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温馨提示:申请签证时“做什麽”和“不做什麽”(2011-11-03 13:24:48)





首先,也是最重要的,是说真话!相比其它方面,我们更重视申请人的诚信,不说真话将会减弱你获得签证的机会。其次,是有备而来地进行签证面谈并携带所有必要材料。我们的网站提供了供你考虑所携带材料的详细信息。学生可以带成绩单、邀请信、详细的研究计划, 或其它你认为有帮助的材料。第三,直接回答我们问的问题!这一点听起来明白,但是当我们不断问问题时,申请人给我们的回答却是根本不适用于我们问题的事先练习好的答案。最后,在面谈窗口请尽可能地放松。领事官员都是受过培训的专业人员,他们能够根据美国移民法的要求分析每一个申请人的情况,因此请把面谈看作是一次坦诚的交流,这有助于我们做出最公平,恰当的决定。







Visa “Do’s” and “Don’ts”


First and foremost, tell the truth! We appreciate honesty from our applicants more than anything, and not telling the truth will weaken your chances of getting of getting a visa. Secondly, come prepared to the interview and bring all necessary documents with you. Our website provides comprehensive guidelines on the kinds of documents you may consider bringing. For students, bring transcripts, invitation letters, detailed research plans, or any other papers you think would be helpful.  Third, directly answer the questions we ask! This may sound obvious, but we frequently ask questions and applicants give us rehearsed answers that do not even apply to what we have asked. Lastly, please try to relax as much as possible at the window. Consular officers are trained professionals who analyze each applicant’s situation based upon the requirements of U.S. immigration law, so please think of the interview as a candid exchange that helps us to make the most fair, appropriate determination.



Be honest about your situation and motives for travel! Creating fake documents or misrepresenting yourself at the window does not make you credible, and chances are we will figure out the truth sooner or later. Also, do not come in without any documents. If we have nothing to base your story on besides your own words, it makes it a lot harder for us to believe what you are saying. The majority of the time we need paper records to verify the information you are providing. If you come unprepared, we will most likely have to ask you to come back when you have all the necessary documents to demonstrate your case, and that will further delay your application. That said, please remember that it is neither documents nor your oral account alone that suffices but whether you convincingly demonstrate your situation, ties, and legitimate motivations for travel as a whole. Finally, please do not argue excessively with us if you get denied. If we deny your application, we have valid grounds for doing so based on U.S. immigration law, and although we cannot always explain them to you in detail. When your situation changes and you are better able to demonstrate compelling ties to China and legitimate reasons for travel, you are always welcome to reapply.




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