人节日71生日

  生日快乐!Happy birthday!

  我想把这本书送给你。Id like to present this book to you

  请接受我最诚挚的祝福!Please accept my hearty wishes!


  Im so happy you remembered my birthday


  How about me treating you to a birthday dinner?


  John, Id like to invite you to my birthday party

  我必须先许个愿。I must first make a wish


  Dont tell us the wish or it wont come true


  We should have a drink together to celebrate your birthday

  简,你不想打开包装吗?Jane, dont you want to open the gifts?


  Happy Birthday

  MaryHappy birthday! This is for you, Brian

  BrianIm so happy you remembered. Please come in and enjoy the party. Everyone is here. Im sure youll have a good time

  MaryBrian, may I have the pleasure to have a dance with you?


  MaryThis is a really wonderful party

  BrianYes. You are always popular with everyone. And you look very pretty today

  MaryThanks. Thats kind of you to say. I hope my necklace goes with my dress and they both make me look as good as I feel

  BrianYou look great. Youre absolutely glowing

  MaryThanks. This is a fun Party. We should have a drink together to celebrate your birthday


  第六章 节日庆祝  第三节 个人节日72结婚纪念日


  Tomorrow is our 30th wedding anniversary

  我爱你!结婚纪念日快乐!I love you! Happy anniversary!


  We did have problems, but we shared a lot of happiness too

  我们的婚姻里没什么辉煌的东西,我们就是喜欢在一起。Theres nothing splendid in our marriage. We just enjoy being together

  亲爱的,请与我白头偕老吧。Honey, please grow old with me

  我们是天生的一对。We are a match made in heaven


  Im full of gratitude for every single moment of our life together

  亲爱的,你是我的永远。Youre my immortality, my dear


  Wedding Anniversary

  JimI dont know if you remember but it was on this very day last year that we tied the knot

  KateOf course I remember. Actually, Im very impressed that you remembered. I thought for sure you would forget

  JimHow could I ever forget? I even bought you roses because I love you

  KateThey are so beautiful. I love them and I love you too

  JimYou are more beautiful than the roses

  KateI dont know how but I love you more now than the day we got married

  JimYes, we are a match made in heaven

 KateI know over the past year we have faced our share of trouble but we survived and here we are

  JimYes, indeed, we did have problems, but we shared a lot of happiness too. We conquered the problems and had a lot of happiness too

  KateYes, we did

  JimI love you! Happy anniversary!

  KateI love you! Happy anniversary!

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