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Fitting section Filter project--Utlraviolet Filter

2012-09-16  LOFT生活


    UV is the English word Utlraviolet the abbreviations mean ultraviolet UV lens called UV filter


    Usually colorless and transparent, but some because of the additional AR film viewed at certain angles will show purple or fuchsia.


    Using traditional camera with film, due to the chemical properties of the film, which is particularly sensitive to the sun's ultraviolet rays, strong ultraviolet radiation, the use of film to
The photos generally bluish white, seriously affect the photo quality.

    Plus a UV mirror in front of the camera, can effectively filter out the ultraviolet to improve the clarity of the photo.

    To the digital era, the core components of digital CCD is no longer like the film as too sensitive to UV the UV lens UV filter function is slowly fading, but the oil
Dirt, fingerprints, scratches for lens coating damage still exists.

    UV mirror at this time, more to take on the role of protector.


    UV lens for shooting on the beach, mountains, snowfields and open area environment, can weaken due to UV-induced blue tones.

    For digital cameras at the same time, also can exclude the interference of ultraviolet light on the CCD, help to improve the clarity and color reproduction effect.

【Article is excerpted from: Baidu Encyclopedia】
【Network reprint / Just reference】
【Translation is by Goolge】




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