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2011-12-13  lindan9997
18. Wulfen (Lobo Feroz) - Exito Social

    在网站维护、链接建设、搜索引擎优化和网上赚钱方面,我是一个新手。我的网站是Exito Social(西班牙语的意思是社会成功Social Success),主要是提供有关社会交往、吸引力和人际关系等方面建议的文章。我的长期目标是通过我们自己的产品来赚钱,包括工作室(已经运营)和电子书(筹划中),此外我们还计划与业内其它公司一起发展加盟商。

But I wanted also to monetize the website, having a lot of interesting blog-style content for free already, and growing. My first idea was to use AdSense, and so far it’s been not all that good. The site has been active for around eight months. I have a fair number of pageviews (around 300-500 per day, around 10.000 a month) but the CTR is abysmal, so the money earned is negligible. Maybe it’s the placement of the ads, or maybe is that spanish people don’t tend to click on ads, or maybe is that the seduction/relationships niche is not fit for contextual advertising.


My plan is, on one hand, to test varying the positioning of the adsense block(s), but mainly to search for new venues of monetization. Unfortunately for webs in spanish the scope of advertising options is more reduced than for content in english. Perhaps for my niche the best way would be selling products and services, but I plan to try everything (Ready, Fire, Aim!).


And Maki, thanks for this very useful site and your insightful posts. 


19. Matt Jones
The easiest and quickest way to make a whole bunch of cash online is to come up with a hyped up viral product utilising a referral program. Something akin to Blogrush or the million dollar/euro Wiki.  

19. Matt Jones

    最简单最快速的在网上赚一堆钱的方法是想出一种能瞬间抓住人们眼球的产品,并利用人们之间的推荐加快产品的销售。这个原理就像Blogrush和million dollar或维基百科一样。

An advertising budget of a couple of thousand dollars is needed but all it takes for success in this niche is to order up a few reviews on the top blogs and bribe them to be positive, or make the referral program so attractive they can’t say no.


Having the idea and believing it is good enough to take action is the challenge. 


20. Alan - Ideas!Beta
Simple… The best way to make money is to generate traffic… Whatever way you choose, white, gray or black, as long as you manage to get sustained traffic, you will make money out of it.  

20. Alan - Ideas!Beta

    简单……赚钱的最好方法是产生点击量……不管你选择什么方式, 只要你能得到持续的点击量,你就会从中盈利。

I have a formula (*blatant self-promotion*: explained on my blog) : with Adsense, which does all the work of generating money from your traffic, you take your average daily number of pageviews, you divide by 10, and that’s what you’ll make monthly on non-optimized content.

    我有一个公式(blatant self-promotion):使用关键字广告,它会根据流量计算出收益,你把你每天的点击量除以10,得到的结果就是你每月即使从不更新内容也能带来的盈利。

So if you generate 40,000 pageviews a day, you can make around $4,000 a month… I advise anyone who wants to quit his job to calculate his own target, and work to reach it.


Believe it or not, but I first worked hard to reach that goal, and now I have the possibility to take a month off and go doing whatever I want.


And those figures I’m talking about can even be higher when you start to optimize your pages and use affiliates instead of Adsense.


So to sum up :


- First, build traffic. For that, work on 1, 10 or 10000 websites it’s up to you. Use Adsense and generate instant money so you can pay your bills


- start doing fine-tuned websites (maybe refine the ones you created for traffic) and put targeted affiliates programs on them. It will take longer but when the money starts to roll-in, you’ll have gained the knowledge to write one of those ebooks “How I make $1000 a day”.


In any case, there has never been a better time than now to make money and get your freedom. But you need to start working now, even if it is a few hours every week!!! 


21. Sean from Warrior Blog
The best to make money online from personal experience:  Creating your own product and selling it to those who are also trying to make money online.

21. Sean from Warrior Blog


Step 1. Creating the product
I recommend you buy a PLR product from a trusted individual on forums and use what was taught inside. After testing it and using it, rewrite the ebook and add more to it from your personal experience, knowing that it really works.


    我建议你通过论坛从一个可信赖的人手里购买一个具有公共出借版税权(PLR,Public Lending Right)的产品,然后把里面教授的应用出来。在检验和使用之后,重写一本电子书,并把个人经历写进书里,当然这些经历教训是有帮助的。

Step 2. Create your sale page or squeeze page
All you need to do now is to decide whether you want to sell the eBook or give away a sample copy FREE, then in your email, lure them into buying the full version for whatever amount off the original price. I recommend that you do not sell your product at $7 or lower because it will seem less valuable if it is cheap.



If you are going to create a sale page, then use PayPal as an ordering system. You also need to create a simple website and get an auto-responder, but thats easy.


Step 3. Getting traffic to your product
There are several very effective ways that I am using right now to get FREE traffic but there is also Adword. Let me show you the free method:



a. Youtube. Create several videos promoting your product. Customize your videos so that it get them to click to your squeeze page or sale page. Include a URL in the beginning and end of the video. Also include it in your description box - this is very easy, yet powerful.

    a. Youtube。创建几个推销你产品的视频。你的视频内容要符合访客的口味,这样才能吸引他们来点击访问你的网页。在视频的开头和结尾处都要出现网址链接。此外在说明书包装盒里也要附上这个网址链接——这个举动看似简单,但很有效果。

b. Articles Directory. Write dozens of articles everyday promoting your product and you will see results quickly if you work really hard on this. You need to learn a little bum marketing if using this method.

I personally try to write about 5 each days but sometime I can go crazy and crank out 12 or more in a day.

    b. 文章目录。每天写几篇推销产品的文章,很快你就能一见分晓,前提是你真的很用心地在做。假如你要使用这个方法,那么你需要学习一点市场营销方面的知识。


c. Craigslist. One of my favorite and it is free also. It work great IF you know how to use it. Many Internet Marketers have giving up on Craigslist because they simply don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

Post correctly on this site and you will see how powerful it is since the site gets over 8 BILLION Page Views per month!

    c. Craigslist 克雷格列表网站名),这是我最爱浏览的网站之一,当然也是免费的。如果你懂得如何使用它的话,那它是很棒的。很多互联网营销者放弃使用Craigslist,那是因为他们根本就不知道怎么去发挥它的优势。


d. Myspace. This is the simplest way to get traffic but not very targeted. You can get somewhat targeted traffic using this and it does work if you find the right people and know a little about copywriting.

    d. Myspace(我的空间,美国在线社交网站名称)。这是获得流量的最简单的方法,但是目的性不是很强。通过它,你可以得到一些目标人群的流量。如果你找到目标人群,而且还懂得一点点写作的话,这个也确实能起到作用。


Create your product and promote it using many of the web 2.0 strategies I described.



I could probably go on into writing several pages of what I said above more meticulously, but that is basically what I do to make money online from $300-500 per month.

I can guaranteed you that making money online isn’t going to work for you if you aren’t willing to take the extra step and work harder and smarter. I hope that helped you guys!






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