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2013-08-08  毒家观察

    1、Can you introduce yourself? 

    Dear professor,I'm so glad to meet all of you here. My name is XXX,31 years old.I was born in Sichuan, panzhihua city.I graduated from Sichuan Normal University and majored in Chinese.after graduation, I have worked as a Chinese teacher for 6 years. Later, I passed the exam and now I have been working as a public servant for 3 years.I hope I could get the opportunity to finish my postgraduate course in Sichuan University.

    Speaking of my personality, I think I'm honest,steady, hardworking,thoughtful. I am also a quick learner and can adapt the new environment very fast.

    I have many hobbies. I spent a lot of time traveling which can help me learn more knowledge and broaden my horizon.Besides, I enjoy reading which covers all aspects of books, specially Chinese culture. I always feel amazed by profound culture.Of course, I am not a bookworm.I am active to do sports. I like basketball, football and so on.Taking part in those sports make me learn how to cooperate with others and know the importance of teamwork.


   2、Talk about your family?


   I have a nuclear family. My family is as common as every one and also it is harmonious and warm. My wife has her own business. I have a lovely son, about 2 years old. We share our happiness and sorrow to each other. In a word, I really love all my family members.


  3、Can you tell me something about your hometown?


  My hometown is Panzhihua, which is located in the southwest of Sichuan. It is called"city of sunlight",because of abundant sunshine. It has fertile land, rich products, sparse population. It is rich in iron['ai?n].and it has only around 60 years history, it is a booming city.




   Firstly, even though i have graduated from college for many years, I never stop learning new knowledge, specially I am a public servant now, I clearly understand the importance of knowledge. So I think furthur study is necessary and urgent. Secondly, after graduation I can not forget the college life and would like to experience the university atmosphere again. I love the strong academic atmosphere in campus.


  5、Which kind of professors do you like the best? 


  I hope he will be a teacher of great scholarship.and I like the professor who has a good sense of humor, which can use a special way to impart the knowledge to students. Last but not least, I hope he has many practical skills and experiences which can show us how to put knowledge into practice.




   I spent four years in Sichuan Normal University. I regarded the time as the most enjoyable and precious one in my life. It has 50 years history and totally about 30,000 students, and covers over 40 majors. Our school is well equipped and advanced sports stadium and libraries.In addition, the strong cultural atmosphere is attractive to every student.




   I have travelled to Lijiang before. The city is really attractive to me. The environment is very peaceful and harmonious. The attitude of people towards life is positive and optimistic。


    8、What is your greatest strength?


    I feel that my strongest asset is my ability to stick to things to get them done. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a job and it turns out just as I'd planned.


    9、What makes a good Leader, as you think?  


 Firstly, the skills of leadership is basic one. Secondly, we should be familiar with our work. Thirdly, the person should have long head, seize the opportunity to get more improvement.


   10、What difficulties do you think you will encounter in your studies?


   Because I major in Arts, I don't have any knowledge about science. The major I am going to learn is public management which related to science, that will be a bit difficult for me.So I think when I have encounter this difficulty, I need spend more time on this and try to find classmates and teachers for help.


    11、Why did you choose our university?


    Sichuan University enjoys a good reputation in China and with strong academic atmosphere, in addition the professors are knowledgeable in their own field. Secondly, the major I am going to study public management which is the best one in the southeast of China. Furthermore, most of students who study in this school are the public servants and my colleague,I also hope that I can make more friends with them.


   12、What do you do during the Spring Festival?


    I am working out of my hometown. In spring festival, I usually spend time with my families and visit my relative, cause the time is very short. I prefer to cook and play with my child. It is a relaxed time for me.


   13、What kinds of book do you like to read?《曾国藩家书》  


   The book which has great influence on me, would like to say   one book is called "Letters to Zheng Guofan". The book consists many letters which Zengguofan has written to his family.Including how he  educated  his children,how he deal with relationship and so on.I clearly remember that he told his children. Being a person, you should get along with your family members and give them a helping hand when they are in trouble without hesitation. Be a person, you also should be strict to yourself and be generous to others.The theory what mentioned is helpful to me in my life and   work. 




  am public servant. Now am working at the Supply and Marketing  cooperatives in XXX. work as deputy director.my job is that: Firstly, I take charge of the paper works and I also assist my leader finish their work. On the other hand, I am responsible for Supervision and inspection of works and tasks.


   15、What is your life goal? Do you think you will succeed in achieving your goal?


   If I can pass the exam, I will spend more time studying on public management in school.Cause only have the lessons in the 

weekends. also can use what have learned at school for my job.

By Combine the theory and practice can be used in my job. After 

years,with years  hardworking and rich experience, hope can  improve my management skills, communication skills and so on. Later, hope that can have more big platform and space to show my

talents and serve for public.


   16、Where do you come from?


   17、What are your weakness?


   I was an introvert,The first time that meet someone, feel 

shy to talk with them.I also  suppose that need more knowledge 

and improve myself.


  18. If you failed this time,what will you do in the near future?

Firstly, think failure is temporary, will not give up. This test also make me find more weakness what need study. Secondly, will  be ready for applying for this school again in the future.  Your school is my first choice.




  听不清:Excuse me, pardon please?

  回答完毕That's all.

  思考:Let me think it for second.

  不会:Sorry, I don't understand it.

  对谈论的问题不懂 Talking about that,  seldom learn something about it, that's also  the part  what need improve..

  转移话题:I didn't get it,but,if you mean …… 如:My salary

  结束:Thanks your time. I hope to see you again and soon.


  20、没得办法的办法 (一句都不会说,也不要哈起,下面这段管用)


   My English has lot of problems. Firstly, have graduated from  college for several years, about years, during my working time, 

never use  English.  Secondly, the education level is very low,    cause the school What was learning is located in the  countryside, the English teachingquality is quite terrible.Thirdly, Chinese       educational system focuses on the test passing, so we have  little   chance to communicate with others, that's why my spoken English is   very poor. All in  all,through postgraduate study, will put more    time on English studying. In the future, also can use English,     owing to the need of job.




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