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31天学会简单生活 第20天 每一块钱都有作用

2014-01-01  蕙籣留香
                         31天学会简单生活,第十二天:每一块钱都有作用的 译者: 陈俊强 原作者:Emily 发表时间:2010-10-23
Today, we are talking about money.  I can’t spend a month talking about simple living and not touch on the subject of money.  I can share a bit about my history with money and my new philosophy when it comes to using green paper.


I made a page with links to posts about our financial journey that you can check out for more details of where we’ve been and how we got where we are now.


It’s a big part of my story in the past and was a huge part of our downsizing journey. We got out of debt and have stayed out of debt. It’s not always easy. I am far enough past an ugly history with money that I forget that credit cards exist. I forget there is this whole other way of making ends meet for people. There are people still going through and trying to get out of what I did.


So I feel compelled to share the benefits of being on this side. It takes more planning and more consideration whenever a dollar is spent now than it did when I had a wallet full of plastic. I now like to think in terms of all of my dollars having a job. So many of us work for money and don’t consider that money should work for us, too.  Make your dollars do the job of helping you live the life you want.


My dollars do the jobs of:


: providing basic necessities


: providing enjoyment


: being there in case of emergency


: earning interest

: 赚取利息

: being available for future goals


We all spend money on the basics like food, shelter, basic clothing, transportation, etc…


We all also have our individual things that we don’t necessarily need but we enjoy – entertainment, travel, decorating, coffee, etc…
And we all have goals for tomorrow and a future to save for.
Each time money is spent or saved, it should be going toward something that you purposefully want for your life. Last week I was out and about way too much during the days and I spent $20 on food while out over the span of 3 days. It made me grumpy because afterward I thought about how eating junk while out is not at all what I want for my life or who I want to be. I felt unhealthy afterward and didn’t like having 20 less dollars at the end of the week because of something I didn’t get any enjoyment from and was because I planned poorly.


On the other hand, there are times I spend $20 while out and about with my family and it doesn’t bother me one bit. An afternoon out with my kids during which we stop for ice cream cones, carousel rides, and do something fun together has a completely different feel to it.


In the end, I want the dollars I spend to have purpose – to leave me feeling good and balanced – like I can enjoy life while still planning and saving for the future.
Debt sucks, and when you’re in it is way harder to feel like you are spending with purpose. But even paying off debt has a purpose. The end goal is more freedom, more options, and a simpler life.


Give your dollars a job and make them live up to it.




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