Breath of Life活力呼吸

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Breath of Life活力呼吸
by Rebecca A. Say

Sometimes what you take for granted can have a big impact on your life.

If you want to live a better life, stop and smell the roses. Well, not exactly. This common saying means we should slow down and enjoy small moments, but when it comes to health, it means what it says—take a moment to breathe. Breathing comes so naturally to us that we are hardly aware that we are constantly doing it. However, each breath is vitally important to our survival. _(1)_ Regular breaths do this job well enough, but getting into the habit of breathing deeply increases your health substantially. Deep breathing stimulates your lymphatic system, prevents premature aging, clears your mind, and much more. _(2)_ A basic deep breathing exercise begins by sitting up straight and inhaling first to fill your lower abdomen, then middle, and then chest. _(3)_ After practicing these exercises regularly, you will come to a point where you will feel more energized and alert throughout the day.
Another benefit of deep breathing is revealed during stressful situations. _(4)_ A simple example of this is when a mother is frustrated with a naughty child. _(5)_ In extreme cases, deep breathing can be life saving, such as when it is used during panic attacks. Those who make deep breathing a practice are better at getting through the attack than those who don't. Remember if you want an easy way to improve your health, give your lungs an extra workout today.

(A) To get these benefits, set aside a few minutes several times a day for breathing exercises.
(B) The purpose of breathing in medication is to calm the mind and develop inner peace.
(C) Not only does it bring oxygen into our bodies, but it also expels toxins.
(D) In these stressful situations, deep breaths calm people down quickly by expelling built-up carbon dioxide and giving them something to focus on instead of stress.
(E) When exhaling, start by pushing the air out of the lower abdomen, then middle, and then chest as if you were making waves.
(F) Taking a moment to breathe deeply allows her to calm herself down and better handle the situation in a positive and teaching way.

  1. 第一题空格应选 (C)
    a. 空格前一句有单数主词 each breath(每一口呼吸),而 (C) 项的主词为单数代名词 it,指的就是前一句的主词 each breath。另外 (C) 项的句子又提到,它不仅可将氧气带入体内,又可排毒,此功能即指空格後一句中的 do this job(奏效),三句产生关联。
    b. 根据上述,(C) 项应为正选。
    a. expel vt.(从体内或容器内)排出
    Now, slowly expel the air from your lungs.
    b. toxin n. 毒素
  2. 第二题空格应选 (A)
    a. 空格前一句提到,深呼吸会刺激淋巴系统、预防提早老化、让头脑清醒且还有更多功能。而在 (A) 项句子中可得知如何得到这些好处,故两个句子因为 benefits(好处)一字而形成关联。
    b. 根据上述,(A) 项应为正选。
    set aside...拨出 留出……
    Tina's parents try hard to set aside some time every night to sit and talk with her.
  3. 第三题空格应选 (E)
    a. 空格後一句提到,定期地练习深呼吸後,你会到达某种境界,让你整天都会感到更有能量且更灵活。因此可推知空格中的句子可能会提及如何做此运动,而 (E) 项表示,呼气时,由推挤下腹部的空气开始,然後中间部位,接著胸腔部位,就好比制造波浪一样。符合推测且前後语意连贯。
    b. 根据上述,(E) 项应为正选。
    as if...犹如……;好像……
    Tom looked as if he were about to pass out after he left the haunted house.
  4. 第四题空格应选 (D)
    a. 空格前一句句尾有词组 stressful situations(充满压力的情况)。而 (D) 项句子句首有介词片语 In these stressful situations(在这些充满压力的情况中),故形成关联。
    b. 根据上述,(D) 项应为正选。
    a. calm down冷静 平静下来
    = cool off
    = cool it
    Calm down and tell me everything that happened.
    b. built-up a. 累积的
  5. 第五题空格应选 (F)
    a. 空格前 when 引导的副词子句有主词 a mother(一位母亲)。而选项 (F) 中有所有格 her(她的),指的就是这位母亲,故形成关联。
    b. 根据上述,(F) 项应为正选。
    a. handle vt. 处理
    = deal with...
    = cope with...
    I don't know how to deal with difficult customers.
    b. positive a. 正面的
    negative a. 负面的
    The writer got a lot of positive feedback from readers.
    A lack of vitamin D has a negative effect on one's health.
    缺乏维生素 D 对我们的健康有负面影响。

  1. take for granted.../take...for granted
    Kelly took it for granted that her parents had paid for her college education.
    凯莉把她父母为她支付大学教育经费这件事视为理所当然 。
  2. have an impact on...对……有影响
    The war has had an impact on oil prices.
  3. be aware + that 子句察觉 注意到……
    = be aware of N/V-ing
    Please be aware that we are not responsible for any lost items.
    You should always be aware of your surroundings.
  4. get into the habit of V-ing
    Roger got into the habit of reading one book per week.
    罗杰养成每周看 1 本书的习惯。
  5. substantially adv. 大大地
    These new rules will substantially change our standard operating procedure.
  6. premature
    a. 过早的(本文当作提早的)
    It would be premature to finish the negotiations at this time.
  7. inhale vt. & vi. 吸入
    exhale vt. & vi. 呼出
    If you inhale those toxic fumes, you will get sick.
  8. reveal vt. 显露
    A nationwide poll revealed different opinions among young voters.
  9. be frustrated with...因……感到挫折
    All of us were frustrated with the outcome of the meeting.

  1. vitally adv. 极重要地
  2. lymphatic a. 淋巴的
  3. abdomen n. 腹部
  4. energized a. 有能量的,精力充沛的
  5. stressful a. 压力重的
  6. workout n.(尤指运动的)锻链


答案∶1. C2. A3. E4. D5. F

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