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Software chapter Classified section--Advertising

2012-06-24  LOFT生活
    Is a commodity, which led to the customer's desire to buy a photographic subject, by reflecting the shape, structure, performance, color and use characteristics of the commodities.
[Calendar history]
       Advertising photography molding is mainly 20th century, and its shape with the print media plate technology development tends to improve.
       Advertising photography industry is a business service industry. Commercial photography and advertising photography creative photography is attached to economic activity, the activities, but they are not purely economic exchanges with the color of strong artistic creation, all the still life, landscapes, people, architecture, sports, stage and other The class theme can become the subject of advertising photography.
       Therefore, advertising, photography is a comprehensive, all-around photography.
(1) to communicate information] as the main function
Advertising photography is the scope of the practical art. From the point of view of modern communication function, advertising photography can also be called the art of information delivery.
       The advertising photographer must pursue practical convey the effect has a very clear target market and promotional purposes, for the purpose of the requirements for the target market and target users and film production, focusing on effectiveness.
       The advertising photographer must clearly and accurately convey information, its evaluation criteria also attaches great importance to the ideological and artistic, but also more level to consider the commercial factors.
(2) practical utilitarian
       The power of advertising photography is to attract more attention, causing the desire to buy goods, its usefulness is quite clear that the evaluation standards of advertising photography is according to the results of the end of the entire advertising campaign to check the economic effects and The social effect is to test the effect of advertising photography advertising standards.
       That is, for the evaluation and prediction of the advertising works, the role according to the advertisement in the merchandising has always been based on market-based, consumer-centric, not based on personal feelings.
       Specifically, an advertising photography, art, how exquisite, as long as it lacks the "selling" the power of the consumers of visual field, even if able to attract enough aesthetic effect, but if you can not stimulate consumer specific consumer desires or stimulate consumer participation passion can not be a good advertising photos.
       Moreover, the outstanding works to stimulate the purchase of purpose is very clear, that is specific to the class of goods specified by the business.
(3) the larger the binding
       The idea of ??creative advertising photography from a photographer's point of view, subject to the constraints of advertising strategies to advertise their products, and has greater limitations, especially the idea of ??advertising photography and creative attention to the location and orientation design, the performance of the content around the ad the purpose often have a lot of provisions.
       But as the ideas and creativity of the art of photography, there is no constraints in this regard. Art photography can be pursued to the ingenuity, the performance of free space.
       , Advertising photography must work hard to pay attention to the personality and style of goods, personal style is often hidden in the back, and strive to need to obey the commodity-based, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the desired goal.
Advertising photography release must go through a specific medium, its effect is subject to the constraints of the media specific expression.
       Photography advertising works Finally, what kind of media releases, which are an integrated group activities (including creative advertising, graphic design, manuscript writing creative process), is directly subordinate to the sales promotion activities, can not exist independently .
       Moreover, starting from the audience point of view, advertising photography to take into account the different levels of consumption of the commodity, or is targeted to create different levels of consumer.
[For use]
    Compared with other media, photography, advertising
Timeliness. Convenience. Economy. Intuitive
5. Rich spread of power. Beauty
    All has the edge.
[Mistaken District]
       The lack of advertising photography creative underlying causes is the lack of pursuit of artistic expression;
       Ignore the advertising photography, artistic expression, the root cause of the lack of correct understanding of advertising photography.
    "Fragmented, advertising photography, commercial and artistic thinking has been formed to keep pace with market demand and expansion of the artistic personality confrontation" misunderstanding, has become the advertising photography maximum
"Stumbling block".


【Article is excerpted from: Baidu Encyclopedia】
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