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(1)表示时间的状语从句可以由when,whenever,as,while,before,until,ever since,as soon as等词引导。
As a young man (=When he was a young man),he was fond of hunting.他年轻时,喜欢打猎。
When the rain stopped,students rushed out of the classroom.
My mother was cooking while I was doing my homework.
We were about to set off when it suddenly began to rain.
It will be half a year before I come back.
(2)名词词组引导时间状语从句:every/each time每一次;the moment/minute那时(一……就……);the first/second time 第一/二次;the last time最后一次;the day那一天;the week那一周等。
Every time I see him,he looks miserable.
He said he’d phone you the moment he got home.
(3)as soon as,instantly,directly,immediately等表示从句动作一发生,主句动作随即发生,通常意为“一……就……”,也可引起表示时间的状语从句。
The moment I saw it,I fell in love with it.
Directly I had done it,I knew I had made a mistake.
He rushed upstairs immediately he heard a loud noise.
(4)no sooner...than 和hardly...when引导的从句表示“刚……就……”。主句中的动词一般用过去完成时,从句用过去时。若把no sooner,hardly提到句首,主句须倒装。
No sooner had he sat down than the phone rang.
Hardly had the game begun when it started to rain.
引导条件状语从句的从属连词有:if,unless (=if...not除非),so/as long as (只要),in case (万一),on condition that (条件是),suppose/supposing (假设,如果),provided that (如果)等。
Don’t come in unless I let you.别进来,除非我允许。
As long as you don’t lose heart,you will succeed.
Suppose/Supposing (that) they refuse us,who else can we turn to for help?倘若他们拒绝我们,我们还能向谁求助呢?
原因状语从句常用because,since,as,for引导,还可用seeing that(既然),now that(既然),considering that/who/how...(考虑到……),in that(因为),not that...but that (不是因为……而是因为)等引导。
Now that they’ve got to know each other a little better,they get along just fine.
John did quite well in his exams considering how little he studied.考虑到约翰才学了那么一点点,他考得已很不错了。
The situation is rather complicated in that we have two managing directors.由于我们有两位总经理,所以情况很复杂。
让步状语从句由though(although),even if(even though),no matter how/where/what...,whatever,however,whoever等引导。
Although the car is old,it still runs well.
No matter how hard he tried,he couldn’t get her to change her mind.不管他怎样努力劝说,也没能使她改变主意。
目的状语从句常由that,so that,in order that,lest(以免,以防),for fear that等引导,放在主句之后。目的状语从句常用情态动词may(might),can(could)等。lest,for fear that后面常用“(should)+动词原形”的虚拟语气。
We pray that he may recover soon.
结果状语从句由so that,so...that,such that,such...that等词引导。
Many contestants later failed drug tests,so that the race had to be rerun.许多参赛者后来都没有通过药检,赛跑只得重新进行。
The nature of the job was such that he felt obliged to tell no one about it.这种工作的性质就是如此,他觉得只好秘而不宣了。
方式状语从句由as,just as,as if,as though等词引导。
We’d better leave things as they are until the police arrive.
You look as if you’ve had a good time.
比较状语从句由as...as,than,not so...as,the more...the more等词引导。
My brother is not as old as me.我弟弟年纪没我大。
It’s a beautiful dress but it’s much more than I can afford.
Make a mark where you have any doubts or questions.
Make a mark at the place where you have any doubts or questions.在有疑点或问题的地方做个标记。(定语从句)
We should go where the Party needs us most.
Where there is a will,there is a way.有志者,事竟成。
Wherever there is smoke,there is a fire.
Bamboo grows well where it has plenty of rain.
If you could go wherever you wanted to in the world,where would you go?如果世界上任何地方你想去就能去的话,你会去哪儿?
1.The little girl who got lost decided to remain________she was and wait for her mother.
A.where          B.what
C.how       D.who
【解析】 remain在此意为“留下,逗留”,where she was在句中作地点状语。句意为:这个迷路的小女孩决定待在原来的地方等待她的妈妈。
【答案】 A
2.—Shall we have our picnic tomorrow?
—________it doesn’t rain.
A.Until       B.While
C.Once       D.If
【解析】  句意为:“明天我们去野餐好吗?”“只要不下雨(就去)”。
【答案】 D
3.You may use the room as you like________you clean it up afterwards.
A.so far as        B.so long as
C.in case             D.even if
【解析】 句意为:你可以任意使用这个房间,只要你事后把它打扫干净。so far as就……而言;so long as=as long as表示唯一条件“只要”;in case以防,万一;even if即使,尽管。
【答案】 B
4.She had just finished her homework________her mother asked her to practise playing the piano yesterday.
A.when         B.while
C.after          D.since
【解析】 句意为:昨天她刚做完作业,她妈妈就让她练钢琴。when在本句中作并列连词,意为:and at that time。while作并列连词,表示“对比转折”;after为从属连词或介词,意为“在……之后”;since自从……时候,既然……
【答案】 A
5.The medicine works more effectively________you drink some hot water after taking it.
A.as               B.until
C.although          D.if
【解析】 句意为:这种药如果你热水送服,会更加有效。if 引导条件状语从句。
【答案】 D
6.It just isn’t fair________I was working as a waiter last month,my friends were lying on the beach.
A.whenever     B.though
C.for      D.while
【解析】 本题句意为:这真不公平。上个月当我在做服务员的时候,我的朋友们正躺在沙滩上。表示“与此同时”用while,引导时间状语从句。
【答案】 D
7.—I wonder how much you charge for your service.
—The first two are free________the third costs $30.
A.while     B.until
C.when    D.before
【解析】 考查连词的用法。根据句意,这里表示前后句之间的对比,所以用while,表示“而”。语意是“前面两项服务是免费的,而第三项收费30美元”。
【答案】 A
8.Peter was so excited________he received an invitation from his friend to visit Chongqing.
A.where     B.that
C.Why     D.when
【解析】 句意为:当Peter的朋友邀请他来重庆时,他很是兴奋。此题考查状语从句,只有when引导的时间状语从句符合题意。
【答案】 D
9.Owen wouldn’t eat anything________he cooked it himself.
A.until    B.since
C.unless    D.while
【解析】 句意为:欧文只吃他自己做的东西。not...until...直到……才……;since自从……以来;unless除非;while当……时候,而,虽然。
【答案】 C
10.My parents don’t mind what job I do________I am happy.
A.even though    B.as soon as
C.as long as     D.as though
【解析】 考查连词。even though即使;as soon as一……就……;as long as只要;as though仿佛。句意为:我父母不介意我做任何工作,只要我高兴。故as long as符合语境。
【答案】 C
11.________the Internet is bridging the distance between people,it may also break some families or cause other family problems.
A.When     B.If
C.While     D.Since
【解析】 考查状语从句。while置于句首,引导让步状语从句,意为“虽然,尽管”。句意为:因特网虽可拉近人与人之间的距离,但也可能破坏一些家庭或者引起其他家庭问题。
【答案】 C
12.He was so  deep in thought,thinking of the problem________he knocked into the tree without noticing it.
A.when     B.while
C.Because    D.that
【解析】 考查状语从句的引导词。so...that表示“如此,以致”。他思考问题太投入了,以致一不留神儿撞到了树上。
【答案】 D
13.—What do you think about the new teacher?
—________the new teacher is an elegant lady,she can be extremely difficult to work with.
A.As if    B.As long as
C.Because    D.While
【解析】 while表示“尽管”。句意为:尽管新老师是一位很文雅的女士,但是和她一起工作可能很难。
【答案】 D
14.Don’t be afraid of asking your teachers for help________it is needed.
A.as     B.since
C.unless    D.when
【解析】 考查连词。句意为“如有需要,不要害怕向老师问问题”。此处when相当于if,表示条件,其他不符合语意。
【答案】 D
15.We had to be patient because it________some time________we got the full results.
A.has been;since    B.had been;until
C.was;after     D.would be;before
【解析】 在“it+be+一段时间+before/after/since+从句”句型中,before从句中的动作经过一段时间后才会实现;after从句中的动作发生后已经过去了一段时间;since从句中的动作完成后到现在已经有一段时间了。结合题意可知,答案为D。
【答案】 D
16.—What should we pay more attention to if we go north in winter,Mum?
—Nothing much.Take warm clothes________the weather is cold.
A.as long as    B.now that
C.if     D.in case
【解析】 as long as意思是“只要”,表示条件;now that意思是“既然,由于”,表示原因;if意思是“如果”,表示条件;in case意思是“以防”,表示条件。根据语意可知本题的答案选D。
【答案】 D
17.There are,________you don’t mind me saying so,several problems with this idea of yours.
A.if      B.unless
C.although     D.because
【解析】 考查连词的用法。句意为:如果你不介意我这么说,你的想法存在若干问题。本句中的“if you don’t mind me saying so”是插入语,表示委婉的语气。
【答案】 A
18.________there is little we can do to modify the weather,we can at least know what kind of weather to expect.
A.Since    B.When
C.While    D.Unless
【解析】 考查状语从句。While在此引导让步状语从句,意为“尽管,虽然”。
【答案】 C
19.My mother likes everything in order,and she always reminds us to put things back________we get them from.
A.so that     B.in which
C.once     D.where
【解析】 考查状语从句。where we get them from是地点状语从句。
【答案】 D
20.—I may go to the market this afternoon.
—Could you please buy some fruit for me________you are there?
A.since     B.if
C.while     D.as
【解析】 考查连词的用法。对方只是说可能会去市场(may go to the market),因此答语中用if符合语境,即你如果(if)去的话,能帮我买些水果吗?
【答案】 B
21.—What do you think I should wear for such a formal press conference?
—Dress________you like.
A.how      B.what
C.whatever      D.however
【解析】 考查状语从句。dress作及物动词时,宾语为人;本题中的Dress为不及物动词,所以后面应该接一个状语从句。句意为:你想怎么穿都行。
【答案】 D
22.I had no idea of the exact address of Xinhua High School________I was outside its front gate.
A.when    B.after
C.until    D.because
【解析】 考查状语从句。根据语意“我到新华中学的校门口时才知道这学校的准确地址”可知C项正确。
【答案】 C
23.________some people come here for a short break,others have decided to stay forever.
A.Because     B.If
C.Once       D.While
【解析】 考查连词。句意为:虽然有些人来此只是短暂停留,有些人却已经决定在这里定居了。because引导原因状语从句,if和once引导条件状语从句,while意为“虽然”,表示转折关系。
【答案】 D
24.________you’ve experienced it,you can’t understand how I felt.
A.Once     B.Because
C.Unless     D.While
【解析】 考查状语从句。句意为:如果你没体验过,你不会知道我的感受。unless=if not“如果不”,引导条件状语从句。
【答案】 C
25.—Haven’t seen Lucy recently,what’s happened?
—Oh,it’s more than two months________she worked here.
A.which     B.that
C.before     D.since
【解析】 考查it’s...since...结构。表示动作自过去发生至今有多久。但该结构从句中谓语动词的性质决定最终的意义。从句中谓语动词为瞬间性动词,则表该瞬间动作发生至今时间多久;若从句中谓语动词为延续性动词,则表示该延续动词动作终止至今时间多久。work属延续性动词 ,该句意为“她不在这儿工作已经有两个多月了”,显然,本题的答案为D。
【答案】 D


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