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Cause and Effect Topics

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The cause and effect topics that concern us in our day-to-day life are listed below. Writing on them should help in getting into the fundamentals of many important concepts of cause and effect.

The concept of cause and effect, also known as causality explains the relationship between two events: one which is the cause and other, the effect of a previous event. According to Aristotle's classification, the phenomenon of causality is categorized into two types: accidental causality and essential causality. The concept of accidental causality is easy to understand; as per the concept of accidental causality, the cause precedes the effect. However, in essential causality, the cause and effect can be observed during a single event. Construction of a building is an example of essential causality. Here, a builder constructing a house and the house built during this process are the cause and effect respectively. In this case, the cause and effect are part of a single event.

Interesting Cause and Effect Topics

The topics that students can use for writing research papers and essays are given below. Writing on such topics should prove to be a good exercise for the brain and mind. Through such kind of essay writing activities, students can learn about different concepts by getting into their basics.

Topics for Students
Here are some of the interesting cause and effect essay topics for students.
  • The Effects of Having a Parent, Teacher, or Friend on Your Life
  • Effects of Peer Pressure on Students
  • Causes of Cheating in Students
  • Effects of Cramming for Exams
  • Reason Behind Students Taking Online Classes
  • Effects of Personal Computer on Children
  • Use of Low Newspaper Readership in Students
  • Effects of Stress on Students
  • Why are Teenagers fond of Junk Food
  • Causes of Children Running Away from Home
  • Causes of Alcohol Abuse in Teenagers
  • Causes of Steady Rise in College Expenses
  • Why Do Some Roommates do not Get Along
  • Causes of Student Drop-out of College
  • Effects of Reality Shows on Children
  • Effects of Long-term Unemployment on Youth
  • Reason Behind Some People Not Carrying Cell phones
  • Why is College Mathematics Difficult to Understand
  • Effects of Illiteracy
  • Causes of Rising Depression in Teenagers
  • Lack of Understanding Between the Older and Younger Generation
  • Effects of Social Networking Websites on Kids
  • Effects of Dysfunctional Families on Child Development
  • Effects of Swimming on Our Body
  • Effects of Watching TV for a Long Time
  • Effects of Not Maintaining a Good Posture
  • Causes of Malnutrition
  • Causes of Eating Disorders in Children
  • What are the Effects of Carbon Monoxide on the Environment
  • Effects of Energy Drinks on Teeth
  • Causes of Schizophrenia in Children
  • What are the Causes of Tornadoes and Hurricanes
  • The Causes of World War I
  • What Are the Causes of World War II

General Topics
The cause and effect topics that are commonly used for essays and research topics are listed below. The questions which we encounter in our day-to-day life can be discussed through essays on such topics.
  • Why do Americans Prefer Imported Cars
  • Causes of Rise in Online Shopping Among People
  • Effects of a Movie or Book on Your Life
  • Causes of Noise Pollution
  • Effects of Noise Pollution
  • Why do Adults Enjoy Watching Animated Movies
  • Why do Adults Enjoy Halloween More than Children
  • Effects of Sexual, Racial and Religious Discrimination
  • Effects of Living in a Foreign Country for a Long Time
  • Causes of Global Warming
  • Effects of Global Warming
  • Causes of People Not Bothering to Vote
  • Effects of Computer on Day-to-Day Life
  • Effects of Bottled Water on the Environment
  • Causes and Effects of Computer Revolution
  • Causes of Rising Gap Between Wealthy and Poor
  • Reasons Behind Prejudice Against New Immigrants
  • Causes of the Global Economic Slowdown
  • Causes of the American Civil War
  • Causes of the Great Depression
  • Effects of Economic Recession on People
  • Effects of Internet on Businesses
  • Effects of Technology on Human Freedom and Happiness
  • Effects of the El Nino Phenomenon
  • Effects of Piracy on Music Industry
  • Causes of Depletion of Ozone Layer
  • Causes of Global Economic Slowdown
  • How Does Morning Walk Improve Your Health
  • What are the Effects of Land Pollution
  • Why Do People Take Drugs
  • What are the Causes of Terrorism
  • Effects of Natural Disasters
  • Effects of Texting While Driving
  • Why Do People Procrastinate
  • What are the Effects of Procrastination
  • What are the Effects of Alcohol Poisoning
  • The Effects of Consuming Coffee on Weight Loss
  • Causes of Inflation

Writing on Cause and Effect Topics
When you write on such topics, it is not mandatory to discuss the causes and effects in a single write-up. You may write on causes and effects in separate essays. This way, it is possible to elaborate on the given subject in a better manner. First of all, you should give your readers an overview of points to be discussed by listing them down. You can elaborate on each point separately.

Generally, the topics selected for writing essays deal with problems that we face in day-to-day life. While writing on such topics, both, the local and global scenarios are taken into account. The reason behind this is that local and global problems are interrelated. The cause and effect topics are not limited only to subjects related to science. Actually, they span across a variety of fields like social sciences, education, use of technology, environment, politics, etc. The topics listed in this article, apart from providing food for thought, should also motivate you to find solutions for problems.




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