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2012-09-26  sym480
·Hope your birthday is happy,and hope it's followed by days and weeks and months and years of happiness for you.
·Wishing you luck on your special day and hope that the year ahead brings all you want. Happy Birthday!
·I want to get something nice for your birthday, but couldn't find a single thing except sincere wishes! Happy Birthday!
·Be happy, be cheerful. Be carefree, have fun. Hope this birthday is your happiest one. Enjoy your special day!
·Wishing you―all the luck a year can bring, all the happiest things in life, all the best of everything, Happy Birthday!
·To live in yr own way, to reach for yr own goals, to be the person you want to be. Wishing u happiness on yr birthday!
·Roses, sweet and fragrant, sent to you to say, may each hour be a happy one on this special day. Have a happy birthday!
·A gift of love for u. It can't be bought or sold,can't be measured in silver or gold,it's a birthday wish from my heart.
·With love on your birthday and always! Time will never change my love. You will always be my number one.
·It's time to celebrate.My best friend was born today! I shouldn't.I wouldn't.I couldn't forget to wish you Happy Birthday!
·Wishing you a wonderful day and a year filled with happiness. Happy Birthday!
·It's your birthday and I love you so, the happiness we share means more than I can show. Wishing you every happiness!
·Love is always my gift to you. Happy Birthday!
·Best wishes for a happy birthday and a happy, healthy and lucky year.
·May your life be even brighter as each birthday comes and goes. Have a wonderful birthday!
·Hope your birthday grows happier by the minute!
·This brings a birthday message especially to say, you are wished the finest things in life today and every day!
·Keep smiling on your birthday.
·Wish u a birthday you'll remember the whole year, just as yr friends miss u all year long! Have a happy birthday!
·This is a day to celebrate,a day for feeling great,a day for fun and play,it's your BIRTHDAY!
·Please accept my love, congratulations and warmest wishes this day and every day.
·Hope your birthday is full of fun, like going shopping all day long.
·Time can never wash away our happy memories.
·Hope you don't end up doing something naughty on your birthday!

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