洋葱DE眼泪 2015-06-16

1.       What’s the size?多大尺寸? 90X90 (Ninety by ninety)九十乘九十。

2.       What’s the CBM? 体积多大? 0.07M3 (zero point zero seven cube meter) 0.07立方米

1.  What’s the best/last price? 最低价是多少? 2.5 (Two point five)] 两块五。

2.  How many designs?有几个款式? 3 designs .三个款式。

3.  How many colors? 有几种颜色? 3 colors. Red, yellow and blue. 3种颜色,红、黄、蓝。

4.  How many pcs one CTN?一箱装多少件?12 dozen, 144pcs. 12 12打,144件一箱。

5.  When shall we deliver?什么时候交货?

6.  Where shall we deliver? 货送到什么地方?

7.  Where is your warehouse?仓库在哪儿?

8.    30% deposit.30%的订金。

9.    Percent balance 余款
Only one sample here. We can’t give you.这里只有一个样品, 不能给你。
Too expensive/much.太贵了。
12. Any discount?
有折扣吗?30% discount打七折 make a discount
Show me this!这个拿下来看看。
Good quality or ordinary quality?质量好的还是普通的?
.¥180 for a set . 180元一套。
4pcs a set.一套4个。
What’s the minimum quantity?最小起订量是多少? MOQ(Minimum order Quantity)
At least 1 CTN. 至少一箱/件。Carton
There’s minimum quantity.有最小起订量。
Can they be mixed?可以混装吗?
Mixed packing.混装。
Just a moment. Let me check.稍等,让我查一下。
Same price/size. 一样的价格/尺寸。
I will come again tomorrow.我明天再来。
Where are you from?你是什么地方人?
What’s your name?你叫什么?
May I have your card? 名片给一张,可以吗?
Adhesive tape,please.胶带。[ed’hi:siv]
Here’s our catalogue.这是我们的目录。
Here’s my card.这是我的名片。
Your card, please.给我你的名片。
What’s the material.什么材料做的?

塑胶:ABS plastic 树脂:Resin陶瓷:ceramics
The cost of raw material is increasing.
Out of stock.没现货。
Do you have samples?有样品吗?
Can I buy a sample?能买一个样品吗?Extra money
We’ll give the money back when you place an order.下单时退钱给你。
Good morning/ afternoon/evening/night!早上好!中午好!晚上好!晚安!
Nice/Glad to meet/see you .很高兴遇见/见到你。Me too!我也是!
Thank you .谢谢!You are welcome!不用谢!
45  Sorry. It doesn't matter & Never Mind.
46Come again next time.下次再来。
Would you like some water?要喝水吗?
You can visit our website.你可以上我们的网站。
Please have a seat.请坐。
How are you doing? 你好! Fine.Thank you.and you?很好!谢谢!你呢?
I’m fine ,too. 我也很好。
Sweet dreams.做个好梦。
Have a nice trip.一路顺风。
Have a nice day/Evening/weekend!祝你过得愉快!周末愉快!
You can go to/visit our factory.你可以去我们的工厂看看。
You’re shrewd.你真精明。[ ?ru:d ] 
Did you sleep well.你睡得好吗?
My future is not just a dream.我的未来不是梦。


Is Daisy there Daisy 在吗?)

1.       This is she. 我就是。 (注: 男的用 This is he.

2.       Youre speaking/talking to her. 你正在跟她说话。注:男的用Youre speaking/talking to him.

3.       This is Daisy. 我就是 Daisy.

4.       Thats me. 我就是。 



May I speak to Mr. Gates (请问 Gates 先生在吗?)

1.Hes not here right now. 他现在不在这里。

He’s out. 他出去了。

He’s in a meeting right now.他现在正在开会

You’ve just missed him. 你刚好错过他了。

Hes just stepped out. 他刚好出去了。


情况三:打电话的人要找的人不在, 问对方是否要留言

Can I talk to Mark (我可以跟 Mark 讲话吗?)

Hes out on his lunch break right now. Would you like to leave a message

他出去吃午饭了, 你要留言吗?

Hes not available right now. Can I take a message 他不在, 我可以帮你传话吗?



Do you know when he will be back 你知道他什么时候会回来吗?

Im sorry. I dont know. 抱歉, 我不知道。

I have no idea. 我不知道。

He should be back in 20 minutes. 他应该二十分钟内会回来。


Do you have any idea where he is 你知道他在哪里吗?

Sorry. I dont know. 抱歉, 我不知道。

Hes at work right now. Do you want his phone number他现在在上班你要不要他的电话号码?


情况六:打电话的人要找的人不在, 愿意接受对方的留言

Can I leave a message 我可以留个话?

Yes. Go ahead, please. 可以, 请继续。

Of course. Hold on for just a second so I can grab a pen and paper.

当然, 稍等一下让我拿个纸笔。

Sure, if you can excuse me for just a second. Let me find a piece of paper to write it down. 当然, 如果你可以等我一下下, 让我找张纸写下来。


情况七:接受对方留言时听不清楚, 希望对方重复

When he comes back, can you have him call me at 123 他回来后能不能让他打这个号码给我

Can you repeat again, please 能不能请你再重复一次?

(Say) Again, please 再说一次好吗?  Pardon 抱歉。(请再说一次)

Come again, please 再说一次好吗?  Im sorry 抱歉。(请再说一次


情况八:对方希望留话, 怕听错了, 不想接受对方的留言

May I leave a message 我能否留个话?

You know what My English is not that great, and I dont want to miss anything. Would you mind calling back later Im sorry. 你知道吗? 我的英文不是非常好, 我不想听错话。你介意稍后再打来吗? 我很抱歉。

If you dont mind, could you please call back and leave a message on the answering machine My English is not very good. 如果你不介意的话, 能否请你再打一次, 然后在录音机上留言? 我的英文不是很好。


情况九:打电话的人要找的人是别人, 请对方稍等

Is Brandon there Brandon 在吗? Yes, he is. One moment, please. 他在。请稍等。

Hold, please. 请稍等。  Hold on, please. 请稍等。

Let me see if hes here. Hang on. O.K. 我看看他在不在。等一下, 好吗?



Can I speak to Alexander Walker 我可以和 Alexander Walker 说话吗?

Alexander Walker Im sorry, but theres nobody here by this name. Alexander Walker 抱歉, 这里没这个人。

Im sorry. Im afraid youve got the wrong number. 抱歉, 恐怕你打错电话了。

What number did you dial 你打几号?



Can you put Daisy back on I forgot to tell her something. 你能否请Daisy再来听电话呢? 我忘了跟她讲一件事。

 Sure. I’ll go get her. 当然! 我这就去叫她。

情况十二:电话没人接(或录音机) 旁人/你 (接电话的人)

Is he there 他在吗?

No one is there. 没人在。  Nobody answered. 没人接。

No. I got the answering machine. 没有! 是录音机。



Did it go through (电话)打通了吗?

The line was busy. 电话忙线。

I got the busy signals…… 电话忙线。



Paul, can you answer the phone Im busy. Paul 你能不能去接电话? 我在忙。

Can you get it, Paul My hands are tied. Paul. 你能不能去接电话? 我现在不能接。

Yes, dear. 是的, 亲爱的。 Tied 拴住


情况十五:接到无人电话(就是打来了却不说话的那种) 旁人/你 (接电话的人)

Who called 谁打来的?

No one. He hung up on me. 没人。他把电话挂了。

Wrong number, I guess. He hung up without saying a word. 打错了, 我想。他一句话也没说就把电话挂了。



83 Are there any discount tickets for me? 给我有折扣吗?

make a discount, make a 30% discount

84 What time does the plane take off? 飞机何时起飞呢?

85 when you want them to be delivered?您希望什么时候送货?

92 Will this flight leave on time? 这班机准时起飞吗?

93 I will send the goods on time.

94 please confirm. please check.

111 How long will I have to wait? 我要等多久呢?

121 How much does it cost to go there by ship?坐船到那里要花多少钱?

122 Can I cancel this ticket? 我可以取消这票吗?invoice

123 Check it to my final destination 把它托运到我的目的地。

145 We"ve got to report back to the head office.我们还要回去向总部汇报情况呢。My boss

146 Thank you for you cooperation.

149 If you have any questions on the detailsfeel free to ask.如果对某些细节有意见的话请提cl

150 I can see that.我相信你,我知道了。

151 We really wish you"ll have a pleasant stay here. 我们真诚地希望你们在这里过得愉快。

153 Welcome to our factory.

154 I"ve been looking forward to visiting your factory. 我一直都盼望着参观贵厂。

155 You"ll know our products better after this visit.

156 Maybe we could start with the Designing Department. 也许我们可以先参观一下设计部门。

157 Then we could look at the production line.

163 All products have to go through five checks in the whole process.所有产品在整个生产过程中得通过五道质检关。

164 We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise. 我们认为质量是一个企业的灵魂。

165 Therefore, we always put quality as the first consideration.因而我们总是把质量放在第一位

166 Quality is even more important than quantity.质量远比数量要重要

G.W.毛重,N.W.净重,CBM  MEAR  CTN

172 What"s your general impression, may I ask?

173 I"m impressed by your approach to business.你们经营业务的方法给我留下了很深的印象。

174 The product gives you an edge over your competitors, I guess.我认为你们的产品可以使你们胜过竞争对手。

175 No one can match us so far as quality is concerned.就质量而言没有任何厂家能和我们相比

176 I think we may be able to work together in the future. 我想也许将来我们可以合作。

177 We are thinking of expanding into the Chinese market. 我们想把生意扩大到中国市场。

178 The purpose of my coming here is to inquire about possibilities of establishing trade relations with your company.我此行的目的正是想探询与贵公司建立贸易关系的可能性。

179 We would be glad to start business with you.我们很高兴能与贵公司建立贸易往来。

180 I"d appreciate your kind consideration in the coming negotiation. 洽谈中请你们多加关照。

181 We are happy to be of help.我们很乐意帮忙。

182 I can assure you of our close cooperation.我保证通力合作。

183 Would it be possible for me to have a closer look at your samples?可以让我参观一下你们的产品陈列室吗?

185 You may be interested in only some of the items. 你也许对某些产品感兴趣。

186 I can just have a glance at the rest.剩下的部分我粗略地看一下就可以了。

187 They"ve met with great favor home and abroad. 这些产品在国内外很受欢迎。

188 All these articles are best selling lines.所有这些产品都是我们的畅销货。

189 Your desire coincides with ours.我们双方的愿望都是一致的。

190 No wonder you"re so experienced.怪不得你这幺有经验。

192 Could I have your latest catalogues or something that tells me about your company?可以给我一些贵公司最近的商品价格目录表或者一些有关说明资料吗?

193 At what time can we work out a deal?我们什幺时候洽谈生意?

194 I hope to conclude some business with you. 我希望能与贵公司建立贸易关系。

195 We also hope to expand our business with you. 我们也希望与贵公司扩大贸易往来。

196 This is our common desire.这是我们的共同愿望。

199 Seeing is believing. 百闻不如一见。

200 How would you like to proceed with the negotiations? 你认为该怎样来进行这次谈判呢?

206 You have also made some readjustment in your import and export business, have you?你们的进出口贸易也有一些调整,对吗?

207 I"d like to know some information about the current investment environment in your country?我想了解一下贵国的投资环境。

208 We are sure both of us have a brighter future.我们相信双方都有一个光明的前景。

209 We had expected much lower prices.我们希望报价再低一些。

210 They are still lower than the quotations you can get elsewhere. 这些报价比其他任何地方都要低得多。


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