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Shoe In Money Members Area | Day 19 – Identify a Unique Advantage and EXPLOIT It

2014-06-02  lymgo

Day 19 – Identify a Unique Advantage and EXPLOIT It

I have a very simple task for you today.

Find your unique advantage and devise a way to exploit it in your niche.

There’s a good reason we didn’t do this on day one or two. Early on, people have a habit of guessing. They think they KNOW their niche already so they make something up.

But, they’re usually wrong.

It’s only after a few weeks of real, heavy duty research, in-depth interviews and comments on niche sites targeting their audience that they REALLY figure out what those people want.

It hasn’t been quite 3 weeks, but even still you probably know better now than you did on day 1.

So, it’s time to sit down, brainstorm and ask yourself WHAT do these people want and how does my site or free content or review, or whatever it is you’re giving them, do it better than the competitors.

Some quick questions to help you get this right:

  • Am I doing ANYTHING different from the competitors?
  • What are visitors/followers saying about my stuff?
  • What ONE thing am I most proud of with my product?
  • Can I make any changes?

If you are doing something different, popular and perfectly suited for your site, that’s your USP.

Hell, your USP might be that you’re an awesome person and people like to read or watch what you put out there.

It’s one of my USPs – my personality.

But, even if YOU aren’t the main selling point, there should be one. A clear, billboard sized differential between you and everyone else that you can point out, put in your copy, and harp on over and over again to make sure it really sticks.

Next: Day 20 – Monetize!




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