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2012-11-08  家有学子
A Letter For Help
  Dear Ralph,
  I’m a middle school student. My name is Li Hua. I once had a very happy family, but now everything has changed because of my father. He used to be a very good doctor and was often praised by his patients. He took good care of the family and did housework every day. However, he is now quite a different person. He plays majiang all night and often quarrels with my mother. I just cannot concentrate on my studies and my grades are coming down. I’m very much worried and I’m afraid it will destroy my family as well as my father.
  Could you help me and tell me what to do? I’m looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much.
  Li Hua  
  used to be a very good doctor 曾经是一个好医生
  be praised by sb. 受到某人的称赞
  take good care of 好好照顾
  quarrel with sb. 同某人争吵
  concentrate on 集中注意力于,专心于
  look forward to 期望,渴望
Exam-oriented Education and Quality-oriented Education
  Feb. 20, 2004  
  Dear Alice,
  How nice to hear from you. You want to know what is going on in schools in China? Now, I will tell you about it.
  In the past, exam-oriented education forced us to listen to our teachers while taking notes in class. We did all kinds of exercises without end, though it was 5 o’clock in the afternoon. After supper, we had to continue our exercises far into the night.
  Now, quality-oriented education has made our school life colorful. We are active in class. In order to train the ability, we often do research on study. Sometimes one of us teaches ourselves. We have various outside activities, such as singing, dancing, English corner, and taking computer lessons. Basketball and football are our favorite sports. In the evening we can watch news on TV, do experiments by ourselves and have talks and discussions of our subjects.
  Please make sure that our school life is getting more and more colorful and interesting.
  Best wishes.
  Li Hua  
  How nice to hear from you. 很高兴收到你的来信。
  exam-oriented education 应试教育
  without end 无休止quality-oriented education 素质教育
  do research on 研究,调查teach ourselves 自学
  Please make sure that our school life is getting more and more colorful
  and interesting. 请相信我们的学校生活正越来越多姿多彩和有趣。
A Letter To The Headermaster
  Dear hendmaster,
  I am a senior student of our school. I’d like to say something about the canteen service in our school.
  In general, the service is satisfactory. The hall is clean and tidy. The dishes look inviting and taste delicious as well. What’s more, the workers there treat us as their friends, which makes us feel very happy.
  However, we feel the price of the meals is a little too high. Besides, we can only have a limited variety of dishes with little change every week. In addition, we often have to stand in line for a long time before we can get the meal. You could understand how precious time is to us students. Therefore, may I suggest something be done to solve the problems so that we can all enjoy our meals at school?
  Thanks for your consideration.
  Sincerely yours,  
  Li Hua  
  the canteen service 餐饮服务in general 大体上
  what’s more 并且treat sb. as... 把某人视为……
  how precious time is to us students 时间对我们学生来说是多么宝贵
  solve the problems 解决问题
  Thanks for your consideration.
A Letter To the Teacher
  Dear teacher,
  How time flies! It is two years since you came to our school. I hear that you will leave for London next week. In the past two years,you have worked hard. You were strict with us in our English learning and always ready to help us with patience. You  made your classes so lively and interesting that all of us enjoyed every minute of them. Our English has been improved greatly because of your creative work. Now, we’d like to express our thanks to you. We wish you a pleasant journey and good health. Thank you.
  How time flies! 日月如梭,时间流逝!
  leave for London 出发去伦敦
  be strict with us in our English learning 在英语学习上对我们要求严格
  with patience 很有耐心
  express our thanks to you 对你表达我们的感谢
  wish you a pleasant journey and good health
  How We Students Use Computers In Our Daily Lives
  Dear editor,
  I’m writing to tell you how we students use computers in our daily lives.
  Some students make good use of computers in our daily lives. They make notes or get some useful information they like so that they can learn more which they can’t learn from their textbooks.
  But some other students get into the habit of playing games in computer. It’s harmful for them to play for a long time, or rather they couldn’t sleep well and study well. Part of them like chatting on Internet as well. They couldn’t help thinking about what others said even at any time. All of these bad habits may cause some terrible problems.
  In my opinion, we should make good use of computers, but not just play or chat.
  Yours truly,  
  Li Hua   
  daily lives 日常生活
  make good use of 好好利用
  get into the habit of 养成……习惯
  it is harmful for sb. to do sth. 做某事对某人有害
  or rather 更确切地说
  chat on Internet 网上聊天
  in my opinion 依我看来,我的看法/观点
A Letter For Apologizing
  Dear Jack,
  Thank you for your letter. I’m sorry about that weekend. Let me explain what happened. At 3 that afternoon, on my way to the railway station I caught sight of a building on fire. The firefighters were trying to put it out. Many people were trapped in it, including some children. I rushed into the building to help save the people inside. Having been rescued finally, they all said thanks to us. Without delay I hurried back to my office and wrote down the news. Not until I looked up at the clock did I realize I had missed the  5∶00 train. I apologize for causing you so much worry. This weekend I will surely go to attend your party. Then we can have a good time.
   Yours truly,  
  Xiao Tong  
  Thank you for your letter. 多谢您的来信。
  catch sight of a building on fire 发现一座建筑物着火
  put it out 把(火)扑灭
  without delay 毫不停留
  Not until I looked up at the clock did I realize I had missed the 5∶00 train.
  I hope you are very well.我希望你身体健康。  
  How are you getting on/along with your new job/lessons?
  I was very glad/pleased to get/ receive your letter. 很高兴收到你的来信。
  Thank you for your letter./Thank you for writing to me. 感谢你的来信。
  Thank you very much for...you sent me. 非常感谢你送给我……。
  I hope/Hope to hear from you soon. 希望能很快收到你的来信。
  Looking forward to hearing from you. 渴望你的来信。
  Looking forward to your reply.渴望你的来信。
  Please write back soon.渴望你的来信。
  Please give my love/regards/best wishes to... 请代我向……问好!
  I hope you’ll like it/them.希望你喜欢它/它们。
  With best wishes!  最好的祝福!
  Good Luck to you! 祝你好运!
  Give my regards to your family! 请代我向你的家人问好!
  Wishing you success/good luck! 祝成功/好运!
  Yours sincerely, /Sincerely yours, / Yours, 真诚地/诚恳地
  Yours truly, /Yours faithfully,   忠实地
  Yours respectfully,  恭敬地/尊敬地
  Yours affectionately,/ Yours loving son,/ Yours,
充满深情地/ 你的爱你的儿子/你的
  Lovingly yours,(用于最亲密的友人之间)
  Yours lovingly,/Your loving father/mother/son/daughter/husband,(用于亲密家人之间)
  Lovingly,/Your own,/All my love,(用于情人或夫妻之间)
  Yours ever,/Sincerely,(一般的朋友或熟人)
  Yours,/Love,/With love from,/Love from,(亲属或挚友)




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