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How to be Bold and Confident

2015-12-09  Hyksos
Every person is different. Some are carefree, some are careful. Some are talkative, some are shy. However it is that we're wired, we're all special in our own way. Why then, the need to be bold? I'll tell you. Being bold teaches you to stand up for yourself, speak up your mind, and to express your thoughts. Boldness and confidence are two extremely important leadership qualities. In your professional life, these two qualities will always work in your favor. Without much ado, let's see how we can work on your transformation to a bolder, more confident individual.

Discovering the Boldness in You ...

Actions result from thoughts; what you feel and think, you do. Thus, we first start with altering your thought process. Tell yourself you are bold enough to achieve whatever you want. Visualize yourself doing these difficult tasks. Imagine yourself as the winner, always.

Start small and do not go overboard with your courageous ambitions. Being too ambitious might falter your confidence as the probability of facing failure is high. So, start with small things you have been afraid of doing. It could be anything from driving a car to asking someone out for a coffee. As your confidence builds up, you can try tougher things like traveling alone.

Doing something unpredictable is the best way to feel good about yourself. Surprise people by doing something you normally wouldn't do. You'll surprise yourself in the process. Wear something different; something you normally wouldn't. For example, wear something bold. Once people notice and compliment you, you'll feel good about yourself and more confident.

Speak out with confidence. Let the simplest of things you say hold a confidence. If you think your colleague is not behaving properly with you, ask him to openly not cross his limits; don't chicken out. Be firm about the smallest of things. Always be assertive.

Risk doing something you wouldn't usually do. Like I've said before, travel alone. You might fail at it. But then, it is better to try and fail at something, than not trying at all and repenting. Gradually, you'll be confident in handling risky situations.

Remember, you're not changing who you are. You are just changing a trait that more often than not, may not work in your favor. And changing this tiny little trait is also going to take time. So, move out of your comfort zone and start discovering yourself all over again.

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