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首发 每天10个单词 高考英语单词3500速记

2016-08-08  zhounan214

survey [s?:'vei, 's?:vei] n. 调查;测验

【助记】sur→sure肯定 vey→very非常→需要非常地肯定,那就得调查。

【英释】If you carry out a survey, you try to find out detailed information about a lot of different people or things, usually by asking people a series of questions.

【例句】According to the survey, overall world trade has also slackened.


add up合计


【英释】If small amounts of something add up, they gradually increase.

【例句】It's the little minor problems that add up.就是小问题才会累积。

upset[?p'set, '?pset] adj. 心烦意乱的;不安的;不适的vt. 使不安;使心烦

【助记】up 上面 set设置→上面的头设置一些规矩让人心烦意乱。

【英释】If you are upset, you are unhappy or disappointed because something unpleasant has happened to you.

【例句】They are terribly upset by the break-up of their parents' marriage.


ignore [iɡ'n?:] vt. 不理睬;忽视


【助记】ig-im不 nore-note笔记→不做笔记,忽视。

【英释】If you ignore someone or something, you pay no attention to them.

【例句】She said her husband ignored her. 她说丈夫不关心她。

calm [kɑ:m, kɑ:lm] vt. & vi. (使)平静;(使)镇定adj. 平静的;镇静的

【助记】cal-cool冷,凉 m→冷静,使平静。

【英释】A calm person does not show or feel any worry, anger, or excitement.

【例句】Try to keep calm and just tell me what happened.镇静点,告诉我出了什么事。

calm (…) down (使)平静下来;(使)镇定下来

【英释】If you calm down, or if someone calms you down, you become less angry, upset, or excited.

【例句】Calm down for a minute and listen to me.你安静一会儿,听我说。

have got to 不得不;必须

【例句】I have got to meet my partner every Friday.每周五我必须和我的合伙人碰头.

concern [k?n's?:n] vt.(使)担忧;涉及;关系到n. 担心;关注;(利害)关系

【助记】con全部 cern(清楚)→全部要搞清楚,关心,关注。

【英释】Concern is worry about a situation.

【例句】There is no cause for concern.不必担心。

be concerned about ... 关心...;挂念...

【例句】The whole society should be concerned about the health and sound growth of children.全社会都应关心孩子的健康成长.

walk the dog遛狗

【例句】I have to go out to walk the dog.我得出去遛遛狗。

loose [lu:s] adj. 松的;松开的

【助记】loop (圆圈)是松的(loose). 谐音“撸死”,再不松手就撸死了。


【英释】Something that is loose is not firmly held or fixed in place.

【例句】If a tooth feels very loose, your dentist may recommend that it's taken out.


vet [vet] n. 兽医


【英释】A vet is someone who is qualified to treat sick or injured animals.

【例句】I took my dog to the vet.我把狗带到兽医诊所看病。

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