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Dear Peter,                                  

I'd like to ask you to write an article for our school's English newspaper. The "Foreign Cultures" section in our newspaper is very popular among us students. It carries articles written by foreign friends about the cultures of their home countries. Would you please write something about the culture in your part of the United States? And we would especially welcome articles about how Americans spend their holidays and festivals, and the life of American high school students. You can write anything relevant so long as it's interesting and informative. 400 words would be fine. Could we have your article before June 28?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Dear Lucy,

I'd like to invite you to join us for a visit to the nearby nursing home next Saturday for the Double Ninth Festival. It is the day for the elderly in our culture. We'll go and make dumplings and cakes with the elderly people there. We'll also spend some fun time together singing, dancing and playing games, which we hope will make them happy. We should be back around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. If you are able to come with us, please let us know and we'll wait for you at the school gate at 9 in the morning.

Looking forward to your reply.

2015·福建, 标准范文)In the picture, we can see a boy in worn clothes, sitting at a shabby wooden table with a pile of books on it. A weak ray of light came in through a small hole in the wall and he was absorbed in his reading.

This is a well-known story from an ancient Chinese idiom. The boy, being poor, couldn't afford even a candle, so he bored a hole in the wall to "steal" light from his neighbor's house to read at night. The moral of the story is: spare no effort to acquire knowledge and never get discouraged easily no matter how difficult the situation may be.

Of course, things are totally different today. It is not the story itself but what is reflected in the story that counts. Hard work pays off. We should take pains to improve ourselves through learning and get prepared for the future.


Dear MS Chen ,

  I’m Li Hua, a student from Class2, Grade 3. I’m writing to apply for the position as a student volunteer.

   I really want to obtain this precious opportunity because, by offering my service, I will be able to improve my organizational ability, communication skills as well as my confidence in speaking English in public.

  As an outgoing girl, I get along well with my classmates. Besides, I have such a good command of English that I am elected as assistant to my English teacher. Successfully, I have lent a helping hand to her in several English activities of my class, which have been appreciated by both teachers and classmates.

   I am sure that I can perfectly live up to your expectations. I will be grateful if you could give me a kind consideration.

  Looking forward to your reply.


Learning that you are organizing this activity to share books worldwide, I am writing to apply for it for the simple reason that I love reading and I own a large number of books.

You’ve introduced two ways to share books: wild release and controlled release. Of the two, the latter wins my favor. By the means of controlled release, I only need to deliver books to other participants, not only are books shared but it can build up a bridge connecting readers from different parts of the world as well.

If you could provide more specific information, I would be well grateful. Looking forward to your reply.


When I Have a Different Opinion
We may have different opinions in organizing class activities. We may have various ways to deal with such a situation. When I have a better idea, I would choose to stick to it. By doing so, I can not only share good ideas with others but also learn to express myself clearly.

Once we were discussing where to go for an outing. Most of my classmates wanted to go to a park while I had an idea of going to a nicer place. 1 managed to persuade my classmates
accepting my idea. We did have a good time that day.
Good opinions are worth sticking to because they can benefit us all.
An alternative student version :

When I Have a Different Opinion
We may have different opinions in organizing class activities. When I have a different opinion,

I may choose to give it up and respect the opinion of the majority.

The main reason for my choice is that being brought up in a culture emphasizing collectivism, I tend to sacrifice my own interest for the group benefit. Once we were left to decide whether to have a picnic in a park or go to a museum. I would love to go to a museum, but most of my classmates wanted to go for a picnic. Without hesitation, I decided to follow them and we did have lots of fun that day. Sometimes giving up a little can mean getting more.




The traffic issue is a hard nut to crack. It not only affects our everyday life, but may also threaten people’s lives. The three selections presented above are typical examples.
Quite a few things give rise to the traffic problem. In spite of the large-scale construction of
roads and highways, there is still much room for improvement, because of the ever increasing
number of cars these years. What’s worse, some drivers, cyclists and pedestrians do not think it vital to obey traffic rules.

In fact, traffic rules are part of the rules and regulations closely related to public order. Without them, people could not enjoy harmony or the country would be in chaos. But rules alone don’t
secure an orderly society. It is the people who obey the rules that matter. It is everybody’s duty to

observe them to keep our society in order and going on the right track.


How are you doing? I’m chairman of the Student Union in Chengguang High School. Our school will donate some books to the Chinese class of the friendly exchange school in the US. We will give away different types of books which include language learning, Chinese history, Chinese poetry, and others. There are, in total, about 300 books. Hopefully, these books will help the students to know and learn Chinese better.

By the way, when I come to your school to take part in the summer camp in July this year, I will take the books along with me. If there is something else we can do for you, please make contact with us in time.


Questioning can lead to searching for an answer. If we are in the habit of raising doubts as to whether what we are told is true, we can find the correct answer and learn more.

Two years ago, our teacher offered us an answer to a difficult math problem in class. Although the answer seemed a little strange, nobody but I doubted it. Thinking that his solution might be wrong, I carefully analyzed the problem and tried to work it out in a different way. Half an hour later, I managed to find the correct answer. When I showed my answer to him, the teacher praised me for my independent thinking.

From this experience I have learned that questioning can serve as a bridge that helps us to seek the truth.




The person I would like to interview is Yang Liwei.

I would really like to interview him because he is not only the first Chinese to go to space but also one of the greatest astronauts in the world. I have long been interested in space exploration and I believe I could learn a great deal from him about it.

If I could interview him, I would ask him what made him an astronaut and how he was trained. I would also like to know how he felt in space and whether space travel is such great fun as I have read. Finally, I would like to ask a few questions about his personal life, which must be very interesting.



I’m writing to tell you my exciting plan for the summer holiday. I intend to join a Dragon Boat Training Camp. I wonder if you’d like to go with me.

This camp will open on July 20t. It offers teenagers, like you and me, a chance to enjoy sports and learn about Chinese culture. If you are interested in it, let me know and I’ll send you more information.

Hope to meet you at the training camp this summer.

Last Tuesday, our class invited an old craftsman to teach us how to make dough figurines.

When the craftsman came into the classroom, we gave him a warm welcome and two boys helped him with the tool box. First, he showed us the basic steps and skills of making dough figurines. We stood around him and watched attentively. Then we started to have a try ourselves. The old man walked around and helped us patiently. Finally, we put the figurines we made on the table and took pictures with the old craftsman. Looking at the figurines, we were all very excited.

We hope we can have more activities of this kind!


This is Li Xia. I learned from your post that you want to improve your Mandarin.

I felt honored to have the chance to help you with your Manderin learning. I’m good at speaking standard Mandarin. I’ve been a broadcaster in the school’s broadcasting station for years. When it comes to how to speak fluent Manderin, I suggest that you learn a bunch of pronunciation rules first, which are quite different from the English ones. Another suggestion is to practice speaking. As one saying goes, “Practice make perfect.” However, my English is just OK and I have many problems with my study. I really hope that you can give me some good advice on how to study English. I believe we both can make much progress with each other’s help.

LOOking forward to your reply!


As a student, I can tell you that there is nothing better than being praised by my teacher before my classmates. I still remember a math lesson. My math teacher copied a challenging problem on the blackboard and asked the whole class whether there would be one student who knew how to work it out. Several minutes passed but the whole class was in complete silence. As a matter of fact, I came across the problem in a reference book the other day, so I gathered my courage, walked to the blackboard and worked it out in no time. What a surprised expression was on my math teacher’s face! He felt so happy that he praised me in public, saying that I was an intelligent student. At that moment, I became the focus of the whole class and was full of great pride and confidence.

Since then, math has become one of my favorite subjects, and I have also made rapid progress in math. I appreciate my math teacher’s praise and encouragement very much.




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