北阴King 2012-11-27

1.If you can make a reasonable living doing what you love, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. You may not get rich, but you’ll get to do what you love, and that’s priceless.

2.Don’t merely exist… LIVE. Do not become overly comfortable with TV and YouTube as your primary sources of entertainment. Go places. Try new things. Follow your curiosities and passions. Take chances. Don’t let fear and complacency stop you from a truly rewarding life.

3.The biggest disappointments in life are the result of misplaced expectations. Tempering unrealistic expectations of how something ‘should be’ will greatly reduce unnecessary frustration.

4.Life is significantly easier when you’re honest with yourself and others. This doesn’t mean you should be rude and inconsiderate, but it’s better to be upfront when you have to rather than concealing things and letting them fester.

5.Buy fewer things. When you feel the need to splurge, buy knowledge and EXPERIENCES instead.

6.Set up a safety fund. Yes, I know the savings account interest rates are insanely low right now, but having at least six months of expenses in readily accessible cash can save you a lot of hassle on a rainy day.

7.Loan money to friends and family judiciously.

8.Everything in moderation. Don’t be a slave to any substance, especially food.

9.Avoid fatty, sugary foods. Eat your vegetables. Stick to a healthy balanced diet.

10.Staying in shape is simpler than most people make it. Body fat is dictated by what you eat and your activity. In most cases, if you’re overweight you’re eating too much and/or not exercising enough.

11.Drama is never worth putting up with. If someone over age eighteen can’t be a reasonable, reliable adult on a regular basis, avoid this person.

12.Always do what you feel in your heart is right.

13.Read more. And not just blogs.

14.Invest time and energy in yourself every day. When you invest in yourself, you can never lose, and over time you will change the trajectory of your life. You are simply the product of what you know. The more time and energy you spend acquiring pertinent knowledge, the more control you have over your life.

15.Learn some basic, modern survivability skills – how to change a tire, jumpstart a car, safely bust a car window if you’re stuck, render first aid, etc.

16.Help your fellow neighbor. The whole “what goes around comes around” concept is the truth. You may be on top of the world right now – feeling untouchable. You may have all the tools at your disposal to do and say whatever you want. But life is a circle that eventually comes back around. So be polite, be courteous, and at least dream that civilization can be civil.

17.You actually die twice in this world. Once when you stop breathing, and a second time several years later when somebody says your name for the last time. So do things that matter; leave a legacy. Time is running out.

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