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12.2.12.new3.1 note

2012-02-13  浴雪
Lesson 1 A puma at large 逃遁的美洲狮

Listen to the tape then answer the question below .


Where must the puma have come from ?

Pumas are large, cat-like animals which are found in America. When reports came into London Zoo that a wild puma had been spotted forty-five miles south of London, they were not taken seriously. However, as the evidence began to accumulate, experts from the Zoo felt obliged to investigate , for the descriptions given by people who claimed to have seen the puma were extraordinarily similar .

The hunt for the puma began in a small village where a woman picking blackberries saw 'a large cat' only five yards away from her. It immediately ran away when she saw it, and experts confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being unless it is cornered. The search proved difficult, for the puma was often observed at one place in the morning and at another place twenty miles away in the evening. Wherever it went, it left behind it a trail of dead deer and small animals like rabbits. Paw prints were seen in a number of places and puma fur was found clinging to bushes. Several people complained of 'cat-like noises' at night and a businessman on a fishing trip saw the puma up a tree. The experts were now fully convinced that the animal was a puma, but where had it come from? As no pumas had been reported missing from any zoo in the country, this one must have been in the possession of a private collector and somehow managed to eacape. The hunt went on for several weeks, but the puma was not caught. It is disturbing to think that a dangerous wild animal is still at large in the quiet countryside.
she cornered me.她把我逼得没有办法了。
he caught me smoking.
is you finger caught in that chair?  (caughtin)
puma  n.   美洲狮
spot  v.   看出,发现
oblige  v.   使……感到必须
 corner  v.   使走投无路,使陷入困境
trail  n.   一串,一系列
print  n.   印痕
cling  v.   
somehow  adv. 不知怎么搞地,不知什么原因
disturb  v.   令人不安
1、spot 发现,现场
a place where sth is happening  
 太阳黑子a solar spot
blind spot盲点
a beauty spot美人痣
A leopard will not change its spot .江山易改本性难移
spot an ancient tomb inthe suburb.在郊区发现一个古墓 
observe  观测
observe stars .观测星象
discover   发现已经存在的事物
discover New America发现美洲新大陆
find  强调结果
find out 查明真相
notice  注意到
watch  观察活动中人或物
recognize A as B识别
 2、accumulatev . 积累(强调积累的过程)
Dust accumulates.积累灰尘
As the evidence accumualtes,  expert from the zoo felt obliged to investigate.
gather vt. 把某人聚集在一起
eg:The teacher gathered his students in the class .
assemble v.  集会
eg:A large number of people assembl on the squre .
hoard    大量的储存,等于store up.
eg:The squirrel stored up nuts for the cold weather 松鼠大量的储存坚果,因为天冷了
amass    诗歌  作品中的聚集
eg:The clouds amassed above the hills 朵朵云彩在山顶
feel obliged to do sth感到有必要做什么
eg:men  feel obliged to rear family 男人们感到有义务做某事
be obliged to do sth有必要做什么  ,有义务做某事
at large 逍遥自在  行动自如
pumas 加S是表示一类的事物
Pumas are at large, cat-like animals which are found in America.
龙是一种体形似蛇的神秘动物, 在中国神话中有其描述
美人鱼是一种形似鱼的美丽动物, 生在深海中
联合国是处理国家间事物务 一个庞大的 国际性组织

Laptop is little ,notebook-like which were invented in America .
Pandas are large , bear-like animals which are found in Sichuan in  China .
Dragons are mysterious,snake-like animails  which are described in Chinese legend
Mermaids are beautiful , fish-like animals which are found in deep ocean.
UN is  a large ,international organzation which deals with all kinds of affairs among nations 
A university is a kind of educational institution which instucts leaners  both intellectually and morally.
crystal ---like  明亮的双眸
steel-like muscle 坚实的肌肉
angel -like girl  貌美的女孩
baby -like face  稚嫩的脸庞
home-like inn  温馨的旅馆
同位语的句型:名词+that +陈述句
从中懂得了, 不保任何期望比付出努力却最终失望要好.

I have been left with knowlege it is better to expect nothing than to give everything  and then be disppointed .
The statement by the driver of the vehicle that he did not see the lorry was rejected by the court.

老师们收到通知, 说可以把捣乱的学生从班上开除

The notice came into the teacher that they can remove disruptie students from the class.
When the news came into the National Museum  that an ancient tomb had been spotted 45km south of Xi'an ,it was taken seriously.
当我想到一只美洲狮在逃遁, 我不由得不寒而栗(想到肯定是想到了一个想法,一个想法袭上了我的心头)
When the idea came into me that the puam was still at large, I was disturbed .
News came into the stutio that over 90% of the population were watching Spring Festial .

The advertisement entitled ,Tide 's in , Dirt's out " suddenly caught our eyes   our 要弱读
take sb/sth seriously认真对待……
take sb/sth lightly不在意
take sb/sth too much to heart太在意
be indifferent to不在乎
show high/regard for很关心
show low regard for不太关心
原句:However, as the evidence began to accumulate, experts from the Zoo felt obliged to investigate, for the descriptions given by people who claimed to have seen the puma were extraordinarily similar
特色  :1、 experts from the Zoo 介词短语后置定语修饰名词,
2、the Zoo felt obliged to investigate过去分词做后置定语,
3、claimed to have seen,(1 to have  see,2 claimed)
a woman picking blackberries现在分词短语后后置定语
原句: It immediately ran away when she saw it, and experts confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being unless it is cornered. (when和that的特点)
A cornered beast will do sth desperate.狗急跳墙
adj.不顾一切的, 拼命的
One will not offend his superior unless he is cornered .
无论这个花花公子走到哪里, 他身后都留下了一串破碎的心
Wherever he went, he left behind him  a trial of broken hearts .
原文: Puma fur was found clinging to bushes .主+谓语+ 主语补足语
A:  convince sb of sth
I convinced him of my honesty.
B:be convinced that+句子
I convince that she is a honest girl.
It is disturbing  to think that想到什么心神不安
It is worring to think that焦虑不安
It is consoling to think that想到什么欣慰
It is exciting to think that想到什么兴奋
show one' heels逃跑
take one's leg逃窜
make off v. 逃走;离开;匆忙离开
take flight逃之夭夭,逃走
betake  oneself to flight逃跑
adverb         副词
adverbial     状语
都是修饰动作的, verb.

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