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可口可乐 世界级的品牌

2012-11-27  lindan9997


Global Brand (1886 - )
Designing a Brand - 125 Years of Coca-Cola (18 May-15 July 2011)


世界级的品牌(1886 -


Since its invention in 1886 by an Atlanta-based chemist, Coca-Cola has been remarkable for the design of its logo, bottle and advertising. The logo is virtually the same now as then; written in decorative Spencerian script common at the time, it has remained a consistent identity inspiring consumer loyalty.


Coca-Cola was initially sold as concentrated syrup to the soda-fountain shops which were part of every American main street, but its sales increased from 1896 when the syrup was sold to bottling companies for distribution. Before 1915, Coca-Cola was sold in a different bottle by each company. To unify the brand the bottlers set a brief for designers to create a bottle that was so distinctive it could be recognised in the dark — the now-familiar contour bottle was launched.


The Designing a brand - 125 years of Coca-Cola showcases the timeline of Coca-Cola’s bottle design from innovations such as the first six-pack carton (1923), Raymond Loewy’s streamlined dispenser (1947), Coca-Cola’s first can (1961), plastic bottle (1969) and space-can (1985). Today, Coca-Cola is taking a sustainable approach with the introduction of a plastic bottle made of 25% plant materials and a chair, by Emeco, which is made of and promotes recycling of Coca-Cola bottles.


Coca-Cola achieved consistency by pioneering brand unity and created some of the first design manuals, shown here, as early as the 1920s to distribute to bottlers and retailers around the world. Constant design and innovation behind Coca-Cola have ensured that its identity has become part of global visual culture.





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