I will keep u deep in my mind

 昵称7403997 2014-05-15

I ve got too much hurting
I love to chat with u
but i decide to delete u in my life
because i love u so much
i can,t help sufferring so much
i have a fragile but loving u heart
I know u won't be sorry
it's just me
I will meet someguy loving me and caring me
I think u will only be my memory
i m too kind
u r too indifferent to me
i feel so hurt
i love u
but u like too many girls
even dont take me as a friend
maybe i will miss u
miss u so much
so much
so deeply
but i cant let it be more hurting
u r only my memory
maybe in the future
when i think of u
I will smile or get into tears
but now I do the right thing
that's keeping away from u

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