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2015-06-03  ppzun

                  An Application Letter to Serve a Teaching Volunteer

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing to apply for participating in “volunteer teaching in the rural area” program. I have been hoping for becoming a volunteer teacher for a long time, so please consider me for the post.

I made the decision based on the following reasons. Firstly, this program is of far-reaching social significance in that it helps rural students to broaden their knowledge and widen their horizon. I feel greatly honored if I can invest my energy and love into the undertaking. Secondly, this program will offer a unique opportunity for my personal growth. Working alone in a strange environment, I may encounter various problems, but I determine to handle them well on my own. In addition, I believe my strengths will play a positive role in my future job. I’m highly responsible, have good English proficiency, and like singing. As to the working plan, I will not only expose new knowledge and ideas to rural students, but organize colorful extracurricular activities to enrich the students life.

I think my strengths, responsibility and enthusiasm will arm me as a qualified candidate. Your favorable consideration will be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Li Ming



far-reaching social significance


  broaden one’s knowledge and widen one’s horizon


  expose new knowledge and new ideas to


  strengths, responsibility and enthusiasm


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